T.M. Glass

Galerie de Bellefeuille is proud to present a collection of work by Toronto-based artist T.M. Glass. In their practice, T.M. Glass explores the historical, technological and aesthetic conditions of photography to stretch it beyond its traditional definition. Utilizing cutting edge photographic technology, the artist digitally manipulates each photograph to create complex details and textures using a digital painting technique they developed in residence at OCAD.

The work of T.M. Glass opens a door to other ways of considering photography. The guiding theoretical principal in their work is the “Golden Mean” philosophy, the desirable middle ground between two extremes, creating beauty though proportion, symmetry and harmony. The resulting lens-based digital paintings seem like a traditional photograph from afar, however, upon closer inspection the depth of the work is revealed in colors and textures unique to Glass’ practice. A single work may demand months of production time. The result of Glass’ endeavors are breathtaking compositions, featuring beautiful flowers paired with unique vases, taken from museum and private collection around the world.