Work in Progress

Where past series by Shai Kremer disclosed the trauma of militarization and empire on Israel’s landscape, Work in Progress presents two ongoing cycles of work from New York City: Notes from the Edges was born when Kremer immigrated to the United States in 2002, while the aesthetic of the World Trade Center Concrete Abstracts is comparatively nascent.

Each Concrete Abstract is a palimpsest layering over ten years of Kremer’s photographs of reconstruction at the site of the World Trade Center. By modifying the opacity of several photographs, he condenses time, space, and sociopolitical referents into massive abstract visuals. This new series recalls the epic scale of Andreas Gursky, the critical urgency of Edward Burtynsky, and the innovation of Idris Khan.

The World Trade Center series undertakes a sustained excavation of the rising Freedom Tower, while Notes from the Edges zooms out to expose the detritus of late capitalism beneath the mirage of Manhattan. Notes from the Edges includes unsettling portraits of Manhattan’s skyline, shot from the city’s derelict fringes. They destabilize our iconic image of New York, the “financial center of the world,” through abrasive juxtaposition of growth and neglect. 

Meet the artist Shai Kremer at Julie M. Gallery
Saturday, April 13 , 1 – 4 pm