CONTACT Public Installation Panel

CONTACT initiated its Public Installation program in 2003 with a series of site-specific projects presenting photographs in spaces historically used for advertising. Since then the Festival has produced unique projects annually in numerous high profile sites across Toronto. Join Canadian and international artists Nadia Belerique, Susan Dobson, Peter Funch,… Read More

The Photobook Lab: Pumice Raft #4 – Images in/of the City 

In tandem with the lived experience of the city, the city-dweller adds to (and is captured by) the ever-growing mosaic of digital images that form the omnipresent digital city all around us. This conversation will bring together Esther Hovers (False Positives, FW: Books) and Melanie Wilmink (Ed. with Solomon Nagler of Sculpting… Read More

The Photobook Lab: In Detail

Join curators Sara Knelman and Shani K Parsons for a close look at titles in the Paris Photo—Aperture Foundation Awards shortlist. Supported by Dara and Marvin Singer. Read More

Water Fall: A Cinematic Installation

A conversation between artists Annette Mangaard, Christopher Dewdney, and Simone Jones on how artists can use science to expose tensions proposed by representation, and strategies for making the invisible visible. Presented by John B. Aird Gallery in partnership with Charles Street Video. Read More

The Photobook Lab: On Longevity

Toronto Photobook Library’s Zackery Hobler invites artists Steven Beckly, Seth Fluker, Cristian Ordóñez, Bianca Salvo, and Josée Schryer to articulate what makes a lasting photobook. Each artist will offer a unique perspective drawing from their own practice as bookmakers. Reception to follow, hosted by the Istituto Italiano di Cultura. Supported… Read More

Women and Photobooks Symposium

Bringing together international artists, publishers, and curators, Women and Photobooks will look at the history of photobooks by women and explore a variety of contemporary projects, addressing current trends in design, aesthetics, and subjects. This symposium presents an opportunity for the consideration of which tools or initiatives can facilitate a more progressive… Read More

AGO | CONTACT International Photography Talks: Ming Smith, June Clark, Suzy Lake

Join CONTACT and the AGO for a conversation about photography, career, and critical reception with artists Ming Smith, June Clark, and Suzy Lake. Free tickets available online. June Clark has earned a national and international reputation for her photo-based image works, installations and interventions. Clark’s works… Read More

Water Fall: A Cinematic Installation – Panel 2

A panel discussion concerning water, floodplains, wetlands, and the future of our city. With Netami Stuart (senior project manager, Waterfront Toronto), Annette Mangaard (artist/filmmaker), and other participants to be announced. Presented by John B. Aird Gallery in partnership with Charles Street Video. Read More

The Photobook: New Projects & Collaborations

In conjunction with the CONTACT Photobook Fair, exhibiting publishers Daniel Augschoell and Anya Jasbar from Ahorn Books, Aron Mörel from Morel Books, Paul Schiek from TBW Books, and Melissa Catanese and Ed Panar from Spaces Corners will present their recent projects and collaborations. Moderated by Brian Sholis, executive director at… Read More

slippery screens, juicy machines, and feminist notions of rupture

Exhibiting artist Danièle Dennis and invited panelists Lauren Fournier and Aaditya Aggarwal discuss sad girl theory, displays of emotionality as acts of resistance, the porousness of images, screens and the body, and other concepts raised in the exhibition seeping upwards, rupturing the surface. Moderated by AGM Curator Kendra Ainsworth. Read More

AGO | CONTACT International Photography Talks: Public Art

Free ticketed event, book your online ticket here The Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival initiated its public art program in 2003 with a series of four Public Installations of images in spaces historically used for advertising. Since then they have produced 150 unique projects in high profile… Read More

Queering Family Photography

Join renowned UK-based artist Sunil Gupta and Two-Spirited activist Albert McLeod in conversation with co-curators Elspeth Brown and Thy Phu for a conversation on the occasion of Queering Family Photography and Friends and Lovers, on view at the Stephen Bulger Gallery. Read More

Objects of Affection

While interviewing museum conservators and historians for her recent project, The Gold Room, artist Esther Shalev-Gerz observed that the framework of their profession seemed to bind them to a strict adherence to factual information when asked to interpret objects from the collection. Imaginative and speculative forms of interpretation are still… Read More

New Generation Photography Award

A panel discussion with the three inaugural recipients of the New Generation Photography Award: Elisa Julia Gilmour, Meryl McMaster and Deanna Pizzitelli. Read More

Rewilding The Soul

Join artists Erin Whittier, Brendan George Ko, Eve Tagny, Katey Wattam, and Alyssa-Symons Bélanger as they discuss intersectional and decolonial politics, empathetic community and self care, radical agriculture, and nature-based living, from the context of their own visual art, theatre, and/or community-linked practices. Read More

Cutting a Figure: In Conversation

Free but ticketed; register here. Join BAND in partnership with TIFF for a conversation between special guests Charlene Foggie-Barnett (Teenie Harris Archive Specialist, Carnegie Museum of Art); costume designer Ruth Carter (Black Panther, Marshall, Malcolm X) and moderator Suzanne Boyd (editor-in-chief of Zoomer magazine) as part of the ancillary… Read More


A look back at BAND exhibitions in the CONTACT Festival with Paul Roth, (Director, Ryerson Image Centre), Marlene Smith, (Independent Curator), and Renee Mussai (Curator, Autograph, ABP). Read More

Printed Matter

Artist Steven Beckly, creative director Romke Hoogwaerts (Rubber Factory Posters, MOSSLESS), and publisher Robyn York (Anchorless Press) discuss the opportunities and challenges of photographic passion projects and self-publishing. Free to attend; please RSVP to Read More

Designing the Contemporary Photobook

Teun van der Heijden (Heijdens Karwai), Eva M. Kunz and Candy Pilar Godoy (Ceiba Editions), and artist Zun Lee (Father Figure) present and discuss trends in contemporary photobook design. Tickets $10*, available online and at the door. *also includes admission to Curatorial Conversations at 5:30pm, same… Read More

Curatorial Conversations

Join Emelie Chhangur (Art Gallery of York University, Toronto), Diane Evans (Presentation House Gallery, Vancouver) and Tarin Hughes (AKA Artist-Run, Saskatoon) as they discuss their curatorial practices and present recent projects. Moderated by Brian Sholis (Independent curator, Toronto.) Tickets $10*, available online and at the door. *also… Read More


Please join curator Rachel Wine for a panel discussion with the eight photographers featured in the exhibition Muse. Read More

Toronto’s Natural Parklands in the new Millennium: The role of natural parklands in building a great city

Toronto’s Natural Parklands in the new Millennium:  The role of natural parklands in building a great city Michael McClelland, Founding Principle, ERA Architects Jake Tobin Garrett, Policy & Planning Manager, Park People and Writer Denise Pinto, Placemaker, Writer, Generalist Wayne Reeves, Chief Curator, Museums & Heritage Services, City of Toronto Moderator:  Carla Garnet, Curator… Read More

Enduring Wilderness/Nature in the City: Exploring the complex relationship between nature and the city

Enduring Wilderness/Nature in the City:  Exploring the complex relationship between nature and the city Jason Ramsay-Brown, Author and Naturalist Todd Irvine, Arborist, Writer, Educator Joyce Chau, Executive Director, EcoSpark TBA Moderator: Carla Garnet, Curator John B. Aird Gallery… Read More

Struggles with Images: Panel Discussion

Artist Parker Kay looks at the shifting nature of images as they move between physical and digital forms. Presented in conjunction with a site-specific installation using images drawn from the Art Department’s own Picture collection of Toronto Reference Library. The event, which takes place on the Hinton Learning Theatre on… Read More

Counterpoints: Artists on Photography

Join us for a panel discussion featuring Kotama Bouabane, Robert Burley, and Meera Margaret Singh. Moderated by Sarah Parsons. Please go to the Debates Room, Hart House. Read More

Counterpoints: Collectors and Photography

Join us for a panel discussion featuring Debra Campbell, Ann Malcolmson, Dr. Kenneth Montague, and Maia Sutnik. Moderated by Sara Angel. Please go to the Music Room, Hart House. Read More

Photography Bound

Pages UnBound Festival and Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival present Photography Bound. The photo-book is a hybrid genre: half photography, half literature. Four luminaries of the photography world, Ed Burtynsky, Sophie Hackett, Donald Weber, and Eva Eicker discuss the form’s uses, its potential and its greatest current practitioners. Tickets are $10, available… Read More

To keep (something) in position: props in contemporary photography

Gabrielle Moser in conversation with artists, historians and performance studies scholars will consider the use of props in photography and examine the ways objects help us to write and rewrite histories. Read More

New Approaches in Visual Storytelling

At a time when the presentation of documentary and news photography is experiencing enormous change due to technological developments, alternative approaches to storytelling are being explored around the world. Speakers Benjamin Petit, #Dysturb, Stephen Mayes, Tim Hetherington Trust, and Rafael Katigbak, VICE, will discuss these changes. Moderated by Toronto journalist… Read More

Crossing Over: The Commercial Application of Documentary Photography

NAMARA Represents brings together photographers Kitra Cahana, Aaron Vincent Elkaim, Brett Gundlock, Kiana Hayeri, Dominic Nahr, Ed Ou, and Ian Willms to discuss commercial endeavours for documentary photographers. Read More