20/20: The Artful Eye

20/20: The Artful Eye exhibits images by two medical photographers specializing in documenting the eye and ocular disorders at The Hospital for Sick Children. Aligned with Vision Awareness Month in May, their works reveal the unexpected beauty and design of the eye: the geometry, layers, chambers, tissues, and disease patterns… Read More

Canada Then and Now: Bartlett’s Canadian Scenery Engravings 175 Years Later

A selection of photographs from 119 journeys to the sites where the landscape artist William Bartlett drew his famous 1838 views of Canada – among the last images of the pre-photographic era. With each photograph alongside the original engraving, the viewer can see how Canada has changed over the last… Read More


BODY TALK focuses on expressions of the female form and sexuality through portrait and still-life photographs. Considering themes of identity, self-acceptance, and body dysmorphia, the works in this exhibition range from staged moments to those of genuine spontaneity. Depicting strong characters and narratives through both raw and surreal motifs, the… Read More

Angel of Paradox

In 2003 artist, dancer, and choreographer Wrede became the Angel of Paradox. Like many of Wrede’s characters, she found her way into the world through a dimensional porthole. The Angel was intent on finding insight through the moments of confusion that the experience of paradox affords. A photographer was asked… Read More


SOLITAIRE: Its popular definition conjures up images of lone figures playing an 18th-century card game. This solo exhibition explores translations of solitaire in 15 photographs with additive captions that suggest possibilities for other interpretations, narratives, and dimensions. SOLITAIRE now becomes a two-way game of show and tell. Desjardins extends his… Read More

Visionary Mammals

A group of young photographers display their wildly individual perspectives and unique observations in this dynamic, must-see collection for nature lovers. Read More

Here and Beyond

Clendenning’s unique “culturescapes” present compelling views of architectural, heritage, and natural spaces. Clendenning’s rich and vibrant works are strongly influenced by his love of art and craftsmanship from antiquity to the present, and guided by a desire to capture the aesthetics, character, and history of the landmarks he photographs. Clendenning lives… Read More

Girls Girls Girls

This exhibition of photographic portraits of women and girls is part of an ongoing body of street photography work. These portraits seek to capture the essence of contemporary feminine mystique. Read More

Maximum Exposure

Ryerson’s School of Image Arts proudly presents Maximum Exposure. Celebrating its 21st year, the exhibition showcases the talents of emerging image-based artists at Ryerson University. Along with the thesis projects of the 2015 graduating photography class, Maximum Exposure features varied work by film and photography students. The exhibition will first… Read More

Transformations: Stories of Partnership, Resilience and Positive Change in Peru

Transformations: Stories of Partnership, Resilience, and Positive Change in Peru is a collaborative photojournalism project intended to increase dialogue and further understanding of international partner- ships that address complex global challenges. The exhibit combines two projects. The first explores the work of Transforming Faces and KusiROSTROS, which provides comprehensive cleft… Read More

Land On the Fifth

This large-scale image by photographer Dolan is part of an arts project called Land on the Fifth, which celebrates the natural beauty and cultural attractions of Prince Edward County. Its setting is FarAway Farm, where curious miniature horses were joined by a young dancer from nearby Quinte Ballet School to create… Read More


Regulars was born during the dark hours of a bitter Toronto winter. As a longtime bar manager, Fernandes decided to create a portrait series of the people he had come to know through his business. To capture their essence, Fernandes offered his subjects “the shot,” a secret-recipe concoction that makes even the most… Read More

Spring House

Influenced by the early 90’s and inspired by the 70’s, Andrew Quesada’s photography celebrates the grit and beauty of LA, its surrounding landscapes and its inhabitance. With a family and childhood filled with photography, Quesada shoots images with a very cinematic sense – ranging from fashion, models, and musicians, to… Read More

Jacob Gils & Jayscale Duo

This contemporary exhibition brings together the gritty urban images of Toronto-based photographer Jayscale, with the soft and diffused figurative and landscape images of Danish photographer Jacob Gils. Read More


Barnes’ time in Madagascar was one without parallel. The smells, the sights and the sounds were all new and exciting, but it was the children of Madagascar that left the deepest indentation. They had nothing, but still they wanted nothing. They were happy. Barnes was honoured to have intimate access to such… Read More


Discarded materials yield new possibilities in three series of photographs by Dunlap. The first series, Chapuceado—from the Guatemalan term for things cobbled together— documents temporary sculptures bound only with gravity. Re-Float captures chance adjacencies and new relationships. In Imposters, images of objects become substitutes for the objects themselves. Through the… Read More

Moving Landscapes

In time, nature takes back what is hers. When grass mixes with decaying asphalt and concrete, the delicate grass wins in the end. Humans aren’t so patient. When man has tried to repair the damage from the growth of the human race, things are not so elegant. The works in Moving Landscapes… Read More

The Changing Face of Toronto

A glimpse into the daily lives of the people of Toronto through compelling photographic portraits curated from the Toronto Public Library’s Toronto Star Photograph Archive and the Canadian Documentary Art Collection. Each face tells a story. Assembled together, these portraits illuminate broad changes to demographics, fashion, technology, work, and leisure… Read More


About-face is a group exhibition dealing with themes of identity and representation through collaboration between photographer and subject. The four exhibiting artists are interested in capturing sociocultural experiences and shifts in personal development. Read More

Hard Labour

Hard Labour is a study of a region that was once a thriving centre of industrial activity. Long before information-based industries, factories produced footwear, car parts, stoves and iron fixtures, furniture, tires—the list goes on. Many people made their living working long hours in these often dismal and dangerous factories,… Read More

Terrain of Thought

One year ago, a group of 90 artists travelled together from the West Coast to the East Coast of Canada. It was a journey of cross-cultural collaboration on an anti-colonial route. Looking back, they saw the country in a new way and knew people from all over. The journey… Read More

Saint-Tropez: The Play of Meaning

This exhibition explores the relationship between the meaning given to a thing (an object, a person, an event) and how this meaning changes when knowledge of its history changes. Questions arise, such as: to what degree does the history of a thing affect its given meaning; who has the authority… Read More

We Shall See What We Shall See

We Shall See What We Shall See is de Montmollin’s lively interpretation of Canada. From Jian Ghomeshi to the Group of Seven by way of Mounties and fashionista lawyers, the lenticular prints in this exhibition feature layers of imagery that reveal themselves randomly, as viewers move in front of the… Read More

Familiarity in the Foreign

This ongoing series has been shaped during the continuing travels of Lauckner Gundlock. The photographs were taken during cross-continental road trips in a family-filled car and on explorations of a new “hometown” in a different country. The images represent the quiet moments that Lauckner Gundlock found among the chaos of travel,… Read More


School portraits, class pictures, and graduation photos are exhibited 24/7 in business windows along Dundas from Bathurst to Grace. The images are of people in the Trinity-Bellwoods neighbourhood, both from the past and the present. Some pictures celebrate major milestones, and some are just bad fashion statements. School Pictures captures… Read More

ARCHITECTURAL DEVOLUTION: Industrial Buildings in a Post-Industrial Age

The era of the imposing brick-and-steel factories that once shaped great cities is coming to an end. In this new exhibition, architectural photographer Kaufman surveys the fate of older industrial buildings within the de-industrialized urban context. Drawing on images created over several decades in Europe and North America, Kaufman illustrates… Read More

Dark Waters

Inspired by the mystery and momentary escape from reality that submerging oneself in water allows, the Dark Waters series began in the artist’s backyard pool. Viewers are challenged to reach deep in themselves and venture into the unknown like the subjects in this series, whose actions are symbolic of releasing hidden fears. Read More

Scent of Jasmine

Munaf sees a colourful world that unveils itself through her lens. In Scent of Jasmine, Munaf takes viewers on a journey to Damascus and Aleppo, two incredible cities with centuries of secrets and untold stories that lie behind every stone, street, and beautiful face. Munaf says: “What makes photography an… Read More

See Through A New Lens

Photographers Without Borders (PWB) showcases images from select photographers who have volunteered their time to capture the work of grassroots charities worldwide. These images are shared worldwide in print and online, as well as by the organizations for fundraising and awareness campaigns. These inspiring stories of community, collaboration, and positive… Read More


As an artist, Carty is always evolving and trying to find new ways to incorporate the latest tech innovations into his work. Evidence of that spirit can be seen in Carty’s latest work, MULTIPLICITY,  in which he experiments with stroboscopic effects and freezing multi-actions in a single frame. Coincidentally, MULTIPLICITY also… Read More

Urban Dreams & Decay

Photographer Julian is inspired by the night, when the sky is filled with wonderful colours and the clouds form textures that are invisible during the day. Julian is also obsessed with exploring abandoned buildings. Her exhibition communicates the adrenalin rush felt when going into these places, imagining the stories, loves,… Read More


Cosmos are fragments of the artist’s interpretation of what is occurring at this precise moment in the universe beyond terrestrial voyeurism, such as what really exists beyond the human extension, and information on the time-space continuum. Humans are merely observers of the spectrums of light reflected from these celestial particles and… Read More

Dark Room 4.0

Photographers, both emerging and internationally recognized, exhibit works that showcase knowledge and practices of historical photography, processes dating back to the 1800s. From pinhole, cyanotype, and Van Dyke printing, to glass negatives, tintypes and more, these artists test the boundaries of their art forms in a digital age. Visit April… Read More

INLAND: A Look at Canadian Fashion 

Part of INLAND, a 2-day Canadian designer shopping event, 9 Toronto-based fashion photographers reveal their intimate perspectives of fashion as gained through a span of high-profile editorial, portrait and product work with various Canadian designers and talents. The exhibit explores every angle of style and self-expression from the bright and brave, glamorous, ethereal and… Read More

Plant Dreaming Deep

New York-based artist Saunders creates images that are evocative of dreams and memories. Photographing through glass and playing with refracted light and shadows, Saunders’ images are translucent, luminous light gatherers, vehicles of ephemera that rest on the threshold of the mysterious. Working with archival pigment prints on fine-art paper, as well… Read More

What is to be done (available light)

This exhibition offers a conception of photography as developed through pages found in photographic manuals dating from the 1980s to present. By positioning photography as a question without an answer, the potential of the present and future of the medium remains open. Feelings of anxiety lurk within this openness, disrupting… Read More

Women In Rock

Women in Rock celebrates the groundbreaking and provocative work of the many women who have shaped the history of music. Jazz crooners, guitar warriors, soul sisters, disco queens, pop princesses, folkies, punks, and poets—these iconic photos highlight the women who made their mark on the musical landscape. Highlighted musicians include Tina… Read More

CNE ’77

In the early 2000s, the Archive of Modern Conflict Toronto acquired the photographs of amateur Canadian photographer Edouard LeBouthillier after his Polaroids were found discarded curbside in The Annex, a residential Toronto neighbourhood. Employing the medium of instant photography, LeBouthillier documented his life in Toronto throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Read More


Canadian photographers are as diverse as the pictures they shoot and the subjects that inspire them. Each took different roads to get to where they are. For some it was a personal journey, for others a geographic path that led to the here and now. This exhibition considers the roads, pathways, streets,… Read More

Sheridan College Grad Show

57 degrees, 57 students, one Hot New Program! Please join graduates and industry professionals as we celebrate the new Sheridan College Bachelor of Photography Degree’s inaugural Grad Show displaying image making through photography, video and books. … Read More

Everything Will Be Forgotten

Everything Will Be Forgotten is an exhibition of recent work by Rodick. Described by the artist as a “hallucinatory memoir,” it is the largest exhibition to date of two intimately connected series: the expressionistic portraits of Rodick’s late mother and the self-portraits constructed from found photographs. The images weave together elements as diverse… Read More


Art is a construct. It consists of limitations. As Garry Winogrand once stated, “Photography is about finding out what can happen in the frame." Senior art students of Rosedale Heights School of the Arts investigate this idea, interpreting the concept of “framed” in this exhibition at the culmination of their… Read More

What surrounds me; An extension of me

Focusing on portraiture and object, this collaborative community arts exhibition brings together youth and seniors. The artists investigate objects and spaces in their community to which they feel a connection. This collaborative artistic partnership allows each generation to share a perspective. While highlighting similarities and differences, the project also fosters a… Read More


ISLAND PROJECTS explores how different artists’ perspectives expand an experience of the same place. The artists in ISLAND PROJECTS are exhibiting photography, video, and documentation of performances and site-specific installations. Their work variously reflects experiences of engagement with place, community, history, narrative, and collaborative practice at Artscape Gibraltar Point and on… Read More


(mus)interpreted is a group exhibition showcasing work by young Muslim women of the Truth & Dare Project, a free youth arts program, in partnership with Outburst!. Through photography and photo-based mixed media, the artists document their lived realities and interrogate the notions and spaces in which Muslim women are defined… Read More


MINDSET JURIED PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION Workman Arts is pleased to present Mindset, a juried photography exhibition. For this exhibition, artists were asked to respond to the theme “Mindset: from my perspective; from where I stand; from my point of view; the way I see it.” Opening Reception: May 28, 2015, 6:00-8:00 pm Jurors: Heather Fulton,… Read More

ESA @ Contact IV

The Grade 12 Etobicoke School of the Arts students in this exhibition have exhibited at the Albright-Knox Museum and York University, and will be featured in a Magenta Foundation Flash Forward Incubator exhibition. With more than 50 graduating students participating, this is the photography program’s largest year to date—an exciting culmination… Read More

Unvarnished Truth

Unvarnished Truth presents a natural and honest view of humanity and human surroundings that can only be achieved by the photographer’s full immersion in the cultures and environs that are his subjects.  Each country is a mix of colour and culture, each with a story to share. Listed as one of… Read More

Freedom of Expression

Aspirations are built of knowledge and compassion – we cannot dream about things that we’ve never heard of – but each push to humanize communication, has been answered by a pushback from the market – to keep us mired in the illusion of buyable happiness, instead of allowing the freedom… Read More

Home On Two Continents

These six Canadian-Croatian artists channel their interpretation of life in Canada and Croatia by combining the contrasting beauty of old and new, natural and political, abstract and concrete. Though the individual works vary drastically, the pieces bring an element of familiarity, from the sleek lines of a classic car, the comfort of… Read More

Out of the Vault (Retrospective)

Out of the Vault (Retrospective) is an exhibition of works by Campbell comprised of 25 colour prints in a limited edition of five, each measuring approximately 20×30 inches. Elegant, graphic, dramatic, and textural, Campbell's images have an illustrative quality. Archive Magazine named him as one of Canada’s top photographers. This is Campbell's first retrospective exhibition in… Read More

Light, Shapes, Shadows & Colour

Robby Bernstein’s photographs are an intricate blend of light, shapes, shadows and colour – coupled with nuance/gesture; often tinged with a touch of humour or irony. Robby’s photographs hint at complex stories, captured in the subtlest of gestures or glances.  Robby concentrates on the relationships between the subjects of his photographs and… Read More

Fogo: The Ephemeral Isle at Earth’s Edge

There is a very small island off the coast of Newfoundland named Fogo, whose ancient geologic origins began over four hundred million years ago. On Fogo, if the stones could speak—and some say they do—each would tell a unique and epic tale. As one peers over the rocky ledges of the island… Read More

La Madre

La Madre "Mother". Through his lens, photographer Faddoul captures images of mothers from around the world. No matter what life brings, the compassion of a mother is always present. These photographs offer an intimate peek into a very special human connection that resonates across the globe. Read More

Mirvish Village People

Pisarzowski, a celebrated Toronto image-maker and platinum printer, has embarked on a major photographic essay that will record the year in Mirvish Village through a series of environmental portraits. Focusing on the people of Mirvish Village, Pisarzowski records each character in their studio or shop with an 8×10 camera. His vision… Read More

Snapping Back

The images in Snapping Back were created by marginalized youth who participated in Planned Parenthood Toronto’s Supporting Youth in Building Resiliency and Healthy Relationships project. In this exhibition, viewers see how youth imagine themselves, and how they navigate their worlds as they explore identity, consent, boundaries, desire, and sexuality. Giving… Read More

The Mind’s Eye

How would you take a photograph if you couldn’t see? What would your process be as a photographer, if you couldn’t rely on your sight? Every ten minutes, a Canadian is told they are losing their vision. Since 1918, CNIB has been helping Canadians with vision loss challenge stigmas around… Read More


Renowned realist painter and photographer Oretsky cites a lifelong love affair with both Rome and Paris as a primary influence on his journey as an artist. He captures a wide range of images while exploring the juxtaposition of modern life and antiquity in these two European capitals. The fusion of… Read More

The World He Saw

The World He Saw is an exhibition of images by Singh. Inspired by the works of photography greats such as Irving Penn, Helmut Newton and Annie Leibovitz, Singh was a gifted photojournalist whose life was cut short, suddenly, at the age of 21. Read More


The portrayal of food as an art form is deeply rooted in cultural history. Photographer Reid's exhibition Dejeuner seduces the viewer with provocative images of the oyster mushroom. Through traditional composition, lighting ,and darkroom development, Reid’s skilled execution of each photograph captures the texture and allure of the oyster mushroom. Read More

Photographing the World, One Torontonian at a Time

For the project Cosmopolis Toronto, Shafer has photographed a portrait of immigrants living in the city of Toronto, who hail from every country in the world. Shafer photographs each person in a space in the city where they feel most at home and pairs each portrait with the person’s story. This… Read More

Faces of Regent Park

Faces of Regent Park is a series of twelve photo-based, mixed-media portraits of residents from the newly revitalized neighbourhood. Whereas the permanent outdoor versions have been fabricated into shiny, glass monoliths to match the contemporary design and construction of the entry plaza to Regent Park where they are located, these studio… Read More


Neighbours is a series of portraits depicting the cultural diversity of families living on the same street in The Esplanade area. This exhibit exemplifies our geographic origins in light of our daily living.… Read More

Golden Horn: Photographs from Istanbul

Kudelka always photographs people, believing that humans and their environment are in a dance with each other. For him, photography is about capturing an instant in an unfolding story, or grabbing moments of apotheosis out of the air. He views this practice as urban sociology, aiming to present people and… Read More

Change Begins Within

In the bustle of daily life, taking a moment to connect to the inner self is a challenge, although this practice has been taught in the East for thousands of years. Westerners are beginning to have the experience of inner peace and stillness through simple techniques of meditation. In this… Read More

A World of Circus

A World of Circus presents an exploration of the relationship between art and circus. Images that elicit heightened reactions from viewers will be unveiled in a sensational context that alludes to the drama of circus performance. This unique, stunning collection will change over time, ensuring a different experience each visit:… Read More

Imperiled Landscapes

Over the past eight years, Jessup has been photographing the potential effects of climate change on wilderness during travel related to his environmental career. As the earth warms up, wilderness areas will be especially at risk. In the Arctic, sea ice is disappearing while Inuit villages sink into muddy ground. Read More

Life On 2

Life on 2 explores motorcycle culture from the smell of gasoline and rubber to the fetish of leather. Lulu’s images remind viewers of the burning oil, blur of landscape, and sound of speed that make up Life on 2. … Read More

Surviving the Savannah

Surviving the Savannah is an exhibition of fine art photography from The Roberta Bondar Foundation's biome collection. It features images from the African savannah and includes birds and animals that must survive cycles of rain, drought, and conditions brought on by climate change. Video loops illustrating the fieldwork behind the… Read More

Curious Encounters

Curious Encounters explores the various societal differences both Hoti and Nar find themselves enclosed within. While this diverse collection of work functions as an authentic account of both Hoti and Nar's personal lives, their photographs—a combination of both black-and-white and colour—raise questions on the universality of the human condition. Curious… Read More


In this exhibition, Crisante presents Rome beyond the typical iconographic representation. At the margins of the city, a city that shines with eternal grandeur, he finds a reality far darker. Rome and its inhabitants face a tough economic reality, with many crossing the city’s boundaries to the outskirts. While focusing… Read More


Witnesses is a two-part exhibition by members of artist-run centre Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography. The exhibition will present visual testimony using a variety of styles and techniques. Keen observation and visual poetry that reveal conscious and subconscious observations of external and internal worlds are integral to the theme of the exhibition. Witnesses is a dialogue… Read More


Grskovic investigates the image archive by collecting vintage negatives from around the world. He then enlarges and develops the negatives in the darkroom. His interest lies in using the negative as an information source as well as a conduit of light. Through printing, Grskovic enlarges the images beyond their intended… Read More

Lost in Light

Goyette is first and foremost a poet whose language is sometimes sound, sometimes words, and in this new body of work, photography. He has placed his camera to be witness to the same corner over days, weeks, months … suns rising and setting, and the movement of figures who wander… Read More

Reluctant Subject Canadian Portraits

A broad exhibition including renowned artists, leaders, First Nations peoples, and the common man, Reluctant Subject Canadian Portraits covers 25 years of photographs capturing Canadian life in personal portraits. At home, work, and play, within rural settings and urban life, Zsolt captures intimate moments that flash by. Whether personal portraiture… Read More


Godfrey transforms photographs into unique pop art portraits and prints them on canvas or archival paper. She uses a mixture of processes, blending digital photography, fine-art principles, and Pop Art expressionism, calling this process “popography.” Her portraiture practice began professionally when she sold portraits in charcoal at 18 years old. In… Read More

rough form

Leipzig artist and photographer Edgar Leciejewski presents a large-scale photo collage from his series rough form created during his Fogo Island Arts residency in 2014. Read More

Photography by Design

OCAD University and the Faculty of Design are proud to present an exhibition of student and faculty work that emphasizes the role of design concepts within contemporary photography. Each image is a unique technical and conceptual exploration resulting in an exciting interpretation of the given subject, employing both traditional and alternative… Read More

Xposé 2015

CAPIC (Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators) presents our nations image creators of stellar works from a dazzling array of Canadian visionaries. Expect sexy, edgy, mystical, thought-provoking, controversial, surreal, serene, magical, emotions for which there are no words. A must see for serious photography collectors, image buffs and anyone with an… Read More

Movement And Nuances

This exhibition features photo-based artist Albert and emerging photographer Robins as they examine and explore their relationship of the viewer through realism, conceptual photographic depiction, and visual perception. Albert seeks to stimulate the senses in an emotional rather than a physical way, through unexpected angles of light, forms, and movement, while Robins contemplates how individuals… Read More


Reflecting a wide range of approaches from documentary to abstraction, Fu presents a series of compelling photographs examining relationships among humans and their relationship to their environment and broader society, based on daily life in the public setting of Toronto. From very different perspectives, he wants to challenge conventional modes of representing relationship… Read More


Throughout history, the botanical world has captivated the human imagination through its momentary beauty, sensuous lines, and symbolic meaning. This series of photographs illustrates the seductive appearance of various plant forms in different stages of emergence and disintegration. The images are studies in structure, form, and movement, abstracted from the… Read More

Built To Last: Montreal’s Enduring Architecture

Montreal was Canada’s most important city for well over a century, and its architectural heritage, which dates back to the era of New France, remains unparalleled in Canada. Photographer Kaufman has travelled to Montreal many times over 30 years to make images of its built environment. In striking, detailed architectural… Read More


əmˈbädē is an exhibition by Toronto-based artist Craig Chambers, highlighting the moving body in distinctive spaces. Following several years of photographing professional dancers, Chambers’ interest with əmˈbädē is to display the nude body in motion, including the texture of skin, the shapes of bones and flexed muscles, and idiosyncrasies of… Read More

Transitional Spaces

Exploring the transient condition of everyday spaces, the works in this exhibition examine unique sites that oscillate between the real and imagined, private and public, urban and natural spaces, revealing the transformative, at times contradictory, and ever-changing nature of place. Visual investigations of abandoned industrial sites, trains in motion, and aesthetic studies… Read More

Canada East and West

Canada East and West is an exhibition of black-and-white photographs featuring studies of the East Coast province of Nova Scotia and the West Coast provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. Works by photojournalist Varano take viewers on a journey through the beautiful, tranquil province of Nova Scotia, visiting Lunenburg, Mahone Bay,… Read More

Paris Through The Eyes

Photographer Salnikova graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the famous Vaganova Ballet Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia. Her style in all artistic ventures, including photography, is focused on capturing the moment. She calls this artmaking process “flowtographyart,” and it is inspired by many things, including movement, shape, and sound. Read More

Arbor Vitae (Tree of Life)

In Arbor Vitae (Latin for “tree of life”), Woods presents a series of photographs on lightboxes that reveals the mysterious beauty of trees. Using the circle as a framing device, Woods both captures trees in their natural state and creates enigmatic montages. The glowing appearance of the artworks and the subject matter… Read More

The Secret Room

The Secret Room is a photography-based exhibition by artist Yonova. Her works are an intriguing blend of reality and world of fantasy. Photographing the play of light, glass, and water onto specially arranged settings and objects creates a signature look in her artworks. She also experiments in the area of digital collage. Read More

Leftovers: Optograms and Memoirs

Leftovers: Optograms and Memoirs inserts viewers into final visions and memories of the recently departed. Based on the 19th-century theories of “optography,” whereby a person's last seen images are recorded within the eye, Lowndes’ work replicates optogram images through photographic abstraction. Through text and images, viewers are offered the final sights and ruminations of fictional narrators who contemplate beauty,… Read More

Toronto System

Micallef explores Toronto, leaving behind him a trail of photos that he shares on Twitter and Instagram. These photos sometimes have people in them, but often don't. They are an oblique aggregate of the city's interesting and banal parts seen through the lens of psychogeography, where the details and feeling… Read More

The Disremembered

In society, materialistic hopes and interests are at their highest when it comes to the shiny and new. Objects and places are often forgotten when they start to wither and age. Photographed in the hidden corners of Toronto, Taipei, Valencia, New York, Las Vegas, and L.A., this photography series by Wang exposes the viewer to the true… Read More

Dérive Through City Parks

Inspired by an increasing awareness of a distanced relationship with the land, Samuelsen's debut solo exhibition, Dérive Through City Parks, features photographs taken between 2011 and 2013 using Polaroid film and preliminary production runs of the Impossible Project's instant film stock, revealing a surreal, whimsical side of city parks during his many… Read More

Buddhism in Nepal

Religion in Nepal is an intricate mix of different faiths and traditions. The majority of Nepalese people are either Hindus or Buddhists, and both groups have coexisted in harmony for centuries. Buddhist influences permeate all layers of Nepalese society and are evident in the rich culture of Nepal. The images in… Read More

5 X 5

Anderson captures the colourful county fall fair midway and pinhole views of Georgian Bay. Hiller portrays women in unusual spaces, creating auras through dance. Hoy’s altered landscapes explore the mystical lands of ancient European enigmatic castles and timeworn structures. McBride’s street portraits are in our world yet squarely inside theirs, defined by interior… Read More

Slices of Time

Nevins builds his own digital cameras to create images using a slit-scan technique. The resulting images show, from a singular perspective, what passes in front of the lens: distortions are generated by the speed, rhythmic motion, or direction of the subjects themselves. In this way, the images depict the flow… Read More

Variety & Convenience

The concept of the variety store originated with the five-and-dime, a store offering a wide assortment of inexpensive personal and household items. These convenient shops popped up everywhere—street corners, train stations, and country roads—and stocked one of almost everything. Laverty’s images capture their unassuming utility, quaint names, bright signage, and… Read More


Muratori's Abandoned series is a compilation of photographs of abandoned buildings, taken in Italy in 2013. Photographed in three different provinces—Veneto, Emilia Romagna, and Le Marche—and five different locations: an army barracks, a feed factory, a hospital, an airplane factory, and a sugar factory. Read More

I Really Need You

On long, dreary, walks to school, Phillipa passed a garden that overflowed with roses. One day she packed a pair of scissors, wanting to enjoy these beauties all to herself. Soon enough, she was caught, roses and scissors in hand. "You've been stealing my roses," said Mrs. Melon, scolding her… Read More

Barrens and Bogs

Barrens and Bogs is an exhibition of images that explore the rural, coastal landscapes of southeastern Newfoundland. In these photographs, Hashimoto captures a rugged, harsh environment while contrasting this against the backdrop of Trinity Bay's coastal villages. Newfoundland has some of the most beautiful landscapes in Canada, but it is… Read More

Eternal Spaces

The urban space reflects a human understanding of the world. Architectural traditions are passed from generation to generation while preserving their core concepts, such as abstracting the orders of geometry based on perception of the celestial order and landscape. In building the modern urban space, humanity has sought logic and… Read More

Forever – in Trust

Blomfield’s photographs pay homage to the UNESCO World Heritage designated buildings found in Willemstad, Curaçao, and to the concept of forever. The artworks are composites; images of clouds have been superimposed onto the images of the buildings to illustrate the ongoing connection between the buildings and their environment, both of which have been… Read More

Pedal With Passion

Where can a bike take you? Where has it? Bikes are a powerful symbol of independence, ingenuity, and strength. Kraiker’s unique photos reflect a blending of passions: the intensity and beauty of cycling with his visual style. From spandex-clad racers to utility bikes, these evocative images explore the breadth of… Read More


The monochrome works by Jin explore patterning found within nature and urban centres—investigating the notion of location and repetition. Mellis produces large-scale glass negatives using the wet plate collodion process. His bold portraits radiate with depth and texture, leaving a haunting impression. Also on view is a salon-style installation of… Read More

Aquaphilia IV: Critical Infrastructure

The photographs in Aquaphilia Project IV: Critical Infrastructure investigate contemporary municipal wastewater treatment facilities. Most people seldom think about how different the nature of contemporary urban life would be without water and wastewater management. The incredible investment in increasingly advanced technologies required to safely neutralize organic matter ironically requires facilities with surreal, science… Read More


//_PATH examines the ways in which technology permeates Western contemporary life and how it can alter one’s perception of the world. Dorf creates a comparison of visual language by contrasting natural landscapes with strict geometric forms. This looping video, visible at street level, acts as a continuous reminder of society’s pervasive… Read More

Altered Environments

Street photographer Parker repurposes Google Street View data from inside the Fukushima Exclusion Zone, revealing a depopulated but regenerating cityscape complete with functioning vending machines (jidouhanbaiki). Koplimae exhibits digitally manipulated images of singular trees and silver gelatin contact prints of bowstring bridges, photographed with a pinhole camera on paper negatives. Read More


The Prism group exhibition is another Chinese photographic art event from the collective Toronto International Image. The artists have created artworks that explore the individual and society, the mind and existence, object and subject, as well as the relationship between ecological environment and daily life from different perspectives. Their observation… Read More

Cento Citá — 33/100

Now in its third decade, Witek’s Cento Citá project captures the essence of his visits to 100 cities across the globe, through single images of each place. These are not postcards. Nearly completed, the exhibition 33/100 will feature the first public glimpse of this work. The photographs were printed from original negatives by… Read More

I Work Here

“What do you do?” is a typical question people ask one another upon first meeting. I Work Here documents different workplaces: offices, construction zones, factories, sites of transaction, and human interaction. This new series of photographs by Rondel illustrates the poetry of everyday life, perhaps concealed, neglected areas that often… Read More


Expanse is the Norman Felix Gallery's eighth Festival exhibit, featuring work by 29 photographers from its roster of over 100 Canadian artists from across the country. Expanse is a celebration of the creative ground covered by the artists represented by the gallery, highlighting artists who have been a part of the gallery since its inception, while introducing others who are new to its community. … Read More

Subversion / Inversion

Subversion Inversion is a series of conceptual abstraction studies that simultaneously counterpoints the changing states of real and imagined space and time. Compositional subject matter is extracted from man-made elements and then isolated from expected contexts. By further reducing them to pure form and colour, Glazer creates new images that are deliberate in their… Read More

Mirrors and Lenses

A group exhibition featuring emerging artists from photography courses in Continuing Studies at OCAD University. Mirrors and Lenses examines identity and the human body.  … Read More

I Want to Believe

Extra! Extra! UFO sightings from the Oregon Coast to downtown Toronto! I Want to Believe is where the National Enquirer tabloids meet fine art—must be seen to be believed! Robidas is an emerging artist working in black-and-white film photography. She uses traditional darkroom methods to create silver gelatin prints, hand-printed from… Read More


Revolution brings about dramatic change that creates an invigorated vision for the future. Often these moments take the actions of many and affect society as a whole. Yet, revolutions can be found in personal experiences that influence only the individual, or their immediate community. The participants of Revolution will work… Read More

Discover Parkdale

A collaborative effort between the Parkdale Village BIA, Parkdale Collegiate Institute, and Hello Foto Inc offered students the opportunity to explore photography within their Parkdale Village community. The students' work portrays the people and local businesses that create the distinct culture and community found in the neighbourhood. The resulting exhibitions are showcased across… Read More

Discover Parkdale

A collaborative effort between the Parkdale Village BIA, Parkdale Collegiate Institute, and Hello Foto Inc offered students the opportunity to explore photography within their Parkdale Village community. The students' work portrays the people and local businesses that create the distinct culture and community found in the neighbourhood. The resulting exhibitions are showcased across… Read More

Discover Parkdale

A collaborative effort between the Parkdale Village BIA, Parkdale Collegiate Institute, and Hello Foto Inc offered students the opportunity to explore photography within their Parkdale Village community. The students' work portrays the people and local businesses that create the distinct culture and community found in the neighbourhood. The resulting exhibitions are showcased across… Read More

Discover Parkdale

A collaborative effort between the Parkdale Village BIA, Parkdale Collegiate Institute, and Hello Foto Inc offered students the opportunity to explore photography within their Parkdale Village community. The students' work portrays the people and local businesses that create the distinct culture and community found in the neighbourhood. The resulting exhibitions are showcased across… Read More

Discover Parkdale

A collaborative effort between the Parkdale Village BIA, Parkdale Collegiate Institute, and Hello Foto Inc offered students the opportunity to explore photography within their Parkdale Village community. The students' work portrays the people and local businesses that create the distinct culture and community found in the neighbourhood. The resulting exhibitions are showcased across… Read More

Discover Parkdale

A collaborative effort between the Parkdale Village BIA, Parkdale Collegiate Institute, and Hello Foto Inc offered students the opportunity to explore photography within their Parkdale Village community. The students' work portrays the people and local businesses that create the distinct culture and community found in the neighbourhood. The resulting exhibitions are showcased across… Read More

Discover Parkdale

A collaborative effort between the Parkdale Village BIA, Parkdale Collegiate Institute, and Hello Foto Inc offered students the opportunity to explore photography within their Parkdale Village community. The students' work portrays the people and local businesses that create the distinct culture and community found in the neighbourhood. The resulting exhibitions are showcased across… Read More

Discover Parkdale

A collaborative effort between the Parkdale Village BIA, Parkdale Collegiate Institute, and Hello Foto Inc offered students the opportunity to explore photography within their Parkdale Village community. The students' work portrays the people and local businesses that create the distinct culture and community found in the neighbourhood. The resulting exhibitions are showcased across… Read More

Discover Parkdale

A collaborative effort between the Parkdale Village BIA, Parkdale Collegiate Institute, and Hello Foto Inc offered students the opportunity to explore photography within their Parkdale Village community. The students' work portrays the people and local businesses that create the distinct culture and community found in the neighbourhood. The resulting exhibitions are showcased across… Read More

The North American Bison

The iconic bison once roamed the grasslands of North America by the millions, before nearing extinction in the 1800s. In the present day, Flynn documents her journey from Alberta, Canada, to Utah, USA, exploring the few remaining habitats of these majestic creatures. This exhibition by the Toronto-based artist uses photography… Read More

The Rolling Stones – A Rock & Roll Retrospective

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The Rolling Stones first live performances in Canada, Paul Hahn & Co. presents a retrospective of rare and intimate shots by legendary photographers. This extraordinary exhibition depicts music’s most notorious bad boys throughout their incredible 50-year career. Read More

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

In this evocative series, animal photographer Leeder demonstrates a literal interpretation of the classic idiom, “let sleeping dogs lie,” featuring dogs at rest. Leeder believes the experience of watching animals in moments of deep relaxation can inspire the same feelings of peacefulness in people. While viewing the exhibit, the artist invites visitors to inhale deeply through the nose, then release that breath in a great big dog sigh. Read More

Basilicata : Experiments in blue

Cyanotype is one of the oldest photographic processes. Created in 1842 and first known as “blueprint,” architects and historians used it to document their works. With the advent of digital photography, it is a dying art, but it satisfies photographers’ desires to create something with their hands. With a few non-toxic chemicals, a good… Read More

The Fortune of Having Been There: OCAD University Photo Thesis Graduation Exhibition

The Fortune of Having Been There showcases the work of 27 graduates of OCAD’s photography thesis program. This month long exhibition, curated into three shows by students from OCAD’s Criticism and Curatorial Practices program, introduces the next generation of local artists and curators. Volume I (May 14 – 24) Opening: May 15,… Read More


This exhibition explores a current digital street photography movement from a uniquely Torontonian perspective. A blend of design, architecture, urban grit, cityscapes, and street fashion, SoTeeOh employs a guerilla approach to photography to create stunning images of staged compositions in dynamic environments. Significant digital processing is a large component of this style and… Read More

Conflict and Collaboration – Storm Front Arriving

Forests cleared, rivers dammed, harbours girded by bridges, mountains pierced by tunnels. Ever-increasing veins of concrete roadways, rail lines, and air routes under the invisible control of electromagnetic commands and machine-mediated thoughts. Endlessly building wider, taller, denser architectural monuments under the approving gaze of skyscraper sentinels that glow by night… Read More

Urban Exposures

The four photographers featured in this exhibition employ diverse strategies in depicting urban environments. These range from the architectural explorations of Winter and Hlavacek, examining the phenomena of change and human perception, to Patella’s double exposures documenting the passage of time, and Dodds’ intimate portraits of the mundane and the ephemeral. The work of these artists… Read More


PAINT-O-graphica is a series of images, created from shards and fragments of the urban landscape. Combining photos of store windows, street signage, outdoor advertising and graffiti, photographer Lorne Fromer has produced a handsome body of large scale photo-canvases that employ juxtaposition, reflection, layering and collage — all in the service… Read More

Chemical Compositions

Repurposing exposed photographic paper, Johnston documents the automatic chemical reactions as they appear over minutes, sometimes days. Working spontaneously with different marking tools and his camera, he explores the surface tension where liquids, light, and paper meet. The viewer is invited to get close and to step back to see… Read More

Out Of Time

Out of Time, a series of photographic works by artist Church, satirizes the cyclical rise and inevitable demise of trends by featuring a taxidermied wild bison sporting his facial hair crafted into five different “so-hot-right-now” styles. In this series, Church mocks popular culture’s preferred mode of transport, the “bandwagon,” while also… Read More

Low Resolution City

With his large-format prints of low-resolution digital photographs, Duncan McLean is exploring an area where image meets pattern. Gradations of tone have sharpened into rhythmic repetitions of colour and form. The glass and steel architecture of Toronto’s high-rise condos and office towers appears as a shimmering geometry of atmospheric reflection. Read More

Light Forms

Toronto artist and biochemist Kurowska explores the mystery of transformation from inanimate organic matter to living beings. The works depict the universal, cosmic aspect of life. The otherworldly, yet strangely familiar-looking creatures emerge from alien landscapes bursting with vibrant colours and light. Using a novel technique based on spectacular visual effects… Read More

Street Scenes

The “decisive moment” as Henri Cartier-Bresson described it, is a combination of instinct, intuition, luck, and an attentive observer with a desire to tell a story. Marion wanders the urban landscape, waiting for that moment. This series of images presents stories where street art and people inadvertently collide to create a layered narrative. Her… Read More

Newport 1965

This exhibition features images from The Newport Folk Festival and other mementos of the 1960s folk music scene, including the Mariposa Folk Festival on Centre Island. Newport, Rhode Island, was the principal gathering place for folk musicians and fans in the 1960s. Woodley attended the July 1965 Festival with friends,… Read More


Dipo is a festival celebrated by the Krobo people in Ghana. The festival marks the transition of adolescent girls into womanhood. The Dipo girls are adorned in clothes, markings, and colourful beads. The girls appear bare-breasted, despite the widely held views in contemporary Ghana that nudity is indecent and improper. Read More

Forgotten Memories

This exhibition contains images of places that are forever altered by history. Photographs from the Aleppo series capture everyday moments that have become significant as the physical and human geography changes. The decade-long gap between various works speaks to the evolution of the artist and the importance of capturing the beauty, in… Read More

Maximum Exposure

Ryerson’s School of Image Arts proudly presents Maximum Exposure. Celebrating its 20th year, the exhibition showcases the talents of emerging image-based artists at Ryerson University. Maximum Exposure features the thesis projects of the 2015 graduating photography class. Work by film, new media, and photography students in all years of the program will also be displayed. Read More

Drowned City

This exhibition includes photography and video-based work about the devastation of the Serbian city of Obrenovac during the flood that struck the already-impoverished—by wars and international sanctions— region in May 2014. This exhibition is about the suffering and solidarity of ordinary people in the midst of a sudden destruction of their basic life necessities, with… Read More

From Comics to Cameras

Downer's debut exhibition, From Comics to Cameras, is as spontaneous as he is. His love of comics inspired him to pick up a camera and capture images that challenge viewers to see parts of their own story. The “beauty and the beast” of humans against nature, often working against each other, leaves inevitable… Read More

Solid/Void. speculations on urban green space

Shafer rejects the contemporary notion that all urban space must be productive. He believes that this common line of thought leads to a denial of the true holistic value of green space. After all, what would New York or London be without Central Park or Hyde Park? Photographed from above,… Read More

A Beautiful Step Forward: Wedding Shoe Portraits

Sexy or modest, sometimes themed, and occasionally outlandish, wedding shoes are the exclamation point in a well-crafted statement of style and individuality. Wood’s portraits of wedding shoes are about love and friendship, old customs and new ones, and, of course, beauty. As a photographer for The Bata Shoe Museum, he has… Read More

Incidental Galleries and Endangered Species

A passerby can often stumble upon a gallery space without even meaning to. By isolating scenes in neglected storefronts and banal places and objects within the urban landscape, Bugatto’s photographs present these scenes as exhibitions unto themselves. Incidental Galleries explores these spaces among us and highlights beauty in what's often overlooked. Read More

Incredible Beauty

Brodkin’s work is a reflection of the astonishing splendour he sees in the world, and is the theme of the exhibition: Incredible Beauty. His process begins when he has a strong emotional connection with a subject. His intention is to create images that convey his emotion to the viewer. Brodkin… Read More

The Landscape and Other Bodies of Work

The landscape image presents a reflection of experience and emotion. Both Davidson and Gilligan, working independently, have explored the nuance of place and occurrence in both natural and contrived environments. Various visual elements, inherent or extraneous to the landscape, influence the viewer to build a personal interpretation based on cultural and individual experience. Read More


The definition of Enlighten is to give (someone) greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation. Synonyms: make aware, open someone's eyes, bring up to date. The goal of this group exhibition is to engage and inspire photographers and art lovers, and to explore the many ways to create an image and display it. The… Read More

Water Series

Drawn to the water for its calming qualities and sense of renewal, Moore-Kakaletris' love for water photography began in her backyard pool.  It is there that she took her first photograph with her camera wrapped in a sealed bag. Moore-Kakaletris' Water Series offers a unique glimpse into the souls of her subject… Read More


The diversity of participants in gender, age, background, and life experiences is reflected in the diversity of work presented on the Toronto Camera Club’s main floor and in the Powell Gallery upstairs. What unifies them all is a desire to capture life’s splendour and the transient moments of existence. The… Read More

Do Photo: Routine

Toronto-based photographer and visual artist Kelly is often found traversing the city, looking for new subjects and locations to photograph. Interested in disrupting the binaries of the familiar and the novel, Kelly approaches landmarks and city features from a new perspective that aims to reinvigorate the ordinary by highlighting overlooked… Read More

Outside In

Outside In is a group exhibition featuring four Canadian photographers whose works explore landscapes both familiar and exotic. Their images reveal the extraordinary in the world around us, bringing the outside in. Read More

Living With Construction

Construction is, for good or evil, a necessary part of the development of great cities. Living in, under, and with construction in her downtown Toronto community, Bell made her peace with it, documenting both the impressive work undertaken by those involved in the myriad projects, and the adjustments required of the… Read More


A selection of works from the Hart House and University of Toronto Art Collections The works in this exhibition engage dramatization and performance of a persona. Critical in these works is the use of the camera as an apparatus that offers opportunity to play: to invoke, impersonate or conjure someone else,… Read More

The Beth Project

Photographer and digital artist Morrow created a series of pop culture-inspired portraits of his friend Beth, celebrating, in a playful way, her significant weight loss of 150 pounds. Morrow photographed Beth posing as two characters, her “Before” and “After” selves two years apart, and seamlessly integrated them so they appear… Read More


For this exhibition, Simmons specially selected classic toys, figures, and characters from the past 30 years to use in his images. The toys were lit and shot individually or in a series, to highlight the features and qualities of each object and create a simple aesthetic that matches the feel… Read More


This series focuses on particular moments in the lifecycle of everyday objects as they pass from being discarded, becoming recycled material (paper, metal, plastic, and fabric), and then being shaped by this process into sculptural forms with an intense beauty. What appears to be without value is a source of inspiration… Read More

Grassroots Exposure

Grassroots Exposure by Photographers Without Borders (PWB) showcases images from select photographers who have volunteered their time to capture the work of grassroots charities around the world. These photographers have travelled to Tanzania, Guatemala, Bangladesh, Peru, Colombia, Indonesia, and Bolivia, to show you some inspiring stories of community, collaboration and positive change. If you… Read More


This exhibition explores depictions of family through the works of two contemporary artists. Savage and Saunders come together with the intent to challenge long-held stereotypes and sentimental views of womanhood by addressing gender roles, domesticity, the body, and the identity of individuals within the family unit. Both photographers seek to… Read More


Emerging photographer Baron is a professional violinist who has been a member of the Canadian Opera Company for 17 years and a member of the Santa Fe Opera for 12. Working in the American Southwest over the last 12 years has had a fundamental influence on her photographic work. It… Read More

The Dark Room 3.0

A group exhibition celebrating analogue and alternative photography, The Dark Room 3.0 brings together emerging and established photographers who are preserving the knowledge and practices of classic photography and testing the boundaries of this art form. Visit April 24 for an initial preview and reception, to vote and help select… Read More

The Purists/The Manipulators

More so than ever, many photographers are divided between technological advances and tradition. The Purist/The Manipulators reflects this divide by showcasing the contrasting works of “the purists”—film and darkroom devotees—and “the manipulators”—those who embrace digital media. The exhibition includes eight artists who champion their respective crafts and equally push the… Read More


Continuing her work with transitional spaces, Toronto-based photographer O’Connor embarks on a new series exploring her idea of a threshold, a boundary at which a certain reaction or phenomenon must occur and be manifested. Introducing animals as representational figures or archetypes, she explores narratives in the collective experience of time… Read More


In the 70s, popular music reached a crossroads, somewhere between disco and classic rock. Out of this moment in time—perhaps because of it—two of the most important, provocative, and subversive genres in the history of music were born: rap and punk. In this exhibition, images of the iconic players, performances,… Read More


For the past year and a half, using only his camera phone and working under the nom de photo "thunder_pino" (a tribute to his father and mother, who are from Thunder Bay and the Phillippines respectively), Derek Shapton has quietly documented various aspects of his immediate environment in an ongoing one-photo-a-day… Read More

Admissions Ward

Schuster set up an ad hoc portrait studio inside a shabby shed in the gardens of a neuropsychiatric hospital, inviting the “mad ones” to come in and pose without the gaze of doctors, nurses, and security guards. She used mirrored glass on her camera lens, allowing the sitters to literally… Read More

Lookout Into My World

This exhibition encapsulates the many natural and colourful wonders in the world. Working in various photographic media, each of the photographers learn to look and experience the world from their unique perspectives. Each series is a journey: from the Canadian landscape to spice markets in India, wildlife shots in Africa… Read More


“Memory is all: reality exists only in the present moment and the past only exists in our memories. The mind is like a room with countless doors, each one concealing a memory. Some doors become locked, keeping the past hidden. Nostalgia unlocks memories from the depths of oblivion.” —Rosedale student… Read More

Inside Scoop: Youth Re-envision the Village of Islington

Youth from Arts Etobicoke’s after-school drop-in program partner with photographer Katherine Fleitas to document the Village of Islington neighbourhood. Historic sites such as Montgomery’s Inn, community happenings like Mabelle Arts’ annual winter parade, and local places and events are among the many varied subjects presented in this exhibition of photographs. Read More


Whereabouts is a series of photographic works by Abrams, that explores the lines between document and constructed storytelling. Whereabouts refers to both a location and an approximation. As people pass through various places, they often become so entwined in their surroundings that semblances of their presence linger. Abrams’ photographs address… Read More

Landscape Subversions

Reflecting a wide range of approaches—from documentary to abstraction—the photographs in this exhibition examine the human relationship to the environment. From very different perspectives, each of the artists wants to challenge the conventions of representing beauty in the world, taking a conceptual approach beyond the environment the eye can perceive. Read More

Mise en Scène

This group exhibition brings together an eclectic mix of photography, from the nearly abstract to the traditional. Petrungaro’s work is influenced by the cinematic term mise-en-scène, or placement within the walls of the frame. Toole combines different exposures or images to create a single compelling artwork. Erutku is renowned for… Read More

Flamenco With No Borders: From Andalucia to Canada

This group exhibition brings together an eclectic mix of photography, from the nearly abstract to the traditional. Petrungaro’s work is influenced by the cinematic term mise-en-scène, or placement within the walls of the frame. Tool combines different exposures or images to create a single compelling artwork. Erutku is renowned for… Read More

Stoking the Star Maker Machinery Behind the Popular Songs

Stoking the Star Maker Machinery Behind the Popular Songs includes portraits representing the music mania and the street culture that shaped the heartbeat of Canadian music. The photographs in the exhibition depict musicians and fans alike, who were involved in country, folk, rock, and punk movements. The beat goes on… Read More

On The Road

Weiner’s photography is an attempt to preserve present moments. Yet, like in a speeding car, every view is immediately replaced by the next. Time slips through one’s fingers like water, and cannot be grasped; its ephemeral nature makes it poignant and lovely. In the sense that time is always moving,… Read More

Tree Portraits

The exhibition Tree Portraits showcases some prominent trees from the parks of Toronto. The artist’s fascination for everything beautiful in nature led her to regard trees in a special way, not only because of their unparalleled beauty and incredible usefulness for all species, but also as a symbol of strength… Read More

Desert Air

The photographs in Desert Air present a visual adventure through the world’s extreme deserts, the most remote and inhospitable places on earth that together add up to some of the last great wilderness left on our planet. This compelling story is told through the eyes of Steinmetz, one of National… Read More

Ici et là

Ici et là, here and there, is a duo exhibition documenting modern threats to people’s territories and their consequences. Mazataud’s work focuses on personal objects carried by Syrian refugees in Jordan, while Huneault’s addresses climate change through a series of diptychs created during the Quebec floods in 2011. This exhibition… Read More

Till We Meet Again, A Love Letter

Berenson Fine Art is pleased to present Till We Meet Again, A Love Letter. In this series of large portraits, Antonijevic has documented the dancers of The National Ballet of Canada. Some of the dancers are seasoned professionals, international stars of this art form, and others are young hopefuls that… Read More

Urban Landscapes

This exhibition presents a series of abstract architectural photographs captured in Montreal and Toronto, with the intention of transforming everyday cityscapes into compositions of colour, line, and texture. The images were taken primarily at night and focus on the forms that make up each structure. Read More

Crowds and Dancers

The last Sunday of every warm month is Pedestrian Sunday in Toronto’s Kensington Market, and troupes of dancers come to the south end of the neighbourhood to perform outdoors on the street under a tree. Crowds and Dancers depicts this unique atmosphere. Read More

Instant Stints of Intervals

Instant Stints of Intervals is an exhibition of photographs by seven artists. When seen together in the exhibition, their works form a journey into the varied landscapes of Canada and the United States. The photographs reference past moments and evoke emotions from the artist’s personal experiences, reflecting the beauty of… Read More

The Tyrone Series 1970-73

Newton was born in Montreal in 1933 and studied at St. Martins School of Art in England. He worked for CHUM Radio and his work could be found on many record album covers in the 1960s. In 1970, Newton bought a farm in Tyrone, Ontario. He created a series of… Read More


Focus is an exhibition created by four photographic artists, who seek to reveal the social status and lifestyles in Beijing, Toronto, and New York by photographing the cities in which they have lived. Focus is their first photography exhibition for the Festival, as well as their opportunity to connect with… Read More

Parkdale Village BIA

A collaborative effort between the Parkdale Village BIA, Parkdale Collegiate Institute teachers and local photographers offered students the opportunity to explore photography and interpret numerous topics within their Parkdale Village community. The resulting exhibitions are showcased across nine venues within Parkdale Village. … Read More

Better with Age: 35th Anniversary Show

For 35 years, Jane Corkin has been collecting photographs by the masters who have shaped and defined the history of photography. This rarely exhibited collection reflects the highlights and history of photographic art in technical and artistic terms. Works include nineteenth-century English and French photographs from the 1850s featuring Nègre,… Read More

More than Black & White

The black-and-white photographs in this exhibition provide a kaleidoscope of individual identities. Perceptions are based on individual human experience. The portraits capture the unique personalities of each person partaking in rewarding activities. They capture individuals with intellectual disabilities and the essence of who they are in the moment. Community Junction… Read More

Point and Shoot/Points of View

The group of artists from Creative Village Studios have used the medium of digital photography to explore their surroundings, refine their visual literacy and share their unique stories with others. For them, the camera has become a tool for expressing their perspectives and experiences, communicating ideas, creating beauty and taking… Read More

Stories from The Esplanade

Stories From The Esplanade is the result of a twelve-week community arts project, initiated by Jamii and co-produced with CORPUS. This installation was created by eleven residents of The Esplanade, including Kerryn, Margot, Scarlett, Yasmin, Asha, Mio, Toru, Azmara and Mumina, under the artistic leadership of Jacques Fortier, Laura… Read More

I HeART Regent Park

This exhibition is a visual history of the neighbourhood known as Regent Park. It includes visual material that illustrates the stories of the area: maps, documents, records, and archival photographs of the neighbourhood. The portrait, the photo essay, and other forms for photographic expression are the tools used to tell… Read More

Estudio de Luz: A study on Reflection and Transparency

In this exhibition, Matos-Albers explores the urban landscape as a space significantly altered by perception, proposing a more profound act of seeing. While placing coloured filters in from of the camera, she generates reflections and transparencies that force different planes to converge into a single frame. The resulting images are intriguing, complex,… Read More

Surface Tension

Surface Tension contains images from two distinct geographies that are too often discussed in opposition to one another. One series was shot on the coast of Spain, along cliffs that border the northern Atlantic ocean. The other was born in the crush of downtown traffic, as French photographed refracted light… Read More


“Reconstruction” is defined by the artists as a process of deconstructing and differentiating elements of an object, landscape, or life form, and then reconstructing this subject through various photographic processes. Reconstruction begins with an observation by the photographer and results in the subject reconstructed as a fine art photograph.  … Read More

Arripare: To Touch The Shore

The series is a contemplation of repetition, constancy and change through the observation of a single landscape over time. For more than a year, the photographer returns to Woodbine Beach in Toronto’s East End, sometimes to the same vantage point, creating images that lie at the border between landscape and… Read More


Gratitude presents the honest and simple perspective of a humble backpacker. Ross is a Toronto native who is well-travelled in Asia and Africa and decided to capture his exploration. Leaving with only a small duffle bag of clothes, black-and-white film, and a 50mm lens, he immersed himself in the culture… Read More

The Beauty of Life

First Canadian Place Gallery and Roberts Gallery are pleased to present “THE BEAUTY OF LIFE” that comprises a series of 12 limited edition pigment prints, images of flowers from the artist’s own garden. These richly intense, still life images hover at the threshold between the real and the impossible. Read More

Desert Air

Stunning aerial photographs of the world's most remote deserts are displayed in this exhibition. Steinmetz, an award-winning National Geographic photographer, spent the past 15 years traveling to 27 different countries and Antarctica to document some of the world's most extreme deserts from the air. Using the lightest and slowest motorized… Read More

Parkdale Village BIA

A collaborative effort between the Parkdale Village BIA, Parkdale Collegiate Institute teachers and local photographers offered students the opportunity to explore photography and interpret numerous topics within their Parkdale Village community. The resulting exhibitions are showcased across nine venues within Parkdale Village. Read More


Lin uses an imaginative approach to still-life photography to personify the subject in focus. In this series, a simple rose takes on the qualities of a flamenco dancer, its petals and curves standing in for the shape and movement of a real dancer in the imagination of the artist. This… Read More


The Canadian National Exhibition Midway is both timeless and unlike any other place. Nobody lives there, and nothing is permanent, so everyone and everything is rootless—what visitors see exists for only as long as they are looking at it. It’s a dream world that way, for as long as one… Read More


Origins explores an abstracted view of the origins of life. Kurowska, a Toronto-based artist and biochemist, seeks to portray transformation from organic matter to living organisms, with simple life forms emerging from darkness that burst with vibrant colour and light. She meticulously handcrafts objects from translucent organic gels to resemble… Read More


Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is the molecule that encodes genetic instructions used in development and functioning of all living organisms. Nearly every cell in our bodies has the same DNA, making it our primary individual identifier and therefore a most apt name for an exhibition in which many distinct persons express their… Read More

China: Back to the Future

The new, shiny China, unabashedly proud of its love affair with western culture, lives alongside a China still steeped in antiquity. Brenda Hoffert, intrigued by the ancient and modern aspects of this venerable superpower, has used images from her recent visit to create a series of photomontages illustrating these contrasts. Read More

The Faces of Kensington

A photographic and multimedia ethnography of the neighbourhood’s population; a portrait study in search of Kensington’s ever-transient identity reflected in the faces of its residents, shop owners, and visitors. With the use of photography, projections, lights, shadows and physical models the gallery space is transformed into an experience that captures the… Read More

Crossing the Great Waters

This exhibition features photography by Cruchet and painting by Cullen. Both artists examine vestiges of human activities along shorelines, riverbeds, beaches, and waterways. The scenes reflect traces that will eventually disappear. The phrase “crossing the great waters” frequently appears in the text of the I-Ching, and signifies venturing into the… Read More


78/46 comprises a series of Zabol’s platinum-palladium prints: a traditional process that requires coating platinum and palladium metals on to paper by hand, resulting in exquisite prints. Zabol’s subjects include architecture and floral arrangements, as well as a rare look into the Iroquois Six Nations Confederacy. Zabol’s series depicting the… Read More


Goodfellas Gallery and Hello Foto are proud to present the second annual Instagratification exhibition, Toronto's largest celebration of cellular photography. Over 500 artists cover the walls with their images, creating a view of the world through the camera that’s always with them. Read More

Wading Waiting

Huddart, Norman, and Wahba are Toronto-based photographers and fellow graduates of the BFA program at York University. Their images of staged, performative scenes often incorporate the human figure and relate to themes of family, domesticity, sexuality, the body, and love. These three artists conduct their performances, working both individually and… Read More

Berlin Tut Gut (Berlin Is Good For You)

To commemorate the upcoming 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, McNeill gathers an ensemble of his film archives to showcase a private studio viewing of his work. Photographed in Berlin between 1988-2000, remnants of Nazism and the Cold War are evident in his images as is… Read More

Dirty Laundry

In this exhibition, seven local photographers investigate the idea of personal revelations through photography. Secrets and untold tales are on display for the world to see, alongside users of the Harbord Coinwash literally airing out their own dirty laundry. Read More

Moments In Time

Award-winning photographer Enchin’s TorontoTIME is a series of photo-based collages that digitally combine images from the City of Toronto Archives from the first half of the 20th century, with modern-day images of the identical locations. “With a reference image in hand, I revisit the exact spot where the original image… Read More


This juried exhibition of photo-based artwork by Workman Arts artists explores the theme “mindset” and its definitions: “From my perspective; from where I stand; from my point of view; the way I see it.” Workman Arts members are aspiring, emerging, and established artists who have experienced mental illness or addiction. Read More

Nocturnal Still

Nocturnal Still presents encounters with giant trees, enveloped in darkness, swayed by breeze under the faintly-lit night skies of the city. This series exposes the rarely-seen beauty of trees at night and invites the viewer to experience an interplay of mystical and magical. Depending on the viewer’s own experience of… Read More

A Passage from India

This exhibition depicts the journey of a refugee who, as Sindhi Hindu, was set adrift by the Partition of India. Using family photographs and personal documents to trace his footsteps across the British Empire, from Shikarpur to Bombay to London to Toronto, it tells the tale of a man who… Read More

The Refuge of II

The portrait series The Refuge of II shows impassioned lovers, separated by war and distance, who perish from the insurmountable struggle to face death and loss. The black-and-white photographs offer little trace of an exact setting, but they resemble archival documents from an imprecise moment in the 20th century. A… Read More

I’ve Just Seen A Face

Hay’s debut exhibition introduces a selection of individuals who inhabit some of the most remote places on earth. Hay’s portraiture captures the palpable emotion that saturates the expressions of his subjects. I’ve Just Seen A Face encapsulates the humanity of the men, women, and children who struggle to survive in… Read More

Oriental Contemporary Photography

This exhibition presents works by three contemporary Chinese art photographers. Their works represent a specific China, based on their own experience and understanding of the developing society. Each photographers’ unique style, visual language, and techniques represent the variety and diversity of current directions in Chinese art photography.  … Read More

Oriental Contemporary Photography

This exhibition presents works by three contemporary Chinese art photographers. Their works represent a specific China, based on their own experience and understanding of the developing society. Each photographers’ unique style, visual language, and techniques represent the variety and diversity of current directions in Chinese art photography.  … Read More

Isle of Eigg

Located on the rugged northern coast of Scotland is the tiny Isle of Eigg. Joakim photographed this project primarily on two of Eigg’s beaches, the Bay of Laig and the Singing Sands. Only one kilometre apart, these two remote landscapes have ever-changing light that inspired diverse visions of colour and… Read More


Inglenook Community School, an alternative high school in Toronto, is celebrating its 40th anniversary. FutureForward is a group exhibition that includes work created by Inglenook alumni, teachers, and current students. The central metaphor for the exhibition is the dance between perceived past and perceived future. Its symbol is the incubator… Read More

Seiji Ozawa in Toronto: A Photography Exhibition of a Young Maestro

Seiji Ozawa was Music Director of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra from 1965 to 1969. Torontonians welcomed the young conductor, and the orchestra members supported Ozawa’s exciting music-making. Numerous photographs of Ozawa are preserved in the City of Toronto Archives, far more than of any other TSO directors. These historical photographs… Read More

Of Particular Interest

This exhibition showcases Dickson’s personal works, in black-and-white and in colour, taken from around 1972 to the present.  … Read More


In the photographic series FLAT, Lawrence's intention is to capture patterns, lines, shapes, and other visual elements that exist in nature and cultures around the world. He hopes that the series will illustrate the beauty that exists in the details–details like leaf formations on a pond in China, the artisan of… Read More

My Hair Is Everything

The role of hair in modern society is all about beauty, decoration, and vanity. My Hair is Everything highlights this by bringing hair to the foreground, depicting it as the central focal point of an individual person’s style and image. In a series of contemporary photographs, the exhibition illustrates hair… Read More

Beneath the Tranquility

Beneath the Tranquility exhibits the works of Berest and Kremer, two prominent Israeli photographers. Berest confronts the schism between today’s reality and its parallel, the digital world, exploring liminal states of consciousness. Kremer’s celebrated World Trade Center Concrete Abstracts series is comprised of spectacular works that explore the liminal state… Read More

Do You Remember the First Time?

Kwan is interested in aesthetics of synesthesia, intermedia, and the emotional resonances of memory and dreams. She photographs the effects of innocuous things, whether they be physical objects or sensory perceptions, and the scenes that they trigger, believing these phenomena to be one possible way the mind navigates layers of… Read More

Planet London

This exhibition of Shkolnik’s photographic compositions presents an imaginary allegory of London. In the images of Planet London, Shkolnik isolates the streets and buildings of the powerful city into kaleidoscopic geometries that float in the sky, apart from the everyday. Read More


This exhibition of contemporary art provides viewers with a glimpse of what is possible when a young artist explores the human condition. Each student’s process is personal, thoughtful, and often full of risks. Through exploration and research, these young artists created works focusing on their own interests. The final embodiment… Read More

Vision Quest

The Grade 12 photography students from Saint Clement’s School explore the possibilities of conceptual photography while addressing the Festival’s 2014 theme.  … Read More

Parkdale Village BIA

A collaborative effort between the Parkdale Village BIA, Parkdale Collegiate Institute teachers and local photographers offered students the opportunity to explore photography and interpret numerous topics within their Parkdale Village community. The resulting exhibitions are showcased across nine venues within Parkdale Village. Read More

Next To You

Next To You is a long-term study of a single city bench. The series is the result of hundreds of images taken over a two-year period from the same vantage point. Seen together, the photographs form a kind of linear community in a continuous space, creating unforeseen connections and an… Read More

True Stories

Lamothe’s work uses drawing and photography to reclaim and recount the story of Abigail Nims, who was taken to New France in the early 1700s. The map-like assemblage evokes the 300-mile march that transformed the life of this historical figure. Skawinska’s photographs of women demonstrate, through facial expressions and body… Read More

The Way It Looks

Amis captures the shifting beauty of the urban environment in his work. The images in this exhibition represent everyday calm moments, when the perpetual movement of life is suspended and a pause allows for contemplation of the beauty of the ordinary. Amis’ idea for this series came about when he… Read More

The Aquaphilia Project (Part III)

The Aquaphilia Project investigates large-scale water-themed recreational sites around the world. The third iteration of the project documents the behind-the-scenes machinations of the second-largest aquarium in the world: the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. Aquarium visitors experience the simulacrum of an easily-digested model of reality, as increasingly advanced technologies result in… Read More

the wHOLE idea

The wHOLE Idea is a collective exhibition in which four photographers explore their journeys through a basic pinhole camera. Their work reveals that the fundamental meaning of photography lies in the simplicity of capturing light. A camera is nothing but an eye, but combined with an imprint and an idea,… Read More

A Retrospective

Macdonell’s photographs deeply explore the expressions of people. After first picking up a camera at age 15, he studied film and photography at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. Having worked at a summer job with Yousuf Karsh, he majored in portraiture and founded a portrait studio in Toronto almost 30… Read More


Terminus examines the decay of order and structure. Christie's photographs focus on the terminal phase of the construction life-cycle, where rubble and debris find their final resting place in Toronto. Representing this rugged natural landscape and the driving waves of Lake Ontario, Christie’s images offer a sense of calm, reflection,… Read More

Beautifully Broken

Images of crumbling and cracked columns and trees, knotted and grown into their surroundings, evince the body of a person who has created many memories. The mood is sombre yet there is underlying strength and optimism. Columns have tirelessly borne the weight of their load, while trees, traditional symbols of… Read More


Each artist in this exhibition does their best to capture the details and tactile aspects of every landscape around them. Whether focusing on the crags of a stony shoal, the elasticity of the human form, or incorporating texture within their photographic image, the artists embrace “tactuality.” … Read More

A Place – A Space – A Time

Nothing on earth exists in isolation: not the trees, buildings, water, or light, and certainly not humans. Yuen’s first solo exhibition presents work created as she searched for context, meaning, and an understanding of her own place in the world. What’s unseen upon first glance? What lies just beneath the… Read More

From Spark to Fire: A Community Arts Retrospective

Barndt is an artist, activist, professor of Environmental Studies, and founder of the Community Arts Practice certificate at York University. From Spark to Fire is a retrospective of her work with arts and social justice organizations and diverse communities across the Greater Toronto Area. Her images capture communities engaged in… Read More


Carbon is a collaboration between Neubacher Shor Contemporary and The Print Atelier, a Montreal-based virtual gallery specializing in contemporary photography. Applying their unique approach to the photographic arts, the artists selected endeavour to define “identity” as it is perceived and captured within the special confines of the photographic image and… Read More


Pseudo explores concepts of the fake, the imitation, or the simulated. Primarily photographic in nature, the exhibition also embraces audiovisual and sculptural installation, as well as new forms of digital media, performance, and design. The viewer is invited into an environment of multiple locations and interwoven voices, embodying the interconnected… Read More

La Lumière Transcrite

Internationally-renowned French photographer Lucien Clergue’s passion and talent has allowed him to photograph a plethora of fascinating subjects, including intimate moments with Pablo Picasso. His Nu Zebre series, arguably his most recognizable, features nudes with shadows cascading down their bodies in a visually stimulating zebra-stripe effect. This retrospective exhibition consists of 60… Read More


Concepts is a group exhibition featuring emerging artists from the conceptual photography courses in continuing studies at OCAD University. The work explores diverse themes and narratives in both digital and analogue formats. … Read More

In Black & White

Canada’s oldest piano store hosts an exhibition featuring Wentzell’s iconic photography. Between 1965 and 1975, he photographed for Melody Maker, capturing images of artists like Aretha Franklin, The Beatles, Elton John, The Who, Louis Armstrong, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and more. Wentzell's body of work depicts some of the… Read More

Standing Ground

Paul Petro Contemporary Art is pleased to present photographs from the estates of Toronto-based artists Robert Flack (1957-1993) and Will Munro (1975-2010). The exhibition focuses on Flack's Empowerment (1990) and a series of Munro's untitled photographs (2004) and provides an opportunity to explore these enduring queer legacies in the context of their… Read More

Engineered Landscapes

This exhibition is a collaboration between a photographer and a digital artist. Their work explores memories that are triggered by photographs of industrial landscapes. These landscapes portray large engineered constructs, which, although often hard and austere, still conjure a nostalgic, emotional response. The digital collages combine the original landscapes with… Read More

Bright View: Z-Ro Collective presented by Flop Haus

Winnipeg, once a great city, now reflects its own pale image. Apartment blocks erected by new immigrants in the first half of the 20th century still proliferate the city, landmarks of a vanished, forward-looking time. Their signs, bearing enthusiastic fonts, gaily drawn images and the names of long gone wives and children,… Read More

Concurrent Streams

Concurrent Streams features artworks by several Toronto-based artists whose work reflect current perspectives on photography, memory and vision. Functioning as a survey of contemporary aesthetics, modern life and edgy imagery; the exhibit showcases artists employing innovative use of media, subject matter and multi-disciplinary approaches in their practices. The diversity of… Read More


Rose-Tinted features photography that incorporates an element of capturing something sacred. The emphasis of this exhibition is on worldly captures and phenomena, and serves as a commentary on the human tendency to seek out rare or unfamiliar occurrences and settings. It also addresses the role photographic media plays in retelling… Read More

New Works

PROOF Studio Gallery exhibits the work of ten photographers who explore artifacts, architecture and themes of culture. All the works visually demonstrate the presence and influence of time. Each artist presents their vision and their responses to the interaction of the natural and manmade world around them. Some observe and interpret,… Read More

Iran Contemporary Photographers

Iran Contemporary Photographers is a group exhibition by six invited photographers who have exhibited together in several exhibitions. The works ruminate on the contemporariness of the societies in which each artist lives. Though the artists have separate and individual practices, they share a unified approach in their personal portfolios. Read More

Parkdale Village BIA

A collaborative effort between the Parkdale Village BIA, Parkdale Collegiate Institute teachers and local photographers offered students the opportunity to explore photography and interpret numerous topics within their Parkdale Village community. The resulting exhibitions are showcased across nine venues within Parkdale Village. Read More

Roots in the Garden: New Work from The Nature of Urbanity

Roots in the Garden is a continuation of Groeneweg’s series The Nature of Urbanity. His work addresses historic and contemporary issues within the discourses of landscape, philosophy, and urban development. The photographs are aerial panoramic composites of urban vegetable gardens that juxtapose the mathematical precision and control of constructed space… Read More

Western Spaces

Canadians enjoy an abundance of space. Yet, despite the vast expanses of land, the sheer enormity of the country, residents must negotiate the perpetual relationship between this space and human encroachment upon it. Rondel's photographic project speaks to the contrasting themes of openness and infringement on the landscape, made apparent in his images of… Read More

Tea With Me

Tea With Me is a portrait series that focuses on the present moment. Moase visits with her subjects over a tea not only to photograph them, but also to chat about their lives and seek their self-reflection: Where is each subject in his or her life? Are they content? Do… Read More

Parkdale Village BIA

A collaborative effort between the Parkdale Village BIA, Parkdale Collegiate Institute teachers and local photographers offered students the opportunity to explore photography and interpret numerous topics within their Parkdale Village community. The resulting exhibitions are showcased across nine venues within Parkdale Village. Read More

Maximum Exposure

Ryerson’s School of Image Arts proudly presents Maximum Exposure. Now in its 19th year, the exhibition showcases the talents of emerging image-based artists at Ryerson University. Maximum Exposure features thesis projects by the 2014 graduating photography class. Work by film, new media and photography students in all years of the… Read More


This exhibition of black-and-white photography showcases the sensual mystery in Witek's work. Silver gelatin prints on fibre paper are printed in Lisbon by master printer Antonio Jose Costa. Many of the images can be found in Witek’s accompanying publication Viragem, which will be available for signing. … Read More

Light From Outside

Lucas's exhibition Light From Outside explores the identities of Toronto musicians within the medium of fine art photography. Lucas engages the viewer with documentary portrayals of a diverse group of artists, posing them in eclectic, often personalized environments. Hosted in one of Toronto's leading record stores, Light From Outside will… Read More

Selection of Nudes

The collaboration between subject and photographer as they create a way to be seen, underscores unique attributes and circumstance particular to subject and relationship. This selection of nudes continues the dialogue between self and other to create a common language. To undress, literally and symbolically, is an essential element in tearing… Read More


Candid is a striking, unguarded look into Canada’s society scene. The exhibition features photographs from Emberley and Noelle, two of Toronto’s top society photographers. … Read More

Silver Linings

This group exhibition features the work of five young Canadian photographers. Although most of them do not have a formal education in photography, each has pursued a personal interest in its history, which is reflected in their craft. Their artistic practices are dedicated to exploring analogue formats and processes and… Read More

Paris Scapes

This exhibition features images from Cabral’s series Paris in the Fall. Photographed over a two-week span in early November 2008, they represent the different textures, colours and scenes of Paris. After all the tourists have gone, the city shines with life as its residents go on with their everyday routines. Read More

224 Days: A Prologue

The exhibition 224 Days: A Prologue showcases a collective of 18 emerging artists from OCAD University, who are exploring their ideas through photographic, sculptural, and video representation. Read More


Convergence examines the impermanence of memories, and explores the abstract way in which they are formed. Using traditional darkroom techniques, Munn combines negatives with cliché verre and photograms to create an abstract series of fragmented portraits of women, both real and imagined. Awaiting interpretation, these fragments, which are both aesthetic… Read More

Views – Monochrome

Depicting landscapes and natural subjects in monochromactic black-and-white, Palik challenges the viewer to examine their assumptions of the scene and their reaction to it. Using various manipulations, Palik attempts to subvert viewers’ preconceived notions about what natural scenes “ought” to look like. … Read More

Ruins of Toronto

Adam Taylor has spent the past year photographing abandoned ruins in and around Toronto. These ruins are the visible results of a changing city, like small pieces of history in suspension. Ruin is a transitory stage and the result of society’s changes and the migration of industry. This fragility of… Read More

Identity Crisis

In recent years, Greece has been at the focal point of international attention due to the unprecedented political and fiscal crisis. A series of circumstances, heightened by media portrayal have challenged Greek identity and caused many Greek citizens to question their own sense of being Greek. Identity Crisis explores how… Read More

Frost and Light

In Frost and Light, Wong captures the abstract compositions of two intermingling elements, sunlight and ice. Sunlight illuminates the architectural formations of ice and emphasizes its patterns, lines and colours. Wong endeavours to encapsulate the intrinsic beauty of these elements and to share them with the viewers of this exhibition. Read More

My Life in 20 Pictures

In the spring of 2013 the kidsmediacentre and Centennial College Journalism students travelled to Grassy Narrows, Ontario, and spent a week teaching students at the Sakatcheway Anishinabe School the art of photojournalism. My Life in 20 Pictures is their visual narrative, telling the story of community beset by poverty and isolation, yet… Read More

Venezia Today

The images in this exhibition explore Venice today. The city’s birth, in 473 AD, was a humble one, as people fleeing the mainland found safety amidst the marshes of the lagoon. Now those waters, once protective, are rising. The “Acqua Alta” siren sounds. The art must be kept dry. Venice… Read More

34: Istanbul

The title 34: Istanbul refers to the license plate code of Istanbul, and also serves as a framework for Onurlu’s exhibition. The photographs are displayed in four triptychs, each related to a different aspect of life in Istanbul: neighbourhoods, people, scenes, and the atmosphere of the city. Read More

The Origin Of The Third Axis

In this series of fragmented and partially superimposed photographs, Ruzic explores artistic ways to visualize his experience of the metaphysical world known as “space-time.” Along the timeline inside this multidirectional space, many entities traverse across or through each other. Different realities can coexist and intersect each other. At one level… Read More

Nature Of Creation

This exhibition explores the Nature of Creation. The series begins with a dahlia, which Mifsud uses to symbolize life and the bridge to immortality, and ends with a bird in its final flight. Each represents a different aspect of the circle of life. The images represent a moment in life;… Read More

Bald. Bold. Beautiful.

Bald. Bold. Beautiful. explores how art and photography can be used to empower women experiencing hair loss. This dual exhibition reveals a series of touching portraits by Darwin and Shaverova. Darwin is the founder of Henna Heals, an international community of artists who create decorative “henna crowns” for people with hair… Read More

Faces in the Crowd

Faces in the Crowd includes a series of black-and-white photographs depicting scenes and portraits of people on the streets of Toronto. The portrait photographs were taken spontaneously, with the intention to capture human emotions and expressions. In addition, the exhibition includes some colour photographs. Read More

Toronto Street

The photographs in Toronto Street were made by the photographer during walks, mainly around Queen, Bloor, and Dundas streets in Toronto’s west end. Kozak continues photographing candidly on the streets of Toronto. Regardless of the day or hour, he always finds human activity to observe on the streets. Whether banal… Read More

A Quiet Place

Contained within these images is a glimpse into the places, people and experiences Jones has encountered during his adventures. All captured on 35mm film, the photographs appear as if they could have been taken in another time. From one Canadian coast to another, down to Central America, and at home… Read More

Web Design

As one canoes through the early morning mist, magical configurations appear all along the riverbanks, attached to branches and grasses. The sun shines through these spider webs and morning dew and prisms of light are created. But once the sun is high enough, the spider webs are no longer visible. Read More


This series of images explores the world of texture found within everyday natural objects, using macro photography. The beautiful organic patterns and arrangements contained within ordinary fruits and vegetables are presented with a twist. The vegetables and fruits captured up close reveal the intimate textures and intricate design only nature… Read More

From Here to There

Fraser shoots urban scenes in a traditional street and documentary style. Kronan’s candid images twist the mundane, capturing ordinary citizens absorbed in the exchanges of everyday life. Anderson’s modern pinhole camera captures the beauty of Lake Huron sand dunes, and documents manmade mechanisms residing in the woods at an RV… Read More

Prima o Poi

Prima o Poi is an exhibition of Myers’ street photography, spanning different times and places, yet connected by their attention to composition and emotion. Whether taken with traditional film or digital capture, in black-and-white or in colour, the constant is that, Myers always strives to create photographs using not only… Read More

Spaces and Places

This exhibition, Spaces and Places, features Askin’s outstanding landscape, cityscape, and abstract detail photography. A professional writer and photographer in the communications field for more than 20 years, he began pursuing photography more artistically in 2008. His photography has won club and international competition awards. In 2012, Askin received the… Read More

The Strand Theatre

Starr’s documentary photographs, ironically shot on 35mm film, explore the final days of The Strand Theatre in Beaverton, ON (population 2,500). The widespread industry shift to digital technology forced many small, independent cinemas, like The Strand Theatre, to close their doors. Prior to its closure, it was run by Vern… Read More

Drum Skins

Kronick’s photographs of drum skins are studies of shape, texture and form. A replaceable part of the drum, the skin is the piece actually struck by the drummer's stick. When they are discarded at the end of their musical life, the drummer's unique impressions remain on the skin. Read More

On Sundays I Write Letters

For over 20 years, Phillipa has been keeping photographic records to document her life’s travels and journey. Working with analogue processes has kept her intrigued in the image-making experience. She seeks surprise, mystery, and routine. On Sundays I Write Letters is a collection of photographs drawn from her personal journal… Read More


Sightings is a series of pinhole photographs that examine representations of the unknown in popular culture. The images are stagings of mysterious occurrences such as UFO sightings and other unexplainable happenings. Morton uses the pinhole aesthetic to mirror the ambiguity of paranormal snapshots online and in the news. Read More


Laverty created these images in northern Ontario, specifically, along Highways 11 and 17. Both are part of the Trans-Canada Highway. Many of the towns in this region—Hearst, Kapuskasing, Cobalt—thrived because of logging and mining. Since the 1970s, the population and economy of the towns along these highways has been in… Read More

Contrasts of Place

In this exhibition, Blomfield has photographed two different places, with two photographic treatments. One series depicts Greek island architectural details, photographed during the day using long-range telephoto lenses. The other series is comprised of wide-angle panoramic images of Venetian canals at night. These two series of images contrast each other… Read More

Parkdale Village BIA

A collaborative effort between the Parkdale Village BIA, Parkdale Collegiate Institute teachers and local photographers offered students the opportunity to explore photography and interpret numerous topics within their Parkdale Village community. The resulting exhibitions are showcased across nine venues within Parkdale Village. Read More

Parkdale Village BIA

A collaborative effort between the Parkdale Village BIA, Parkdale Collegiate Institute teachers and local photographers offered students the opportunity to explore photography and interpret numerous topics within their Parkdale Village community. The resulting exhibitions are showcased across nine venues within Parkdale Village. Read More


Historically, trees have been ever-present in folklore and legend. They symbolize tranquility and peace as well as an ominous threat. The mythic tree of life is described with roots buried far beneath the earth and its branches reaching high into the sky, bridging the material world with the supernatural. The… Read More

Autumn in Argentina

In Buenos Aires, the hustle and bustle of the streets, the friendly faces, and the leaves blowing along the cobblestone streets, all serve to spark a sense of wonder, creativity, and humbleness. In remote Patagonia, the brisk mountain air, rugged rocks and sparse vegetation, transports the viewer back in time,… Read More

Catalonia Castellers

Catalonia Castellers is an exhibition of photographs of “Castell,” human towers, taken in 2012. Recognized as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, a typical diada or a Castell event showcases castellers building an 8-10-storey human tower to demonstrate courage, solidarity, strength, and community. As the Castell is successfully built and safely… Read More


Yeung’s photographs depict the magic of childhood when children are not only growing up physically, but also their nascent identities are being forged by their genetic disposition, their environment and family dynamics, and by their individual experiences. It's a time filled with play and exploration, achievement and frustration, joy and… Read More

Parkdale Village BIA

A collaborative effort between the Parkdale Village BIA, Parkdale Collegiate Institute teachers and local photographers offered students the opportunity to explore photography and interpret numerous topics within their Parkdale Village community. The resulting exhibitions are showcased across nine venues within Parkdale Village. Read More

Parkdale Village BIA

A collaborative effort between the Parkdale Village BIA, Parkdale Collegiate Institute teachers and local photographers offered students the opportunity to explore photography and interpret numerous topics within their Parkdale Village community. The resulting exhibitions are showcased across nine venues within Parkdale Village. Read More

Why We Travel

Why We Travel is an evocative series of photographs captured from around the globe by one of Canada’s most successful travel content producers. GlobalTourist.TV’s Gariné Tcholakian brings Toronto a special photography collection that explores the why rather than the where of travel. Come experience the journey, without a passport, while… Read More

Xposé presented by CAPIC

The Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators (CAPIC) showcases some of the best Canadian photographers in this exhibition of amazing images, which span the past 40 years. The exhibit is an overview of the Canadian cultural legacy, and includes some rarely-shown images. All are invited to come and celebrate the… Read More

Hiding in Plain Sight

The 12 members of Tiny Collective are scattered across eight cities in Canada, the US, Australia and Europe, yet their work is linked by a common technique and approach. They shoot and edit exclusively with mobile phones and exhibit their work primarily via social sharing platforms like Instagram. Their work… Read More


Early 20th century aesthetic tradition was reshaped by the culture of technology and the urge to reinterpret the world and events of the day. Digital technology has instigated a similar metamorphosis today. In this exhibition, Glazer isolates familiar images and aesthetics from their original contexts. Through digital deconstruction and play… Read More

Do Photo: Urban Animals

The businesses of the Trinity Bellwoods BIA are displaying photographs facing the street for the month of May. The installation will focus on the connections between humans and animals, and reflect on how animals influence the identities of a city, a street, or a neighbourhood. The diverse images encourage viewers… Read More


Shadow is an exhibition of photographs that explore the interaction between architecture and the human figure. While these pictures were taken in different cities around the world, relationships between people and spaces are universal; the images reveal an intimate and complex portrait of contemporary life. Using figures transformed into shadows,… Read More

I See

”We relate to others through their physical and verbal expression. We hear them and we see them. However, we cannot see our own emotions expressed physically. How would we relate to ourselves if we could see what others see?” These are questions the artists pose and seek to address in… Read More

Ice Age Scotty

In 1961, 11 miniature Japanese celluloid toy dogs were sent on a Japan Airlines flight from Tokyo to Moscow. Two hundred miles outside of Moscow, the aircraft’s engine malfunctioned and crashed into a glacier in the White Sea. Scotty, the pack leader, guides his fellow passenger canines through a dreamy… Read More

The Boxing Child

The Boxing Child is a visceral, raw, and sometimes sad series of photographs that give insight into Bangkok's Muay Thai scene. Gros’ photographs tell the story of children who are exposed to this brutal world that offers fame and fortune, but also injury and isolation. Read More

The Remarkable Day

Once in a while—usually a very long while—a photographer gets lucky. Weiner photographed this series on a day that went from sunny to stormy, then a remarkable fog came across the lake and enveloped all who were present, in wonder. Read More

Asian Passion: China and Beyond, 1987-2012

Alberti has travelled in China, Pakistan, Jordan, and the Central Asian region, for work and pleasure, but always with camera in hand. His images depict these regions in all their diversity: rice paddies and deserts, lakes and mountains, temples and bazaars. A common thread in his work is the resiliency… Read More

The Commuters

This photographic essay explores relationships and intimacy between daily commuters in various cities around the world: London, La Paz, Odessa, and Havana. Through these photographs, a bond between strangers is created and narratives that question private and public boundaries arise. This exhibition presents a dialogue between the two photographers, as… Read More

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet? depicts the journeys of Macedonian families from Greece to Canada following the 1946–49 civil war. As an ethnic minority in Greece, they sought better lives and freedom. This photographic essay explores memories of emigration, settlement, and opportunity. Black & white and colour portraits are accompanied by moving… Read More

Seniors Expressions

Seniors Expressions is a community photography project organized by University Settlement and funded by the Government of Canada’s New Horizon for Seniors program. It provides an opportunity for seniors to share their rich and vibrant life stories and have their images captured as lasting memories. This exhibition showcases the… Read More

The Dark Room 2.0

This group exhibition brings together artists who test the boundaries of analogue media and alternative processes in the digital age. The Dark Room 2.0 is a transitional space where alchemy alters photo paper into a tangible image that emerges from the depths of the artist’s imagination. Depicting nature, abstraction,… Read More

The Looking-Glass Self

In The Looking-glass Self, Munn examines self-image and the act of seeing. She explores in the work how identity is constituted by our power of looking and in the ways in which other people become authors, through the act of looking, of our own identity. Further, in the series Munn… Read More

Altered Perspectives

Altered Perspectives represents the newest work in Macris ongoing investigation of the transforming landscape of North American culture. In the tradition of Hiroshi Sugimoto, the quality and contrast of the black-and-white photograph is used to represent decaying industrial landscapes. Through photographing abandoned factories, refineries, aircraft bone yards, and rugged expanses… Read More

Forever 27

An exhibition about music, youth, and the perils of celebrity, Forever 27 features a unique collection of candid and live performance images of the legendary “27 Club.” Forever linked by their talent, fame, and deaths at the age of 27, members include Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jim… Read More

Abject Transformations

Steiner and Piersig explore old industrial sites that struggle to maintain their presence along the landscape of the Great Lakes. The images represent places where goods were once produced and shipped on lake boats. Industrial structures that were integral to serving growing communities—historic reminders of the labour capital that helped… Read More

Close to the Bone

Close to the Bone reveals beauty in the brutish, creating a sense of iconography with images of found objects in the southwestern Australian bush landscape. Stasiw considers the process of creating art with bones a sublime act of recycling. Described as postmodern shamanism, this series of photographs meditatively explores the… Read More

Marriage Bureau

Helfand was inspired to visit the Manhattan Marriage Bureau after a friend related the story of her own wedding: While I waited for the justice of the peace, a gay couple in tuxedo and wedding gown emerged from the chapel. This series documents non-traditional weddings; diverse cultural, economic, and… Read More


Queer Media Arts Program (Q-MAP) is a youth-led arts project designed to provide safe space in Rexdale for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two-spirited, queer, or questioning youth between the ages of 15 and 20. This exhibition features work created by participants in this program. Read More

Norman Wong x Arts & Crafts

In celebration of Arts & Crafts Productions' ten year anniversary, Norman Wong x Arts & Crafts includes an iconic black-and-white portrait series featuring artists of the Arts & Crafts roster, as well as a photographic retrospective on the record label. Wong, a Toronto-based fashion and celebrity photographer, is a longtime friend… Read More

Portraits of Aging and The Art of Care

This project developed out of Friedman’s observations on her own parents’ aging and their reliance on caregivers. The pairs of caregivers and clients she photographs are true companions, with the caregiver providing physical and emotional nurturing that goes beyond the dictates of the job. Friedman’s portraits reflect the emotional… Read More


Berenson Fine Art is pleased to present inFORMants, an exhibition of works by Antonijevic. The images reflect the title inFORMants, as they inform, animate, and vivify the art of dance and the form of the human body. This exhibition includes 25 colour prints, measuring approximately 20×30 inches, produced in… Read More

Toronto Time

Toronto Time uses photo-based collages that digitally combine archival source material with modern-day images of the exact same locations, to examine the passing of time in Toronto. The city has seen many changes, both positive and negative, and Toronto Time communicates some of these changes by linking the past… Read More

Shoot With This: Billboard Community Project

CONTACT is very pleased to present a community project funded by the CONTACT Cabinet of Donors in partnership with Shoot With This. Shoot With This is an innovative attempt to empower at-risk youth by giving them the resources and support to learn about photography and video-making from… Read More

Capture(d) 2013

Fatah uses photography to tell a story, sharing with the viewer his perspective on the culture, landscape, or experience of each location and moment he has captured. Capture(d) 2013 features photos from Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Cape Town, Sydney, Arizona, and Turks and Caicos. All proceeds from the exhibition will be… Read More

Greek Film & Foto Week 2013

The Greek America Foundation proudly presents Greek Film & Foto Week, an exhibition featuring works by North American photographers of Greek descent. The exhibition is hosted at one of Toronto’s most unique event spaces, the Burroughes building. Further exhibition and film event details are available online. Read More

Maximum Exposure

Maximum Exposure is the annual year-end exhibition for Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts. This showcase highlights the thesis projects of the graduating fourth-year class. Featuring the work of more than 50 students, this exhibition provides an overview of Ryerson’s emerging photography based artists. Read More

Life in the Holland Marsh

The Holland Marsh, in Bradford, Ontario, is an agricultural area that mainly produces onions, celery, and carrots. It became fertile, workable land after the creation of a canal drained its 7,000 acres. A community of farmers and seasonal field workers plant, maintain, and harvest crops from early spring until late… Read More

Over the Hills and Far Away

Over the Hills and Far Away depicts the people, culture, and landscapes of the Azores. The evocative black-and-white images provide a glimpse into Azorean identity, celebrating the uniqueness of the archipelago and the contributions of its people. An Azorean by birth, Amaral’s work has appeared on several book covers and… Read More

60 Years of Portuguese Immigration in Canada

This exhibition presents a photographic essay on the history of Portuguese immigrants and their descendants, in celebration of the 60th anniversary of Portuguese mass migration to Canada. Archival photographs provided by the Portuguese-Canadian History Project (Raphael Costa, Gilberto Fernandes, Susana Miranda, and Emanuel da Silva) through the Clara Thomas Archives… Read More

Picturing Immigrants in the Ward

This exhibition looks at how photography shaped ideas about central and eastern European immigrants in early 20th-century Toronto. The archival photographs on display were produced and circulated by a range of groups, from the press, the municipal government and social service agencies, to immigrants themselves. They represent residents of… Read More

Extended Portraits: Bringing Artists into Focus

The notion of the Extended Portrait has a long history in photography speaking to a multitude of revealing moments over time as well as the possibility of certain moments lasting longer than others. This exhibition pushes the conventional boundaries of portraiture, documenting individual artists' lives; utilizing still photography, motion picture, video and… Read More

44° N 79° W

Pausing to ponder the beauty they pass when bustling through urban life, Milijasevic, Voltolina, and Zuver present their visual love poems to Toronto. They use digital and film photography to search for layers of city mysteries—what is beneath, tucked in, sidelined, tramped down—that comprise the complexity of cosmopolitan life. Read More


In his travels across the globe, Witek has found no place more visually stimulating than Portugal. This exhibition pays tribute to this beautiful country; it is Portugal through his eyes and through his lens. The exhibition of black-and-white silver gelatin prints includes street photography and nudes photographed in the country’s… Read More

Through Our Eyes

Creative Village Studio (CVS) is a community art studio that provides a supportive space to enrich lives through creative expression. CVS photographers use the camera to empower their own visions and share their unique perspectives, taking ownership of how they are represented in the world and effecting social change. Read More

Portraits of The Esplanade

Young photographers from The Esplanade neighbourhood created this outdoor exhibition under the guidance and mentorship of professional photographer Laura Dittmann. Their photographs express personal narratives of the community they call home; this exhibition is their voice and their vision of The Esplanade. Portraits of The Esplanade is produced by… Read More

No Cameras Allowed!

Our world is filled with surveillance cameras, but at the same time, we are often forbidden from photographing our surroundings. No Cameras Allowed! invites visitors to participate in an investigation of the concept of surveillance, creating an environment where photography is simultaneously prohibited and required. Participants can photograph artworks… Read More

The Mind’s Eye

Five Toronto photographers explore the question: Is visual perception influenced by the mind’s eye? Heintzman’s ethereal images reveal light shafts inside centuries-old architectural structures; Leonard exposes subtle rhythms and patterns in the urban landscape; Nowaczynski brings Toronto scenes to life using large-format black-and-white film and silver gelatin prints; Plexman pushes… Read More


This exhibition features portraits from several continents, by four distinctly different artists. Each artist works on projects that resonate with them, and each project is the result of the artist’s long-term commitment to the subjects they photograph. Read More

An Altered State

Montana, land of glaciers and rope-whirling cowboys, and the heart of conservative America, is unravelling. Homesteads and bone beds are being abandoned for big farming and big oil. Small towns wait for the frackers to arrive, and raising cattle is replaced by collecting land rent cheques. An Altered State starts… Read More

Impact Resistance

Impact Resistance features photographs and video that reflect philosophical engagement with the passage of time. Three photographic series, 33 bathhuts and a hotdogstand, Remnants, and Swimmers, pivot on moments of emotional vulnerability and their place in human memory.  Complemented by abstracted seascapes, these gentle and contemplative works prompt their audience… Read More


For the second year in a row, Le Labo runs a mentorship program for emerging francophone artists. Under the guidance of Mikel Mata, Spanish-French-Canadian photographer Casineanu projects her emotional journey into images, turning simple symbols found within nature into metaphors of the human spirit. By revealing these signs within… Read More

Depth of Field: Tintype Photography

Depth of Field: Tintype Photography is an exhibition of tintype photography created using large-format cameras. Sugino has been exploring 8×10 tintypes over the last 12 years. In this exhibition, he presents work made with 8×10 and 11×14 cameras, as well as ultra large-format tintypes made using a 20×20 camera… Read More

Three Fields of View

Three artists engage the viewer with layered photographs and three-dimensional photo-based sculpture. Three Fields of View is an investigation of the purported duality of photography. The artists’ personal cartographies recontextualize the everyday, while pop-up books map the urban environment and become literal extensions of the artists’ bodies of work. Read More

The Art of Cycling

The Art of Cycling was brought to life by Hrmo’s passion for cycling and photography. The local competitive cycling community is captured in a vibrant, fast-paced fashion, and the result is a stunning series of racing colours. It is the abstract nature of his images that truly reveals the… Read More

Bagpipe Blues

Lowe, a piper and a photographer, explores the psyche of the bagpiper from a more personal perspective. Using one light image and one dark image per subject, he underscores the intimate or moodier element of the dark image by contrasting it with the bright image that is suggestive of the piper’s stage persona, or… Read More

Still Point

Whist’s images interpret what she defines as the “still point”—the moment where vision is transfixed in a still moment. Her photography uses a succession of images made into a panorama, to subvert the linear chronology according to which time is perceived. The panorama Wave was taken at the southern… Read More

Life in Paris

Kudelka’s photographs emphasize mood rather than fact, and are only incidentally beautiful. His goal in this project has been to photograph everyday life in Paris. By watching the people around him moving through Paris, Kudelka uncovered his vision of the city. He hopes that the real, inner lives of… Read More

Architecture of Empty

Working collaboratively, Toronto photographers Fester and Morris photograph empty spaces, drawing attention to the physical qualities of each location. The artists explore their environment through a lens of voyeurism based on their collective experience in each location. Part architectural commentary, part economic narrative, the works invite the audience into the… Read More


Captured is a delicate portrayal of the female body, explored through a series of black-and-white self-portraits. The images have a surreal and ethereal quality that blurs the viewer’s concepts of space and reality. Pesce’s photographs depict both explicit and implicit narratives that investigate the idea of objectifying the female… Read More


In this two-part exhibition, 30 members of artist-run Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography use a variety of styles and approaches, including digital and chemistry-based processes, to share their conscious and subconscious understanding of the world around and within. Whether seeing into underlying truths or perceiving new associations, the… Read More

A Shoe Story

Hoffert continues her exploration of shoe culture using the graphic language of advertising to create crisp, bold photographs that tell tales rather than sell product. By eliminating the most recognizable forms of human communication – facial expression and hand motion – her photographs provide a negative space encouraging viewers to create… Read More

Portmanteau: An OCADU Photography Thesis Exhibition

Portmanteau is OCAD University’s 2013 photography thesis showcase. Though photography is the focus, the artists are not limited to one medium: sculpture, performance, video, sound, and installation art are all included in this exciting exhibition. With 19 emerging artists presenting the final products of their fine art educations, this exhibition situates… Read More

Wilderness: Images based on Tom Thomson’s photographs

Russell’s images reference the photographs taken by Tom Thomson between 1911 and 1917, which were discovered in the Group of Seven painter’s belongings 50 years later. Thomson photographed friends, freshly caught fish, birds, and the wilderness, viewed from his canoe. Russell re-imagines these historic photographs using digital photography and paint. Read More


Unreleased explores the gap that can exist between a person’s sense of belonging within a culture, and the culture’s opinion of that person. In this work, 2Fik performs multiple visions of “self,” while exploring the positive and negative prejudices that accompany visual perceptions of the “other.” This exhibition presents… Read More

The Green Line

Eight large-format photographs of a Toronto hydro corridor by Mark Kasumovic are printed on weather-proof boards and displayed at Geary Avenue Parkette, along with winning entries from the Green Line Ideas Competition. Kasumovic’s images record the presence of electricity in the landscape, capturing scenes he describes as “a juxtaposition of… Read More

Outside/Inside: A Perspective on Two Cities in Transition

In Outside/Inside, Hotchin presents photographs of two great cities, Dublin and Toronto, to examine their shared characteristics and stark contrasts, and document their transitions. Dublin, a city with a hugely rich heritage, is facing the demands of austerity policies and the fallout from an economic boom, while Toronto, a fast-growing… Read More

Close Up! Young Photojournalists at the 63rd Berlinale

Close Up!, a competition in photojournalism for young talents initiated by c/o Berlin and the Berlinale. 14 young photographers, including some Canadian talent, were assigned to capture the Berlin International Film Festival from their own perspective. The results are unusual and very personal views on the red carpet, behind the scenes,… Read More


In her work, Reuss uses fragments of windows to create a new composition, a new space. Her main concern in this process is to portray the human restless striving for meaning, and the ever-present duality between freedom and confinement. The figures traverse between the inside and the outside world,… Read More

Queer Portraits

Queer Portraits is a series of colour photographs that capture the relationships Levine has with their community of friends, lovers, and siblings. The portraits are shot in domestic settings and are characterized by saturated colours and discursive backgrounds. Levine's own identity informs their approach to gender, sexuality, and queer… Read More


Goodfellas Gallery and Hello Foto Inc. present a photographic response to the rising popularity of cellular phone photography. Displaying images taken with non-traditional cameras, Instagratification focuses on the significance of the individual over the machine. Read More


Seven photographers explore the difficulty of establishing an identity in photography; these images address the tension between the inherent obscurity that comes from being behind the camera, and the desire to express one’s identity through one’s work. Read More

Guy With Film Camera

Traditional film photography is a form of therapy for Liem. Guy With Film Camera is his attempt to capture everyday moments that elicit a lighthearted reaction from viewers. This exhibition is comprised of whimsical colour images that express humour, beauty, or a contemplative mood. Liem’s photography attempts to freeze… Read More

Transient and Eternal

Crainford has long been fascinated with the moods, patterns, shapes, and colours found in moving water. The title Transient and Eternal encapsulates water’s essence: It is always different and yet always the same. The photographs represent more than 15 years of this exploration, beginning in black-and-white 4×5 film and… Read More


The senior art and photography students of Rosedale Heights School of the Arts are proud to display their current work, based on the relationship between text and image. Read More

The Gods Must be Crazy 2.0

This exhibition features images of the Hindu Thaipusam festival at the Waterfall Temple in Penang, Malaysia. Bathija seeks to bring the viewer a sense of communal celebration and to explore, without judgment, the wonder of sacrificial acts. The photographs of traditional religious practices explore emotions and longings that continue… Read More


This exhibition is an exploration of the beauty of dance and movement, set apart from the world of the theatre. Holmgren blends together elements of motion, expression, style, geography, architecture, and design. The images incorporate scenes that include a historic clock tower in the Bronx, the Bethesda Terrace in… Read More

For Whom a Desert Song

For Whom a Desert Song is comprised of recent photographs by Lee, a Hong Kong-based artist. Over the years, Lee has contemplated spirituality, and photography has opened a doorway to expressing and releasing his inner observations. Lee’s work directly addresses his spiritual journey; the mundane and the ordinariness of… Read More

Narrow and Wide

Embedded in the history of photography is a desire to not only illustrate the world, but to also convey the experience of seeing. Photographers harness different forms to do this, and the images in this exhibition represent two approaches: the panorama and the close-up. Narrow and Wide celebrates the expansiveness… Read More


This exhibition by grade 12 photography students at Etobicoke School of the Arts (ESA) includes work in digital and film-based photography. Each artist’s process is personal, thoughtful, and often full of risks. The students research and build upon a theme they wish to explore. This collection of contemporary art… Read More

Learning to Look

Truth has been an ongoing concern throughout the history of photography. When we see an image, how can we ascertain that it represents something real? This exhibition by grade 12 Photography students at St. Clement's School seeks to explore the inherent contradictions of photographs as documents. Is the image before… Read More

Living LomoWall

A “LomoWall” is created from a flood of authentic, colourful, and awe-inspiring photographs. This exhibition celebrates the experimental, lo-fi, analogue genre known as Lomography. During the month of the Festival, visitors can help build a living LomoWall by bringing in analogue photographs to add to this ongoing installation. Part… Read More


Pentagram is the first collaboration by a group of veteran photographers from the Georgetown area. These five photographers, emerging from different backgrounds and embracing diverse styles, are all accomplished and experienced artists bringing singular visions to their work. Pentagram features images ranging from straight and conceptually altered landscapes to… Read More

In View: Moments from Canadian Photographic History

Nostalgia, novelty and technology combine in this exhibition of rare and unusual items from the private collections of members of the Photographic Historical Society of Canada. Objects include seventy-one cameras, thirty-three accessories, and over eighty photographs covering a range of historical processes. Colourful Kodaks, subminiature cameras, stereographic cameras, and compelling… Read More

Three Lenses

Three Lenses is a potent, reflective, and meditative exhibition. Bierk, Christie, and DiMarco share common sensibilities found in the dichotomy of discomposure and progress, stillness and movement, the introspection of wonder, and the reflection offered by time. Read More

Havergal College: Photography and Video

The themes for 2013’s Grade 10 art classes are chaos and order, and happiness. After the girls conceived their themes they thought about the questions, "What does chaos and order/happiness mean to me?" "What does chaos and order/happiness look like?" Their diverse and intriguing answers can be seen in their images. New this… Read More

Structure and Photo

This exhibition highlights Trautrimas’ photo-based techniques of digitally fabricating natural and manmade environments. He transforms modern appliances into re-imagined architectural structures and crafts atmospheric skies entirely within photo-editing software. Trautrimas fuses his technological and artistic skills to push the boundaries of photographic capabilities, ultimately providing an alternate understanding of… Read More

Memory and Context

A group show of 5 unique photographers whose work bridges the themes of memory, time and history each in their own way. Layering, manipulating, found images and iphone montages are some of the methods they employ to tell their stories. Read More

An Open Door

Elementary school children from the Montessori Jewish Day School partner with Jaime and Alexandras Lemonade Standa charitable organization that raises money for homeless youth across Canadato showcase their selection of digital photography that speaks to the issue of homelessness. An Open Door offers a childs perspective on the complex… Read More

To Feed A Planet

Artists and farmers Gural and Lee travelled the world to answer the question, where does food come from? The 30 images that comprise To Feed A Planet are their findings. From Turkey to Thailand, Japan to Jordan, these images depict farmers and markets, as well as the buying, selling,… Read More

India – Sand and Stone

Sacoor presents images that reveal glimpses of savoured moments in exotic India. Images of architecture have been selected for this exhibition.  … Read More

Echo’s Breath

Lefort’s large-format photographs, created on his journey through the Florida Everglades, present an ominous oasis rife with subtle distortion. Composed of superimposed digital images, each tableau presents a densely layered fragment of the landscape. Disparities of spatial depth and focal length in the images reveal hints of its construction, imbuing… Read More

Solid Void: Architects on Sabbatical

Architects Benjamin and Mott went on a “photographic sabbatical” as an opportunity to explore built form, space, and place, without restriction. Mott was born in southwestern Ontario, studied in Ontario and London, England, and works as an architect in Vancouver. Benjamin was born in Montreal, studied in Montreal and… Read More

Lines of Force

Lines of Force is a photo-based screenprint series portraying fractures in sedimentary rocks in the formation known as the Huronian Supergroup. Deposited 1.9 – 2.45 billion years ago, these rocks metamorphosed about 1.8 billion years ago. Rubenzahl has been working with these images for about a year and is starting to… Read More

There, Not There

There, Not There is a collaboration by two photo based artists who each explore a journey, one national and one local, through both analogue and automated digital processes. In 2010, MacDonald and his brother embarked on a vagabond road trip across Canada with ten rolls of expired Kodachrome and a point-and-shoot camera. The resulting… Read More

Wabi Sabi: Embracing the Beauty of Decay

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese aesthetic concept and way of being. In contrast to modern, European notions of beauty, wabi-sabi honours all aspects of the organic process of natural birth, growth, and death, including decay. The photographs portray the interrelationship of decay in the natural world and in human bodies. Read More

Field of Vision

Students from Parkdale Collegiate Institute were offered the opportunity to explore documentary photography and present their interpretations of the Festival theme, Field of Vision, as it represents their community. The resulting photographs are showcased across nine venues throughout Parkdale Village. This project is a collaborative effort between the Parkdale… Read More

Field of Vision

Students from Parkdale Collegiate Institute were offered the opportunity to explore documentary photography and present their interpretations of the Festival theme, Field of Vision, as it represents their community. The resulting photographs are showcased across nine venues throughout Parkdale Village. This project is a collaborative effort between the Parkdale… Read More

Field of Vision

Students from Parkdale Collegiate Institute were offered the opportunity to explore documentary photography and present their interpretations of the Festival theme, Field of Vision, as it represents their community. The resulting photographs are showcased across nine venues throughout Parkdale Village. This project is a collaborative effort between the Parkdale… Read More

Field of Vision

Students from Parkdale Collegiate Institute were offered the opportunity to explore documentary photography and present their interpretations of the Festival theme, Field of Vision, as it represents their community. The resulting photographs are showcased across nine venues throughout Parkdale Village. This project is a collaborative effort between the Parkdale… Read More

Field of Vision

Students from Parkdale Collegiate Institute were offered the opportunity to explore documentary photography and present their interpretations of the Festival theme, Field of Vision, as it represents their community. The resulting photographs are showcased across nine venues throughout Parkdale Village. This project is a collaborative effort between the Parkdale… Read More

Field of Vision

Students from Parkdale Collegiate Institute were offered the opportunity to explore documentary photography and present their interpretations of the Festival theme, Field of Vision, as it represents their community. The resulting photographs are showcased across nine venues throughout Parkdale Village. This project is a collaborative effort between the Parkdale… Read More

Field of Vision

Students from Parkdale Collegiate Institute were offered the opportunity to explore documentary photography and present their interpretations of the Festival theme, Field of Vision, as it represents their community. The resulting photographs are showcased across nine venues throughout Parkdale Village. This project is a collaborative effort between the Parkdale… Read More

Field of Vision

Students from Parkdale Collegiate Institute were offered the opportunity to explore documentary photography and present their interpretations of the Festival theme, Field of Vision, as it represents their community. The resulting photographs are showcased across nine venues throughout Parkdale Village. This project is a collaborative effort between the Parkdale… Read More

Field of Vision

Students from Parkdale Collegiate Institute were offered the opportunity to explore documentary photography and present their interpretations of the Festival theme, Field of Vision, as it represents their community. The resulting photographs are showcased across nine venues throughout Parkdale Village. This project is a collaborative effort between the Parkdale… Read More

Perceptions 20/20 (1920-2013)

This show chronicles some of Canada’s best photographers from the 1920s to the present. From world-renowned photographer Karsh to up-and-coming young filmmaker Uegama, these artists have been energized by Toronto. Powerful images created from old and new techniques range from sombre to humorous. The exhibition features artists of a range… Read More

Massey Hall

This exhibition of images of Massey Hall by Graca, a Toronto-based photographer, is a homecoming of sorts: Over the years Paul Hahn & Co.'s pianos have graced the stage at Massey Hall countless times. Graca’s work has appeared in many music magazines, and she has exhibited internationally. Along with… Read More

Seneca College

Six graduating students from Seneca’s Independent Digital Photography program display a variety of images created during their studies. The work demonstrates the skills and techniques in lighting and composition attained throughout the two-year program. While exploring their own creative perspectives, inspirations, and perceptions, the students put together an eclectic… Read More


PeeP-ple brings together works that reflect various angles of looking at personal and interpersonal relationships, exploring these aspects through the lens of the artists. The local and international talent from diverse backgrounds exhibit their way of seeing people and situate them in their imaginary or realized socio-political realm. Read More

The Sandmakers

The ceaseless movement of water and ice over rock makes sand. The Sandmakers is a series of black-and-white silver gelatin prints, created using a pinhole camera. They represent the everlasting contact of water descending on, washing off, and gradually breaking up land. The viewer is invited to witness this… Read More

Miniature Solitude

This series highlights Natta’s extensive travels during the last two years, as well as her point of view as a solo traveller. Whether Natta is photographing dark and serene landscapes, a huge manmade megalopolis, overcrowded Bangkok or empty Swiss meadows, the world feels like a big playground for all… Read More

When I am Forced to Travel, I End Up Liking It

When I Am Forced to Travel, I End Up Liking It presents photographs that capture everyday scenes. Images of water and sky—elements in constant flux—emphasize the ephemeral nature of framed moments. Taken in Italy, Israel, Brazil, and Tanzania, these photographs also document Ross’ interpretive action in contexts where language and cultural… Read More

(NOT) Just Another Day

In (NOT) Just Another Day, Bruner captures the quirks of modern life: its inherent entrapments, challenges, and everyday amusements. With an approach to her art that’s as layered as Toronto itself, she creates and photographs Lego dioramas of everyday moments. The images evoke childhood innocence while capturing scenes such… Read More

Rivers Forgotten

Beneath city streets and buildings lie the buried remnants of watercourses that once defined the natural landscape. Urban expansion has integrated these creeks and rivers into the infrastructure city dwellers rely upon. Though ravines may be filled in and built upon, water remains an unstoppable force that will always… Read More


In Exile, Krilic explores the constructions and negotiations of home and belonging. Being in exile means to continually search for continuity and coherence. This elusive search is a perpetual “becoming” rather than simply “being.” Drawing on a personal struggle with feeling at home, Krilic appropriates the space of exile… Read More

Native Paint

Native Paint is a photographic series that celebrates Canada’s Aboriginal history, honouring Canada and the shoulders modern Canadians stand on. The exhibition shows the mosaic of cultures that live in this unique land today. Sehgal’s painterly approach to this subject uses water, light, and colour to reflect the fluidity,… Read More

Persistence of Vision

Two film-based photographers explore a vanishing era in motion pictures and still photography. McNeill documents the Revue’s projection booth before its digital conversion, conveying details of the projectionist’s trade and nostalgia for a place where film once dominated. Bladen Bentley captures chance beauty using the tools of another age: a… Read More

Portals of Passion: Vermont Diptychs 2012

In Portals of Passion we are invited to look beyond our traditional appreciation of the covered bridge and contemplate instead, the uniqueness and commonality of matters of the heart. The artist pairs his images to communicate both public and private significance; an emotional destination these bridges have as a place of social… Read More

Intersection of Two Worlds

Fine art photographer Reid has made food a central theme in her artwork, starting with pears as a signature subject. Recently she began to create photographs of mushrooms, and her Oyster Mushroom #1 achieved award-winning status. Fine art meets fine cuisine in her exhibition, Intersection of Two Worlds: The… Read More

Joe’s Still Got Friends

This exhibition features the work of four friends. Despite being a traditionalist, Morra has fallen in love with High Dynamic Range Imaging, as it instantly gives a painterly quality to her images. A dreamer-at-large, Costa Bell celebrates the collision of nature and cityscape, inspiring her to take a different… Read More

Durham Photographers in the Gallery

The SilverStone Gallery is pleased to showcase the photography of 14 Durham-based artists. This boutique gallery by the lake proudly exhibits original photographic art and sculptures by Durham’s emerging and established artists. It is a PineRidge Arts Council initiative made possible by the Peterkin family. Read More

Against a White Background

“In spite of everything, in spite of the fact that there were dark clouds, horrifying clouds, if you were to suggest that we led a tragic life I would react by saying that we didn’t. It was the most beautiful and buoyant, the most joyful life you can imagine. The… Read More

St. Andrew’s

Cooks exhibition challenges viewers to see the beauty of St Andrews Presbyterian Church in a new way. His work is on display within the churchs great hall of the manse. Digital photographic compositions of architectural details from this historic Norman-Romanesque church reveal the inspiration for a vital community of faith. Read More

Practicing Representation in the Academy of Realist Art

Why do we re-present the world to ourselves? What forms do these representations take and how do they reflect on our sense of self? These are some of the ideas explored in Practicing Representation in the Academy of Realist Art; a series of portrait diptychs that topographically documents our… Read More

Nothing To See Here

Through her photographs, Sladek imagines the world as reversible, fragmented, and ultimately unstable. Using the graininess of analogue photography instead of digitally-perfected images, these photographs provoke us to realize less, see less, and make less meaning in a world that seems to always ask us for more. The works… Read More


While on a paleontology expedition in search of microfossils, Boyd stumbled upon fossils of photography in the form of a photo album that had been left exposed to the elements. The weathered album represents the remains of a time gone by. Boyd has captured the chemical changes caused to… Read More


Travelling introduces the eye to unfamiliar mixtures of colours, lines, and textures, all of which continue to inspire Monette as he explores the world in all seasons. The commonality in this collection is the drama of form that is always present within the world. Travels invites viewers to pause… Read More

City at Night

City at Night is a collection of photographs by Greatrix, a Toronto-based photographer. This exhibition features unique images of Toronto that capture the life and lights of the city during the hours between dusk and dawn. The motivation behind this project is the excitement of discovering, through photography, the incredible… Read More

The Language of Trees

Rooted in the earth and reaching to the sky, trees speak a language of their own. To Miller, they symbolize peace, acceptance, hope, and togetherness. Over the past three years, Miller has developed a body of work committed to expressing the language of trees through photographic images. Meticulous giclée… Read More

Shedding Light

Avery’s images of abandoned buildings are haunting; whether they were places of work, home, or leisure, they once played a pivotal role in people’s lives. Now they sit in ruins, mere shadows of their past importance. Without their former tenants, they slowly deteriorate. With the help of nature, time,… Read More

Focus on Toronto

The landscape of Toronto is continuously changing. As development casts a new light on the city’s landmarks, new contrasts with old, transforming the city and enriching the landscape. Toronto-based Lahodynskyj explores the transitioning city and the gleam of glass, steel, and concrete, juxtaposed to the buildings of the past. Read More


These photographs explore the interaction of human and natural design. Time creates constant change; crumbling cement or peeling paint gradually take on forms other than those first perceived. Freezing time, the photograph crystallizes this combination, enabling reflection on what might otherwise be visible only fleetingly. Highlighting the multiplicity of beauty,… Read More

By the Shore: Images of Georgian Bay

The landscape of Georgian Bay has changed little since the glaciers last receded over 11,000 years ago. With numerous islands, granite bedrock, and windswept pines, the area’s rugged beauty inspired the Group of Seven to paint there. By the Shore: Images of Georgian Bay explores the passage of time… Read More

Mystery of Land and Sea

Anderson’s On The Dunes series of silver gelatin prints, created with a Harman Titan pinhole camera, exposes the mysteries of sand dunes. Commercial photographer Erkan’s spiritual connection with landscape calls him to capture and share the beauty and energy emanating from around our great country. Hoy’s latest series shares… Read More

Foresht Floor

This body of work is a continuation of Sprachman’s exploration of the human relationship with the natural world. Sprachman’s process begins with a single photographic image that is then digitally multiplied, reflected, rotated, and distorted, to create a work of art that speaks of the human perception of, and… Read More

My First Roll of Film: U2, War at Massey Hall in 1983

In 1983, Cunningham bought his Nikon FE from a pawn shop on the same day he went to see U2 perform at Massey Hall. This exhibition features the images from that roll of film, displayed in chronological order. These photographs, perhaps amateur in quality, emphasize the medium’s ability to… Read More


In 2011, at a party in a Toronto alley, two near-strangers conspired to take a canoe trip together, bringing their cameras along. Algonquin is an ongoing series of medium-format images made by dear friends, on this, and subsequent expeditions. Read More

Internal Knowing

MacIntosh explores the purity of human emotion through her photography, which provides a poignant testimony to the complexities of the human soul and the world it inhabits. MacIntosh captures the universal energy that ribbons through all life, while maintaining sensitivity and respect for her subjects. Portraying a unity of… Read More


Picture/Perfect is an ongoing investigation of the virtualization of daily life. The exhibition takes a critical look at the shifting role of photography in the digital age. Using the tourist as a backdrop to explore today’s explosion of digital information, Kasumovic creates photographs and video works that traverse the… Read More

36 Views of 8.5X11

With the range of technology available today, society could become paperless, without need for the ubiquitous 8.5×11-inch sheet of paper. Similarly, digital camera technology has all but replaced standard 35mm film, which limited the photographer to 36 exposures before changing the roll. Inspired by these ideas, as well as… Read More


Terminal is an ongoing series exploring the minimal architecture of modern airport terminals, focused strictly on the terminals’ ceilings. These black-and-white images transform the mundane structures of overhead lighting, concrete, steel, ventilation ducts, speaker-cover plates, and fire alarm systems into abstract landscapes of light and shadow. Airports from the… Read More


Diana Renelli is a Toronto-based photographer who likes to play with reflection, which results in images that are by turns dreamlike, striking, eerie, and evocative. She is drawn toward the layering of shadows found on glass, and she creates intriguing images by photographing ordinary objects through this transitional barrier. Read More

Tom Ridout: Eingehullt, RMG Exposed Emerging Photographer Exhibition

Ridout studies the interaction between manmade and natural elements and places. This series focuses on scaffolding and shrouds that cover buildings undergoing construction or repair. The temporary attached structure alters the viewer’s perception of the building by obscuring the ability to see what lies beneath. Ridout was the winner of… Read More

Xposé Presented by CAPIC

The Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators (CAPIC) digs deep into the talents of Canada for a dazzling array of works. The exhibition presents images that are sexy, edgy, thought-provoking, controversial, surreal, serene, magical, and mystical. Experience an overview of work by some of Canada’s premiere image-makers, including rarely… Read More


Photo/Synthesis highlights new trends in the field of digital photography, collage, photomontage, and other mixed-media photo-based projects. The works in this exhibition transcend the limitations of traditional photography, in which the camera simply captures one moment in time. Breaking free of the conventional frame, the works synthesize multiple photographic… Read More

Do: Photo

The Trinity Bellwoods on Dundas neighbourhood participates in a thematic event, in which businesses showcase historic photographs in their storefronts or street-facing windows. The photographs present personal narratives or recall the history of Dundas West. Collectively, the images create a dialogue between business owners, local residents, and clientele. Both… Read More

Early Sunday Morning

Kaufman's recent architectural photographs depict the rapidly disappearing stock of heritage buildings in Torontos working-class downtown neighbourhoods. Early Sunday Morning uses an aesthetic inspired by Edward Hopper's 1930 painting of the same name. The exhibition features large-scale streetscapes of beautiful, century-old brick structures and industrial sites, whose existence is endangered… Read More

Aesthetic Objects of Desire

Stepping outside the stereotypical, touristic representation of the Caribbean, these photographs document objects found in Cuban homes or given to Majerus as gifts. These objects become ways of representing Cuban identity; however, from a North American perspective, the objects might be considered “kitsch,” disconnected from exotic understandings of the… Read More


This exhibition features work by youth from the Weston-Mount Dennis community. In partnership with the Outreach Program at Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography, the young artists explore representation and self-expression through photography. UrbanArts is a non-profit community arts council focused on enhancing neighbourhoods by engaging youth in community development… Read More

Look up… Look down…

Viewers are invited to enter the unique place of Havana, Cuba. The textures and colours of the city are both fascinating and haunting. These images represent fleeting moments and act as a window to a historic urban landscape that will not last much longer. Read More

Rooms for Tourists

The nostalgic geometric faades and neon signs of motels are ubiquitous in small-town Canada. Intimately captured by award-winning photographer Saitz, Rooms for Tourists is a photographic exploration of the architecture, landscape, and changing social meaning of the Canadian mid-century motel. Shot over two years across five provinces, this photo… Read More

A Personal Perception of People and Places

Workman’s 47-year career as a photographer has culminated in the capture of moments he experienced around the world. Like a painter who begins an artwork by sketching on location, Workman returns to his studio to produce final prints that represent his vision. While various digital-imaging techniques were employed, only… Read More

Shadow Portraits

Shadow Portraits is a conceptual experiment capturing the shadows and body language of portrait subjects as they appear outside the intended camera frame. In this exhibition, Hauser explores the mystery of planned or accidental shadows that light creates during a portrait. Hauser is one of Canada’s foremost portrait photographers. Read More

Here is Where

Four artists respond to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)’s 27-acre site, a dedicated space for treating mental illness for more than 150 years. Their works are visual experiences that uncover the beauty, fear, secrets, and hope inspired by the landscape and history of the site. Here is… Read More

In the Midst of Angels: Photographs of Sculpture from the Cemeteries of Europe and Beyond

Renowned cemetery photographer Williams’ romantic black-and-white images evoke the passionate sentiment of late 19th-century culture. This exhibition features photographs of Italian cemetery sculptures, as well as images of statues in Paris, Buenos Aires, and Vienna. Williams’ photographs have been shown in Canada, the United States, and Italy. She is the… Read More

The Dark Room: A Group Show Celebrating Alternative Process and Analogue Photography

The Dark Room is a magical space where alchemy transforms photo paper into tangible images created from one’s imagination. This group exhibition brings together artists working with photography who are testing the boundaries of analogue media and alternative processes in a digital age. Juried by representatives from 918 Bathurst,… Read More

Selections from Max Dean’s Album

Elementary school students and teachers from selected Toronto District School Board (TDSB) schools partner with the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) for artist Max Dean’s public project Album. Students meet with the artist as he travels to their communities in his restored Volkswagen Beetle. The photo albums they make… Read More

Toronto Transformed

This portrayal of Toronto merges the present day with yesteryear. These photographic collages juxtapose street photographs from 2008?–?2011 with documentary images from the City of Toronto Archives. Just as the “old” images were originally captured with photographic tools of the day, the “new” images are captured digitally. The viewer… Read More

50 Years of The Rolling Stones: A Rock & Roll Retrospective

Celebrating 50 years of The Rolling Stones, Analogue Gallery presents a retrospective of stunning images from some of rock and roll’s finest photo­graphers. Included is Townsend’s early image of a young, boyish-looking group photographed along the banks of the Thames, renowned photographs by Wentzell and Regan that document the… Read More

Disembodied Landscape

Taken aboard the historic tall ship Bark Europa, Piersig’s photos transport the viewer to an earlier era, before cruise liners commercialized the Southern Ocean. Piersig juxtaposes images of a sailor’s connection to the sea with the ethereal and brutal quality of Antarctica. She undermines idealized visions of penguins living… Read More

The Photography Project: Capturing the Past, Present and Future of Seniors from Rexdale

Arts Etobicoke, the W5ART Collective, Bathari Expressive Art Productions, and Bathari Inter-Arts Group present The Photography Project: Capturing the Past, Present and Future of Seniors from Rexdale. This exhibition features portraits of members of the Rexdale Seniors Art Group by photographer and W5ART Collective member Gelis.  … Read More


AutoExuvium is an ongoing body of work that explores the concept of automobiles as “shells” or outer skin for those encased within them. The scars they bear suggest ‘impact’ literally and symbolically and suggest a strained relationship with their environment. Idealized visions of mechanical beauty are subverted to something… Read More

Between Fantasy and Reality: Contemporary Photography from Cambodia

Having come of age in a post-Khmer Rouge period of intense modernization, these four Cambodian artists are committed to exploring the tension between existing (often ancient) traditions and those of present-day global trends. Their topics and images provoke new perceptions of Cambodia and complicate ideas of fact and fiction,… Read More

As Is: With Love

Duvall and Schaefer are commuters—the former between Toronto and Saskatoon, the latter, Toronto and Manchester. Each city welcomes, nurtures, and inspires them. Yet, they also feel sadness about the places they leave behind. With this project, Duvall conspires to bring the bucolic setting of her farmhouse in rural Saskatchewan… Read More

All Present Or Accounted For

Using her signature photo encaustic style, Owens continues to explore portraiture with a playful use of posing and posturing. Her work questions one’s identity and presence within a group or specific location. These hybrid analogue/digital artworks explore tensions between gender, sexuality, and race. The figures in the images are… Read More

Nature and More

The exhibition takes place at the Brunners’ private gallery. The Brunners are well known for their skills in fine art photography, not only in Canada, but also in the USA and Europe. For this exhibition they are joined by Boening, a master photographer by trade, and lecturer on photography… Read More


The word jam can be interpreted in a myriad of ways: it may refer to food, traffic, a tricky life situation, a musician’s improvisation in jazz, communication in various contexts, a meaningless promise or immediate gratification. With such rich semantic value, the concept of jam reflects multicultural Toronto and… Read More


Afterthought is a photographic series about memory and the hazy way our minds recall and revisit thoughts. The images were taken in Ferraro’s hometown and function as a sentimental view of a place she no longer resides in. The inspiration for these comes from weathered textbooks, old photographs, and… Read More

Parkdale Portraits

This portrait series was shot within two blocks of Kannakko’s home near Queen St and Lansdowne Ave, a diverse neighbourhood in Toronto’s west end. The artist states, “We all exist here together, fighting the good fight. Side by side we share these acres that were once fields.”… Read More

Turkish Delights

Searle explores the extraordinary beauty of Turkey’s natural landscapes, cityscapes, and ancient monuments, and how they reflect the glory of a faded empire. His images explore the traditions of “place” and how they are juxtaposed in a modern and increasingly secular society. Searle’s work investigates the empty landscapes and… Read More

The Journey of a Girl

Farquharson documented the stories of girls living in developing nations while visiting Plan Canada-sponsored projects and communities in Asia and Africa. In the face of adversity, these girls maintain a strength of spirit that is awe-inspiring. This exhibit celebrates the unique journey’s of girls and women in the developing… Read More


Bogdanovic’s images of male nudes subvert societal norms and defy expectations. Believing that often the male nude is dismissed as pornographic or homoerotic, Bogdanovic uses his imagery to slap viewers in the face. “It’s not about sex or art, it’s about the dynamic relationship between artist and subject. There… Read More

Greek Film & Foto Week presented by the Greek America Foundation

The Greek America Foundation presents Greek Film & Foto Week – an event celebrating talented North American photographers of Greek descent and filmmakers from around the world. Public: Celebrating Still and Moving Pictures presents work by 24 contemporary photographers, alongside Magnum Photographer Constantine Manos, and tribute to photojournalist Chris Hondros. Read More

Mi Manchi

Inspired by portraits of les Demimondes in turn of the century France, Mi Manchi is an exploration of longing and nostalgia; a desire for sexy that leaves mystery to the imagination and curves that are celebrated, not photoshopped. Housed in antique frames and hidden amongst the vintage fabrics of… Read More


The Skulls series is a special project created for acclaimed chef Chris McDonald’s tapas restaurant, Cava. The challenge was to utilize the chef’s collection of pig skulls to create a photo series focusing on Cava’s extensive charcuterie menu and Iberian-based cuisine. Kristiansen combines high-contrast lighting and decorative arrangements to… Read More

Bogota in Berlin

Hotel Bogota, just off Kurfürstendamn in Berlin, has a long photographic history—perhaps second to none. It housed the studio of the first female fashion photographer, Yva. In 1936, Helmut Newton became her pupil and shortly thereafter, the Nazi occupation sadly resulted in her murder. Witek discovered this hotel in… Read More

Between Windows

In Between Windows, Reuss combines multiple photographs to create layered, collage-style images. She breaks and fragments images and then rearranges the pieces like a puzzle in an attempt to create new photographic spaces with a personal point of view. Reuss states, “For me, windows stand for spaces, borders, openings,… Read More

Focus in the Community

In this exhibition, the artists use photography to explore their environments and share a unique worldview. Working with subject matter such as nature, urban landscapes, nighttime scenery, and macro photography, the artists create beauty and take ownership of how they are represented in the world. This empowerment has given… Read More

Urban Angels

In Urban Angels, Kudelka creates an archive of the modern city. With his camera, he captures moments that transform the environment in unexpected ways. Emphasizing mood, the artist strives to ensure that viewers will see and absorb the familiar in unfamiliar ways. His prints are more than incidentally beautiful;… Read More

Saraswati & Flower

Sehgal’s photographic exhibition focuses on the ethereal qualities of water, nature, and light, and how these elements create an environment of philosophical enchantment in India. The photographer captures the temple tradition of worshipping the goddess of art, Saraswati, through using a favoured subject: water. This exhibition is a meeting… Read More


Feeling encouraged by a successful SNAP! auction, photo editor Dolores Gubasta of KlixPix returns with another strong roster of emerging, established, and historical photographers. Many are commercial shooters setting their sights on the fine art world. Making personal work is what inspires them. The images depict Newfoundland to the… Read More


Two is the only even prime number, and the number of strands that compose human DNA. Two represents pluralism, dualism, hands, feet, ears, eyes, and lungs. Giving and taking, up and down, good and evil, yin and yang, black and white. It is the loneliest number next to the… Read More


“If my song is heard and you survive, then I have naught but to die.” – Nicolette Potter. This exhibition is a collection of poetic black-and-white photographs.  … Read More


Le Labo recently launched a mentorship program for emerging francophone artists. Gemayel worked with mentor Cheryl Rondeau, a mid-career media artist and one of the founding members of Le Labo. Gemayel presents Une promenade, a multimedia installation developed during the mentorship program. The piece examines the experience of an… Read More

Coast 2012

Drajewicz and Jonah are drawn to photographing coastlines. The widest variety of life forms gathers in areas where land is subsumed by the encroaching sea; the same can be metaphorically said for man-made cityscapes. As the tides of progress sweep through our world, old buildings and structures act as… Read More

Women of SPORT

Through the context of SPORT magazine, Women of SPORT examines the role of women in the history of sports. Through SPORT’s exquisite photography, particularly its stunning colour photos from the 1940s and 1950s, this exhibit illuminates the myriad of ways women have participated in sports—whether as athletes, wives, spectators,… Read More

New Suburban Photomat

New Suburban Photomat explores how creative destruction—an economic theory referring to the process of transformation and radical innovation—has transformed the industry of photographic printing. Instant-print stores have adapted to more specialized printing processes by creating personalized, tactile instant heirlooms. Grismer presents an exploration of these new processes: a thousand… Read More

Yikes on Bikes

A lighthearted series about little kids biking treacherous hills and eating dirt. Mark Ridout is a Toronto based advertising photographer. This series was inspired by his little boy’s misadventures on a local BMX dirt track.  … Read More

Neighbourhood Edition

A portrait of the celebrated Queen West neighbourhood, Neighbourhood Edition is a series of 20 snapshots that capture the eclectic lifestyle of Toronto urbanites. Photographer Graham Powell was commissioned to shoot the series exclusively for the EDITION/RICHMOND Gallery. Read More


This didactic and conceptual photo series seeks to raise questions, explore current political dynamics, and uncover the psychic structure underpinning the Occupy movement. The economic crisis of 2008, ignited by the domino effect of foreclosures in the US, the collapse of Lehman Brothers, and the subsequent bailout of large… Read More

Something, Romanticized

Something, Romanticized brings together the work of Tammaro and Thor, two artists who have never met yet are connected by the ethereal qualities of their photography. At times nostalgic and uncertain, many of these images lack or obscure the sense of a specific environment or identity. Fleeting, delicate, and… Read More

Forgotten Places

Forgotten Places explores a unique perspective seen from abandoned locations. These imaginative images offer an elegant view of forgotten or sometimes inaccessible architectural spaces. With his creative vision, Lins travels the world looking for powerful images that will make the viewer rethink the idea of ordinary beauty. Locations photographed… Read More

City Scapes

Filiou captures the modern architecture and people that make up the city of Toronto. His photographic abstractions were made at various times of the day in different locations. “Man-made design is symmetrical and nature is asymmetrical in design.”—Richard Hill. All of the prints are handmade by the artist on… Read More

Acts of Exposure

In a two-part exhibition, Acts of Exposure captures light, strips away facades, reveals truths, discloses untruths, airs emotions, bares souls, unearths confusion, uncovers patterns, and tempts ridicule—but takes risks. Continuing with their tradition of presenting group exhibitions in the festival, 28 members of Gallery 44 Centre of Contemporary Photography… Read More

Telling a Story

When you look at a photograph, what do you see? Does it tell an inspiring story? Photographs have the power to tell stories in ways that make them come to life, while creating a unique emotional experience for the viewer. This exhibit features an engaging selection of Reid’s photographs. Read More


Bozic and Tyler utilize mannequins with great effect to explore society’s obsession with self-image and romantic ideals. Through two separate series, the artists present multiple images to create a virtual world of staged moments of socially constructed behaviour. This invites a question, one that observers must answer for themselves:… Read More

Urban Landscapes – Wroclaw – Portrait of a Central European City

“The story of Central Europe is anything but simple. As the region located between East and West, it has always been endowed with a rich variety of migrants and has repeatedly been the scene of nomadic invasions, mixed settlements, and military conquests. It has witnessed a profusion of languages,… Read More

Maximum Exposure

Maximum Exposure is the annual year-end show for Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts. The exhibition, presented on the second floor of the Gladstone Hotel, highlights the various thesis projects executed by the graduating class. Featuring over 60 individual photographers, this exhibition provides an overview of Ryerson’s emerging art photographers. Read More

Exposed 2012

The Gladstone Hotel and Speakeasy present contemporary and emerging photography throughout the hotel. This year’s group exhibition invited local and international artists to push the boundaries of photography and explore new directions. … Read More


The distinct architecture, people, and neighbourhoods of Paris are captured through the lens of Colpron. These stunning large-format images are displayed in a distinctly French venue within the heart of Toronto. Experience a trip down memory lane for those who have visited Paris, or a discovery for those who… Read More


Using famous historical paintings as references, the photography students of Rosedale Heights School of the Arts explore the themes of citation and appropriation. In response, works by senior drawing, painting, and graphic students referencing famous photographs are also included. By choosing to interpret the image through the filter of… Read More


The democratisation of the photographic image has reached a frenzied pace with advancements in digital imaging and social media. This is in direct contrast to traditional photographic practices. Today, anyone can produce and quickly share pictures of contemporary society by documenting their everyday life or pivotal events. The images… Read More

Toronto: The Bones of You

The city of Toronto is currently engaged in a lively public discourse about how the city would like to be and how best to get there. These images, taken across the city and over four seasons, use light and context to remind us of the inherent beauty of Toronto’s… Read More


The identity of Toronto can be characterized by the myriad of cultures residing within its limits. Diversity and multiculturalism provide a mosaic of visual cues that defines our city. But if there was a way to represent the city as a singular arrangement, without this variety, what would it… Read More

Arab Awakening: A Revolutionary Snapshot

Henry’s and the Toronto Star are proud to present Arab Awakening: A Revolutionary Snapshot, an exhibition featuring the work of Toronto Star photographers and photojournalists taken in Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain, and Libya. When revolution spread throughout the Middle East and North Africa, images of the protest, triumph, and peace… Read More

Untitled Work

Mascarin is a published fine art photographer with a unique ability to transform objects with his camera into innovative works of art. He uses natural light to accentuate forms, textures, and colours to create abstract images of ordinary structures. Read More