Don Newlands 1960s Retrospective

Renowned photojournalist Newlands seared his insights of cultural life in Canada onto film. Newlands’ work is one of the most important but little-known collections of social documentary photographs of the swinging 60s. Lovingly rescued, preserved, and digitized, these photo essays reveal his beloved home province’s cultural revolution in Quebec Rising; his… Read More

A Thousand Words: International Art Collaborations

A Thousand Words presents artists from eight countries collaborating to explore complexities of language and communication in today’s global community. More than 80 participants in the International Art Collaboration network (INTAC), representing universities in Canada, China, Finland, Germany, India, Mexico, South Korea, and the United States, have collaborated online, producing… Read More

All The Light That…

Light: a radiant manifestation of energy expressed visually via colour. These artists’ interpretations and understanding of light combine in this exhibition, where each photographer completes the sentence, “All the light that…” For example, “All the light that is dancing with your curves is illuminating your existence.”… Read More

Ambition, Innovation, and Excellence: A Decade at Skule™

The world is always changing—challenging our cities, environment, health, and energy systems. Where most see uncertainty, engineers see an opportunity to enhance the future through creative design and emerging technologies. This exhibition features the work of several local photographers, including U of T engineering students and alumni. Through framed photographs,… Read More

Ancestral Mindscapes

Workman Arts presents Ancestral Mindscapes, a collaboration between Miller, who self-identifies as Mad and Métis; Kootstachin, a Cree artist and storyteller; and Thibault, a Gaspésienne artist. This exhibition has Miller returning to his homeland of Gaspé, QC, one of Canada’s poorest regions but most beautiful landscapes, to explore the intersection… Read More


Arboreta are special places for the cultivation and display of trees and shrubs. Inglenook Community High School presents a collection of student work on the biology, symbols, and representation of the roots, trunks, branches, and leaves. The photo-based collection of work will be on display while the city ceremoniously plants… Read More

At Work

The photographs in this unique exhibition feature people at work: construction workers, street vendors, musicians, fisherfolk, tour guides, and others going about their daily tasks. The photographs reflect workers’ joy, and their commitment and contribution to our collective daily life. Labour can be active, reflective, repetitive, entertaining, or enlightening. The… Read More

Back to the Roots

The communities of dance at The Continental Dance Club have been connected by an interactive set of manifold, shared her- and his-stories of individuals on- and off-site in all sensibilities and genres since 1992. Their dancers are champions of life and the world that defy gravity, inspire health, perform on… Read More

Beauty Is Where You Find It

A select group of photographers from the Women’s Art Association of Canada explore their perceptions of beauty. Beauty is a quality that captivates the spirit. It is a personal moment that the artists see and feel individually. They have a profound need to capture that moment. In this exhibition, the… Read More

Beneath Us

Beneath Us is a photographic and sonic installation that reveals hidden realms that exist at an invisible scale. Chaddah removed tiny specks of wax from a beehive, coated them in gold and photographed them using a scanning electron microscope. Bédard created the score by blending traditional instrument sounds with bee… Read More

Beyond Borders

These moving and still images created by OCADU students defy or define borders. The lens inherently creates a border between artist and subject. Simultaneously, it provides a platform to describe, transcend, and transgress physical, societal, political, personal, historical, cultural, racial, and gendered constructions. While some choose to bridge borders, others… Read More

Ken Heyman: A Photographer’s Life

Over the course of a 50-year-plus career, Heyman has consistently documented the complexity of human relationships, interconnection, and individual artistic achievement. Whether photographing Indigenous communities in Bali alongside Dr. Margaret Mead, portraying the lives of Leonard Bernstein and Andy Warhol, or the world of a young boy from the street,… Read More

Canadian Icons

The Canadian Icons Project has been an ongoing photographic portrait study for over ten years. Conceived by photographer Dixon and makeup artist Meliase Paterson, it is a celebration of some of Canada’s most accomplished individuals. Some are famous internationally and some strictly within their particular circle of expertise. All are… Read More

Cape (Rosier) Light

Cape Light, the seminal 1978 photography book about Cape Cod, broke new ground in colour photography and for the acceptance of colour photography as art. It was a revelation for Hayes and remains inspirational to him to this day. This exhibition is his homage to its creator, photographer Joel Meyerowitz. Read More

CAPIC Xposé 2019

Xposé is an annual curated fine art photography exhibition mounted by the Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators (CAPIC). The exhibition also includes a juried component in which selected photographers will be judged by a panel of jurors from the fine art field. Xposé 2019 is curated by master printer… Read More

Falling for Film

In a world of immediacy, photographers across the globe are returning to shooting and processing film. At the CBC, where many have witnessed the evolution of technology first-hand, a group of employees has come together with a passion for the resurgent medium. Through the lens of these photographers, this exhibition… Read More

Chengzhongcun 城中村

Toronto-based photographer Bruno Lessard’s Chengzhongcun 城中村 offers a glimpse into China’s urban villages, also known as “villages in the city,” after dark, and a reconciliation of quotidian moments against a backdrop of accelerated urban transformations. Taking the notion of documenting the public sphere as a point of departure, Lessard’s images… Read More

Children Believe

International documentary photographer Kornets was commissioned by Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, a child-centred international development organization, to photograph children and document their strength and hope. The result is Children Believe, an exhibition of poignant images that reveals children overcoming hardship to thrive in school, dream fearlessly, and realize their… Read More

Choreographed Marks

Markham-based artist Waxman presents a series of photographic works exploring the performative aspect of painting. She is interested in the potential of movement and temporality in the process of mark-making gestures, and utilizing the camera as a tool to capture and record her studio-staged performances. Waxman works with variation, repetition,… Read More

The Created Image

This exhibition consists of four artists who build their imagery as opposed to capturing an existing image. Eyre’s images are carefully staged compositions that appear flat and are somewhat decoratively composed like a painting. Garnet builds ambiguous narratives through the juxtaposition of imagery through a claustrophobic lens. The Sanchez brothers… Read More


Circumnavigation. Emond is ever on the lookout for unconventional subjects, inviting the viewer to see the unusual through her lens. Creating visual storytelling by reframing the unexpected. Photographing urban streetscapes, architectural studies, and portraiture from around the world and in Europe, where she has lived for more than 20 years. Read More

As We See It

Let the CNIB Foundation show you how blind and partially-sighted people see the world. Join them at the CNIB GTA Community Hub for a unique photography exhibition curated and shot by blind and partially-sighted photographers. Challenge your perceptions and experience incredible local talent. Proceeds from artwork sales will go to… Read More

Contemporary Black and White

The F8 Photographic Collective—eight unique Canadian photographers—celebrate their tenth year of creating contemporary photography. Exhibiting a range of black-and-white works that are playful, powerful, and emotional, their goal is to challenge the viewer to go beyond an initial response. Photography is the passion that drives them artistically, culturally, and technically. Read More

Convergence and Intersections

Convergence and Intersections shows that cities and landscapes are filled with elements that are engaging, graceful, and elegant, but often unnoticed or are unappreciated for their natural or man-made beauty. This exhibition brings to the foreground that which humans tend to relegate to the background. Read More

Conversations with Nature

Ross’ exhibition Conversations with Nature is an imaginative foray into a post-apocalyptic world with the actual reconstruction of figures from nature. Ross has paid unusual attention to colour, light, and sculptural form. Printed on archival watercolour paper, every photograph is an artifact symbolically showing our desire for nature and the… Read More


Convenience (noun): availability, usefulness; useful thing. This series of photographs, 13 in total, are objects or things that are found at local convenience stores in Toronto. All the objects were purchased for under $5 and carry a double meaning in relation to sex or sexual thought. This series of photographs… Read More

Damas, Ecuador

Women surge onward globally as respect for their work and contributions to community are recognized. Historically, the care of families and home was exclusively female and limited, as only motherhood was valued. Modern societal evolution strengthens quality of life, reinforcing that joint participation of all adults working together and sharing… Read More


Darkness is a photographic essay on fear, loss, pain, and absence. Obscure feelings, in all their splendour. Darkness is a bestiary; a collection of inner beasts. You can follow Larochelle on Instagram: @larochelle.sandra… Read More

Dream Scenes: Seniors on the Green Screen

Part studio portrait, part collaboration, Davis encourages senior citizens to “go anywhere, do anything” using the magic of green screen photography. Her photographs lie at the intersection of the formal and the familial, the public and the private realm. These funny, poignant portraits of seniors “living their dreams” express deep… Read More

Dumb Luck

The Oxford dictionary defines serendipity as “the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.” Dumb Luck is a collection of observations of everyday life. It is nothing more or less than what stands in front of the viewer’s eyes, and serves no other… Read More


This exhibition explores the decline of America: What was once the great, vast open road, the melting pot of families, big cars, and open spaces has given way to motels, development, urbanization, video games, and the internet. Yet holdouts still remain; those who remember their past like a drive-in movie,… Read More

What is Hidden By What We See

This exhibition explores norms and expectations that construct and constrain the feminine body. This series of self-portraits presents the body in monstrous, amorphic, and covered forms that blur the line between woman and object, challenging the boundaries of the artist’s body and what it represents. These forms aim to provoke… Read More

Exchanging Glances: Rio de Janeiro-Toronto

The Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce launches the fourth edition of the project Exchanging Glances: Images of Two Cultures, focusing on the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Toronto. The work made by the Carioca photographer Rodrigues and Canadian DiVito portrays Toronto and Rio de Janeiro with their thrilling, exotic, and… Read More

Face to the Space

Face to the Space is a large-scale installation of full-frame photographic portraits by Queen Alexandra M.S. students. This is part of INSIDE OUT, a global participatory art project in the form of large-format street pastings. The photographs are pasted onto exterior walls but are not meant to be permanent installations. Read More

El Camagüeyano

To piece together his family’s history, artist Alejandro Santiago visited the home that his grandparents fled after the Cuban revolution. El Camagüeyano is an installation which reimagines a domestic space in Camagüey and the intersections of memory that it contains. It explores the impact that migration has on generations of… Read More

Four Seasons of Gardens in Kyoto

An exhibition of 40 photographs, including ten for each season from the ancient capital. When describing his creations of more than 50 years, Kyoto-born Mizuno has said that nothing about his photos is purely artificial or purely natural. He always sees someone’s hands or glances behind a tree or a… Read More

Gargoyles and Grotesques

This exhibition uses augmented reality to breathe life into the Gargoyles and Grotesques that keep an eye on Toronto. Gargoyles are in fact water spouts that provide a method of drainage; otherwise the sculpture is considered a grotesque. Often sculpted as frightening, gargoyles, in addition to protecting buildings from erosion,… Read More

Holding Space with Photographic Grace

Holding Space with Photographic Grace highlights photographic perspectives on physical spaces in the public domain. From classic conceptions of spaces to new ones, these photographic artists aim to extract the essence of space itself. Come view the infinite potential of these photographic views that hold space with grace. Juried by… Read More


Homage features the work of 15 photographers who are acknowledging the past by referencing artwork from various mediums through the ages. Each artist has joined printer Bob Carnie in his darkroom to produce a single print for the exhibition, reinvigorating the photographic community with respect to historical processes. The photographers… Read More

Home: An Elephants “Tale”

Positioned at the convergence of documentary and art, Osborne’s work examines the complex and troubled yet inextricable link between people and the planet with the purpose of protecting our only shared home. Read More

Hope in Progress

In partnership with Second Harvest, Canada’s largest food rescue organization, photographer Leontaritis travelled to more than 40 community service organizations, including after-school programs, shelters, centres for newcomers, meal drop-in and food hamper programs. Focused on capturing the people who bring these spaces to life, this project is a testament to… Read More

Humans of Basic Income

Humans of Basic Income is a portrait series that features recipients of the now-cancelled basic income pilot project in Ontario, and it illustrates what they were using the money for. The series puts a human face on a political issue, highlighting the flaws in Ontario’s social services system, and the… Read More

Humans Remain: Photographic Evidence of Life on Earth, Part 2

We live our lives in dwellings, neighbourhoods, and public spaces. We spend time by ourselves, with families, and with neighbours. We struggle and argue, yet nurture and love one another. The striking images in Wayne’s new exhibition—which range from portraits to those of mass demonstrations—show the complexity, nuances, and paradoxes… Read More

I am Cuba

I Am Cuba explores the development and transition of architecture in Cuba over several decades. From the pre-Revolutionary boom of the “Golden Age” of the 30s and 40s, to the Revolutionary optimism signifying the height of innovation and creativity, to the disenchantment and more utilitarian brutalist approach of the Communist… Read More

Am I Wrong to Love?

The 2019 iAM exhibition explores migration and displacement through the use of redaction and the personal stories of LGBTQ2SI refugees residing in Toronto. The photographs are created by participants of the iAM program, an initiative by JAYU which provides photography and social justice training for youth from under-served communities across… Read More

In The Quiet

In her exhibition In the Quiet, Solonyka explores the expression of women as they existentially assess their current situation, connecting their plight in a singular, unified voice of strength. The movement from ostracism and injustice toward confidence, defiance, and empowerment is communicated through a series of photographic expressions. Using self-portraits… Read More


IN/CAMERA is a two-person exploration of the nude figure. When the figure is relieved of the visual cues that clothing and cultural elements impose, viewers will see humanity, connectedness, vulnerability, and the universality of the human form and experience. Using techniques that span the history of photography—from the 1850s wet… Read More

Selected Photographs 2015-2018

Watts is a self-taught photographer and artist based in Toronto. This series, creatively titled Selected Photographs 2015 – 2018, is a collection of photographs taken in Toronto during a three-year period. These images are simply moments, though they are sometimes hard to find, that provide Watts with a connection to… Read More

Kate’s Diet

As a style icon and sex symbol, Kate Moss’ influence over the fashion and art world is one of timeless appeal. With a knack for reinvention, Moss’ image throughout her three decades in the fashion industry has been transformative—but not without controversy. Kate’s Diet is a culmination of artists and… Read More


Returning to CONTACT with new images, Kinetoscape continues to blur the line between painting and photography, motion and landscapes. Moving around the globe at speeds from horse to jet, Drutz creates unique photos that spring off of a painter’s easel. Images are drawn from across Canada and around the world,… Read More

Lakeshore Youth IN FOCUS

Lakeshore Youth IN FOCUS features metaphorical self-portraits and reflective poetry by select Grade 8 participants of Lakeshore Arts’ in-school educational program, Shazaam! IN FOCUS. The exhibition explores identity and the value of self-reflection through digital photography and spoken word poetry. Opening reception to feature student performances. Read More

Lora Moore: My Secret Roller Coaster

My Secret Roller Coaster is a personal and retrospective series documenting the artist’s emotional journey. Photography is her instrument for dealing with and expressing her feelings of loss, grief, joy, and love. Moore’s evocative and surreal images take viewers on this journey, exploring the daily situations and experiences that make… Read More

Maximum Exposure

Maximum Exposure is an annual year-end exhibition of the best selected works of the emerging Canadian and international artists attending Ryerson’s School of Image Arts’ undergraduate programs. Each floor of the Image Arts building transforms to showcase multidisciplinary work produced by photography, film, and integrated digital students. This includes photographic… Read More


Missing is a site-specific photographic installation in Toronto’s Church-Wellesley Village. The series depicts patterns of tape and torn paper left on utility poles, evoking missing-persons notices posted throughout the neighbourhood over several years, haunting reminders of unspeakable events that have deeply scarred the community. The project is intended to create… Read More


MYTORONTO, a photography contest and skills-building program, presents an exhibition of photographs representing #STRENGTH in Toronto, taken by people who have been affected by poverty and homelessness. 2,600 prints, 111 cameras, 93 participants, 40 exhibition photos, 13 calendar photos, 1 city. Read More


Photography has the power to engage, allowing personal experience to come into play. It serves as a means to spark one’s imagination and internal storymaking ability, and elicits a response that is unique to each viewer. This exhibition includes work by 13 artists who are demonstrating a variety of genres… Read More

NPAC National Pictures of the Year

NPAC hosts the annual National Pictures of the Year awards each spring. This event is the largest annual photo contest in Canada and showcases the best work of its members. It also recognizes the Photojournalist of the Year, Photograph of the Year, and Student Photographer of the Year. Read More


Charbonneau wanted to capture the enjoyment of—and dependency on—coffee: from looking out a window sipping espresso to students working on laptops; from early morning coffee runs to chatting with friends over breakfast. Most photos were taken with a smaller Fujifilm X-T2 camera to blend in to the streetscape, dialing in… Read More

Out of the Darkness

This collection of 14 images from 12 cities illuminates a prevailing desire to commemorate and heal from violent tragedies. These architecturally based, digitally-manipulated abstractions of European and North American cities, including Toronto, form the foundation of this growing body of work. The focus of this collection is not to examine… Read More


The Serbian Heritage Academy of Canada is proud to host the work of Vitas, who was born in 1939 in the city of Beograd, Serbia. He became interested in creative photography in 1957 and has taken part in over 95 solo exhibitions and 236 group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad. Read More

People and Places II

People and Places II, a solo exhibition by photographer Ryanne, is a continuation of the show she curated for CONTACT in 2018. It is a collection of portraits and candid images compiled from explorations within Toronto and travels in the USA. Read More

Photographic Memory

In this exhibition, harris and Kimura use the documentation of archival vintage photographs to open a window to what is often forgotten of human experience. Through these images, the viewer is invited to enter other times and places, observing the qualities and attitudes held in the postures and expressions of… Read More

PineRidge Arts Juried Photography Exhibition

A photography exhibition by Durham’s finest photographers. Read More

Plastic Fantastic

A cheap plastic box, the Holga camera’s shortcomings are infamous. However, what if in this digital age, it’s possible to embrace the simple Holga, even celebrate the images it can produce and thus challenge what photography means? Toronto photographer Bueler has met that challenge, capturing life and movement in dreamlike,… Read More

Portrait of a Reader

Global ebook retailer Rakuten Kobo presents Portrait of a Reader, an exhibition to celebrate its tenth anniversary by celebrating some of its most passionate customers. Fashion and portrait photographer Belton captures glimpses of the inner worlds of people who put books at the centre of their lives. “I read because… Read More

Private Lives

PRIVATE LIVES presents photographic images that offer glimpses into the life of a student who attends a private all-girls school. Debunking the myth that private school students are spoiled, privileged, and self-absorbed, these images, taken by students from Havergal College, show how they understand and are learning to negotiate the… Read More

PROOF Photography

Industrial histories and contemporary ruins collide in the photographic works of three photographers. Jonah’s precise abstractions of manufacturing sites call attention to the unexpected beauty of decay. Drajewicz’s windows and doorways are portals into the imagination. Draz’s papercuts reconstruct photographic sources into assemblages of a fantastical cityscape interwoven with drawings. Read More


Light and shadows give weight to narrative, define principles, and offer perspective on everyday encounters. Desgagnés’ long-exposure photographs during movies light up Montreal theatres. Montreal’s Studio L’Archipel: Christian Fleury’s Terroir are serene snippets of nature rich in natural light. Lecompte and Fafard’s Ephemeral Monuments reveals intimacy reduced to ashes in… Read More


Ravine is a portrait of an environment created with natural elements in conjunction with objects that symbolize the evidence of human presence. It focuses on the beauty of nature through a variety of plant life and evokes the feeling of a playful and youthful past. The artists constructed vignettes that… Read More

Rear View Mirror

Of the 1.5 trillion photos gathered on cameras in 2018, snapping and sharing their immediacy is enough intent to express a mnemonic of personal experience. Yet for a small percentage of photographers, it is not. What defines their quality of intent? The answer this exhibition proposes is that it is… Read More

Rexdale Youth IN FOCUS

Rexdale Youth IN FOCUS features metaphorical self-portraits and reflective poetry by select Grade 8 participants of Lakeshore Arts’ in-school educational program, Shazaam! IN FOCUS. The exhibition explores identity and the value of self-reflection through digital photography and spoken word poetry. Opening reception to feature student performances. Read More

Salam from Niagara Falls

Salam From Niagara Falls takes up first- and second-generation Iranian and Afghan placemaking in the context of ongoing settler colonialism on Turtle Island. Family photographs taken at Niagara Falls are a staple in many migrant and refugee homes, often evoking newfound relationships to belonging in Canada. Through photo-based practice, the… Read More

Memories of Galleria Mall

The Galleria Mall has maintained its retro aesthetic since opening in 1972 as a venue for shopping, socializing, and entertainment. Recently, much of the mall’s contents were removed in preparation for a new mixed-use development. In this exhibition, Kasman captures the spirit of the mall with a collection of photographs… Read More

She Walks On Beauty: Les couvertures du monde

Have you ever wanted to see the world from the comfort of a barstool? She Walks On Beauty: Les couvertures du monde is a fun and imaginative new exhibition by award-winning photojournalist McCaig. Using the unsung artistry of utility covers from Belgium to Morocco, there are as many surprises as… Read More

Sheridan Honours Bachelor of Photography Grad Show 2019

Viewed through the lens of the graduating class, this showcase captures diverse perceptions of the conceptual, technical, and aesthetic possibilities of photography as a professional medium. Please join them as they collaborate with curator, Rachel Wine, to present the Sheridan Bachelor of Photography program’s graduating class of 2019. Read More

Solemn Pines, Fading Things

Huang began visiting Tohoku coast in northeastern Japan in 2012 to document transformation in the aftermath of an earthquake and tsunami. He learned how a supposed recovery effort had a profound impact on the environment and the people living on these lands. These photographs tell a story of hope and… Read More

Spectra: Gallery 44 Members Show, Part 1

Spectra is a three-part exhibition by an innovative group of Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography members. The photographers have pooled their talents to showcase work that represents a variety of photographic concepts and techniques, celebrates artistic practice, and reveals ways seemingly disparate work can intersect. Spectra reflects the spirit… Read More

Spectra: Gallery 44 Members Show, Part 2

Spectra is a three-part exhibition by an innovative group of Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography members. The photographers have pooled their talents to showcase work that represents a variety of photographic concepts and techniques, celebrates artistic practice, and reveals ways seemingly disparate work can intersect. Spectra reflects the spirit… Read More

Spectra: Gallery 44 Members Show, Part 3

Spectra is a three-part exhibition by an innovative group of Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography members. The photographers have pooled their talents to showcase work that represents a variety of photographic concepts and techniques, celebrates artistic practice, and reveals ways seemingly disparate work can intersect. Spectra reflects the spirit… Read More

The Beautiful Machine

When the Eiffel Tower was erected, Walter Benjamin wrote about the changing perspective that machines brought to the minds of the people of Paris. Today, drones can exemplify this shifting perspective as we explore the extraordinary in our ordinary lives. In The Beautiful Machine, Toronto-based photographer Nicholson presents a series… Read More


KROW is a one-of-kind collaboration between XPOSED and HUGO that interprets contemporary Canadian culture and evokes a sense of disruption that dominates our era. Under the creative leadership of George Antonopoulos and styling of Lucia Perna, the exhibit will feature images of 23 year-old, Canadian born, transgender male model, KROW,… Read More

I Am Me (Girl, I Got You)

“I want to be the change I want to see. May my respective perspective transform our community. Bending to the wind, I stand in the world. Resilient, I am me. I am strong and I care. Sisterhood is shared with our hearts. I belong… Read More

The Lucky Cat’s Briefcase

From different corners of Toronto, the friends arrive at the Gladstone Hotel. They’re here to witness a night of vanity, possibly some indulgent naughtiness, and perhaps find cracks in their cool façades. More importantly: Why has The Lucky Cat brought them here? And what’s in the briefcase? Come examine each… Read More

The Mystery of Place: Stepping out of the Ordinary

Often when one thinks of location, it brings to mind landscapes or people in place. The Mystery of Place: Stepping Out of the Ordinary represents images from many different parts of the world, yet it would be hard to recognize them as such. The artist’s goal is to make the… Read More

The Ritual Portraits of Iwajla Klinke

German photographer Klinke’s first Canadian solo exhibition is a collection of images exploring the traditions of the Huastec people of eastern Mexico, and Onam, an annual harvest festival celebrated in Kerala, India. While the artist’s photographs look into the anthropological world of ritual, highlighting costume and culture, the images are… Read More

The Sky As My Witness

This exhibition is an exploration of space, identity, and the feminine figure in the context of the natural world. In each tableau the face of the subject is hidden, rendering them simultaneously “any” and “every” woman. Emotion and story are conveyed using only posture, gesture, symbol, and colour. The viewer… Read More

Toronto Squared

Toronto Squared features the work of various Canadian photographers working with Fujifilm Instax SQ6 cameras, representing urban life in Toronto in a small series of six to ten images each. The exhibition serves to highlight the resurgence of instant film cameras and the artistic potential of this medium, while also… Read More

People Moving People

Throughout the TTC’s evolution one thing remains the same: it connects people to the places they want to go. Read More

Views from Generation Z

Every generation has its own unique style and voice. Views From Generation Z is a collection of photographs that showcases how post-millennials see the world and demonstrates their unique photographic styles. All photographs in this exhibition are taken by youth aged 8 to 18. Read More

Subject to Change

Subject to Change evokes the contingent nature of the self. The exhibition presents the works of Chacín and Carmona, two contemporary artists who are developing a personal and engaged visual system to claim, make, and describe their own narrative as artists whose practices navigate through identity, nationalism, modern migration, and… Read More

ON-FOOT: West Queen West

ON-FOOT: West Queen West explores this neighbourhood’s radical transformation and rich history over the past 40 years through the extensive photographic works of award-winning local street photographers Cummins and Kotulsky, with historical context by acclaimed journalist and local resident Garvia Bailey. Visitors will also be able to download the new… Read More

The Transformative Power of Light

This exhibition is a meditation on the transformative power of light, perspective, and the viewer’s own imagination in creating a captivating set of images inspired by a single female figure in an identical pose. The result is a delightful visual symphony of tones and forms that cultivate a sense of… Read More

Visionary Mammals

The Visionary Mammals are a collective of photographers submerged in nature. They are presenting selected favourites from each of their bodies of work—photos that capture their experiences and inspirations from the natural city. Curated by Tamarack West. Read More


Chelsee Ivan is a photographer from rural Southern Alberta who pursues moments that force her to recalibrate, to knock her out of her head and and back into her body. Fallow is her first solo exhibition. The photographs were made in late December 2018, in some of Alberta’s barest places. Read More

A Slip of Life

Exploring beauty and the preserved, A Slip of Life exposes deep introspection of the unexpected in unknown parts. The elements of long life in natural and contrived environments project dramatic reincarnations. Beach reveals beauty in the decimated, spoiled, and marginalized. What emerges is derelict and menagerie afterlife with subjects that… Read More


Limitless explores the photographic journey of a group of Iranian artists and their experiences with the limits of art. Each artist has taken a different approach to the theme, bringing a fresh insight into their own artworks and the definition of art. In an attempt to separate themselves from familiar… Read More


In Rejects, Raymer reenacts scenes found in a forgotten box of her grandfather’s 35mm colour slides and narrates a new history for the original images, looking at how we lose context as the truth becomes distorted and lost over time. Dancing on the line between fact and fiction, Raymer presents… Read More

Good Stuff Bad Stuff

What makes a home a home? Good Stuff Bad Stuff is a series of bizarre self-portraits that connect concepts of home and identity. The artist’s own grungy apartment and various public spaces serve as the backdrop to the photo series. Using physical experiences and found objects, the photographs in this… Read More

T.M. Glass

Galerie de Bellefeuille is proud to present a collection of work by Toronto-based artist T.M. Glass. In their practice, T.M. Glass explores the historical, technological and aesthetic conditions of photography to stretch it beyond its traditional definition. Utilizing cutting edge photographic technology, the artist digitally manipulates each photograph… Read More

Between Takes

“Throughout my life in photography, I also worked as a lighting director on now iconic independent films with creators like Jim Jarmusch, Wim Wenders, Lars von Trier, Michelangelo Antonioni, and Robby Müller. In the pauses between the frantic pace of film setups, I would pick up my camera. Looking back… Read More

Skip Stop

Skip Stop invites viewers to consider the rise and fall of the five towers of Regent Park South. These award-winning structures and their fast-living architect Peter Dickinson are the apogee of mid-century modern architecture in Canada. Titled after the architectural curiosity that organizes the towers’ design—maximally efficient “skip-stop” corridors, permitting… Read More

Found in Nature

Found in Nature aims to capture those brief and poetic moments that simultaneously ground us and take our breath away with the exquisite artistry that is nature. Jones seeks out and captures serene moments throughout Ontario, selecting subjects and imagery that invite the viewer to experience and visually surrender to the… Read More


By focusing on the often mundane aspects of daily life and surroundings, Szkabarnicki-Stuart and Ness’s work explores and reveals our relationships with and assumptions about urban, natural, and home environments. Szkabarnicki-Stuart frequently uses her own body as the subject, creating brightly lit scenes that are both banal and humorous. Ness… Read More

Hollywood Furever

Hollywood Furever is a tribute to the starkly lit and iconic portraiture of George Hurrell’s 1930s Hollywood studio stage, but with animals. Photographer Naomi Harris traveled to Los Angeles to capture the famous celebrities she follows on a daily basis, the dogs and cats of Instagram, whose lives appear as perfectly… Read More

Body of People

This exhibition represents a sample of the dynamic work being created by the Grade 10 Contemporary Photography students at Etobicoke School of the Arts (ESA). In this program, students who major in Dance, Drama, Film, Music, Musical Theatre and Contemporary Art are asked to make honest work about their lived… Read More

West End Phoenix Community Project: Portraits of Flowers

The West End Phoenix, a hyper-local nonprofit print-only community newspaper, has collaborated with photographer Jeff Harris to “plant” election-style lawn signs bearing portraits of the neighbourhood’s spring  flowers. This project examines the way front gardens across the city connect neighbours and passersby – drawing us out and slowing us down. Read More

More Than This

More Than This incorporates collage, both as a process and as subject matter. It looks at the way collage can be used, as both an aesthetic style and a conceptual approach, to blur certain information, alter the way things like depth and surface are perceived, and… Read More


Caitlin Cronenberg: STRANGE/BEAUTY features a selection of the Toronto photographer’s monochrome works (including a 2012 New York Times photo-diary of the Cannes Film Festival) and a series of portraits of Toronto icon Drake. Inspired by the writer Walter Pater’s quote, “It is the addition of strangeness to beauty that constitutes the romantic character… Read More

A Whole Made of Many Parts

In a new series of ‘Fragment’ portraits, Monnet has developed individualized masks that overlay the faces of chosen subjects. Mixing facial features with geometric shapes, new identities are forged through abstraction and interference. In this project Monnet revisits motifs passed down through her family by generations of matriarchs. First appearing… Read More

Stadium Light

Kohn’s father’s factory was adjacent to the Mercer Penitentiary for Women. The prison was eventually decommissioned and torn down and Lamport Stadium was built on this same place. Years later, Kohn returned to this area to open his photography studio which was also next to Lamport Stadium. On event nights,… Read More

These Things Take Time

Using analogue methods, Isabel M. Martínez distills the medium of photography to its key elements: light, time, and chemistry. Shapes are delineated through masking, and burnt onto negatives by light precisely regulated as it enters the camera. Forms float atop rippling textures derived from tampering with the film’s emulsion. Viewing… Read More

an endless, formless ruin

Jessica Thalmann closely observes our built environments, photographing and reconfiguring them into sculptural forms that return our attention to surfaces and textures, as well as the social and political histories, to which we’ve become inured. Her eyes roam freely when taking pictures, but the real work begins when she manipulates… Read More

Studio Studies

This presentation brings together the photographic works of Toronto-based artists Alison Postma and Shelby Fenlon. Informed by the history and tradition of studio photography, both artists construct elaborate and colourful tableaux that employ mercantile references and motifs. Keenly attuned to and familiar with the visual vocabulary of commercial photography, their… Read More

A Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach is a chronicle of a space, Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota, Florida. The images are arranged to show the unfolding of a day, April 12, 2015, in a very attractive venue. They begin in fog and end at sunset. Read More

A Frog in a Pot Being Held by a Boy on a Horse

With A Frog in a Pot Being Held by a Boy on a Horse, North Gallant’s intention was to document the patrons and staff of a renaissance faire and investigate their romanticization of the 16th century. Does the fantastical recreation of this extremely hierarchical time period make these people feel… Read More

A Key to the Human Condition

A Key to the Human Condition is a photographic project like no other. The human condition is the characteristics, significant events and situations which encompass the core of human existence. The human condition is a mystery to people on so many levels and from so many perspectives including factions like… Read More

Abstracting Reality

In an increasingly hectic world, people are always looking at ways to escape their everyday routines, whether it be via travel, video games, virtual reality, or increasingly, art. Challenge reality and break free of the mundane by visiting paradisal natural locales with LeMay, entering your comic book fantasy with Picard,… Read More


ALIVE explores elemental properties of life; its ability to self-organize and arise from amorphous organic matter. By combining photography with science, Kurowska attempts to mimic and visualize the process of life creation using photo-elastic gels and cross-polarized light. The images reveal beautiful worlds inhabited by otherworldly life made of light… Read More

Alternative Perspective

In this exhibition, international artist Coral explores the relationship between subject, form, and space by revealing a different perception of the subjects and environments she photographed. Space and environment are the real protagonists in this series of surreal staged images, meant to change the way the viewer perceives otherwise regular… Read More

An Ode to the Overlooked

Standing next to the Taj Mahal, Johnston closes her eyes, allowing the sounds and smells to transport her imagination across the time divide. She grasps to see fragments of daily life within this legendary history: The busy site of construction that it once was, turning vision into reality. They are… Read More

Analogue Wall to Wall: A Celebration of Alternative Photographic Processes

In a world of digital image proliferation, join Propeller Art Gallery in a celebration of hand-made photographic prints. Through physical intervention, artists guide the process of photographic printmaking in order to achieve an aesthetic that is a fusion of artistic intent and physical process. These works not only speak to… Read More

Another Word For Lonely

The Roastery Fine Art Gallery proudly presents Ellis’ Another Word For Lonely, where the artist explores loneliness and its function as both a barrier and catalyst for emotional growth. This series is a personal exploration of how nature can evoke joyful and difficult emotions. It reflects Ellis’ own experiences with… Read More

At Night We Awaken

An inability to sleep is how this series began. When everyone went to sleep is when Devic awoke. The artist finds a certain kind of liveliness to the night. What results in this exhibition is something relatable. Quiet scenes of places that contain remnants of a previous day, making the… Read More


BL|ARCHIVE uses street photography and studio portraiture to reframe Black Canadian identity.  Contesting the idea that Blackness is on the margin or displaced from a Canadian identity, BL|ARCHIVE cements the cultural identity of Blackness firmly within the urban grids of Toronto, “look(ing) back, at one… Read More

Body of One

Body of One is an exhibition of image transfers that combine self-portraits with anatomical drawings. A spiritual successor of Taylor Reid’s past work, Body Of One encourages the acceptance of impermanence, and links the passage of time to states of change. It is an unguarded look at the transitory nature… Read More

Broken Reality

This exhibition features work from over 100 emerging and established artists in the 500px community. These artists use photography as a medium to challenge the viewers’ perceptions of reality and to enable them to see beyond the surface. This body of work focuses on pushing the boundaries between reality and… Read More

Children of Phnom Penh

Forty years after the Khmer Rouge was defeated, many Cambodian families continue to suffer from the effects of the brutal regime. Disparities between the elite and poor are beyond measure. Despite often dire circumstances, the children of Phnom Penh are resilient. These photographs represent just a few of those children… Read More

Cloverdale Retrospective

A collection of archival photographs and ephemera of the Cloverdale Mall and Eatonville Community in Etobicoke. Additional programming includes a community memory bank and story capture. Read More

TMBR: The Colour of Sound

Tweel’s work often deals in the play of opposites: shadow and light, movement and stillness, presence and absence, solid and void. By liberating objects from their scale and context, she encourages the viewer to contemplate the essence of form. She creates a feeling of surreal detachment, a sense of disengagement… Read More

Davenport Collective

This is an exhibition of new and recent works by six women who were brought together years ago by their collective passion for photography. In this showcase, each artist has produced their own individualized work drawing from traditional and contemporary photographic ideas. Diverse and unique, the work is tethered by… Read More

DOUBLE DOUBLE: Box-in-a-Valise

Staged in an unconventional space, Lee and Ka-sing–two photographers from Hong Kong–decided to reconstruct their past, present, and future into a new chapter. DOUBLE DOUBLE is a retrospective of their work, from the late seventies to the millennium, and from the last decade to the most recent.  … Read More


Dann takes a candid, shoot-from-the-hip approach to black-and-white photography. The work is diverse as it ranges from street photography to candid portraits, to landscapes and occasional focus on geometry or patterns of objects. Philosophically, he sees that, “People and nature each present us a different and perfect ‘face.’ Everything has… Read More

FACING NORTH: Portraits of the Jewish Diaspora

This group photography exhibition highlights portraits and biographies of the Toronto Jewish community who have emigrated from over 26 countries to make Canada their home. Read More

Finding the Light

In this series, Sindrey paints loosely with the lens, reducing images down to the simplest of elements: light and colour. Working with digital noise and movement, Sindrey uses the pixel as the paintbrush, resulting in a series of painterly, abstract images. Challenging the notion of photography as a documentary art… Read More

Fire and Water: A Beautiful Unity

This exhibition explores the use of two opposing elements in photography and how they embody beauty in the photographer’s eye. Moore captures the movement of dancers underwater to communicate elegance and tranquility. Arcuri experiments with fire and the fragility of flowers to bring new light from darkness. For both artists,… Read More


FIRST LOOK FIRST explores the stories of 15 individuals from Toronto with varying experiences with human rights challenges. Each photo captures a Toronto landmark with the subject taking up little space in the composition. This is done to challenge the viewer to realize that unless they pay closer attention, they… Read More

FTW – Forever Two Wheels

Deeply immersed in the biker scene, Helm has documented motorcycle culture through his photography for over 20 years. FTW—Forever Two Wheels showcases the images that Helm has captured over the years, chronicling the unique characters, beautiful motorcycles, stunt riders, racers, and celebrity bike builders he has encountered riding his Harley… Read More

As Above / So Below

As Above / So Below is part of an unfolding of exhibitions beginning this year that embody in and are in response to the painting WHALE by deborah harris. In this chapter of the story, the photographic series Airplanes by Posen has been assembled into a single body echoing the… Read More


Gestalt is a group exhibition of portraiture that explores the human figure in segments, wondering how bodies are interpreted when they are reduced to sections, and whether they are more than the sum of their parts. With cultural expectations shaping all genders and sexualities in terms of presenting their physical… Read More

Head in the Sand

Two vastly different cities share common challenges. Read More

Hello Photography

Hello Photography exhibits Lai’s self-made photo diaries. These streams of consciousness are the result of living naively and wistfully in the city of Toronto. Each book represents a narrative of Lai’s pleasure in the existences around him. Between subject, camera, and photographer is an intimate dance: The rhythm set to… Read More

In the Absence of Presence

Integrating a variety of mediums including performance, photography, and sculpture, Miga explores the body as an archive that performs presence and absence. Pressing on the physical and emotional manifestations of grief, healing, and memory, Miga uses her family archive, her relationship with her mother, and the contents of her family… Read More

Interference Pattern

An average human has about 75,000 discrete thoughts every waking day, and up to 95% of these thoughts are repetitive. The external stimuli of our everyday experiences produce similarly repetitive patterns. Interference Pattern is a group exhibition documenting the contemporary urban setting as a kind of a fractal experience; too… Read More

Jerry Schatzberg: Havana Cuba, 1959

The year is 1959, the location, Havana, Cuba. In this never-before-exhibited series of photographs, Schatzberg transports the viewer to a pivotal point in history, sharing intimate moments with Fidel Castro at the end of the Cuban Revolution. Read More


The weight, clattering, and flickering of film projectors have fascinated Roggan since her youth when she worked as a projectionist in the USA. When searching for projectors retired in the digital age, she encountered a collector who kept old 35mm, 16mm, and 8mm machines in his Leipzig garden shed. Roggan… Read More

Making a Maker

Making a Maker is a collection of moments that tell the story of Gordon’s evolving role as a woman, mother, and artist after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis. Faced with the threat of her own disappearance, Gordon began an inquiry into the nature of time, fertility, and the architecture of… Read More

Metaphysical Resistant

Metaphysical Resistant experiments with symbol, barrier, and self-representation through photography and paint. The resulting lines, circles, and triangles block parts of the photographed bodies, while smears from multiple erasure lines leave traces of the past that are open for interpretation. Olfatmanesh was drawn to the promise of freedom and all… Read More

Michael Kenna: Japan

Bau-Xi Gallery presents Michael Kenna: Japan, an on-going series that documents the artist’s travels in Japan: a nation that he has visited countless times for over 30 years. Upon visiting Japan in the 1980’s, Kenna became deeply fascinated with the culture, landscape and general aesthetic of the country. Influenced by… Read More

Mind Fields

Mind Fields is a collection of images and texts compiled by artist and curator Abrams, whose multimedia practice involves exploring the aesthetics of practical observance as it relates to well-being. This body of work attempts to encapsulate narratives centred on states of balance between mindful openness and concentrated immersion. By… Read More

Mom! Don’t make me wear the goggles!

For Mom! Don’t make me wear the goggles!, the students at Havergal College share photographic images that explore how they organize, interpret, and represent the information and messages they are given in their personal environment. Photos will show humour, emotions, conceptions of time, truth, and address issues of mental health,… Read More

People and Places III

People and Places III, a solo exhibition by photographer Ryanne, is a continuation of the exhibitions she has curated for CONTACT in 2018 and 2019. It is a collection of black-and-white portraits and candid images compiled from explorations within Toronto and travels in the USA. With gentrification sadly creeping into… Read More

PineRidge Arts Council presents Photographers of Durham

This annual juried photography exhibition includes work from over 60 emerging artists from the Durham Region. Read More

Point of Inflection

Point of Inflection features two floors of photo-based art by the Etobicoke School of the Arts’ grade 11 and 12 Contemporary Photography students. In this program, students share, listen, and support one another to make personalized contemporary art about the things that matter most to us. Read More

Prairie Cathedrals

In 1923, the French architect Le Corbusier hailed the grain elevator’s stark simplicity and unadorned shape as the ultimate example of form following function. At 24 metres high, no structure dominates the prairie skyline like the grain elevator. The number of elevators in Alberta peaked in 1934 at 1,781. The… Read More

Questa Metà

Cira’s family emigrated from Termini Imerese, Sicily to Canada in 1901. He returned to their native town to behold the world they left behind. Pictures—like tangible memories—help to sustain such sentiments of longing, disjuncture, and loss. Questa Metà attempts to capture the artist’s feelings around the notion of a homeland,… Read More

Raptors Fever

What is the source of passion that adoring fans feel for their athletes? Vicarious living through others? The need to be part of a community? Worship of physical prowess? Whatever the source, the Toronto Raptors unlikely victory of 2019 brought Canadians to an entirely new level of communal demonstration. These… Read More


Reflections is a contemporary photography exhibition by two local artists. Young is a self- taught photographic artist and Gao is a student at Etobicoke School of Arts. Through their work they reflect upon their Asian-Canadian lives, culture, and unexpected shifts in the space they live in. These spaces are the… Read More

Regarding Roots

Regarding Roots takes the lush language of plants and sets it against the creative landscapes of three visual artists, resulting in a psychologically provocative and varied discourse in the relationship between plant and person. Incorporating photography, research, and the use of archival material, this exhibition brings together a collection of… Read More

Seen Worlds

Movement and beauty are part of the eternal tapestry. These worlds have lived on since yesterday, into today and tomorrow. This exhibition showcases gold-toned silver gelatin prints of recent photographs made in New York City. The images push heat, light, and the properties of analogue photographic materials to render worlds… Read More

Sheridan Honours Bachelor of Photography Grad Show 2020

Viewed through the lens of the graduating class, this showcase captures diverse perceptions of the technical, conceptual, and aesthetic possibilities of photography as a professional medium. Join with them as they present and celebrate the 2020 graduating class of the Sheridan Honours Bachelor of Photography program in collaboration with curator… Read More

Sizing Up Gender: Intersectional Narratives of Fat and Gender through Fashion

Through collaboratively constructed macro photographs, this exhibition explores the relationship between gender and fat through fashion. Borrowing from performance theory, this project considers embodied performances, including, but not limited to, gender as simultaneously agentic and constrained. This exhibition is the culmination of a comprehensive research project involving 15 participants from… Read More

Spectra 1

Photography has the power to engage by sparking the imagination, eliciting a response unique to each viewer. Spectra 1 comprises work by 14 members from Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography. This exhibition demonstrates varied interpretations of the photographic medium using both traditional and contemporary methods. Responding to individual ideas… Read More

Spectra 2

Spectra 2 is a group exhibition by members of Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography who have a spirit of community and a passion for lens-based art. Curated by Jessica Thalmann, the work meditates on the ways we see, embody, and remember the places around us, often making visible what… Read More

Spectra 3

Spectra 3 presents images made in a diverse range of modes and motives that have been curated to find commonalities and showcase talented artists from the Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography. The exhibition examines the city, its people and buildings, and the myriad of ways artists try to make… Read More

Still – Playing

“Hey CONTACT—Still here. It’s been some time since we last connected. That was down at the Lever factory, remember? Andy and the gang had built a giant bubble machine and we threw a photo exhibition. From there, it was over to the Toronto art fair, where Andy’s snazzy floral frame… Read More

A Letter To You

A Letter to You is curated by local photo-based creatives. Streets of Toronto presents a selection of intimate shots of the beloved city of Toronto by local photographers. The photos are a love letter to the viewer, asking if the images spark a memory of a significant place and time… Read More

Temporal Toronto

Toronto is the fastest growing city in North America with more cranes currently erected than any other city on the continent. With such rapid growth comes rapid change. This exhibition illustrates this change through the transformation of structures at various locations throughout the city between two moments in time, representing… Read More

The Game Goes On

This exhibition documents a game of mahjong played by a group of women most Mondays for the past 50 years. Now in their mid-90s, the women have known each other since childhood and have maintained their friendship through this weekly game. The viewer is invited to consider aging, friendship, and… Read More

The Global Road

Street scenes from this exhibition of images from Ethiopia and Bangladesh are vibrant, dynamic, and never boring. Things that are contextually normative can seem strange and sometimes amusing to an external viewer—daily life on the streets takes on increased sensory interest as it can come across as busy, complicated, and… Read More

The Hunting Project

The Hunting Project is a never-before seen series of moving stills that circle and stalk the theme of hunting. Stallaert, a Belgian artist, strips cinema of its traditional narrative impulse with the use of vivid, deliberate, slow-motion video. At first glance, it appears like a still, but by fusing his… Read More

The Shape Of

The human form: We are all intimately familiar with it, naturally. Can one be startled by anything so well-known? Can it be seen in a new way? In this exhibition, Williamson presents the common in an uncommon light. It is his hope that the viewer may be startled and surprised… Read More

The Stories in Their Eyes

As a CBC journalist, Petricic has been on the front lines of the world’s major events. But beyond the headlines, amid war and disaster, he has seen much humility and humanity. Petricic met and photographed ordinary people around the globe who’ve experienced upheaval, capturing the worry and wonder in their… Read More

Wind Stories

In 2019 and 2020, Jamii invited members of four Ontario communities to create portraits of fellow community members. This exhibit, created under the leadership of professional artists, is composed of 80 visual portraits representing people from Wawa/Michipicoten First Nation, Wolfe Island, Pikangikum First Nation, and the Esplanade (Toronto). Wind Stories is… Read More

The Story Teller

The Storyteller is an exhibition of images from 1st and 2nd year students in the Centennial College Diploma Photography Program, focusing on commercial and fine art photography. Students of the Story Arts Centre have always been known for their ability to tell stories in the visual arts field. This exhibition… Read More

Toronto’s Ravines on the Edge: A Priceless Ecosystem Threatened by the Climate Crisis

Come on a journey and explore the hidden beauty of Toronto’s ravines. No other city in the world has a comparable network of rivers, creeks, and walking trails. This exhibition celebrates the citizens who volunteer to clean up and rehabilitate Toronto’s unique ravine eco-system, which is threatened by invasive species,… Read More


It is 2020 and two decades have passed since the new Millennium and the horrific happenings of 9/11. The world is different from what we once knew. Segers is in possession of more than enough photographs to print, repeat, and build new imagery. The accumulation of images in a media-obsessed… Read More

Unity: A Child’s Perspective of Rio de Janeiro’s Favelas

This exhibition has been cancelled in light of measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Favela residents are defined by violence because that is how the media represents them. The artists in this exhibition introduced children to the power of photography so it can be used as… Read More

View Inside

Peering into storefront windows, this series of images offers a dual view: Plants, signs, and passersby mixing and scattering into reflections of the outdoor, everyday streetscape. Read More

Walk, Stop, and Wonder

Walk, Stop, and Wonder is a collection of photographs by Toronto parents that imagine their child’s perspective on the city. Supported and hosted by the Wee Festival, this growing exhibition celebrates the wonder of children as seen through the eyes of their parents. Parents of young children are invited to… Read More

Watson Art + Photography

Watson Art + Photography is an exhibition by the emerging Toronto-based artist and photographer Ryan Watson featuring his latest work in the field of abstract expressionist photography. This series contains close up views of urban and industrial images found within Toronto and throughout the GTA which are then placed in… Read More

Wavelength 2020

Wavelength is a non-profit, artist-run concert series based in Toronto. This exhibition of concert photography, event posters, and other ephemera will celebrate Wavelength’s 20 years of transformative community-building in the Canadian independent music scene. Structured as a year-by-year narrative chronology, the exhibition highlights key moments in the organization’s history. Unlike… Read More

After Migration

After Migration tells stories by using photography, fashion design, and interviews of asylum seekers to depict the migration crisis from a humane angle. By merging culturally representative design with portraits and personal accounts of individuals who have crossed borders, this project celebrates migrants in the eyes of those who might… Read More


In summer the townsfolk flock to the fair—while in the Ontario woods other sorts of folk are having fun. Olson’s colourful images range from scrappy to otherworldly. Read More

Winter Abstracts

Mansouri’s series Winter Abstracts consists of aerial images of Canadian winter landscapes, which often remind the artist of minimalistic illustrations and child-like drawings. Through this series, Mansouri wanted to capture the stillness, desolation, and the silence that they experience during the winter season in their suburban neighbourhood. Read More

Maximum Exposure 25

Maximum Exposure is an annual term-end exhibition that showcases the work of the best young emerging Canadian and international artists attending Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts. By transforming all four floors of the Image Arts building into a series of diverse exhibition spaces, as well as utilizing the students… Read More

sweetgrass sugarcane saffron

This multimedia photography exhibition brings together the talents of three interdisciplinary artists whose work engages not only on an artistic level, but on social levels as well. sweetgrass sugarcane saffron is an exploration of the interconnections between identity, time, and space while imagining the decolonization of a manufactured world that… Read More

Anamorphic Perceptions

Anamorphic Perceptions explores the continuity of the still-image in the age of the simulated virtual world. Family snapshots taken in an East European country garden from the 1940s just prior to the devastation to come through WWII are featured in three different media, an interactive time-based projection, three-dimensional lenticular panels,… Read More

The Space Between

The tension between anxiety and unnerving calmness shapes the narrative of this exhibition by Toronto-based photographer Hewak, who identifies as a disabled/Mad artist. The Space Between focuses on empty public interiors: lobbies, schools, courthouses, country clubs, synagogues, hotels, etc. Drawn from Hewak’s series The Weight of Air, a 341-image study… Read More


Welcome to the Toronto² gallery! Annex Photo is excited to bring back its annual photo gallery that showcases amazing images from local photographers, each with their own unique perspective of the city. Annex Photo is eager to reintroduce the joy of photography in all aspects of people’s lives and… Read More

NPAC National Pictures of the Year

NPAC is a not-for-profit association which includes 450 professional press photographers, freelancers, photo editors, and photojournalism students from across Canada. NPAC celebrates and champions quality and ethical photography in journalism. This exhibition consists of the winning and nominated images from the 2019 National Pictures of the Year competition. Through a… Read More

Push Forward and Peel Back: Photographic Art of Lifestyle Acts

Based on an open call, this exhibition will showcase imaginatively captured lifestyle imagery from a wide variety of photographic artists. Read More

Text Me

This work comes from Orenstein’s interest in the relationship between words and photography. He has long felt that when text and image are juxtaposed or joined together they form a different message than what they convey within their own authority. Additionally, how and where we receive and process these messages… Read More

New and Interesting

This group exhibition showcases the latest work from 12 Canadian artists, curated by Bob Carnie in collaboration with the Dylan Ellis Gallery. Read More

Echo: Location

Swica’s constructed landscapes investigate the potential of memory to trigger a photograph. Building dimensional views using everyday materials, simulation is not in evidence, with forms often suggestive of something, rather than sculpturally accurate. Animated by light, the constructions transform into spatial atmospheres, crossing the idea of “place” in a condition… Read More

Road to Healing

A continuation of From Boys To Men presented in Scarborough’s 2019 Nuit Blanche, Road to Healing features portraits of artists from RISE (Reaching Intelligent Souls Elsewhere), a Scarborough-based, youth-led movement that provides opportunities and spaces for youth to develop artistically, professionally, and spiritually. Road to Healing focuses on release from… Read More

Portraits of Analogue Photography Equipment

This series combines the past and the present, and Rush’s admiration of analogue photography equipment with his digital photography work ow. Each photograph is a large-scale portrait of an analogue piece of equipment from the 1900s that has historical importance, great design, and was broadly used. This exhibition is dedicated… Read More

Intangible Souvenirs

Memories are ephemeral snapshots of a particular moment; intangible souvenirs that everyone carries with them. This exhibition discusses memory through the utilization of instant film, evoking a sense of intimacy and nostalgia. However, memory is abstract, something that one cannot truly share. Through the process of digital painting, Cornell creates… Read More

Front & Back

In Front & Back, Murphy explores the relationship between photography and loss. While searching in the basement of his childhood home for objects belonging to his father, the artist found deteriorating 4×6″ colour prints that were wet and adhered together in layers. While most of the images were destroyed, abstract… Read More

Unresolved Narratives

Grade 11 Media Arts students at St. Michael’s College studied the staged images of conceptual photographers Jeff Wall and Gregory Crewdson. The students then created images inspired by these artists, brainstorming about narrative, location, lighting techniques, and composition. These images depict a mysterious yet familiar world full of psychological impact. Read More

Cameras Looking Forwards and Backwards

From our earliest days, we explore the world around us, absorbing the physical society one is born into. One grows to evaluate everything new and modern while recognizing the best of the physical past. Photography is a tool for scrutinizing this unstoppable transformation and declaring one’s choices. Come view these… Read More

Rexdale Youth IN FOCUS

Rexdale Youth IN FOCUS features metaphorical self-portraits and reflective text by select Grade 8 participants of Lakeshore Arts’ in-school educational program, Shazaam! In Focus. The exhibition explores identity and the value of self-reflection through digital photography and spoken word. Opening reception includes student performances. Read More

Sound Image 2018

Sound Image Music Photography Competition celebrates its seventh year! Each year, Analogue Gallery hosts an open call for images of musicians, performances, crowds, festivals, and concerts as captured through the lenses of local and international photographers. The group exhibition is a celebration of all things music, both live and behind… Read More


TORONTO² features the work of various Canadian photographers working with Fujifilm Instax SQ10 cameras, representing urban life in Toronto in a small series of six to ten photographs. The exhibition serves to highlight the resurgence of instant cameras and the artistic potential of this medium, while also representing different perspectives on… Read More

Pololu Valley and Palms

Pololu Valley and Palms consists of images from the ongoing series A Stranger In Two Worlds by Brendan George Ko. The artist photographs plants of the two places he considers home – Ontario and Hawai’i – as a way of marking his memories and recording the botanical differences of the locations that he… Read More


Chaddah grew the cells depicted in her photographs using mouse and human embryonic stem cells and adult human skin. There are gaps in the understanding of how to use cells to cure disease and degeneration. These dark places are where human imagination lies, teeming with the desire to control biology… Read More

I Was Not Here

Wang uses this exhibition to make the statement that life is a journey. Where one has been is the past, where one is now is the present; one has to hold the “present” (gift) carefully to seize it. Look down, watch your steps, and think about the upcoming journey. By using… Read More


CLICK features exceptional photographers who have chosen the camera as a method to express their thoughts and creativity, telling their stories through portrait, landscape, abstract, or surrealist photographs. There is no shortage of creative exploration through the medium of photography in this arresting exhibition that draws the viewer into the… Read More

The Trees Amongst Us

Inspired by LEAF’s Adopt-a-Street-Tree project in the Junction neighbourhood of Toronto, The Trees Amongst Us is a series of photographs mounted on metal leaf depicting the street trees throughout the seasons. To highlight individual trees and the challenging conditions they face, Woods transposes the trees and their… Read More


Members of Artists’ Network present Isolation, a group exhibition that subsumes identity, deceives scale, minimizes nature’s chaos, and decontextualizes the built environment. Selected works depict a fallen decaying leaf, a lone monumental iceberg, constructed false portraits, concrete cells, fire, and water. The anachronism of isolation: part of a whole with… Read More

Cold Feet

Cold Feet showcases photographic and multimedia work conceived by the fourth-year photography class in the Art and Art History program at Sheridan College. The exhibition includes five emerging artists who challenge conventional artistic boundaries within the gallery space. The collective work of these new artists evokes a non-restrictive conversation, while… Read More


Workman Arts presents MINDSET 2018 : EXPOSURE. Artists respond to the theme of EXPOSURE from the standpoint of its formative effects/affects, whether from the point of view of having been exposed to external factors or influences, or assertively self-disclosing, exposing, and bringing to light. Read More


Through the Etobicoke School of the Arts’ experiential contemporary photography program, students develop a sophisticated art practice while evolving as artists and critical thinkers. They reflect on their own lived experiences and their connections to the human condition in order to make work that is both personal and engaging. Whether… Read More


from PORTE DONNANT SUR LA VOIE This project originated from the odd sensation one feels when travelling by high-speed rail. As the train gains velocity, it makes looking out the windows difficult and almost vertigo-inducing. There is a tremendous amount of information flashing by that one cannot fully take in,… Read More

Souls of Simultaneous Contrasts

The appearance of a stimulus is dependent upon what surrounds it. This rhythm of the cosmos is attuned to a diverse life and society. The exhibition title is derived from the phrase “simultaneous contrasts” coined by Michel-Eugène Chevreul. The artists use photography to tease out simultaneous vibrations of mind, gestures,… Read More

Ice Harvesters on the Songhua River

Long and freezing winter provides China’s Heilongjiang Province with an abundant, high-quality source of ice. It is the hard work of ice harvesters’ that turns the massive ice into a world of wonders. Jianfeng uses his artistic method to showcase the ice harvesters’ true north Chinese spirit, challenging the limits and… Read More

Kids and Cameras: Fresh Perspectives

How do you get kids to look more closely at their environment? As part of its Kids and Cameras program, Back Lane Studios gives kids a camera and teaches them about composition, lighting, vantage points, and design. Suddenly, they see their surroundings with new eyes and are eager to share… Read More

Open Juried Photography Show 2018

Beaux-Arts Annual Open Juried Photography Show garners hundreds of entries from a variety of photographers across Ontario, with a variety of styles and subject matter. Selected artists will bring their visions to the gallery walls of Beaux-Arts Brampton. Juried by Michele Taras, an internationally exhibited, award-winning photographer who has been… Read More

Revisited: Habitat 67

Renowned architectural photographer Brittain presents a series of large-scale colour photographs documenting Montreal’s Habitat 67, the residential complex designed by Canadian architect Moshe Safdie for the World Exposition of 1967. In revisiting this famed Canadian Brutalist icon, Brittain explores notions of memory in architecture, how the complex has aged, and… Read More

Legacies: Our Heritage Through Our Grandmothers’ Eyes

This exhibition combines portraits of immigrant women from 24 different countries with their granddaughters’ reflections on their legacies. These stories of hardship and resilience reflect immigrant life, the changing family in Canada, feminism, intergenerational relationships, and aging from many cultural and religious perspectives. The women represented are from Asia, Africa,… Read More

Four Blocks

What to do when one’s physical activity is suddenly and seriously restricted? Williamson loves to wander and explore the city, but after suffering a heart attack his rambling range was abruptly constrained to no more than about four blocks. His neighbourhood, so familiar, had always been overlooked as he went… Read More

Valkyrie Ink

Valkyrie Ink is a new exhibition of photography by New York-based photographer Reka Nyari. The series focuses on Eowyn, a young woman who channeled childhood trauma into a story of recovery and reclamation marked by sinuous scars and elaborate tattoos. In this way, she turned her skin into armour—both protective and… Read More


SERIES brings together five photographers with five different stories to tell. Kassam, Brasch, Hayden, Dean, and Migicovsky have explored their own environments through the photographic medium. Read More


A group exhibition by Continuing Studies photography students at OCAD U exploring the theme of community. Read More

From Above

Linden is a Canadian photographer whose work has been featured at the Carmichael Canadian Landscape Exhibition. From Above succeeds in framing and rendering familiar subject material in an original and unfamiliar manner. Working with a drone, the artist is enabled to adjust his shooting position in three dimensions, capturing landscape… Read More


Undertow showcases photo-based works from the Dim Lights Collective, a diverse group of emerging artists with ties to Centennial College’s Fine Arts Studio program. The evocative properties of the word “undertow” become the basis of an exploration of the collective voice emerging from contrasting independent expressions. Located at the Story… Read More


FILÉES, referring to étoiles filantes or shooting stars, is this pursuit of light by Côté, with consciousness of its ephemerality and perpetual movement. In this series, the real or the place is not captured, but the feeling of it at a specific moment, creating an aesthetic where emotion, invisible, becomes… Read More

Urban Angels 3

Black-and-white street photographs of Toronto. Read More

Desire for Arcadia: Field Notes from An Art Practice

These images invite the viewer to gaze from inside the world of green and growing plants to inhabit a forgotten place. Gone is the horizon line; without this orienting feature, the landscape is within the viewer. One can approach and inhabit these intimate earthscapes on a visceral level, experiencing and… Read More

Elukaare kaks otsa / Two Edges of a Lifespan

This exhibition presents perspectives on Estonian identity in Toronto’s tight-knit diaspora community from two ends of a lifespan. Dobbin’s nostalgic series on Estonian summer camp, Jõekääru, documents young campers exploring their culture and identity while highlighting a diaspora institution in transition. Volkmann’s triptychs portray Estonian-Canadians born in Estonia in the… Read More

Home in the 6ix: Youth Photography Exhibition

At Eva’s Initiatives for Homeless Youth, diverse young people aged 16 – 24 receive shelter, skills, and support to build brighter futures. How do youth view shared urban spaces “in the 6ix”? What unique perspectives do they bring? This exhibition features beautiful photography by young people at Eva’s, showcased at… Read More

Barbara Cole

Bau-Xi Photo is proud to present a retrospective of photographer Barbara Cole’s work at First Canadian Place Gallery as part of CONTACT. Corresponding with the exhibition will be the release of Cole’s second book. This latest publication features Cole’s four most recent series, and a foreword by Danielle Krysa, the Jealous… Read More

NPAC National Pictures of the Year Awards

The News Photographers Association of Canada (NPAC) celebrates and champions quality and ethical photography in journalism. NPAC hosts the annual National Pictures of the Year awards each spring. This event is the largest annual photo contest in Canada and it showcases the best work of its members. Read More


These are times laden with anxieties and hostilities. The photographed ruins depicted in this exhibition are not only artifacts of a lost past for the interpretation of a history, but are also fertile ground for the imagination of possible realities. Read More


When photographing landscapes or people on the street, the artist prefers them on the move, creating a sense of brush strokes within the photograph. Sometimes the general feeling that the picture conveys is more important to him than the details. There are images achieved by intentionally moving the camera and… Read More

Spectra: Gallery 44 Members Show, Part 2

Spectra brings together work from 32 members of Gallery 44 in a two-part exhibition that represents a variety of different photography concepts and techniques, celebrating the diversity of artistic practice and revealing the ways seemingly disparate work can intersect. Spectra is the spirit embodied by the community of Gallery 44. Read More

Spectra: Gallery 44 Members Show

Spectra brings together work from 32 members of Gallery 44 in a two-part exhibition that represents a variety of different photography concepts and techniques, celebrating the diversity of artistic practice and revealing the ways seemingly disparate work can intersect. Spectra is the spirit embodied by the community of Gallery 44. Read More


Beneath Toronto lies a network of tunnels used daily by over 200,000 people. This documentary photography exhibition examines social issues that are emphasized in this enclosing space, including wealth and health disparities, consumerism, the frenetic pace of urban working lives, the pains of loneliness, and the unease provoked by constant… Read More

The Sound of Silence

This series of photos was inspired by the demolition of a residential parking garage in Parkdale. Brown followed the raucous sounds of bulldozers with his camera and when calm finally ensued, he explored the rubble and hollowed out structure. The abandoned and dismantled building told its tale with scared walls, torn concrete, and… Read More

Proving Ground: Nevada, Toronto

Proving Ground: Nevada, Toronto investigates how in the current era of instability and escalating nuclear risk, histories of the post-nuclear era resist representation. Part of a larger body of work, this installation centres on an inactive Cold-War-era anti-nuclear protest camp adjacent to the Mercury Nuclear test site in Nevada, and… Read More

Allergic to Lilacs

Allergic to Lilacs is an installation of photographs and audio that explores what happens when you turn the lens on yourself. What does it mean to be seen and heard? What is silenced by perception? While most of the pictures were made during a “personal story” workshop, the voice recordings… Read More

Cropped Short Stories

Kimura observes that a photo freezes a moment but in reality, nothing is fixed. Everything moves, time never stops. Catching a succession of moments with the camera helps her to see movement. She becomes witness to a story as it unfolds. Taking photos allows her to participate in what is… Read More


To celebrate 50 years of college history and the changing face of Toronto over a half-century, George Brown College collaborated with the local photographic community to create the 50×50 exhibition—50 portraits shot by 50 photographers, literally and metaphorically telling an interpretive story about the “face of the city.” Portrait subjects… Read More


Havarie traces a complex network of political, geographic, and affective relations orbiting around a visible centre: a three-minute YouTube video of a tiny boat jammed full of refugees attempting passage to Europe. Stretched to feature length (90 minutes), each of its frames displayed as a discrete object, the visual material accumulates… Read More

People and Places

People and Places, a solo exhibition by photographer Chantal Ryanne, is a collection of portraits and candid images compiled during explorations within Toronto and travels in the USA. Read More

Views from Generation Z

Every generation has their own unique style and voice. Views From Generation Z is a collection of photographs that showcases how post-millennials see the world and demonstrates their unique photographic styles. All photos in this exhibition were taken in Toronto by alumni of GTA Photography Classes aged 8–18. Read More

Harry Was a Cow Caller

Harry Was a Cow Caller examines small farming in Southwestern Ontario. Harry, a recurring subject in this series, is a cow caller: the past tense of the title alludes to the rapid disappearance of his way of life and livelihood, the increasingly obsolete skills, and traditions he embodies. Murzin’s subjects… Read More

Dark Rainbow

In the Dark Rainbow series, artist Art Frak explores themes of violence, mental health, emotions, and sexuality with a bright layer of rainbow-coloured coating. A happy façade of unicorns, candy, crafts, confetti, and balloons attempts to distract with flair, but ultimately fails to mask what is right at the surface. Read More


Equal parts homage and sabotage, WO/MAN uproots gender dualities and oppositions, bending the notions of the masculine and feminine through the human form. Laden with desire and anguish, O’Hare’s images reveal a depth and complexity of the human spirit that defies categorization. WO/MAN is an urgent call to dive inwards… Read More


Throughout history, stone has been a primary material for the building of permanent structures. Using stone, builders and carvers have created soaring cathedrals that inspire awe, homes and cottages that add a unique romance to life, and bridges that allow travel through rugged landscapes. This exhibition presents images that celebrate… Read More

Superheroes. Dreamers. Changers.

Children blaze with hope, beauty, wonder, and creativity.The photographs in this exhibition are a collection of environmental portraits from Gordon’s documentary family sessions over the last two years. Her “Imagination Sessions” focus on capturing the magic of childhood through play and creativity, activated by a child’s natural inclination to imagine… Read More

Grease Monkeys

This exhibition is a testament to the creative and meticulous handiwork of the automobile mechanic. In this digitized and abstract world, society is progressively removed from the foundational and the tangible. Increasingly, many are forced to relate to one another at a supeficial level, keeping flaws hidden and hiding the… Read More

untitled selves

Rodick’s new series, untitled selves, has its first Toronto showing during the Festival. Evolving from earlier self-portraits and portraits of his parents, the images represent another stage of Rodick’s engagement with memory and mortality. Emptied of colour and stark in contrast, these self-portraits are in an active state of transformation… Read More

Sick Kids Hospital Foundation Fundraiser

Jack Gilbert, B.A., D. Jur., LL.M., Q.C., SCA, photography and Photoshop guru is proud to display his captivating work at Colourgenics – IX Gallery in support of the Kids Health Alliance. A retired lawyer, Gilbert was born into a family of photographers. His father, a master photographer, opened a… Read More

One Euro Italy

One Euro Italy takes spectators on a 1,000-mile journey through tiny communities in the Italian regions of Liguria, Toscana, Marche, Abruzzo, and Sicilia. It’s the author’s visual quest to depict the consequences of natural inhabitants’ migration from small communities to cities and other countries. Presented through Tesker’s interaction with the amazing… Read More

Indigenous Rising

For a list of the 21 participating venues displaying this project throughout Kensington Market, please visit Indigenous Rising, photographed by Nadya Kwandibens in partnership with Photographers Without Borders, is a portrait series dedicated to Indigenous artists, scholars, media-makers, activists, and survivors whose work centres and amplifies stories… Read More

Lakeshore Youth IN FOCUS

Lakeshore Youth IN FOCUS features metaphorical self-portraits and reflective text by select Grade 8 participants of Lakeshore Arts’ in-school educational program, Shazaam! In Focus. This exhibition explores identity and the value of self-reflection through digital photography and spoken word. The closing reception includes student performances. Read More

Triumvirate Observations

Anderson shows the mystery and tranquility of a Savannah morning, the ancient rugged textures of a tree in Bark Skin, and the expressive nature of gesture. Lindon observes life, death, and the passion of Mexican culture through faces encountered during his visit to Mexico. Mehes inspires emotions driven by memories… Read More

Anniversary: Latvian Photographers in the Age of Unease

Anniversary: Latvian Photographers in the Age of Unease is a survey of contemporary documentary photography by five Latvian artists. The works explore national and personal identity and history, military influence on landscape and ideology, and everyday moments of life in Latvia. The exhibition has a conceptual link to Vid Ingelevics’… Read More


This exhibition displays visual artifacts of research, analyzing the role and relationship of tools and the archivist. Julien reflects on how archival images often exist to communicate truths based in a specific reality. The artist employs the digital scanner within this work to find moments that exist outside of those… Read More


The core truth and nature of identity can be objectively represented by the various “selves” that one chooses to proclaim, whether consciously or not. The images in this exhibition seek to transform these common portraits into that fully realized vision. The collection includes 35 silver gelatin selenium-toned lith prints of… Read More

You Can’t Get In

The purpose of Cohoon’s project is to look deeper at both the physical barriers of inaccessibility and how they relate to cultural inaccessibility. It is very easy to just say, “it’s inaccessible” and just move on, especially in a bigger city like Toronto. This doesn’t always work in the grassroots… Read More

Iskodaywatomi: Fire People

Residents of First Nations are ten times more likely than those living in the rest of Canada to die in a house fire. Documentary photographs by Agostino shine a light on what it’s like to be an Indigenous firefighter in communities where fire services are woefully underfunded. This exhibition is… Read More

City Obscure

Linked by the definition of “urban”—a landscape permanently shaped by man—City Obscure explores the anonymity with and within these urban environments. Familiar views for city dwellers, despite their geographical and cultural spread, are portrayed unidentified and untitled, prompting a demand for further voyeuristic interrogation of the landscape and its inhabitants. Read More

Stories in the Walls, Stories on the Walls: Time, Space, and Urban Memory

This exhibition is about the discovery of what Toronto is in relation to what has passed. Consider what it means to have memory, as people and as buildings. Through black-and-white Lomography, viewers can study imprints of all that passed on the walls of the buildings that remain standing. Read More

PineRidge Arts Council Presents Durham Photographers

The PineRidge Arts Council presents a juried photography exhibition open to members and residents of the Region of Durham. Read More


“Stoked (stohkt): adjective, slang. 1. To be in a state of happiness, excitement, anticipation, pride, and optimism. Word used often in Southern California by most surfers and skateboarders.” The exhibition Stoked celebrates ten years of Michelle Quance Photography on Main Street in the Beaches. Read More


Few have heard of carbon transfer prints and even fewer have ever seen one. Considered the historic aristocrat of all printing processes, no other print can match the tonal scale, depth, or permanence. Safari is a collection of intimate wildlife images captured during several photographic expeditions to East Africa. The… Read More


Hunger: A Portrait Series features people from all walks within the food industry: chefs, writers, producers, farmers, policy makers, and their exploration of “hunger.” From Masterchef Claudio Aprile to food writer Ivy Knight to Manitoba farmer Roberta Galbraith, this series aims to question and nuance our own relationship with food,… Read More

C41: The Road So Far

All roads have led Victor Torok to one destination: here. The artist has loved photography from the first time he pressed a shutter button. He sees things, meets people, and experiences life like he would never have if it wasn’t for all the roads taken with his camera. In this exhibition,… Read More

Before the Money

Before the Money is an exhibition that explores the visual remnants of “Old Toronto” through street photographs taken across the city over the past 10 years. The work included in the exhibition was shot on film, and showcases a side of Toronto that is quickly being forgotten. As investment has… Read More

Lighting Your Way Home

Lighting Your Way Home is an exhibition by artists and photographers from the West Toronto Photography Group. Using light, texture, and vibrancy, these artists explore home and place in the city. Their stories are brought to life and told through shadow, colour, and light, exploring the theme of what is… Read More

Inner Spaces

Some of the most wonderful examples of scientfic discovery are viewable through a microscopic lens. This instrument illuminates the existence of things outside our visual realm, expanding our understanding of the universe. Inner Spaces features photographic magnifications of cellular pathology and regeneration, presenting the human body as a frontier for… Read More

Environmental Visual Communication

Over the past six years, Fleming College and the Royal Ontario Museum have trained a new wave of visual storytellers through their Environmental Visual Communications program. Focused on bridging the gap between art and science, this program has connected students to NGOs and conservation and research organizations across the globe… Read More

Toronto: A Family Portrait

This exhibition presents a portrait series of biracial families from the city of Toronto. Portraits are taken individually and displayed with parents above the children, grouping mothers and daughters, fathers and sons. The portraits are styled and photographed in a consistent manner to create a sense of connectivity. The images… Read More


The PERCH is a series of black-and-white photo-based recordings and performance installations dealing with body politics, aesthetics, and gender. Performance schedule: *All performances are 10 minutes in duration. No reservations required. Thu May 3 @ 7pm & 8pm Fri May 4 @ 7pm & 8pm Sat May 5… Read More

Life Studies

Life Studies looks into the role of image circulation and publication. The images are sourced from LIFE Magazine publications beginning in the 1930s—approximately one life expectancy ago. The images are collaged and edited to speak to changing interpretations of images after they have entered print. Collages from Paul Butler’s… Read More

Difficult Placement

Difficult Placement brings together diverse interpretations of what it means to be a photographic artist in the expanded field. These five artists all assert the photograph as being a physical object over a depiction of events. The exhibition presents the viewer with a brief overview of photographic work produced in… Read More


Dissonance, by the Ottawa-based collective Studio Zone V, encourages viewers to ponder discordances present in our modern reality, including the shifting understanding of gender, the role of guns and societal violence, the treatment of Indigenous people, the vagaries of job security, the fading of historic anchors, and awareness of the… Read More

Artistic Growth

JEPA Photo Group is a unique collective of ten Chinese-Canadian photographers with a passion for photography. Each member is on a journey to find their photographic voice and is driven for technical, cultural, and artistic knowledge. Each member has excelled in various genres of photographic art having won awards for… Read More

Toronto Landmarks

Toronto Landmarks by Riveros shows how the city has been shaped by individuals. Buildings and spaces all speak to the unique people that occupy and make Toronto one of the great cities in the world. What started out as a series of images depicting Riveros’ favourite spots soon morphed into… Read More

Through the Lens

Celebrating the diversity of the Canadian experience and capturing both the ordinary and extraordinary moments of everyday life, Through My Lens embodies the personal work of six photographers who live and work in Toronto. The exhibition is a captivating body of contemporary and traditional stories, with images showing the uniqueness of… Read More

Architectural Perspectives

Architectural Perspectives explores the diverse building landscape of Toronto. In her first exhibition, Crkovski’s dynamic work challenges the viewer to shift perspectives and see the architecture around them through a fresh lens. Taken from striking angles as she explores Toronto in her first year of living here, Crkovski’s work showcases… Read More


Erickson’s images document the remains of several dozen mature oak trees, felled in the process of urban expansion. Shredded by metal blades, the once-living bundles of fibre in these photographs were once the roots of trees. Printed at a large scale, the images offer viewers a formal meditation on the… Read More

Voices in the Wilderness

One small island in the Salish Sea, British Columbia, 350 people off-grid: Voices in the Wilderness documents this remote community, conjuring and interrogating our nostalgia for a life known via clichés cemented by time and distance. The island is not simply an escapist utopia; the land and people who rely upon… Read More

Maximum Exposure 23

Maximum Exposure is an annual year-end exhibition that showcases the work of the best emerging young artists attending Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts. It exhibits multidisciplinary work produced by photography, film, and integrated digital students throughout the Ryerson Image Arts building. Acting as a launching platform for many of… Read More


“Photographs furnish evidence. Something we hear about, but doubt, seems proven when we’re shown a photograph of it.”— Susan Sontag What began as a collection of images gathered as evidence of Drown’s experiences living abroad in Portugal became a response to the increasingly polarizing and uncertain perception of science… Read More

Alone Together

Alone Together investigates and sheds light on the significant changes that are occurring along Highway 69 in Ontario. The project combines portraits, landscapes, and still lifes in a series of photographs that explores the natural, economic, social, and cultural challenges faced when trying to expand a 75-year-old highway along which… Read More

A Still Ebb

Stripping away colour, A Still Ebb reveals nature’s texture as it carves its way through wood, stone, and steel. From waves fracturing against a solitary monolith to the dispersion of rust on a ship’s hull, Shaharudin’s work filters perceptions through black and white to bring a sense of reflection and… Read More

The Iconic Mustang

A look at the iconic mustangs of the west. The desert, the mountains, and of course, wild horses: the symbol of freedom. To stand in the vast space that is the high desert, with millions of acres of silent beauty, and suddenly feel the ground rumble beneath one’s feet. A… Read More


Blurring the line between painting and photography, Kinetoscape is what happens when one adds motion to landscape photography. By moving around the globe at speeds from horse to jet, Drutz creates unique photographs that spring off of a painter’s easel. Visit these unusual shots drawn from Churchill to Laos to… Read More

Urban Matador

The Urban Matador series stands as a bold metaphor for the “dance of life,” like a “Paso Doble” frozen in time. Photographer Torres captures the essence of the artistic journey of dancer Torner. The subtle, sunlit Toronto backdrop offers a warm contrast to the bold, flowing cape of this passionate dancer. Read More

Blue Dot

Blue Dot is an immersive journey inspired by the scales of nature. From micro patterns to macro perspectives, landscapes both familiar and unexpected, Blue Dot offers a unique lens into the emotion of our physical, natural world. All photography in the exhibition is digital format, vibrantly printed and mounted to… Read More

Ghosts of Monsters

Ghosts of Monsters is a photographic installation that considers the transformation of neighbourhood architecture as both a representation of evolving tastes and an expression of shifting cultural capital. This three-year-long project furthers Poletto’s interest in how settler communities express themselves in outer urban contexts through their domestic architecture. The absence… Read More

Hell Or High Water

Hell Or High Water is an exploration of the darkness in us all. It’s a macabre look at the lows we all experience. The principal series follows a dusty searcher who toils in the depths of the deep south searching for forgiveness and permission for his sins. Supporting works examine… Read More

Random Acts of Vision

For 35 years, Hayes has created images to promote major motion pictures such as The Shape of Water and Spotlight. The acuity of vision necessary to capture someone’s attention and make them want to see a film from one frame is on display in this exhibition. Each image is a… Read More

Dark Waters

Dark Waters is a series of images of water, clouds, and trees that look at humanity’s hand in commodifying and altering nature. Using a laser cutter, Van Der Hout burns holes into the photograph, pushing to see how far he can destroy the physical structure before it falls apart—a metaphor… Read More

The Cohesive Project

This exhibition uses differing aesthetic viewpoints to demonstrate interpretations of the impact of culture on Cuba’s humanity. Garcia uses paint and portraiture to capture the impact of socio-cultural phenomena on the psyche. Wyciszkiewicz uses the curious lens of the traveller to capture the magic of the urban landscapes imprinted upon… Read More

Boundless Love

Women’s photography collective SOFIA presents a pop-up group exhibition in conjunction with the Bad Girls Collective Spring Market. Two days only! SOFIA is a women-powered organization that works to inspire, educate, support and connect women working in photography. Read More

Spanning the Don

Toronto’s Photo Laureate, Geoffrey James, celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Prince Edward Viaduct with a Doors Open photo exhibition at City Hall. Sixteen ground floor windows facing Nathan Phillips Square provide frames for Mr. James’s contemporary pictures of the bridge, paired with historic photos, circa 1917, by Arthur Goss,… Read More


Photographer and disability activist Cullen turns his eye and yours to the intersectionality of homelessness, poverty, and disability. Many of the subjects in these moving photographs began their journey due to mental or physical health problems or a tragic accident. Cullen’s photography documents current urban social issues and is reflective… Read More


India is one of a few countries that still celebrate national events with philatelic commemorative stamps or that use paper technology for communication. Photographic postcards with philatelic postage stamps and a short message from the sender make for a happy mail day. Postcards and handwritten letters—paper ephemera—remain treasured memento mori. Read More

The Sublime: Unbounded and Limitless

Leese’s first solo exhibition, The Sublime: Unbounded and Limitless, consists of recent photographs that possess a reverence and deep appreciation for the wild landscapes of Iceland and the Arctic. Leese’s images often explore the awe-inspiring beauty of nature and the diminutive role we often play within it. The work focuses… Read More

Visionary Mammals

We are the Visionary Mammals and nature is our guide. Look, look, and look again: a corner in the circle, a bend in the line; nature always amazes. We present selected favourites from each of our works—photos that capture the natural city. Read More

Objects + Ritual

Comprised of darkroom photograms and digitally produced images, this exhibition contemplates the purpose of objects; representing personal and universal histories. Vintage factory-made products, kept long past their built-in obsolescence dates, have extended their usefulness as family heirlooms and objets d’art. Whereas small appliances once offered freedom from the drudgery of… Read More

Adol Essence

Adol Essence is an exhibition of photographs and videos by Grade 11 art students from Havergal College. These teenage girls direct and document representations of their lives. They share an insider’s point of view to this unique period of human development, dealing with themes such as societal expectations, “firsts,” parents,… Read More

Accidental Parkland

The documentary project Accidental Parkland collaborates with the University of Toronto’s New College and Daniels School of Architecture, Landscape and Design to host a ten-day event. Starting with an exhibition of the documentary’s multi-artist Instagram feed, it also features visual exhibitions of art and design work, a speaker series, documentary… Read More

Women at Work

Urban Gallery presents the works of four photographers: Dorothy Chiotti, Erin McGean, Lyndon Wiebe and Wally Jay Parker (aka Hollie Phipps). The work that women do is essential to society, yet it is still often under-appreciated, underpaid, and in many cases, undocumented. The powerful images in Women at Work celebrate… Read More

Canada 150

CANADA 150 is an exhibition of photographs from an 11,400-kilometre road trip from the Pacific to the Atlantic, documenting Canadian landscapes big and small. Wynn set out from Tofino, British Columbia, to picture familiar and new locations in dramatic light that gives shape and character to the land. This photographic… Read More

Canada C3: Coast to Coast to Coast, Connecting an Ocean Nation

Canada C3 was a signature project for Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation in 2017. The centrepiece was an epic and historic 150-day coast-to-coast-to-coast journey from Toronto to Victoria via the Northwest Passage. A diverse group of remarkable Canadians, including scientists, artists, Indigenous elders, historians, community leaders, youth ambassadors, journalists, newcomers,… Read More

True North – X

True North Photo Journal was launched in the winter of 2017 to provide a platform for publishing the best Canadian documentary photography. This year, True North unveils its first ever annual photobook with an exhibition at this brand-new exhibition space. The exhibition showcases the book’s ten Canadian contributors with work… Read More


Drawing inspiration from historian James Gleick’s Time Travel, Whibley’s exhibition at 8eleven investigates linear trajectories of time and forward momentum as archaic and privileged notions. Abandoning a strict notion of past, present, and future, Whibley combines his multidisciplinary, image-based practices to create a dynamic exhibition of photographs, text-based pieces, and… Read More


Dusek is an award-winning Canadian photographer whose toned black-and-white photographs place a strong emphasis on balance and negative space. Dusek’s Zen-inspired artistic style embodies the Japanese design aesthetics of shibumi (quiet elegance) and yūgen (grace and subtlety). The end result is a series of contemplative photographs distilling the vastness of… Read More

All the LIGHT she cannot see

Middleton’s previous work has often dealt with the theme of duality. For her, this is manifested by the relationship between being in the present and creating a narrative of past existence, a simultaneous experience within a single moment. The work in this exhibition reimagines historical imagery both personal and anonymous,… Read More

Sound Image 2017

Sound Image celebrates its sixth year! Each year, Analogue Gallery hosts an open call for images of musicians, performances, crowds, festivals, and concerts as captured through the lenses of local and international photographers. Read More

Measures of Time

Hudson’s works are impressions of place within the fluidity of time. He devises ritualistic processes to observe and document his surroundings over time periods that correspond to the Earth’s astronomical cycles. The works in this exhibition are positioned somewhere between still photography and film. Read More

Toronto in an Instant

Toronto in an Instant features the work of various photographers from the city of Toronto working with Fujifilm Instax cameras and instant film, each representing urban life with a single image or small series. The exhibition highlights the resurgence of instant cameras and the artistic potential of this medium, while… Read More

The Visionary Mammals

“We are the Visionary Mammals, and nature is our guide—unpredictable, incomprehensible, incontrovertible. Look, look, and look again. Find the corner in the circle, the bend in the straight line—but most importantly, love the process. The artists present selected favourites from each of their works—photos that capture the natural city.”… Read More


This exhibition combines archival photographs on paper with poetry. The union of these two art forms brings about an intimacy between the two artistic expressions. Read More


Exodus is a photographic exhibition of cells grown from human skin. Cell biologists have discovered how to transform normal skin cells into embryonic stem cells. Chaddah grew these cells in a laboratory and fed them a diet that changed them into neural stem cells, and then brain cells like neurons… Read More

SPAO at the Contact Photography Festival

For Exhibition No. 12, the School of Photographic Arts: Ottawa (SPAO) curated a show that merges work by current students with alumni artwork in the city of Ottawa’s public art collection. Each artist has produced their own individualized work that draws from traditional and contemporary photographic techniques and ideas. Established… Read More

Attic Salt

Attic Salt showcases creative photographic and multimedia works conceived from the fourth-year photography class in the Art and Art History Program at Sheridan College. The exhibition includes eight innovative, emerging artists, all of whom find clever ways to challenge and push their media beyond its limits. From portals in trees… Read More


The artwork produced in the Contemporary Photography program at Etobicoke School of the Arts is dynamic, insightful, courageous, and engaging. Forty-three Grade 12 students have developed their own unique and personal bodies of work exploring a range of themes, including relationships, defining personal space, and re-examining the Garden of Eden. Read More


This exhibition examines how individual and collective experiences of trauma, injury, illness, isolation, recovery, and adjustment are processed; aided and abetted by personal and interpersonal beliefs and behaviours. Curator: Claudette Abrams Advisors: Jeff Bierk, Yuula Benivolski & Tanya Louise Workman… Read More

Human Landscapes

Human Landscapes presents three varied approaches of image-making, combining the presence of figures, cinematic influence, and textiles. Moore-Kakaletris utilizes portraiture paired with underlying tones of surrealism to express intimate themes, such as grief and loss. Petrungaro aspires to form a visual language in his landscape photography that renders unnecessary any… Read More

The Journey is the Destination

The Journey is the Destination showcases an honest and dynamic look at war-torn Somalia in the early 1990s through the lens of photographer Eldon. He was 22 years old when he was killed with three other photojournalists while on assignment in Mogadishu, Somalia, in 1993. This exhibition follows the September… Read More

Beaux-Arts Annual Open Juried Photography Show

Beaux-Arts Annual Open Juried Photography Show garners hundreds of entries annually from a variety of photographers across Canada, with an even greater variety of styles and subject matter. Selected artists vie to bring their visions to Beaux-Arts Brampton’s downtown galleries and artistic hub for this competition. The juried show… Read More

Photographers Without Borders presents – Sumatra: Conservation is our Future

Some estimates say that at current rates of deforestation, the entire rainforest habitat in Sumatra will be gone in less than 20 years. With it, the critically endangered Sumatran orangutan, rhino, elephant, and tiger will cease to exist, and human populations will be devastated. This is much more than an… Read More

150 Years of Language in Toronto

Toronto’s language landscape has undergone major shifts over the past 150 years and its geography has reflected these changes. This bilingual (English and French), photography-based exhibit highlights 150 years of Toronto’s changing multilingual landscape. Using archival and contemporary photographs and videos, this exhibition inspires a deeper understanding of Toronto’s multicultural… Read More

Web Design

Spiders are undoubtedly the ultimate engineers, weaving intricate and artistic creations. Acclaimed composer and cellist Marshall brings her musical eye to spiderweb constructions with a focus on line, rhythm, and form. Backlit morning dew purling the strands reveals multicoloured prisms. Photographs taken with a macro lens reveal worlds of contrapuntal… Read More

Queen Street West

Fresco’s approach to the world of photography is viewed through his street landscape compositions. Here, Fresco reflects the crucial idea and pertaining question of humanity’s values: freedom. This is interpreted through each character he presents in the black-and-white hues that arm and unlock the doors to happenings, leaving behind the… Read More


The growth rate of a country has directly to do with the mindset of her citizens. Canadian society, as Yang sees it, is pervaded by township culture: People tend to be conservative and overly concerned with tranquil stability, while lacking in entrepreneurial spirit and motivation. As a photographer, Yang wishes to show through… Read More

This City II

Toronto is a city currently experiencing rapid growth and a not-so-subtle transformation right before our eyes. We challenged numerous individual photographers with a wide variety of styles, diverse backgrounds, and differing techniques to one equal task: submit a single current photograph that represents this city through your eyes. This year’s… Read More


A group exhibition exploring portrait photography, featuring artists from the Continuing Studies program at OCAD University. Read More

Lindsi Beth Perspectives

Creeds Coffee Bar is a space where the performance of daily rituals is interrupted and heightened by the experience of art. Lindsi Beth Perspectives features a curated selection of fine art photography that reflects her own experience of self. Hollend’s images represent her journey of a life lived in darkness, and… Read More


Throughout the centuries, the pear has taken on the symbolism of the feminine. In Greek and Roman mythology, pears were sacred to three goddesses: Hera, Aphrodite, and Pomona. The pear continues to be depicted in photography and popular culture. Using her creative imagination, Reid has created unconventional artistic presentations of… Read More

Taxi Drivers of Toronto

In this exhibition, documentary photographer VanderSpek turns our eyes toward the taxi drivers of Toronto, provoking empathy and consideration for their lives. They move us around, but what moves them? In portraits and interviews captured throughout Toronto over several years, VanderSpek takes us into taxi drivers’ vehicles and into their… Read More


In a culture led by visuality, clothing communicates who we are before we even speak. Photographer and artist Fuhr is interested in altering perceptions of the fashion industry by highlighting its inherent contradictions and flaws. MALLEABLE PRIVILEGE focuses on the equation of personal happiness to the collection of material possessions,… Read More

Cartography, Millinery & Portrait – A Journey

Inspired to push artistic boundaries, milliner Dunkley and photographer Laukkanen married the art of cartography, millinery, and portraiture to create The Journey, which captures hauntingly poignant nude art forms and millinery on printed metal. Each fine art image is displayed next to the intricate artistry of each couture millinery piece… Read More

Urban Angels II

Black-and-white street photography of Toronto. Read More

The New (Old)

The New (Old) presents new images from Nahmias, which, while capturing seemingly banal and abandoned places and things, now find themselves representative of locations and issues at the fore as a result of cultural trends, political events, or both. Traditionally focusing on travel and found object work, Nahmias’ photographs move… Read More

A Foundation of Ash

A Foundation of Ash is an exhibition by St John’s-based artist Will Gill. Stemming from recent travels to wildfire-ravaged regions across Canada, this body of photographs is a synthesis of ideas, experiences, and types of environments that are central to his creative and subjective interests. Incorporating sculptural props and staged… Read More

Alternative Photo Revolution

Combining contemporary photography with historical photo printmaking processes, the Alternative Photo Revolution is one-of-a-kind. Printed in Toronto by Bob Carnie Printmaking, this group show features photographers from across North America. Hitting the road at the end of March, the exhibition traveled to Glen Echo, Maryland, and New Orleans before returning… Read More


Borderlands addresses Toronto’s Lower Don River Valley as a complex site that includes natural habitat, the Don River and its ecosystem, issues of land use and human presence, and industrial use of the Lower Don River Valley. The photographs document various fragments of life in the Don Valley and along… Read More

Return to Twin Peaks

Photographer and digital artist Morrow created images capturing the fictional town of Twin Peaks, just as this pop culture phenomenon returns to television in May. Morrow traveled to Washington state and photographed actual filming locations from the TV series, and then digitally integrated the environments with models shot in his… Read More

NPAC – National Pictures of the Year 10th Anniversary

NPAC celebrates and champions quality and ethical photography in journalism. Through a variety of efforts, the association challenges its members to better themselves and to continually raise the bar on industry standards. NPAC also manages the annual National Pictures of the Year awards (NPOY) each spring, which is the largest… Read More

Bed of Roses

With constant shifts in societal expectations, how can the individual redefine narratives around domesticity, tradition, and progression? Four OCAD University graduates navigate feminist futurities through a critical lens, questioning both traditional and contemporary understandings of gender, queerness, nationality, and home. Using multidisciplinary mediums, Bed of Roses begins to address visualizing… Read More

On Dupont

On Dupont meticulously documents a specific moment in time along one of Toronto’s transitioning streets. A seemingly unremarkable thoroughfare, Dupont Street is situated alongside the Canadian Pacific Rail line that long ago marked Toronto’s city limits. Leaving behind its industrial past in the face of rapid redevelopment, Dupont Street epitomizes… Read More

Spectra Part II – Gallery 44 Members Show

Spectra brings together works from 30 members of Gallery 44 that represent a variety of different photography concepts and techniques, celebrating the diversity of artistic practice and revealing the ways seemingly disparate work can intersect. Spectra is the spirit embodied by the community of Gallery 44. Read More

Spectra: Gallery 44 Members Show

Spectra brings together works from 30 members of Gallery 44 that represent a variety of different photography concepts and techniques, celebrating the diversity of artistic practice and revealing the ways seemingly disparate work can intersect. Spectra is the spirit embodied by the community of Gallery 44. Read More

Enchanted Encounters

Enchanted Encounters by Niven of Sydney, Australia, is his latest series of analogue photographs selected from his many journeys around the globe. These compositions explore his fascination with people in their everyday surroundings and the interaction the subjects have with their environment and negative space. The human presence in each… Read More

My Self-reflexive Diary: Balkans

This exhibition is a self-reflexive interpretation of the Balkans. Ozdamar Akarcay’s first memories of the Balkans were of newspaper photos during the war, and seeing dead bodies for the rst time as a child. Finally, she went for herself in 2007, creating the photos again with a self-reflexive consciousness. Read More

Fallen Princesses

Goldstein critically examines the “happily ever after” motif spoonfed to many viewers since childhood. The series creates metaphor out of the myths of fairy tales, forcing the viewer to contemplate real life: failed dreams, addiction, obesity, cancer, the extinction of indigenous culture, pollution, war, and the fallacy of chasing… Read More


Zille was a pioneer of social documentary photography and the world’s first street photographer. Most famous for recording Berlin’s vibrancy at the beginning of the 20th century, he captured cultural idiosyncrasies like snapshots of Wild West shows as popular attractions on European fairgrounds. The Goethe-Institut presents two of Zille’s images,… Read More

Parallel Space

Meng’s exhibition explores themes of existence, time, and space. All human beings live in some form of reality, and Meng expresses the relationship between time and space, and how humans treat things. By continually exploring possibilities through art, one can find miracles and hidden details in life. Read More


Dialogue shows the collision of traditional Eastern philosophy and modern society. The four photographers use images individually to engage in dialogues with history, nature, and creatures from different perspectives. The photographers attempt to establish their respect for them in the form of dialogues and arouse each viewer’s reflection with images. Read More

Narratives of Home

Since November 2014, Canada has resettled over 40,000 refugees, almost 3,000 of whom now call the Greater Toronto Area home. Many of these families, and the Canadian agencies and sponsors that have welcomed them, continue to be photographed and reported on in the news. During the 2017 March Break, CONTACT… Read More

Space & Time – The Landscape

The landscape one moves through is dynamic and changing—from subtle, changing light as the planet rotates, to the effects of weather on the landscape itself, or on objects made by man. Through large images of open spaces and small intimate areas, viewers experience a sense of their relationship in scale… Read More


PHOTOLAB II is an exhibition of new and recent works by four photo-based artists, all of whom are originally from Japan but discovered the photographic medium in Canada. Their various explorations through the lens are deeper looks into internal selves and the all-encompassing world around them, unwrapping the connections between… Read More

Mystical Toronto: The Oculis of Donna Lypchuk

Queen Street writer, medium, and anthropologist Lypchuk uses her signature cellphone “fauxtographie” to channel the essence of Mystical Toronto with this series of fine art prints that scry new meaning from the city’s atmospheric skies, abandoned mid-century temples, secret parlour rooms, foggy forest clearings, and sacred condo-henges. This exhibition, about… Read More


On her extensive travels, Prince Edward County photographer Wilkinson takes the time to capture the details hidden from most. Bringing them into focus with a fresh perspective allows you to enjoy the most ordinary of moments. Amore is Wilkinson’s latest collection of images, celebrating not only her love of photography,… Read More


EMBODY is a glimpse of the human physique. It is intended to highlight the beauty of line and shape that our bodies can hold, and to evoke an appreciation of it. Presented in association with B3K Digital, Fotobox, and Fitness 365. Read More

Projects for the Page

An exhibition of photobooks published by Anchorless Press, an independent publisher focusing on artist books that challenge traditional publishing conventions using the medium of the publication as a work of art. Through collaboration and careful attention to materials, each book employs various printing and binding methods, creating stand-alone “projects for… Read More

Visions of a Dynamic Earth

The Earth moves and we must move with it. Robinson is a world explorer and storm chaser. Carrying his camera, along with a healthy sense of adventure, he has documented Earth at its most dynamic. He’s captured tornadoes, volcanoes, fires, lightning, and ice, all of which are part of a… Read More

night vision

At night, the camera lens can reveal more than what the eye initially registers, creating a painterly quality that emphasizes colour and form. The variety of illumination, whether street lamp, fluorescent, neon, or sodium vapour, endows a unique glow to even the most common scenes and objects. Parking lots, laneways,… Read More

aqua botanica

The series aqua botanica honours the ephemeral offerings from the sea. Each photograph preserves seaweed washed up on the western shores of Newfoundland, and attempts to capture both its essence and its dimensionality. This series also speaks to the capacity of photography to preserve, transform, and reimagine found objects. Read More

City Life / Rural Life

Anderson exhibits his series Yellow Cloth, which explores colour, shape, and light as the cloth morphs beneath the surface of the lakeshore. Keshavarz’s In Living Colour collection focuses on early morning street life and interactions and exchanges happening as people leave nightclubs, stumbling onto the streets. With Rural Scenes, Lindon,… Read More

That Night We Forgot To Dance

An observation (photographically) of human antics. Funny and weird, the images are fuelled by a curiosity in the photo-making medium and curiosity itself. Read More

Toronto at Night with Available Light

Toronto at Night with Available Light is an exploration of positive and negative space in which everyday objects transform in the sparse light and become altered and unfamiliar. White’s challenge is to create effective and evocative images within the limits of nighttime, using only the light that is present. Prints… Read More

Grand Motion

How do you photograph what you cannot see? To address this challenge, Blomfield chooses to use artistic licence, a swing lens camera, appropriate shutter speeds, and camera rotation. He is thus able to mimic, photographically, what his imagination tells him is happening, unseen, with and within seemingly smooth, steady streams… Read More

Sweetland, Canada

Sweetland, Canada features photographs from the photographer’s continuing Adventures in Sweetland series of self-portraits. The images were captured during her extensive travels back and forth across Canada as a solo touring musician. Depicting a side of the country that is mysterious, magical, and at times quite spiritual, this series celebrates… Read More


Maruschak descends from pioneers who came to Canada from Ukraine in 1897, paying a $10 filing fee for 160 acres of land. KRAINA, Ukrainian for land, gives form to an “autonomous and universal reality” where time, identity, history, and abstract spiritual concepts are blurred. The fragility of human existence, the… Read More

Hot Water

Tonini is a Canadian photographer, based in Ontario, holding degrees in environmental studies and architecture. Her passion for travel has taken her around the world. Hot Water explores volcanic and volatile landscapes, comparing domestic hot water, steaming thermal baths, arid climates with dwindling water supplies, and a simple cup of… Read More

German Haus: Art and Photography / Kunstwerk und Fotografie

Germany has a long and distinguished tradition in the visual arts, and continues to develop as a cultural centre for contemporary and innovative photographic art. Founded in Berlin, LUMAS Gallery has provided a platform to celebrate photography as a fine art for over 10 years, with German-based artists at the… Read More

The Past is Never Far

The Past is Never Far is a photographic series that explores many of the extraordinary changes Toronto has undergone over the last two centuries. Leigh presents the city in ways never seen before, juxtaposing traditional and modern technologies to compel the viewer to consider the relationship between past and present. Read More

PineRidge Arts Photography Exhibition

Enjoy the best that Durham has to offer! The PineRidge Arts Council’s third annual show with the Festival presents artists from its fourth juried photography exhibition. Read More

Women of the Bimah

Historically, Jewish women were restricted in their participation of religious services. A new paradigm of synagogue ritual has emerged, ranging from women in limited roles to full gender-equal participation. Women speak of their awakening to the power of prayer and to their deepest longings to serve their community as emissaries… Read More

Where Care Connects: 365 Moments From Across Sinai Health System

Healthcare environments can spark a complex spectrum of emotions in patients, families, and staff. These 365 spontaneous moments captured at Bridgepoint Active Healthcare, Circle of Care, the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, and Mount Sinai Hospital each tell unique stories of where care connects. Discover the emotions found at every turn, and… Read More

Humans of Inglenook

Inglenook Community High School shares the personal stories of their alternative high school student peers and teachers through text and photographic portraits. This collaborative installation of photographic work has been led by Inglenook student Zain Bhanapatel. Inglenook CHS, built in 1887, has been operating since 1974 as a progressive, experiential… Read More


Havana Club Canada presents #Havana7, a group exhibition showcasing the essence, culture, and people of Havana at a transformational moment in Cuba’s history. The exhibition features work from 13 emerging Canadian Instagram photographers. A combination of portraits, local urban culture, moody landscapes, and documentary-style photography captures the land that gave… Read More

Photography By Design

OCAD University and the Faculty of Design are proud to present an exhibition of student and faculty work that emphasizes the role of design concepts within contemporary photography. Each work is a unique technical and conceptual exploration resulting in an exciting interpretation of the given subject, employing both traditional and… Read More

SOLARGRAPHS: Massive Camera-less Photographs

This exhibition features massive CAMERA-LESS photographs revealing the living vitality of people, flowers, and fruiting trees produced with original, 21st-century updates of the historical Cyanotype process from 1842. Images were created with natural sunlight and living subjects at true life-size, 1:1 scale with an austere range of soothing white, cyan,… Read More


DistURBANce, by the Ottawa-based photographic collective Studio Zone V, examines the contemporary urban landscape undergoing relentless alteration. Population grows, displac- ing farmland and previously undisturbed natural sites. In the city, small houses are torn down and replaced by those with significant footprints, or multiplex townhouses. Constant road and public utility… Read More

High Multiples

Bray creates composite images of fictitious people. Each image includes 30 to 50 exposures of different models with different ethnicity, gender, body types, fashion, and environments. These images explore future identity as we migrate. Where is serendipity? What is my new identity and how is it affected by the built… Read More


Body of Colour is a collaboration between abstract painter Schaub and fashion photographer Eleoff. The exhibition focuses on the mixing and pouring of paint over the human form. Paint-covered models are spun and photographed, captured in moments of elegance and wonder. Schaub and Eleoff both push their artistic practices by… Read More


What are the symbols that are immediately and universally identifiable as Toronto icons? As Toronto’s reputation grows and global awareness of the city rises, a set of visual identifiers has been developed that symbolizes this city both locally and abroad. ICON focuses on photographs of visual identifiers that can be… Read More

Abandoned Sentries

If the creation of a structure represents the values, hopes, and ideals of a time in history, so too does its subsequent abandonment to the elements. This exhibition recognizes the hands of the builder or architect that created the structure that is now in decline or abandonment. Patiently, the photographers… Read More

The Macro Flow Perception

The Macro Flow Perception presents a new form of photography pioneered by Hiroyuki d’Addario. The photographer’s manipulation of the camera creates new perceptions of the city. Without editing, his technique results in digital smudging that turns static vistas into dynamic images that reflect the ever-changing nature of a city. Read More

De/Generative: The Queer Jewish Photography of Oscar Wolfman

This retrospective of the late Toronto photographer Wolfman (1956-2011) focuses on his transgressive yet deeply reverent queering of Jewish spirituality and culture. Large-format archival prints reference the Italian settecento in lush reimaginings of biblical scenes. Meditations on Jewish ritual practices provocatively foreground their homoerotic valence. The deeply humane relation of… Read More

The Posthumous Landscape: Jewish Historical Sites in Western Ukraine

Seventy-two years after the Holocaust, western Ukraine is still replete with remnants of Jewish life, even as the community’s history has vanished from popular consciousness. Kaufman’s photographs, created on a recent trip to Lviv, Chernivtsi, and surrounding towns, depict the region’s abundant but neglected Jewish material culture. These large-scale images… Read More


After a 400-kilometer dash for the coast of Maine, Powis had to pee. There, eight steps into the woods, was that school bus. Falling in Lithuania, he saw that dancer’s dress, hit the shutter, and then hit the ground. A bowl crashed behind him in China and as he turned,… Read More

Ateliers Studios: Creative Spaces

Ateliers Studios: Creative Spaces offers an unprecedented look into the creative studio spaces of 184 celebrated Canadian artists, including Michael Snow, Suzy Lake, and Danièle Rochon. The exhibition, coupled with its limited edition photographic book, reveals the intimacy and visceral exchange between artist and studio. Read More


With the celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary in July, a group of 15 artists have chosen to explore the meaning of Canadian identity through the theme “150.” The artists come from diverse backgrounds, allowing for free exploration of identity through the number. Less saturated with association than the words, concepts,… Read More

Maximum Exposure 22

Maximum Exposure is an annual year-end exhibition, held in May, that showcases the work of the best emerging young artists attending Ryerson’s School of Image Arts. Now in its twenty-second year, MaxEx exhibits multidisciplinary work produced by photography, film, and integrated digital students throughout Ryerson’s Image Arts building. This year… Read More

Living Wood

Muller cannot help but admire the wonderful spiral staircase at the Art Gallery of Ontario. The artist tried to translate this sculpture into two-dimensional art, to capture the feelings and associations he experiences when visiting the AGO. Muller’s photographs evoke reminders of Canada’s forests, witnessed while canoeing or cross-country skiing… Read More

In Focus

In Focus features the metaphorical self-portraits of select grade 8 students who participated in Lakeshore Arts’ educational program facilitated by professional artists. These images capture the essence of who these youth are as they prepare to launch into High School and the next phase of their adolescence. The photographs remind… Read More

Huit Jours Dans un Taxi Haïtien

Rob DiVito’s journey began in Port-au-Prince, where he traveled exclusively in the back of a Haitian taxi. This vehicle became his camera for eight days and the thin slats of the covered truck became the lens through which he experienced Haiti. The people, the culture, and their history were at… Read More

The Weight of Air/Camelot

Set in one of Toronto architect Peter Dickinson’s masterpieces, the Sony Centre (formerly the O’Keefe Centre), this two-person exhibition explores the past and present lives of Dickinson’s modernist buildings. In Leala Hewak’s The Weight of Air: A Picture Parade of Peter Dickinson’s Buildings, the photographs are not conventional architectural records but… Read More

Experimental Lake

Simoneau’s photographs are like signposts in the wilderness. They are not memorial in nature but sing nature’s praises alongside human handiwork. They speak of travel, pilgrimage, epiphany, and discovery with a simple, selfless stoicism. Time of day, experiments out on the water, and scientific equipment all suggest an itinerary that… Read More

Model Mountains

Model Mountains is a series of photographs that shows us how massive mountains look different if we alter their appearance. Captured in the Canadian Rockies using a tilt-shift lens, which is used for selective focus or for simulating a miniature scene, these mountain landscapes are altered to look like you… Read More

An Equine Photographic Journey

Traveling the globe, Spencer has captured the expressive images of the Arabian and Barb stallions in the desert of Morocco, the majestic Baroque Lusitanos of Portugal, and the wild mustangs of the American Southwest. Spencer is a Toronto native and her photographs depict her fascination and lifelong relationship with horses. Read More


This series by photographer and fine-art printmaker Jaworski is a tribute to women’s beauty through their strength. Women are seen here as a force of nature, complex and contradictory, powerful if never fully understood or contained. They appear both intensely alive, full of emotion and movement, and — with their… Read More

Boys Will Be Boys

Capriotti won a 2017 World Press Photo award for his photographs of Muddy York RFC, Toronto’s first gay-friendly rugby team. Until recently, the possibility of gay players on the pitch was not even contemplated, due to the stereotype of homosexual men being perceived as weaker than “straight guys.” These layers… Read More

Portraits of a Building in Transformation

Caron’s photographs reveal some of the intricate and ephemeral beauty that materialized over three years of a construction project. They convey a fascination for the sculptural and spatial quality of objects and spaces, and a sense of peaceful order awaiting change, disappearance, and metamorphosis. Timelessness and silence transcend the temporality… Read More


Two artists finding meaning in natural materials and how they can inform the way we live. Mazzarello has turned to plant life and landscapes to study connections between this world and the human form in her series THE DREAMING PLANT. Arron’s WEAVE ME pieces are woven studies, each one exposing… Read More


Shirley finds meaning infinitely reflected across Europe and discovers images echoed in light, glass, and stilled water. Each image contains another image captured within it, akin to a photographic set of Russian nesting dolls. Shirley’s parting gift to Europe is giving historic cityscapes, and viewers, the ability to see themselves… Read More

Morning Wonders: The Don Mills Diary

Morning Wonders: The Don Mills Diary is an exhibition of 18 black-and-white images that explore the morning hours at the neighbourhood parks of Don Mills. It is the result of a self-imposed photographic challenge by Ng, and was created based on the theme of “Uncommonly Common— Details of the Common… Read More

Sheridan College Honours Bachelor of Photography 2017

Viewed through the lens of the graduating class, this showcase captures diverse perceptions of the conceptual, technical, and aesthetic possibilities of photography as a professional medium. Please join them as they collaborate with curator Liz Ikiriko (photo director and independent curator) to present the Sheridan Bachelor of Photography program’s graduating… Read More

The Allure of the Forest

In this exhibition, photographers Robertson and Davidson transport the viewer into a quiet place where only the wind, wildlife, and one’s own breath can be heard. Each image offers a unique perspective and allows the viewer to see the many patterns, textures, and moods found within the silence of the… Read More

National Treasures at Todai-ji Temple, Nara

Todai-ji Temple is considered to be the Eastern end of the Silk Road running through Eurasia from Rome. Trade and cultural exchange in the 8th century resulted in the statues, buildings, music instruments, and craft works at this temple. These artifacts survived more than 1000 years, carrying the universal spirit… Read More

Transient Topography

There is great beauty in high-rise construction—from the thrilling sense of space, to amazing light, iconic tower cranes, and robust workers. This exhibition emphasizes the aesthetics of construction as work progresses from excavation through to completion of the commercial tower at One York Street and residential towers of Harbour Plaza. Read More


The experience of being constrained or limited by perceived or actual restrictions, self-imposed or externally placed, and the efforts to be free of them is a familiar one. Donovan aims to tap into this experience of circumscription and encapsulate a sense of the never-ending search for freedom in the face… Read More

Saudade da Bahia

After living in the northeastern state of Bahia, Brazil for the last four years, 2016 RMG Exposed-winner Stephanie Foden was captured by the mysterious beauty of Salvador, Brazil. And she captured it back. According to the artist, “the colours, the light, and the people of Bahia stand out even in… Read More

Finding Home

A visual story of loss, love, and finding home, this project marries the six-word memoir concept (popularized by Smith Magazine) and photography. The interactive photo exhibition will take you to the streets of old Damascus, exploring themes of identity, culture, and tradition: the different influences that shape the concept of… Read More


Two new technological inventions, photography and the first postage stamp (the Penny Black), occurred within one year, 1839-40. Inexpensive, printed paper postage quickly caught on, as did sending messages with personal photos, tourist scenes, and illustrated images on penny postcards. Today, paper communication is fading while the mind-numbing glut of… Read More

Do Photo: Happy Birthday!

Canada is turning 150 this year, and to celebrate, the Trinity Bellwoods BIA has mounted birthday pictures in its neighbourhood storefront windows along Dundas Street West, between Grace and Bathurst Streets. These images feature the owners and staff of local businesses celebrating first and last birthdays, and everything in between. Read More

Grasslands and Ghostlands

The 18th and 19th centuries witnessed the rise of two nations in North America on the hunting grounds and homelands of the true First Nations. Non-natives claimed the western grasslands for themselves through guile and theft, mass relocations, purposeful starvation, massacres, assimilation, and internments on reservations. This solo exhibition by… Read More

Don’t Forget to Wave

Photographed over the course of three years, Don’t Forget to Wave explores the small town of Restoule, Ontario and a few of its residents. Keith has been visiting this town for a little over a decade, but it was in these last three to four years that his fascination with… Read More


Water: Sustaining Life features the work of four Canadian photographers: Turner, Hominuk, Silver, and Ricossa. Water is predicted to be the most important commodity on Earth before the end of the century—if not sooner. These photographers show how water is a major part of our everyday lives. Read More

The Colour of Personality

Persons of intrigue are often described as colourful and full of personality. It all starts with the eyes and ows to the brow, cheeks, and lips. Colour and light can say so much about a subject, and this exhibition shows how it can be used to emphasize personality or emotion. Read More


What do you get when you team an adventurous street photographer with a popular graffiti artist? A combination of images that are totally unique. More importantly, these images challenge the viewer to question the visual chaos that is the modern urban scene. This collaborative effort between graffiti artist Anser and… Read More

Space Within

Space Within is a group exhibition showcasing a careful selection of works that deal with different concepts of space. A spatial awareness is registered by the artists as they try to understand and unveil the meaning of space, whether geographical, conceptual, physical, or abstract. Read More

Now and Then: Celebrating 130 Years

The Women’s Art Association of Canada celebrates its 130th year in 2017. This exhibition showcases the work of member photographers and also presents historical photographs that document women’s involvement in the arts, and societal changes over this period. From black-and-white to colour, from plates and silver chloride, to sensors and… Read More


Elemental is an examination of synergy as it relates to the unconscious mind and to chaos within the natural world. The mechanisms of decay/regeneration of life are fundamental to this water study. Momentary glimpses are offered by remote waters: ephemera, companions to wilderness silence, and capricious winds. Offset from the… Read More

Israel, The Holy Land

This exhibition showcases candid glimpses of the incandescent spirit of Israel, from yogis on the edge of the Negev to worshippers in Jerusalem’s sacred spaces. The unparalled beauty of Timna Park, the sanctity of the Old City, a Shabbat evening among the kibbutzim near Tel Aviv, and much more can… Read More

The Dark Room 5.0

This one-day-only extravaganza is 918 Bathurst’s 5th annual exhibition devoted to showcasing the best in analogue and alternative process photography. Come out and help choose this year’s prizewinners. Voting begins at 10am. Bar is open from 1pm to 11pm. Awards ceremony at 9:30pm. For details and prizes, check out… Read More

57 Voices

Captured through the lenses of 57 graduating students, this showcase illustrates diverse perceptions of the conceptual, technical, and aesthetic possibilities of photography as a professional medium. Work from the Sheridan Bachelor of Photography program’s graduating class is presented in partnership with curator Clare Vander Meersch (director of photography, The Globe… Read More


Breathtaking in its superlatives, Antarctica mesmerizes visitors with its compelling beauty, awe-inspiring landscapes, and imposing grandeur. No continent is its equal. Antarctica has the heights, the winds, the climate, and the aridity. Its ever-changing and elusive light can paint and transform the spectacle with fantastic shapes and colours. From the delicate… Read More

Astronomical Landscapes

Hudson’s series of lenticular photographs documents the manifestation of astronomical events on the surface of the planet. Flip-motion animated images of urban landscapes correspond to observations of celestial cycles such as the spin of the Earth, the phases of the moon, and the Earth orbiting the sun. These works reflect… Read More

Greenbelt Narratives

The Greenbelt is more than just protected space for Ontarians: it is a place to play, a place to live. The walls of Aroma Espresso Bar are lavished with photography expressing the activities, places, and events that make people passionate about the protected space we call the Greenbelt. Read More

School Of The Photographic Arts: Ottawa

The School of Photographic Arts: Ottawa (SPAO) is a photographic visual arts college. Its programs are designed to advance knowledge, creativity, and innovation in photography. This group exhibition showcases the best work from first-year and graduating students, as well as artists-in-residence. Nineteen artists have produced individualized work using historical and… Read More

There is no there there.

The world is something no two people will explain the same way. Some wander and advocate for getting lost, others never lose focus on their elegant path. This exhibition is here and there. Some paths are beautiful, some places are lost, and some people are disconnected. The beauty that can… Read More

The Women of Hollywood Collection

Invite-only preview event May 5th, 2016. Although Greene was initially renowned for his high-fashion photography, it is his remarkable portraits of our most beloved artists, musicians, and celebrities that have become legendary. The range of Greene’s subjects is vast (including Frank Sinatra, Grace Kelly, Alfred Hitchcock, Judy Garland,… Read More

2 Hidden Houses

2 Hidden Houses is a conversation held between the artist and the camera, where each image forged is a unique topic, an interesting question, a startling statement, or an innocent inquiry. In understanding this conversation, these Year 4 photography students have drawn upon themes of self-reflexivity and documentation to create work. Read More


SIGNALS is an installation of projections and lightboxes at Artscape Gibraltar Point and Lighthouse, which speaks to the site’s presence as a guiding beacon to surrounding ports and waterways. Combined elements form a visual call-and-response relationship between imagery of beaming signals and imagery of approaching people and vessels. The tower light… Read More

Bad Behaviour

This group exhibition features the work of eight female photographers based in Toronto. Formed in 2014, the collective created a mandate to support women’s voices in photography through SOFIA (Society of Females in Art). Each member is exhibiting a body of work interpreting the chosen theme of Bad Behaviour, where adolescence,… Read More

Our Safe Spaces Project

Holy Trinity School, in partnership with St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School, is excited to exhibit photography by Grade 6-12 students of CIS Ontario and CAIS affiliated schools. Our Safe Spaces Project invited students to think about the spaces and places in their lives. Students were encouraged to think about where, when, and… Read More


Contemporary photography that is personal, thoughtful, and often full of risks has been created by the Grade 12 photography class at Etobicoke School of the Arts. Please come and support these 40 articulate and talented artists. Instagram: @esa__photography. On view in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Floor Hallway Galleries. Read More


Mindset is an annual juried exhibition of photo-based works produced by Workman Arts. Participating artists with experience of mental illness or addictions present works that respond to the concept of “mindset,” to reflect on individual and collective experiences, beliefs, and thoughts as they contribute to mental attitude or disposition. This exhibition examines… Read More

Concrete and Clay

Concrete and Clay is a photo documentation by Toronto artist Falvy, drawing attention to the irreversible practice of shoreline hardening. Revetments, armour rocks and paved roads are taking over natural shorelines. With the desire to alter the malleable, shifting, and changing clay shores of the Scarborough Bluffs, developers are not… Read More

Where The Heart Is

This diverse collection celebrates the Canadian-Croatian photography community in an installation exploring the artists’ perceptions of “home.” Home is not necessarily built with brick and mortar. It can be cooking in the backyard, travelling the world, walking down a familiar path, or reliving a cherished memory. It is never caged between… Read More


“Do you have room to reflect, respond, relish, relax? Room for Duende? To evoke – passion, praise, potential, art? Room to breathe? Passionately, Freely, Spontaneously, Deeply, Lightly? Hold your breath! Close your eyes! Dream! Think!”… Read More

IN/VISIBLE SCARS: Torture Survivors in Canada

Amnesty International Group 18 and artist Zamfirescu present IN/VISIBLE SCARS: Torture Survivors in Canada, a compelling exhibition that spotlights the strength and resilience of torture survivors. It tells the story of eight people who now call Canada home. They hail from around the world, have all experienced the horror and devastation… Read More

Carbon Manifest

Carbon Manifest investigates perpetual metamorphoses and inevitable changes of the planet through giant carbon-printed photographs created in the Arctic. The environment is often believed to be a constant despite the gradual, infinitesimal changes that are evidence to the contrary. J R Bernstein photographs these evidences of the passage of time, which… Read More

A Displaced Pendulum and Cultural Views on Equilibrium: An Investigation of Ancient Faith in the Sacred Sands of Rajasthan

Exploring India’s sacred dunes reveals a vibrant culture that has flourished since the Stone Age. Nomadic tribes possessing an ancient alliance with nature once gathered to trade an astonishing 50,000 camels, while painted Sadhu converged to bathe in the holy waters of the Pushkar Ghats. The region’s most prominent camel herders… Read More

Global Architecture

Lexi Mitz founded ilexiART as a means to offer professional, affordable and individualized art to everyday people looking to outfit their walls and beautify their home. In this series, Mitz plays with material, colour, framing, and mounting styles to elicit many different outcomes surrounding one central theme of architecture around the… Read More

The Language of Flowers

The Language of Flowers, a series of original giclée photographic prints created by Auld, considers the spectacular beauty of daily life and the multiple meanings that can be ascribed to flowers. Colour, abstraction, light, and texture combine to form a deeply personal and evocative series of images. Read More

Forever Young: Groupies and Other Electric Ladies

Wolman, Rolling Stone’s first chief photographer, not only witnessed the most important period of change in popular music and culture, but his photographs helped shape it. In this exclusive Toronto exhibition, Wolman presents Forever Young: Groupies and Other Electric Ladies. Limited edition, signed, silver gelatin prints are available. This exhibition… Read More


After more than three decades of high-speed growth, China has become the world’s second largest economy with a top-ranking GDP. On the surface, China is booming with prosperity. It boasts first-class infrastructure in many cities, even dwarfing that of the USA. However, a deeper look shows that China is ridden with serious… Read More

Passing Moments

Kodachrome images of Toronto street scenes, 1977 to 1982. Read More

The Art of Junk

In this exhibition of new work, Robertson and Davidson peel back the layers of industrial decay to explore the imagery underneath. They reveal art that is often overlooked. Peeling paint, jagged metal, and shattered glass become the focus of their lenses. Robertson and Davidson’s photographs pose questions that the mind… Read More


This exhibition is a small collection of the sights and streets of a small town, captured between 2008-2015. Stalettì is a town in the province of Catanzaro in the Calabria region of southern Italy. As in many towns in the south of Italy, the people and times continue to change, but… Read More

Voices of the People of Cirella

This exhibition brings light to the voices and resilience of the people of Cirella, Reggio Calabria, a small mountain village that is precariously on the verge of disappearing. These portraits are a testament to the proud people of Cirella and the love they have for their land and way of… Read More

Light and Shadow

This group exhibition features artists from photography courses in Continuing Studies at OCAD University. Read More

La Capital: Photographs from Mexico City

Black-and-white photographs of Mexico City, taken in April 2015. Read More

Piece of Mind

The images in this exhibition of art photography spring from the intentional state of mind of the artist. There is no intent for the vision that remains unselfconscious and direct. Ordinarily, the eye sees what it expects to see, what it wants to see, or what it has been trained to… Read More

Ancient Splendour

Ancient Splendour is a photographic journal of Glitz’s ongoing exploration of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Glitz’s aim is to help others see the magnificent past and to instill the idea that these locations are worth the effort and cost of preservation. Much has been lost forever, a result of both… Read More

Rewilding the Gardiner

This exhibition illustrates an imaginary walk underneath the Gardiner Expressway. As the viewer travels the Gardiner, they are also taking a walk along the wilderness of Leslie Street Spit. Left abandoned, water causes the spaces underneath the Gardiner to rewild, bringing a lake experience closer to the city. Please bring… Read More

Common Ground: Art at Bissell 2016

Common Ground explores topics as diverse as homelessness, gender, and diaspora, drawing on each artist’s unique experience of—and relationship to—the theme of displacement. All artworks have been produced by emerging artists affiliated with community-engaged organizations. Through their photographs, paintings, mixed-media collages, and one mural, artists demonstrate that the creative process can… Read More

No Renumeration for Placekeepers: Social Landscapes of Britain in the 1970s

The Britain that Bock found in the 1970s was caught somewhere between the past and the future. The character of the people had changed little since the hard days following the war, and the prosperity that was to come in the 1990s had yet to arrive. Bock was always more… Read More

Marionettes In Us

Life is full of many individual stories, with the author sometimes pulled by invisible strings. Society expects perfection, but at what cost? Who is in control, and who is being controlled? This exhibition encourages one to break free and live life to its fullest. In collaboration with Jen Spirit (model),… Read More

The Art of Light and Shadow: First Nations School of Toronto

The Art of Light and Shadow is a project funded by the Ontario Arts Council’s Aboriginal Artist in Schools program. The group exhibition features work from First Nations School of Toronto students who participated in a 16-week course in 35mm black-and-white photography. Read More


In writing, three dots convey that which is not said, but which is implied. Without words, photography encapsulates emotion and communicates narrative. In the two-part exhibition Ellipsis, 28 members of the artist-run Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography use a variety of styles, processes, and approaches to show that what is not… Read More

Ellipsis, Pt. 2

In writing, three dots convey that which is not said, but which is implied. Without words, photography encapsulates emotion and communicates narrative. In the two-part exhibition Ellipsis, 28 members of the artist-run Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography use a variety of styles, processes, and approaches to show that what is not… Read More

A photo-body on drugs smells.

On November 24th, 2015, 17-year-old Laquan McDonald was murdered by police officer Jason Van Dyke in the city of Chicago, Illinois. An autopsy report found traces of phenycyclidine, or PCP, in his bloodstream. Biopower, the way in which technology is used to monitor and navigate bodies both animal and human… Read More

Another Side of the Island: Reflections of Contemporary Cape Breton

Another Side of the Island explores facets of life on Cape Breton Island rarely experienced by outsiders. While the island’s natural majesty attracts throngs of tourists seeking traditional scenes of beauty, this exhibition focuses beneath the surface to reveal a place more varied, peculiar, and complex than what is popularly… Read More

Along for the Ride

Simeon Posen has been fascinated by the brash excitement and engineering marvels of the midway since he was a young boy. For the last 17 years he has explored this by photographing the rides and their spinning lights, recording their patterns of movement as they weave lines across the night… Read More

People of the Dancing Sky

Zabol presents a rare and personal insight into the Iroquois Six Nations Confederacy’s unique traditions rooted in nature and the ancient past. Included in this exhibition are artifacts gifted to the artist by the Iroquois people, acknowledging their joint efforts to showcase the harmony between the Iroquois people and their environment. Read More


Gallery Hui exhibits the work of three photographers whose ages span three generations. Each artist brings a unique style, subject, and medium to the exhibition. The photographs exhibited are as diverse as the age of each artist, yet they reflect their common commitment to their craft. Included are images of… Read More

Inside the Gate

These portraits of trees are photomontages, and by virtue of the process used to create them, can be considered “inverse panoramas.” It is as if one crosses through a gate or threshold into another realm—spiritual perhaps—where time and space are collapsed. Taken from the perspective of the tree, they are… Read More

Unseen, To Be Seen

This project juxtaposes four new images of spectacle and surveillance from seemingly unrelated contexts to explore questions of information and state power. These images visualize an information society: from the hidden anti-Soviet surveillance infrastructures of the Cold War in Berlin and Beijing; to near-identical subway cars with awe-inspiring photographs of… Read More

Hotel Gondolín

Hotel Gondolín in Buenos Aires has been a home and refuge for transsexual and transgender sex workers for decades. It is a modern-day tenement run by the “authentic contemporary heroines” who reside there, fighting for their place in society with quiet dignity. Argentinian photographer Estefania d’Esperies and collaborator Patricio Binagni… Read More

Our Stories, Our Images, Our Futures

Our Stories, Our Images, Our Futures exhibits photographs made by youth in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Hyderabad, and Toronto between 2014 and 2016 as part of a unique collaboration between the Fredric Roberts Photography Workshops and the Aga Khan Development Network. The exhibition is part of Living the 21st Century Renaissance, the Ismaili Centre’s year-long, curated… Read More

2015 National Pictures of the Year by News Photographers Association of Canada

The News Photographers Association of Canada (NPAC) celebrates and champions quality and ethical photography in journalism. Through a variety of efforts, the association challenges its members to better themselves and to continually raise the bar of industry standards. NPAC hosts the annual National Pictures of the Year (NPOY) awards each… Read More

Habana Siempre

This collection of street photography depicts quotidian life in Havana, Cuba. See the atmosphere, the people, the art, and the beautifully decayed architecture of this city before it all changes. Read More

Wandering the Streets

This exhibition features street photography from different parts of the planet. Salnikova fell in love with wandering around and finding similarities. Although the languages and locations are different, she keeps going back to the same question: “Aren’t we all the same?”… Read More

Big City -> Small Town Toronto

Big City -> Small Town Toronto is a collection of Toronto’s architecture, a patchwork city of soaring buildings sharing space with gorgeous old houses. Architectural styles reflect the city’s history and stories. Character-filled communities are nestled between urban parks and the steel and glass of hip downtown. White’s work explores… Read More

Life Rules

Starostina’s debut exhibition of photographs, Life Rules, expresses the rules she follows: being a child at heart and believing in magic, dreams, courage, and kindness. Her inspiration and desire is to express feelings from a life that revolves around her two children. Starostina says, “We all live different lives, we all… Read More

On Toronto’s Waters

Busy urban life often makes one neglect natural surroundings. This exhibit pauses the everyday rush and offers a look at the unexpected beauty of local waterways and nature within Toronto. Featuring intimate landscape imagery of Etobicoke Creek and Humber Bay, the photographic narrative offers a different, more reflective look… Read More

As Seen

Ren is a young Toronto-based photographer. Her analogue work dwells on apolitical motifs capturing the anonymity of a subject, the familiarity/ubiquity of a place, and the dreamlike spirit of a moment that can pass in an instant. Ren’s images reflect a transitional stage in her life, with the recurring theme… Read More

Urban Stories

Anderson exhibits the series The Tools My Father Gave Me, showcasing tools that created handmade objects. Kroman’s series, Lane City, journeys behind Toronto’s façade to explore the personalities of public spaces that are largely hidden from view. Nagy’s series, Words on the Street, captures the random, little gems of street art… Read More

Urban Moments

In today’s world, modern city life has an inevitable effect of individualization on human existence. This series of photos depicts the spontaneous interaction between familiar architectural elements of Toronto and its inhabitants in peculiar settings. Dogan’s black-and-white images emphasize the solitude of the human figure within an urban environment in the… Read More

First Love

Landscape photography is where DiVito started, and in many ways it remains his first love. Inspired by his own work in fashion photography and the large landscapes of Ansel Adams, DiVito was propelled to create a hybrid of both worlds. Thus, First Love was born—a landscape-based fashion editorial in the… Read More

In an instant

Spanning images taken over a 20-year period, this exhibition showcases the fascinating nuances and magic of instant film. Read More

Unstill of the Night

This collection of work captures the interactions and exchanges that happen in the early morning hours as people leave the clubs and stumble out onto the streets. The artist uses the camera as a metaphoric paintbrush to create dynamic narratives within one double-exposure-esque image. The results are reminiscent of being… Read More

Wandering Through Time

The Greek island of Sifnos is crisscrossed with a myriad of footpaths that have existed for thousands of years, serving as the main transportation system of the island. Wandering these paths allows one to experience an environment where the millennia of the past have merged with the present. Blomfield’s vertical, panoramic… Read More

Making A Scene

Making a Scene is a collective project that explores questions of visibility, self-expression, and mental illness. Over many months, the artists of Creative Works Studio worked together to build a project that combined costuming and photography. The costumes demonstrated something they wanted to express, or a way they wanted to… Read More

LUMAS: Portraits

LUMAS Edition Gallery Toronto presents LUMAS: Portraits, a selection of modern and contemporary portraits from our diverse portfolio. LUMAS: Portraits showcases a mixture of promising newcomers and established artists including: powerhouse fashion photographer Elgort with his mid-1990s depiction of Kate Moss; artistic duo Yakovlev and Aleeva, whose classical and Dutch-inspired series… Read More

Changing Photography

A look at the ever-evolving world of photography and how technology has shaped it for the future. See first-hand examples of how video seamlessly integrates with stills to form a new medium. Inspired by Panasonic and the 4K revolution, these artists embrace this technology and equipment to refine their art and take… Read More

Ordinary Weather

There’s a sense of wonder in local surroundings that only seems to truly manifest itself when one becomes a tourist in an unfamiliar landscape. In Ordinary Weather, Cyprys questions this lack of wonder in everyday surroundings. Setting out to explore his home of Toronto by bicycle, he found a city… Read More

A Matter of Perspective

The Toronto Focal Forum is a diverse group of photographic printmakers from around the Greater Toronto Area. The group has met continuously since 1939, and carries that heritage to their exhibition A Matter of Perspective. The members work independently but the group presents a unique collective vision and viewpoint that… Read More

PineRidge Arts Council Juried Photography Exhibition

Enjoy the best Durham has to offer! The PineRidge Arts Council’s 2nd annual show with the Festival presents artists from its 3rd juried photography exhibition. Read More

Form and Structure

Here, the aerial feats of dancers and acrobats give way to corporal perfection—angles neatly formed amidst hoops, suspended in air. Adjacent the bodily configurations of these dancers and acrobats lie the bricks and mortar manifestations of architects’ own artistry—imagined landscapes rendered into structures. Read More

On the Brink

On the Brink is a collaborative project examining the everyday and what this means for urban areas facing gentrification. Mortensen examines Walworth, one of the last areas of central London to be cleaned and priced up. These images are juxtaposed with Celeste’s images of Toronto’s Eglinton West. Thousands of kilometres… Read More

The InterLove Project: Portraits of Interfaith Love in Ontario

The Interlove Project is a documentary series that explores how people with different religious backgrounds and traditions come together in love. Over the course of one year, Boyd Shafer photographed 50 interfaith couples living in Ontario. This exhibition celebrates the love that can flourish between diverse individuals, while reminding us… Read More

Transcending Medium

Transcending Medium creates the illusion of a sketch or painting via photography. Through the selection of the subject and the artistic use of light and exposure, the high-contrast silver gelatin prints take on the look of other mediums. There is no digital manipulation or intervention involved in the process. It… Read More

Art For Lounges, Lobbies, and Living Rooms

This salon-style show of “fauxtographiie” by writer and artist Lypchuk exemplifies the “joy of immediacy” that comes with creating art using a cellphone. Included are “Cell Phone Turners” that capture cloudscapes and landscapes, “Mannequin Girls” that are subtle commentary on gender identity, and graphic floral explosions celebrating “Cherry Blossom Madness”… Read More


Endurance is an exhibit that shows the ability to remain active for a long period of time, and the ability to recover from trauma and keep going. From endurance rises beauty, strength, and wisdom. When someone or something gives up, it is usually out of a desire to want to… Read More

New Century

Following the 101st graduate exhibition, nine emerging artists from OCADU’s 2016 graduating class look to the future of still and moving image making, while focusing on social change and critical discourse. Each artist focuses on topics such as gender, sexuality, race, existentialism, mental health, identity, and feminist discourse. Read More

I’m New Here

Sherman is a Toronto photographer whose practice combines elements of documentary, street, and conceptual photography to create images that possess a dreamlike quality. He challenges the viewer to look anew at the subjects of his photographs, subjects that might otherwise have been taken for granted. I’m New Here is Sherman’s… Read More

Photography By Design

OCAD University and the Faculty of Design are proud to present an exhibition of student and faculty work that emphasizes the role of design concepts within contemporary photography. Each image is a unique technical and conceptual exploration resulting in an exciting interpretation of the given subject, employing both traditional and… Read More