underneath the tree where I buried all my childhood pets


By Yarek

Los Angeles-based Chinese photographer Ke Peng takes the viewer on a journey into an imagined childhood through a new body of work investigating her relationship to two distinctive locations in China: Hunan, an older province of southern China where Peng was born; and Shenzhen, a modern city and China’s most successful special economic zone, where her family relocated later on. By documenting her surroundings and experiences in these neighbouring cities, Peng draws parallels between them by capturing influences of tradition among rapid development and change. She also looks at how individuals, especially children, seek to establish their identities in the midst of ever-changing urban landscapes, and what that process may cost them.

Peng acknowledges her work holds a personal, sentimental perspective. A process of self-discovery, it connects her to her past in China, and to her current experiences in the United States. Peng’s artistic gestures, as a means of exploring her own identity, highlight the in-betweenness in her self-consciousness and her interests in distinct collective experiences.

Curated by Henry Heng Lu

Presented by Call Again. Based in Toronto, Call Again is dedicated to creating space for contemporary Asian diasporic art practices.


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