Wakhan, Another Afghanistan is a multidisciplinary exhibition of works by Franco-Canadian artist Varial Cédric Houin, in special collaboration with New York-based creative entrepreneur Fabrice Nadjari. In 2011, Varial and Nadjari embarked on a life-changing journey through the Wakhan Corridor in northeastern Afghanistan. Originally a quest to understand the enduring fascination for this part of the world by the likes of explorers such as Marco Polo or Joseph Kessel, the expedition rapidly became a personal voyage into raw human truths and what lies under the social constructs that fill our days as Westerners.

This exhibition documents Varial and Nadjari’s 400km adventure along the Wakhan Corridor, from the Himalayas and Hindu Kush mountain ranges to the border of China. In so doing, they were able to film and capture snapshots of the rural lives of two co-existing tribes, the Wakhi people and the Kyrgyz inhabitants. This project is not about the ongoing 30-year war in Afghanistan, but the fact that it was produced in a region of Afghanistan that is unaffected by conflict or the Taliban regime is, in and of itself, a political act.