Snowbirds is a study of Breezy Hill RV trailer park in Pompano Beach, Florida, where a tightly-knit community of French Quebecois retirees reside. The “sunshine state” is home to the largest concentration of Quebecois outside of Quebec. Though many residents could afford to live in gated communities by the ocean, they choose to stay together, sticking to their roots. The residents are the last of their kind to migrate en masse to Florida during the winter months, living out their version of paradise and the “American Dream” within the white picket fences of Breezy Hill.

Mika Goodfriend is a visual artist born in Montreal. His work is largely concerned with identity, belonging, and culture—exploring what being a Quebecois means to him by engaging with those who feel they are woven into its cultural fabric. Goodfriend is currently pursuing an MFA at Concordia University. He is the recipient of several awards, grants, and scholarships, including National Winner for the BMO 1st Art! Competition in 2012. His work has been exhibited in Canada, the United States, and Europe and is held in private and public collections.