Stop! and eat the roses…

Brylowski’s debut solo exhibition Stop! and eat the roses… expresses the drama and beauty of the natural world from a unique and whimsical perspective. He aims to evoke the feeling of seeing the world for the first time, encouraging viewers to immerse themselves in nature. His images are mounted… Read More


This is a collection of photographs from four alumni artists from Inglenook Community High School. Their work describes their “Ingl’vision” of the world and its related meaning. Inglenook Community High School defines itself as a rhizome—creating lateral and ongoing growth.  … Read More


iPhoneography is a juried photographic exhibition of images captured on the mobile phones of professional and amateur photographers, artists, and documentarians.  … Read More

Photo-Op 2012

This annual juried exhibition, now in its third year, showcases excellence in photographic art practice. Images created using film or digital technologies, altered or unaltered processes, and experimental and mixed-media techniques are presented. Artists from across Canada were invited to enter works for consideration by the Photo-Op jury. In… Read More

Made In China

On May 4, 2011, 20 Humber College Photography students embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to China. This exhibition explores an array of interpretations of this beautiful and traditional culture beyond the cliché of the “Made in China” label. The images bring to life the essence of China; a country… Read More


Serendipity means a happy accident or pleasant surprise. Specifically, it is the happenstance of finding something good or useful without having to look for it. While finding the situations for these photographs was often fortuitous, the compositions are very deliberate. Most of these photographs were taken in High Park… Read More

The Craigslist Project

What happens when you deliver great art to an unsuspecting public? This question is the focus of The Craigslist Project, a diverse collection of photographic work presented as a series of postings on the online classifieds platform. View the ads, read actual responses, and discover how compelling images and… Read More

Temples of Finance

Cook photographs the architecture of bank buildings. He manipulates his images to create ornate, kaleidoscopic, and jewel-like compositions. These abstracted geometric icons of heritage buildings symbolize wealth, integrity, and endurance.  … Read More

Silent Sound

Ferguson aptly uses his camera’s shutter speed to create images that encapsulate moments of musical sound. Working at such music venues and events as The Rex, Trane Studio, Toronto Jazz Festival, and Mariposa Folk Festival, he transforms a musical performance into a single still moment that speaks silently and… Read More

A Sojourn Continuum – Part II

A Sojourn Continuum – Part II is the next part in a delectable exploration through the abstract world of Mother Nature. She reveals her beauty in the purest form. Not all eyes have the opportunity, nor the capacity, to bear witness to these momentary events. This exhibition is a continuation of… Read More

Patagonia: Fire & Ice

The region of Patagonia is situated at the southernmost tip of South America. It’s known for its unpredictable weather, wild granite spires, and vast icefields that extend 200 miles along the crest of the southern Andes. Gaucho (cowboy) culture has long been deeply rooted in this region, and more recently,… Read More

Latitude 44 Gallery

McElhinney creates psychogeographical images depicting surprising trees along the Bruce Trail hiking path. Raynes’ GLASSLANDS photos incorporate his sculptures within Ontario settings, reflecting on our positive and negative relationship with our environment. Hoy’s central character—a time-travelling stranger—conveys Surrealism, wonder, and magic through unique photographic metal illustrations. Anderson’s series, On… Read More


This is Freire’s first time participating in the festival. He is just beginning a career in commercial photography, but has not forgotten how perfect the world is outside of the studio. With this exhibition, Freire hopes to share his unique view of the world and the objects that surround him. Read More


Following the success of the Break Wall Studies, photographer Per Kristiansen returns to Mjölk with a new formal series exploring piles. The Piles series continues with the theme of repetition, capturing and bringing to the forefront the uniqueness of seemingly similar subjects.  … Read More

Semi-Natural State

Semi-Natural State is about urban parks—places that resemble nature but in idealized terms. Parks are a representation of rural life; they appear natural and sometimes wild, but are usually highly controlled by humans. Wildeman combines romantic, black-and-white landscape photographs with images of people, and uses a digital technique of… Read More

Portraits of Nature

In this exhibition, portrait photographer Phillipa C. moves beyond traditional portraiture to create photographic representations of nature. The images displayed are shared from her personal collection.  … Read More

Impressions, Imprints and Journeys

This exhibit examines figure, form, and texture while capturing the beauty of things not so common. Prenevost has witnessed many remote and wondrous places on Earth. Her evocative photography inspires us to see beyond. Her greatest inspirations come from experiences of the man-made and natural world. Prenevost captures environments… Read More

Where We Live

A suburban house. A downtown high-rise. The busy city centre. The middle of nowhere. Wealth, poverty, and the ability to choose between the two. Where we live influences how we perceive life, ourselves, and other people. This collection of images shows some of the ways in which we exist… Read More

The Dollhouse

The Dollhouse documents the transformation of an abandoned farmhouse in rural Manitoba into a life-sized dollhouse. An exterior wall is replaced with Plexiglas, revealing rooms restored and furnished with decor dating from the time the house was abandoned in 1968. The contrast of the exterior and interior speaks to… Read More

Niagara Falls, Up Close and Personal

Dolle’s creative compositions manifest the mood and ideas that she perceives from a setting. She enjoys exploring her own personal perception and perspective on nature through photography. Her images, full of passion, enable the viewer to appreciate what they may not have fully experienced or noticed before. Read More

Dreaming in Colour

“Oh, God, what have I seen? Where have I been? Something has spoken to the very soul of me, wonderful, mighty, not of this world. Chords way down in my being have been touched. Dumb notes have struck chords of wonderful tone. Something has called out of somewhere. Something… Read More

Yet Unforbidden

Yet Unforbidden is a photographic response to the adversity Szemplinska has faced while out photographing in the streets. She finds it has become increasingly difficult to photograph without being questioned by security guards or store owners. Szemplinska found an alternative way to capture the scenes she finds interesting by… Read More

Timelines The Tate Modern

Timelines The Tate Modern displays a 12×4-foot graphic chronological collage of works by 500 influential artists and photographers working over the 20th century. A companion piece showcasing 150 images from notable Canadian artists dating from 1890 to the present is also displayed. Both collages tell a peculiar history. Read More

Shapes of Bryggen

Bryggen, a UNESCO heritage site, is an enclave of 300-year-old wooden buildings situated on the waterfront of Bergen, Norway. These buildings appear as a jumble of chaotic shapes, but together form a unified and coherent whole. To Blomfield, they are a metaphor for what Bryggen has been for centuries:… Read More

Five Photographers

Haimovich, Jones, McCague, Ross, and Young are five photographers from Toronto’s west end. In everyday life, they are students of photography, teachers, and professionals; all are highly talented artists. This exciting exhibition in a lovely venue features a wide variety of subjects and styles. Each artist has several pieces… Read More

Kensington, Kensington

Images from Kensington Market’s long and colourful history are presented in shops and shop windows throughout the Market. In collaboration with the Kensington Market community, curators Helena Frei and Venetia Butler have assembled a reflection of life in this eccentric corner of Toronto where generations of immigrant communities… Read More


Etobicoke School of the Arts (ESA) students welcome you to enjoy their work. The Photography program at ESA is designed to encourage student artists to explore issues that are important to them while experimenting with this historically rich yet rapidly changing medium. Their processes are personal, thoughtful, and often… Read More


In this collection of images of birds in flight, Nicolcev continues to make the viewer subtly aware of the presence of technology in art and nature. For this series, he adds movement, freedom, and a touch of humour while maintaining his distinctive fusion of painting and photography. The large-format… Read More

Painted Society

Painted Society is a series of out-of-focus images taken in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Bogotá, Colombia. The soft-focus technique creates images with a painterly quality and highlights the beautiful shapes found in the world that are often ignored in day-to-day routine. Rojas’ objective is to move the focal point… Read More

Two and a Quarter

The nostalgic qualities associated with analogue photography—aged, square prints, exposure flaws, soft focus, and light leaks—reappear in our contemporary snapshot imagery. Exploring the theme of nostalgia as trend and inspiration, this group exhibition highlights the creativity possible within the square image. In the spirit of the square revolution, each… Read More

What Feels To Be True

Wood’s explorations in photography are deeply rooted in aesthetics, emotion, and the ephemeral. Her images are an invitation, a call to walk within a dreamscape, a world of her own invention, a fictional reality, and a place for pause, reverie, and hope. All images were created using Impossible Film… Read More

Sport Cultures: Movement, Identities and Inclusion

This collaborative exhibit illustrates the shared experiences of individuals engaged in movement, from games of global prominence to diverse physical activities of local and cultural importance. The images capture communities in Canada and around the world. They include elite athletes competing in the Olympic and Paralympic Games, professional athletes,… Read More

SPARK: Igniting with Photography

SPARK: Igniting with Photography is a collection of portraits by artists from Shoot With This, a film and photo­graphy mentorship program for at-risk youth in the Jane-Finch community. The universal challenges of youth are profoundly reflected in these beautiful self-portraits, inspired by project mentors, professional artists Nigel Dickson and… Read More

Wish You Were Here

MJG Gallery presents a group exhibition of four diverse and established photographic artists, Clipperton, Gleberzon, Hall, and Middleton. Sharing an underlying tone, each artist offers a unique body of work in their own style. Within their work are themes of memory, place, and time, as well as strong references… Read More

In The Eye of The Beholder

“Beauty in things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them.” — David Hume. Sensing beauty in something creates an attraction or emotional draw, perhaps because of the object’s harmony with nature, perfection, or sheer uniqueness. It is said that beauty is “in the eye of the beholder”; a subjective experience… Read More

5th Element

5th Element is an exhibition of old and new images that are predominantly black-and-white and juxtapose shapes, shadows, abstractions, and perspectives. These images are selections from an ongoing project.  … Read More

Sport Cultures: Movement, Identities and Inclusion

This collaborative exhibit illustrates the shared experiences of individuals engaged in movement, from games of global prominence to diverse physical activities of local and cultural importance. The images capture communities in Canada and around the world. They include elite athletes competing in the Olympic and Paralympic Games, professional athletes,… Read More

Electric Landscapes

Those who reside in cities sometimes find themselves lost in a wilderness of light and noise. Awash amid a current of bodies and the crush of structures, there exists a shared solitude in absorbing too much and retaining too little. This disconnect may compel one to become more deeply… Read More


Nearly a third of all images taken in 2011 were captured via mobile phone. Improved technology, convenience, affordability, and access to an expanding audience through social media are contributing to the emergence of “iPhoneography” as its own viable genre. Demonstrating the democratization of the art form, three mounted iPads… Read More

I <3

I… Read More

Rotating Reality

While keeping a keen interest in landscape photography and combining Pop Art with postmodern vision, Baron introduces a playful gesture to her photographs that radically changes the subject matter. By manipulating the horizon line to vertical, perception of the subject becomes radically altered. From images of the Eiffel Tower… Read More

Parkdale, Who Knew?

This exhibition is a foray into the hidden treasures of Parkdale Village before it was annexed by the City of Toronto in 1889. Take a journey with the students of Parkdale Collegiate Institute as they discover the Parkdale of yesteryear and reflect on what it is today. Working under… Read More

Parkdale, Who Knew?

This exhibition is a foray into the hidden treasures of Parkdale Village before it was annexed by the City of Toronto in 1889. Take a journey with the students of Parkdale Collegiate Institute as they discover the Parkdale of yesteryear and reflect on what it is today. Working under… Read More

Parkdale, Who Knew?

This exhibition is a foray into the hidden treasures of Parkdale Village before it was annexed by the City of Toronto in 1889. Take a journey with the students of Parkdale Collegiate Institute as they discover the Parkdale of yesteryear and reflect on what it is today. Working under… Read More

Parkdale, Who Knew?

This exhibition is a foray into the hidden treasures of Parkdale Village before it was annexed by the City of Toronto in 1889. Take a journey with the students of Parkdale Collegiate Institute as they discover the Parkdale of yesteryear and reflect on what it is today. Working under… Read More


Construction sites are hidden behind walls of hoarding—often ignored urban voids. Deconstruction is a series that uses night photographs of construction sites as a metaphor for human urban isolation. This body of work also attempts to turn the banal into the extraordinary. By photographing from within these sites looking… Read More


This exhibit is a collaboration between two artists: a traditional landscape photographer and a digital artist. Both examine the concept of collective memory. Realistic landscapes are combined with abstract urban imagery or layered with nostalgic family snapshots to create digital collages. The result is a collection of images that… Read More

At the Edge of Canada: Peripheral Vision

Plexman’s series of large-scale panoramas reveals the stark but stunning beauty of the Yukon. Enlarged to ten feet in length, these 180- to 360-degree images reach beyond the edges of peripheral vision. From a distance, luminous mountains, protrusions of dry rock, and bleak bogs allude to a barren landscape. Read More

Busby Barbie

The Busby Barbie series explores manicured human and urban landscapes. Griffith’s decals, created using Barbie silhouettes, are inspired by the choreography of Busby Berkeley and made from materials such as fake grass, slip clay, and plastic garbage bags. These temporary installations are placed along various rivers that run into… Read More


Loud, colourful, and crazy parties are known as rumba in Venezuela, where Govea was born. The artist, better known as thesupermaniak, has rumba flowing through her veins and has spent years documenting the electronic music scene in Toronto. Govea is always in complete sync with the dynamics of a… Read More

Modern Canadian Interiors

Modern Canadian Interiors documents derelict manufacturing sites, churches, prisons, schools, domestic dwellings, and other decommissioned sites. The images are more than just indifferent snapshots of building facades and decay. The ravages of weather and neglect, discarded furniture, deserted workstations, and graffiti reveal the tragedy of abandonment. These beautiful photographs… Read More


Despite differences that exist between people and cultures, Muslims?! illustrates that all people share the same emotions and are connected by an underlying humanity. Rehman photographs Canadian Muslims engaged in both ordinary and extraordinary situations. He shows that any label can only, at best, define a small part of… Read More

Light Tapestry Series 1

Century-old architectural structures form the settings for the images in this exhibition. Heintzman documents the shafts of light that stream in through the cracks of barnboards or chapel doors. Manipulating the light shafts, she turns the interiors of these structures into pseudo camera obscuras by drawing exterior views indoors. Read More

You Are Here

What’s more engaging than our own lives? Our own lives in miniature. You Are Here is a photographic journey that begins with the construction of Lego® dioramas that re-create everyday occurrences, national events and historical milestones. While the scenes depicted may be unfamiliar to children, this exhibit is especially… Read More


With an acute sense of nostalgia for sheer emptiness, Baron retraces and rediscovers landscape photography through images of abandoned fields. In this series, Baron is particularly interested in adding an iconic relic of technology to the landscape—a Ford pickup truck. She repeats a gesture seen often in advertising, but… Read More


An exhibition by three Toronto-based photographers who explore the contemporary urban landscape.  … Read More

Silent Sound

Ferguson aptly uses his camera’s shutter speed to create images that encapsulate moments of musical sound. Working at such music venues and events as The Rex, Trane Studio, Toronto Jazz Festival, and Mariposa Folk Festival, he transforms a musical performance into a single still moment that speaks silently and… Read More

Quince Botanical

This exhibition is a collaboration between photographer Finlay and florist Little. The artists create large-scale colour and black-and-white photographs of a variety of cut branches and dried botanical elements. A beautiful series of stark images with black or white backgrounds.  … Read More

Redline Coffee

This is Shawna’s second time exhibiting in the festival. Focusing on the up-and-coming Corktown district in the east side of Toronto, she documents “a day in the life” at Redline Coffee & Espresso Bar. Described as eclectic and genuine, King’s images showcase the patrons and baristas that frequent this… Read More

My Brain, My Body

This exhibition is a student photo essay focusing on the nutrition program at Toronto’s Regent Park/Duke of York Public School. Healthy food is necessary for each student’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development. There are currently more than 380 nutrition programs in TDSB schools serving approximately 78,000 students daily. Read More

In All Things

Jesuit poet Gerard Manley Hopkins said, although “all is seared with trade; bleared, smeared with toil,” nevertheless, there “lives the dearest freshness deep down things.” To encounter God in all things is at the heart of Jesuit spirituality. Nature and culture are privileged places where beauty—one of the traditional… Read More

Vie de la Photo

Vie de la Photo explores the idea of shared memory as expressed through groupings of vernacular photographs from the last century. Toronto-based artist Zäll uses her collection of found analogue photographs to build an installation featuring a large mobile structure. Free of chronology and the traditional two-dimensional form of… Read More

Ice Huts

Johnson’s recent work from 2011 and 2012 includes ice huts from Alberta and Saskatchewan. His series now contains more than 550 images of individual ice huts and many ice villages. He continues to travel across Canada with his camera, comparing the architectural structures associated with ice fishing.  … Read More

Dwellings & Incursions: Photographs

This exhibition presents images of industrial and natural environments. Photographed in various communities throughout Ontario, Prophet’s images affirm that every past or current dwelling was the result of an incursion and every current dwelling is likely to be the site of a future incursion.  … Read More


This collective of versatile, photo-based emerging artists studied at OCAD University (OCAD U). In this group exhibition, recent graduates of the Photography program join together to display the bodies of work from their theses. The diverse group of 16 artists present elements of performance, video and still imagery, textiles,… Read More

Tied Up & Twisted

Using a range of symbolism, this exhibition offers the viewer dramatic images. Mallon’s bold and striking fine art images play with the language of fashion. Her series The Matador and Wrapped Up confront the viewer with themes of struggle between the sexes. Gareri’s work is emotionally expressive and captures… Read More

Natural Abstractions

Natural Abstractions is a visceral response sparked from the abstractions created by light and movement that can be found in nature. These single-exposure images capture spontaneous and unpredictable results without Photoshop effects. Wright’s interests lie in the colour, patterning, and movement that occur within nature. Toronto-born artist and graphic… Read More

La Cloche Spirit: The Equivalent Light

La Cloche Spirit is a photographic exhibition that explores the light of dawn and how it evokes an inspirational space and translates the timeless beauty of nature. After the practice of Stieglitz, an “equivalent” photograph functions as a work of art because it both communicates subject matter and suggests… Read More

Building Storeys: A Photo Exhibit of Transportation in Toronto

Through the adventurous lens of the Building Storeys photography group and Heritage Toronto, experience intriguing images of often unseen rail and marine transportation infrastructure in Toronto.  … Read More


Busher, Lipton, and Toole bring their unique and riveting photography to Studio Vogue Gallery in Yorkville. In this exhibition, images take on abstract and painterly form as the artists give value and precedence to colour, light, shape, and texture over subject recognition. Document showcases three artists who capture and… Read More

A3 \ Allusion, Ambiguity + Artifacts

In this exhibition, Glazer presents a collection of deconstructionist images that transcend the traditional photograph. Through contextual abstraction and play of compositional elements, the inherent ambiguity and allusions of the photos are intensified. At the same time, artifacts are selectively omitted as a way to challenge and provoke the… Read More

Across the Americas: A Glimpse of Life

Across the Americas: A Glimpse of Life features images by Canadian photo­grapher Reid Allin and photographs by former child soldiers and at-risk youth from Barrio Honda in Medellin, Colombia. This exhibition presents a contrasting series of images by professional photographers and curated works by students participating in a photography… Read More

Havergal College Photographs

The Visual Arts Department of Havergal College presents an exhibition of photographic images and texts by students in the grade ten Media Arts program. Responding to a collectively chosen theme and with their own unique point of view, each student created an artwork specifically for this exhibition. This group… Read More

Guarani M’byá

The Guarani were some of the first indigenous peoples that the Europeans came into contact with when arriving in South America over 500 years ago. In present-day Brazil, there are roughly 46,000 Guarani spread throughout seven states. The M’byá is one of the three main groups of native Guarani… Read More

It’s the End of the World….As We Know It

Anarchy, social justice, activism. With contemporary movements such as Occupy and spokespersons such as Anonymous, there is a push to challenge structures of power. 2012 has been predicted as the end of the world—or is it just the end of the world as we know it?  … Read More

Behind the Lines – Chefs of the Danforth

For over 600 years, the role of chefs de cuisine was to make their employers look good when friends came to dine. Today, these culinary experts often open their own establishments for everyone to enjoy. In the workplace, chefs are often not seen and are usually hidden in the… Read More

The Human Condition of Public Space and Private Space

Students from the Vaughan Road Academy and students from the Masai Mara region of Kenya interpret notions of public and private space. This exhibition is a result of a partnership between Toronto’s Vaughan Road Academy and the Free The Children organization. Over $10,000 was raised in 2011 to build… Read More

Point + Shoot

Sid Tabak believes it’s not about the camera, it’s about capturing the moment. Point-and-shoot photography is a met­hod of reacting to spontaneous events by using a small camera, with which focus and controls are never a worry. Sid Tabak photographs these unplanned moments with a discreet camera, never having… Read More


P.O.V. showcases the latest photographic work from staff members of Humber College’s renowned Creative Photography program. The photographers’ visual explorations and distinct viewpoints explore cultural, historical, and aesthetic practices. Inspired by the curiosity and energy of the students within their program, the artists offer an in-depth look into their… Read More

Hallam Street Barbers

With more men going to salons, working as a traditional barber is a dying career. Franco and Sam, both born in small towns in Italy, started working in local barbershops at nine years of age and now work together in a barbershop on Hallam St in Toronto. This series… Read More


This exploratory portrait series utilizes washi, a traditional form of Japanese paper. Schruder takes the textures and graphics from various washi papers and superimposes them onto the image in post-production. This project is the artist’s way of expressing how humankind internalizes globalization. It examines the interconnectedness that some North… Read More


Toronto-based artists Chan-Dow, Chee, and Janesy explore urbanization and its impact on the environment. This exhibit addresses the tension that emerges between the natural world and urban development.  … Read More

365 days

365 days, 365 images. Photographer Michael Kohn documents one year of his life through a series of iPhone images. Read More


Rose is a photographer and mixed-media artist. Her recent work is inspired by everyday occurrences that are often overlooked. By capturing seemingly uneventful incidents, she brings meaning and value to the forgotten moments in life. Read More


Reedie creates dramatic effects using her iPhone camera. She presents stunning images with dynamic composition, vivid colour, and almost palpable texture. This exhibit represents an exciting new movement in photography known as “iPhoneography.”… Read More

256 Shades of Gray

Students from the 2011 graduating class of Seneca College’s Independent Digital Photography Program present an exhibition of black-and-white photography. In their first exhibition as the newly formed collective The 256 Shades of Gray, the students explore perception, challenge conventions of the medium of photography, and defy expectations. Read More


Sherman has photographed the landscape with large-format cameras for over 25 years. From grand landscapes to detailed abstractions of nature, the relationship between space and tonal contrasts creates dimensionality in his work. Sherman’s most recent work introduces a human element in the urban landscape and focuses on segments of… Read More

Hermann & Audrey

These six original collaborations feature some of Toronto’s most notable photographers and the city’s truest talent in arts and media. The exhibition explores beauty, time, space, person, place, and the power that technology has to manipulate understanding. As the debut showcase for the galleries of 99 Sudbury, Hermann & Audrey… Read More

Modus Operandi

Modus operandi: the mode of operating or working. Modus Operandi presents four Canadian photographers using distinctly different processes within the medium of photography. Their practice includes traditional film and darkroom printing, digital capture and manipulation, pinhole camera images, and experimental production techniques. Modus Operandi looks forward and back in… Read More


An exhibition of two stories from Chile, 2009 : A travelling rural circus and a truck yard. As well as a variety of works from emerging photographers—Tsang, Mulvena and Ogilvie—are also featured in this exhibition. Read More


This group exhibition combines diverse approaches and visual associations to create holistically deeper layers of narrative, meaning, and complexity. Whether it be an allusive presence suggested by a human imprint on the environment or a defined figure implying its placement within a setting, the viewer is asked to piece… Read More

Sound Spaces

Rock photographer Lucia Graca’s debut solo exhibition, Sound Spaces, depicts music venues from across the world, transforming them from theatres and concert halls into cultural landscapes. She redirects focus from the stage to the spaces themselves to consider history, architecture, nostalgia, and the transience of experience. Her subjects range… Read More

The Embodied Landscape

Five photographers working in diverse media use landscape to explore representations of the body’s relationship to the physical and social world. This exhibition includes images of the corporeal body immersed in the landscape as part of a visual spectacle, as well as varied images that employ light as a… Read More

Jacqueline’s Portrait

“The photograph reverses the purpose of travel, which until now had been to encounter the strange and unfamiliar.” – Marshall McLuhan. Working as a street photographer, Ballantine uses Diana and Holga plastic cameras to apprehend the city, figuring its spaces, rendering its moments, and picturing not only space, but… Read More

Iranian Bodies & The Such

Without the internet, these prize-winning images by Iranian photographers would never have been seen in Iran, let alone anywhere else in the world. These startling images visually represent freedom or the lack thereof. The passion of these artists is evident in their searing hunger for complete artistic and ideological… Read More

Land Escapes

Landscapes are presented in infinite forms, as perceptions are eternally in flux. Attitudes vary and the world exists in innumerable ways. Ultimately, it depends on one’s perspective. Land Escapes transitions through four states of being. Beginning with the beauty of a dreamlike fairy tale, viewers move through stunning imagery… Read More

The Idea of Nature

This group of 10 artists, will examine the festival theme of “Figure and Ground” and showcase their perspective on the complex and dynamic relationship between humanity and nature. This can be perceived as both beautiful or tragic and will evoke unique emotional responses. Through photographic techniques, the artists visually… Read More

The Image is the Message

The Image is the Message explores the complexity of Marshall McLuhan’s words through the lens of student photographers. Drawing inspiration from the ideas of McLuhan, these photos reflect his message in fresh new ways. Read More

Concealed Beauty

Experience photography, video art, and digital graffiti like never before. Arts Etobicoke and the media arts programs at Rexdale ProTech Media Centre present Concealed Beauty, an exhibition featuring original and enticing art by youth from the Rexdale community. Come out, witness the show, debunk the myths. Read More


In Fluid, dancers are photographed at multiple moments during a performance. The individual photographs are digitally layered, resulting in a final image that represents the entire performance and provides a fluid perception of time. The key element in this exhibition is the abstraction of time, which expands the audience’s… Read More

Photographic Imprints

ART POLONICA III, “Photographic Imprints” is the third annual group exhibit presenting Polish artists living in Poland and Canada. This year’s exhibit explores the possibility inherent in the medium of photography. Photography lends itself to an immense spectrum of manipulation, from the simple capture of reality to the use… Read More

Domestic Wilderness

In Domestic Wilderness, Rigo examines the indelible impression that humankind makes upon nature. Evidence of the figure’s intervention within the landscape is layered into each photograph. The images become as much about what is not included in the frame as what is. By presenting the ground absent of the… Read More

The Room

The Room is a staging area, a digital space where the photographed outside can be brought indoors and examined without context. Ordinarily, artworks are examined within a room—at home or in a gallery—and the space where an encounter happens remains invisible. We automatically subtract the room, having been trained… Read More

Rock Balancing-Meditative Sculpture

Created from rock and stone, these free-standing structures attract the attention of the passerby. Their unexpected appearance and aura of calm and balance strike a chord with all who come upon them. Challenged by wind and water, their existence is short. Within hours or maybe days, the balanced pieces… Read More


A group of creative photographic artists create a unique interpretation of the theme Figure and Ground. Read More


Owens creates images without distinct location markers. These environments are familiar yet distant—seemingly out of reach. Photographs of buildings—the figure—loom large in the foreground. The negative space—the ground—dominates the background and gives breathing room for the figure. This is the era of the GPS, where one’s location can be… Read More

Volatile Particles: 25 Years After Chernobyl

25 years after the Chernobyl disaster, the notion of a utopian Soviet society is evident in the architecture, artwork, and engineering of the city of Pripyat, but the reality is quite different. Still recognizable as a modern city, the dynamics between structure and nature have shifted. With minimal human… Read More

Free Wheelin’

Free Wheelin’ is an exhibition and sale of images celebrating bikes and trikes from recent travels to New York, Europe, and Japan. Read More

Visions & Voices

Visions & Voices uses art as activism to challenge ideas of sexuality, voyeurism, stereotype, and stigma associated with the sex industry. These highly evocative and personal black-and-white photographs illuminate issues surrounding identity, sexuality, violence, love, death, privilege, class, power, race, and respect, offering a very personal glimpse into the… Read More

Cover of Night

Structures with an industrial function can transform at night into beautiful form and colour. This collection of images is part of an ongoing personal project, photographed in England, USA and Canada on colour film over the last six years. Read More

Greek Foto Week Toronto

Greek Foto Week Toronto brings together talented photographers of Greek descent from North America for a one-week celebration of light, imagery, and colour that only the camera lens can capture. The exhibition and activities are organized by the Greek America Foundation, Toronto and are hosted in one of the… Read More


This exhibition presents a selection of works by recent graduates of the Applied Photography Program at Sheridan College, one of Canada’s largest and most prestigious art schools. Curated by the graduates, the exhibition showcases their diversity, imagination, skill, and talent. The show presents fresh approaches to photographic genres such… Read More

Found Object

While walking around the city, Cullman is hyper-aware of his surroundings, always in search of new discoveries. These images of found objects reveal our propensity to lose items of value, discard the unwanted or leave behind old relics: A fork in the road, a baby’s pacifier, an abandoned… Read More

The Women Upstairs

ttp:// 1.   For two weeks in March 2011, Mac McArthur visited Book Café in Harare, to exhibit "The Women Upstairs" and to run seminars for young artists. Book Café is the main independent arts… Read More


Grounded features portraits of the faces and feet of students from Canada’s National Ballet School. Bénard’s interests are with the traces left by our activities and how those traces become testaments towards creating oneself from “our own burning hearts.” – Vasyl Stus, poet. These romantic/realist diptychs play between the… Read More

Revelry vs. Mastery, Figure vs. Ground: Imaging Caribana

In the summer of 2010, Phang documented the band Saldenah Mas Camp, who were eventually awarded Band of the Year at Caribana 2010. Revelry vs. Mastery, Figure vs. Ground: Imaging Caribana documents the development of the Caribana Festival: from design and construction, to community initiatives, to the final event… Read More

Sunken Villages

July 1, 1958 is remembered as Inundation Day in the area along the St Lawrence River between Cornwall and Cardinal Ontario. At 08:00 a controlled explosion tore open a coffer dam and four days later an area that had once been home to over 6,500 people in 7 villages… Read More


In Mounds, Chumakova explores man’s manipulation of land. The photographs depict piles of topsoil, gathered at building sites of suburban developments. For centuries, soil has been dearly valued as a means for growing food among rural societies. Here, at these building sites, topsoil is considered a burden. The mounds… Read More

All of This & None of This

Fawcett presents a series of silver prints on paper. “Place object in front of camera; press shutter. Sometimes this works. Curiosity started it. Whose persona is this anyway? What’s the show when all we need is shadow? Buy film, move furniture, push hands. How’s the focus? Where’s the cat?… Read More


Somerset’s series, Codependencies, is a study of the skeletons of broken shells, battered and worn by the Atlantic surf on the eastern coast of the U.S. Her images isolate each object, removing it from its oceanic context. Each object is positioned on a field of dark glass, resulting in… Read More


Health geographers use a “blockface rating survey” to catalogue physical disorders in low-income neighbourhoods. Researcher/photographer Ramsay, creates a dialogue between this health geography research and the concept of place, represented through photographs, text, and critical reinterpretations of survey questions. The project raises questions about the role of research in… Read More

Sloppy Seconds

These erotic photographic self-portraits and drawings aim to reclaim positivity and denounce the shame and secrecy surrounding sexuality. Sloppy Seconds is one artist’s journey to find a place where hurting can also be healing. Inspired by stop-motion film, the artist pieces together images that tell the story of her… Read More

Gestalt Undone

When Witek photographs, he is unintentionally creating images that reference the figure-ground principles of perception. It is the complicated balance, or lack thereof, between subject and background that creates the intrigue of his often mysterious and sensual images. The relationship between object and environment in Witek’s photographs is often… Read More

Berlin Studien

Berlin Studien explores one of the world’s most infamous cities, Berlin—a city with a past. Even today, the city reveals its history as raw scars, clearly visible at every turn. Studio 255 members Bolton, Gossage, Hossack, and Wallace visited Berlin in 2010. These Ottawa-based photographers have produced truthful images… Read More


The mission of the Almada Negreiros Art Gallery, sponsored by Instituto Camões and Ontario-based Portuguese-Canadian firms, is the diffusion of Portuguese language and culture. Prioste, the gallery’s featured artist for the festival, has been working as a graphic designer, photographer, and multimedia artist since 1992. His commissions have included… Read More


This inaugural exhibition by CCPW Agency introduces fine works by Canadian photographers. Authorship is the key element that the showcased photographers are preoccupied with in an era of instant digital images. CCPW’s goal is to put the photographer’s name and style at the forefront. A festival must-see. Read More

André Kertész in Toronto 1979 – 1982

To celebrate the 2011 Contact Photography Festival, Corkin Gallery is pleased to announce a new exhibition of photographs by 20th century master André Kertész. André Kertész was born in 1894 in Budapest, bought his first camera at age 18, and moved to Paris in 1925 where he settled in… Read More

Motorcycle Culture, and its Celebrity Builders

Helm documents a wide range of unique personalities with his portraits of celebrity chopper builders—ranging from Indian Larry to Russell Mitchell. Custom choppers, loud pipes, and mesmerizing paint are revealed in this exhibition, giving the viewer the opportunity to catch a glimpse into each unique bike owner’s persona. Helm… Read More

Minus Color

With the introduction of high-definition video, our world is so focused on vibrant and brilliant colours. This is particularly the case when we view flowers; our emotions are moved by the colour. In this exhibition of black-and-white floral images, Reid shows the viewer an alternative to what is normally… Read More

Grand Bruit

Hallberg-Campbell documents the resettlement of residents moving away from Grand Bruit, Newfoundland, during the last few days of this coastal community. With financial support from the government, residents began preparing to move in June 2010, leaving for new homes across Canada. Their hearts are heavy; an aging population whose… Read More


The photographic image is a place of departure to explore memory and nostalgia. Through unique processes, each artist creates images with layers of narrative and emotion. Drawing from their conscious and unconscious minds—using water as the signifier for the emotional landscape—the layers create a relationship to memory and dreams. Read More

A Place To Call Home

Louttit moved to Toronto two years ago and was immediately drawn to the Toronto Islands. After living on the coast of British Columbia for eight years, the islands reminded him of home. Jumping on the ferry to disconnect from the city, Louttit began visiting the islands as often as… Read More


Passing before light, we cast shadows—ephemeral moments that have the capacity to convey a spectrum of emotions. An afterimage of reality held in our mind, shifting figures against the ground. Berman explores the mystery of shadows—passing strangers, leaves in the breeze, or an outstretched hand—revealing an essence often hidden… Read More

Figure and Ground: Deaf View Photography

“They are first, last and all the time, the people of the eye.” – George Veditz, 1912. This exhibit features images by deaf Canadian photographers, highlighting Deaf View Image Art (De’VIA) photography for the first time. It celebrates and nourishes deaf life and uses formal art elements to explore personal and… Read More


Photographs were once considered documents of fact, however, digital tools have destabilized this notion of reality. Analogue photographs can creatively disorient the viewer. We can be teased by a photorealistic surface with an ambiguous scale. Are we viewing a natural landscape from one or 10,000 metres away? Are we… Read More


The Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU) introduces a new group of talented, emerging photo-based artists. Please note: There has been a change of venue for this exhibition. The venue information in the CONTACT 2011 catalogue is incorrect. This exhibition is now held at Drabinsky Gallery. Read More

The Aesthetic Choices of S. Vote

It has been said there is no purer form of Japanese art than that of a geisha. Taking inspiration from traditional pen-and-ink drawings merged with digital photography—at first glance—Vote’s piece Sakura No. 3 explores two very separate worlds. Contrast and tension, fragility and texture, beauty, elegance, humanity, and nature… Read More


In this exhibition, Abramovici reveals beauty in subjects that are often overlooked or ignored. He explores small elements that contribute to the mood, feel, and tone of the image. The morning sun’s rays warming up a sleepy village, the sense of confusion created by a starless night, or the… Read More

Kodachrome Revisited

As a tribute to the now extinct Kodachrome colour film, images taken from 1970 to 1990 are merged with contemporary digital techniques and archival, large-print presentation to offer a new take on an old medium. Typical of Kodachrome, the highly saturated colour is an integral and dynamic partner to… Read More

Within the Landscape – Art Respecting Life

What is it that lies within a landscape photograph that makes it appealing to artist and observer? The image simplifies the world around us through the use of line, texture, and colour. A myriad of life forms and the physical elements of planet earth comprise these patterns that we… Read More

Figure Ground

The Visual Arts Department of Havergal College presents an exhibition of photographic images. Grade 10 students in the Media Arts program share their interpretation of the festival theme within the model suite at the Florian Residences. Their photographs become the figure within the ground-level suite, and within each photo… Read More

Youth, Sometimes

Embracing analogue processes, Youth, Sometimes is a meditation on internal behaviour and mind states, portraying the emotional possibilities of youth experience. Ambiguous and intuitively made images suggest conversations that exist outside of the frame. The result is a collaborative series in which feelings are dominant and words are absent. Read More

Raw Memory

In Raw Memory, members of Gallery 44 Centre of Contemporary Photography examine the tension between perceiving and recalling the world outside and within, utilizing a variety of styles and approaches, including both digital and chemistry-based processes. Both eye and mind edit the world, and what remains in art after… Read More

A Vulnerable Existence … What Goes and What Remains

These assembled images create a visual dialogue between the human figure—represented by statues photographed throughout the city—and the environments in which they have been digitally relocated. The backgrounds—broken shapes found in demolition sites and weathered laneways of Toronto—interact with the statues and seem to echo their form. The subject… Read More

Discovering Lota

Lota, located in central Chile, suffered a devastating earthquake in February 2010 that destroyed the city’s infrastructure and left many residents homeless. This former coal mining city has had many setbacks, however, it has retained its strength and incredible spirit. In Lota, this spirit is expressed through vibrant colours,… Read More

Maximum Exposure

Ryerson’s School of Image Arts hosts its 16th annual graduate and end-of-year show, Maximum Exposure. The exhibition showcases works by 150 to 200 emerging photography, film, and new-media-based artists. Exhibited within several venues throughout the Queen St. West Gallery District, Maximum Exposure is a platform from which to launch… Read More

Exposed 2011: Figure and Ground

Exposed 2011 explores the photographic image as a construction of figure and ground. Referencing the festival theme, this group exhibition looks at how photography inherently directs our attention, and delineates the ways viewers perceive environments and understand the world around them.  … Read More

The Human Landscape

Images of Opera Atelier’s performances illustrate the ethereal nature of the live theatre experience. The photograph is the only record of what the audience has experienced. Inspired by the lighting and composition of Renaissance masters, Zinger’s images for Opera Atelier have followed that main aesthetic: dramatic lighting, deep contrast,… Read More

Face Value

“The most difficult thing for me is a portrait. You have to try to put your camera between the skin of a person and his shirt.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson. In Face Value, the senior photography students of Rosedale Heights School of the Arts explore the festival theme through portraiture. Read More

Structure and Symmetry

This collection of urban images focuses on iconic structures, both interior and exterior. Hessel’s use of graphic symmetry abstracts the architecture and patterns from the surrounding environment. Read More

Diabetes: The Way I See It

The facts are staggering: 1.2 million people in Ontario have diabetes. By 2020, one in four people in this province will be living with diabetes or pre-diabetes. The Canadian Diabetes Association and Henry’s showcase a collection of images by Humber College students and graduates that illustrates the impact of… Read More

Found Landscape

With ordinary vision it is not a common practice to view, or feel comfortable with, a 140-degree field of vertical view. Working from urban environments, Hong Kong photographer Ng searched for locations that met his particular vertical panorama vision. The resulting visuals make up this series of black-and-white cityscapes. Read More

Out side In Side

Keeping with the festival theme, Inglenook Gallery presents a group exhibition of images by alumni. Inglenook Community High School is an alternative school within the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). After being involved in the community spirit of the school, the artists now return to present their work. Out… Read More

McLuhan’s Shadow

In McLuhan’s Shadow, the figures are ambiguous yet defined within their contextual moment, which may or may not be apparent. “The arena which we live in is layered by living with the comfort of past knowledge and experience, fearing to push forward into an unknown or questioning of policies… Read More

With Us at Every Age: Animal Photographs from the Mira Godard Research Centre, Ryerson University

With Us at Every Age explores our relationship with animals, from the innocence of childhood to the comforts of old age: our views shift in response to the contexts of these encounters. Images spanning the history of photography reveal how the lives of animals and humans intersect, touching upon… Read More

Pictures of Resistance: The Wartime Photographs of Jewish Partisan Faye Schulman

Partisans were unseen heroes of the Holocaust. In order to succeed and survive, partisan fighters had to be invisible. But one young partisan and Torontonian had a camera. Schulman’s rare images capture the camaraderie, horror, and bravery in fighting Nazis and their collaborators. Schulman’s photographs are accompanied by her… Read More

Ise Shrine Photo Exhibition

Nakano is the official photographer of the Ise Jingu, the largest and most revered Shinto shrine in Japan. A huge complex of over 100 buildings spreads across a vast forest, it is dedicated to Shinto’s most important deity, Amaterasu (Sun Goddess). Nakano documented the reconstruction ceremony, where buildings are… Read More

Agora Café

Images come from all around us. There is no need to travel to faraway and exotic locations to find interesting subjects. This exhibition looks at the land and streets around the Junction neighbourhood in Toronto, and examines the interaction of human activity within that landscape—sometimes involving humans, sometimes just… Read More


This exhibition is the result of a trip to France in 2010. Malvern’s intent was to capture the beautiful vignettes found in small villages and towns. She photographed something of interest and later focused in on the essence of the picture through cropping. To Malvern, the process of taking… Read More

Zapatistas, Heroes from the Last Century

In the mid to late 1990s, Bertelli searched for the last surviving Zapatista veterans from the Mexican Revolution of 1910–20. They were courageous fighters, who, under the leadership of Emiliano Zapata, fought fearlessly against injustice under the common battle cry, “Tierra y Libertad” (Land and Liberty). More than ten… Read More

Dear Toronto

“Dear Toronto, what a journey we’ve shared. You’ve given me all of you and I’ve soaked it in. Moments of peaceful solitude. Cold nights. Sunny afternoons. We’ve shared smiles, tears, frustration, and through it all, I’ve become the person I am because of you. I know I don’t show… Read More

Upset on Set

Upset on Set presents classic misconceptions about places and characters captured in a series of staged film stills, fake paintings, and cartoon-like characters. Pursuing the same concept she started in 2009, Caprese blurs the line between the real and the imagined, interpreting one through the other. Read More

Rock. Water. Tree.

Through Wheaton’s images, figure and ground become one within the rocky terrain of the Mojave Desert, California. The eternal dance of geology and weather naturally sculpts the ground into abstract figures, animating the stillness of the scene with anthropomorphic imagery. Wheaton pays homage to the surreal landscapes that inspired… Read More

Light Bends

Light Bends builds on the complexities of light and motion within Ontario landscapes. This exhibit is the autumn instalment of Edgar’s Motion Series, first exhibited in 2009 during CONTACT. Eschewing reliance on digital manipulations, these images are created in camera, utilizing time and motion to create the illusion of… Read More

Classic Car Details

Hiller’s photographs reveal the graceful lines, reflections, and effects of light and shadow on classic automobiles. Rather than just admire the elegance of the whole vehicle, Hiller focuses on elements of the design, revealing the impact created by its current environment. Some photographs exhibit the geometric nature while others… Read More

Framed in NYC

What better place than the cityscape of New York City to explore Gestalt theory? Thousands of photographs have been taken on the streets of this great city, each photographer striving to capture the energy, beauty, and life of the people and its landscape. Rees’ images demonstrate the essence of… Read More


In Aura, Beach explores the aesthetic quality of structures altered by time, now just mere fragments of what once was. In her nature-based architectural photographs, the elements of time and weather have taken over and claimed these structures as their own. Beach’s photographs capture a fragility—posing the question, will… Read More

Temporal Perspectives

This captivating show reminds us that our earth is full of wonder, magic, and mystery. McElhinney and Hoy’s visual narratives show the dynamic interrelation between figure, ground, and landscape. They convey displacement and motion through the depiction of time. Nature sometimes does frightening things; Anderson photographs trees that appear… Read More


Warunkiewicz sees the urban world as a visual composition of discrete graphics. Man-made structures are interpreted as flat shapes on a page; a balance of light, dark, shape, and texture. Emphasis is placed on form, structure, and pure geometry by isolating sections from their context. At first these structures… Read More

The People’s Photos (Lost & Found)

Pandemonium presents to the public—for the first time—a fascinating collection of photographs that have been found in books. The collection is culled from ten years of photographs: forgotten lovers, officemates, beloved pets, parties, vacations, weddings, and a rare find—the picture of Marshall McLuhan’s cousin’s baby (she’s really cute)!… Read More

The Wedding

A collection of gelatin silver prints of images taken at one of the most favoured traditions, the wedding. Drawing from an archive spanning over a decade, the photographs on view are a selection of out-takes revealing the fun and emotion of such an event. Read More

India: the Kingdom of Colour

India: The Kingdom of Colour eloquently documents the visual landscape of India. Singh has found moments that range from visually stunning to silently meditative: A desert silhouetted with camels, a busy marketplace with shimmering bangles, a palace in Rajasthan with veiled women and painted elephants, the tattered prayer flags… Read More

Parallel Universe

Cook presents ten digital photographs of surreal architectural forms. Each image is a study of how symmetry challenges the way shape and form is perceived. The abstract architectural images confront our perception of figure and ground. By creating symmetrical images of areas of inattention, our consciousness of the everyday… Read More

Forms of Fashion

The exhibition of works by Campbell and Francis, set inside the ever changing environment of Smash, displays qualities that are found within fashion and art history. Campbell has been in the photographic trade for years and has received much recognition for his work, such as a Governor General’s award… Read More

Wet White Dress

White translucent material has been used to modify light in photographic images since the creation of the medium; it has also been used as a key material in the creation of fashion. For this body of work, Doda utilizes the material, on and off camera, to illustrate light and… Read More

In Their Eyes

“Figure, perception and experience. The details that draw our attention and form our perceptions. Our individual histories greatly influence and lead us to identify and attempt to put what we see and experience into context. We try to make our world make sense. These photos are about experiences and details in the natural and… Read More

Call Home: Domestic Narratives

Pacek and Sorbara both photograph the faded, sumptuous interiors of 53 Indian Grove (High Park, Toronto). Documented is the strong presence of this grand home, poised to inhabit new occupants after 80 years of ownership by the Mills brothers. A series of narrative works by Cooper presents a Grimm’s… Read More

Unboxed: Escaping the Man Box

Tan Wei Aun explores the role of touch in masculinity through the lens of friendship. Unboxed shines a spotlight on male friendships that feature vulnerability as a common currency and physical affection as a form of emotional expression. The “man box” suggests boys/men are hurting, have no room to show… Read More


At the start of the day, when you see that first golden ray hit the ground and bathe the world in light, the feeling one gets is unexplainable. Using his lens, Babu attempts to capture those moments often unseen in our daily lives. Through this process, Babu strives to… Read More

Landscapes: Two Scales

This exhibition presents abstractions of nature—through landscape and still life photography. Snyder’s goal with this series is to shift the viewer’s interest to the specifics of colour and shape within nature. The abstract forms are central to the images, but the realization remains that they are grounded in the… Read More

Alghero at Night

The shift from daylight to darkness changes the way we see and what the camera records. At night, individual light sources replace the natural light of daytime. This can change the relationship between subject and background. This collection of images from the city of Alghero, Sardinia, explores the relationship… Read More

The Fighting Season

The Fighting Season is an in-depth retrospective of the five years Palu spent photographing the conflict in southern Afghanistan. Published worldwide, this is the first time these images—from this extensive award-winning archive—will be publicly exhibited. The exhibition includes audiovisual pieces, as well as excerpts from Palu’s diary documenting his… Read More

RED / Plus De Deux

Cronenberg’s RED features interventions and re-imaginings of eight images selected from the NY Times Canadian Photography Archive. Using digital alterations, salvaged barnwood frames, and remote-controlled lightboxes, Cronenberg has produced a dramatic narrative commenting on how Americans have historically viewed Canadian culture, and how Canadians in turn view themselves. Frankovich’s… Read More

Coney Island

ShaX returns to New York City for the first time since his inaugural exhibition three years ago, to explore the colours of Coney Island; the city may never cease to be a source of photographic opportunities for him. In this new series, ShaX continues to explore the world through… Read More


How is an object or body affected by its environment and is its representation impacted by placement? Are objects more than the sum of their parts? This exhibition will examine the multiplicity of meanings that emerge within varied contexts and locations. Objects plucked from reality, double takes, and provocative… Read More

Crystal Visions

Fourteen images, taken in and around Toronto, Berlin, New York City, and Niagara Falls over the last three years, combine to form the fractured and abstracted landscape of a mostly-Canadian, mostly-urban, life. 35mm colour film photography. Read More

Pigeons and Powerlines

These photographs are shot mostly with toy cameras, often using expired or obscure films, sometimes cross processed, or just scanned completely wrong. This series is as much about the process as the result and about the thrill of not knowing how, or if your images will turn out. Binks'… Read More

Carril Bici

For over 50 years, Cuba has been an icon of resourcefulness, maintaining a predominantly modern lifestyle without modern industry. This exhibition looks at the relationship between the Cuban people and the bicycle. From commuters to Olympic cyclists, these do-it-yourself riders and mechanics maintain the machines through the alteration of… Read More

 corps & plan / figure & ground

Invited curator Alissa Firth-Eagland was offered “carte grise” to select an exhibition responding to the theme of Figure and Ground. Firth-Eagland studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design (2003, Hon.) and École du Magasin in Grenoble, France (2010). An ecology of symbols arises in the photographs… Read More

 Lomography Pop-Up Collective

The Toronto Lomography Pop-Up Collective is an alternative, self-trained, experimental group representing the social fabric of Toronto. Coming together for one month they pushed the limits of their creative practice through the lens of the Diana F+ and Lomo LC-A+. To respond to the Contact 2011 theme their process… Read More

Process Masters

Part of the Alternative Process Photography Symposium 2011 (A.P.P.S.) are works by symposium speakers. Each is a master in their photography process: carbon, platinum, platinum over gum, tri-colour gum bichromate, digital ink jet, pinhole, and more. This exhibition is a celebration of unique processes as revitalized by these artists. Read More

I Will Follow

White’s familiar travel snapshots taken from around the world place the same subject in the landscape, as he is being followed. The tension between figure and ground is examined through a chronological sequence of photos. The composition within these photographs—accumulated over 14 years—is accidental, however this exhibited selection is… Read More

Permanent Scar – New Work

Corroded iron is a strong material; although already decaying, with proper maintenance it can last a long time. Lipton compares himself to the metal in his photographs: rotting and decrepit. Nature has aged the metal and his photographs capture the evolving process, showing the patterns, symmetry, and shadows. “Images… Read More

The Human Landscape

The Human Landscape is an exhibition of documentary photographs of people whose lives are shaped by the mountains around them. The faces and demeanour of the Nepalese people reflect lives lived in the shadow of the vast Himalayan mountains—a lifestyle steeped in tradition and intimately connected to the land. Read More

Life as a Legend: Marilyn Monroe & Marilyn in Canada

Life as a Legend: Marilyn Monroe contains a selection of works by artists who offer engaging interpretations of Marilyn Monroe. The portraits range from playful and intimate to bold and transformative. The artists capture the determination, innocence, and vulnerability of Norma Jeane Baker and the vibrant personality, femininity, and… Read More

Camphill Grangemockler: Portrait of a Farm

Ten years after her initial visit, Crealock returned to Grangemockler, Ireland, for the 20th anniversary of a communal farm. There she became re-acquainted with the farm’s permanent residents—adults with intellectual and psychological challenges—who, along with the animals and the land itself, make up the fabric of the farm. Crealock’s… Read More

All Day Pass

“Do you want to go faster?” An all-day pass to a fair provides hours of amusement and thrills complete with candy floss, ice cream sandwiches, and mini donuts. A mother and her two daughters capture these moments in photographs and paintings. Your all-day pass is waiting for you!… Read More

Frida and Me Series II

The viewing experience often shifts as a result of what we know about artists. The genre of portraiture can allow for interpretation of historical periods and the subject’s experiences. These images evoke, reflect, and interpret—sometimes playfully—the visual narratives of the life of Frida Kahlo, and of Le Clair. Both… Read More

Twisted Mysteries

This exhibition attempts to animate mystery. Employing Gestalt theory, the viewer is invited to reconstruct the depicted events using allusions within the frame while simultaneously encouraging one’s personal experiences and imagination to imbue the viewing experience. Twisted Mysteries is heavily influenced by film noir black-and-white images, heavy shadowing, femme… Read More


Whidden created these images during a series of night walks she led in Mabelle, a high-density Toronto Community Housing complex in central Etobicoke, close to Montgomery’s Inn. As an artist in residence with MABELLEarts—a partner in this exhibition—the artist created a custom lighting system for a community park in… Read More

Smoke and Fluids

Sister and brother duo present an exhibition exploring the relationship between figure and ground with their images of fleeting fictitious “figures.” Air movements disturb smoke and photochemicals react on photo paper to form spontaneous and unpredictable “figures.” Both are fluid and serendipitous. The artists illustrate their interpretation of Gestalt… Read More

The Spirit of Drumbeats: Impressions in Two-Step Time

Native dancers respond to ceremonial drumbeats and song, which resonate through the spiritual grounds of a powwow gathering. As they dance, elements of their regalia sway in two-step time. Capturing rhythmic moments with in-camera techniques, Hedderich records the movement of feathers, fur, rawhide, beading, tin, textiles, and ribbons. Highlighted… Read More


Propositions is a photographic collaboration between Peter Horvath in Toronto and Chris Soos in Los Angeles. Both took pictures using the Polaroid application on their iPhones in response to an agreed-upon theme. While Horvath remained in Toronto, Soos travelled the world: the exchange of images became a kind of… Read More

Fragile Ground

Tacoma’s recent work draws attention to the beauty and fragility of Canada’s North and its people, creating culturally and environmentally relevant artwork. Her large-scale dreamscapes frame the vast Canadian landscape and encourage a dialogue around one’s perception of the natural world. Exhibiting alongside Tacoma are Karmaker, Guetta, Auger and… Read More

Building Storeys 2011

A collaborative effort between Heritage Toronto and members of photography groups Shadow Collective and DK Photo Group, Building Storeys is an exhibition of visual and anecdotal documentation of Toronto’s heritage buildings and sites. By showcasing some of the city’s industrial past, the artists hope to change the perception of… Read More

What Has Love Got to do With it?

Rescued and last-chance animals thrive at the Bear Creek Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary under the care of owners Werner Ebner and Mary Sever. Grace’s photographs reflect the calm, content, and serene creatures these animals become when given proper surroundings, fresh air, good food, and love. More than simply illustrating the… Read More

Bending Light

An escape from the complexities of modern society, photographs offer a structured perception of captured moments of environments, events, and places. Often the dynamics between subjective context and momentary specifics go unnoticed; images are relegated to single points of view and understanding. Through Glazer’s abstraction of figure and ground,… Read More


Rochette’s photoessay, Backyards, explores the function and form of the backyard in Canada. What constitutes a backyard? Weeds, dandelions, grub-eaten lawns, pools, balls, bikes, trampolines, barbecues—all these things, even vegetable and flower gardens, can be part of the Canadian backyard landscape. Backyards are places where family and friends play,… Read More

States of Undress: The Big Easy

Potter examines the women she spent time knowing and playing with in New Orleans, to try and uncover if these friends of hers are incidental to New Orleans or visa versa? Sex and magic are a constant persona in this place; Potter reveals this aspect of the city through her black-and-white… Read More

All Pretty Pictures – Immigration: A Student Exposé on the Parkdale Community

The students of Parkdale Collegiate worked with artist Jonathan Groeneweg, a master’s student in documentary media, to create photo-documentary works using interview and text-based elements on different assigned topics. Each topic will be explored and presented in eight exhibition venues throughout the Parkdale Village neighbourhood. The exhibitions provide a… Read More

All Pretty Pictures – Mobility: A Student Exposé on the Parkdale Community

The students of Parkdale Collegiate worked with artist Jonathan Groeneweg, a master’s student in documentary media, to create photo-documentary works using interview and text-based elements on different assigned topics. Each topic will be explored and presented in eight exhibition venues throughout the Parkdale Village neighbourhood. The exhibitions provide a… Read More

All Pretty Pictures – Culture: A Student Exposé on the Parkdale Community

The students of Parkdale Collegiate worked with artist Jonathan Groeneweg, a master’s student in documentary media, to create photo-documentary works using interview and text-based elements on different assigned topics. Each topic will be explored and presented in eight exhibition venues throughout the Parkdale Village neighbourhood. The exhibitions provide a… Read More

All Pretty Pictures – Community: a student exposé on the Parkdale community

The students of Parkdale Collegiate worked with artist Jonathan Groeneweg, a master’s student in documentary media, to create photo-documentary works using interview and text-based elements on different assigned topics. Each topic will be explored and presented in eight exhibition venues throughout the Parkdale Village neighbourhood. The exhibitions provide a… Read More

All Pretty Pictures – Crime: A Student Exposé on the Parkdale Community

The students of Parkdale Collegiate worked with artist Jonathan Groeneweg, a master’s student in documentary media, to create photo-documentary works using interview and text-based elements on different assigned topics. Each topic will be explored and presented in eight exhibition venues throughout the Parkdale Village neighbourhood. The exhibitions provide a… Read More

All Pretty Pictures – Poverty: A Student Exposé on the Parkdale Community

The students of Parkdale Collegiate worked with artist Jonathan Groeneweg, a master’s student in documentary media, to create photo-documentary works using interview and text-based elements on different assigned topics. Each topic will be explored and presented in eight exhibition venues throughout the Parkdale Village neighbourhood. The exhibitions provide a… Read More

All Pretty Pictures – Safety : A Student Expose on the Parkdale Community

The students of Parkdale Collegiate worked with artist Jonathan Groeneweg, a master’s student in documentary media, to create photo-documentary works using interview and text-based elements on different assigned topics. Each topic will be explored and presented in eight exhibition venues throughout the Parkdale Village neighbourhood. The exhibitions provide a… Read More

Records of Primal Encounters

The dominant theme in Wrobel’s work is the razor-thin layer of living nature that grows upon the vast expanse of the Great Canadian Shield. For Wrobel, the Shield is a timeless petri dish where he records encounters between the living world and the inert. This is where he explores… Read More

Secrets of the Flesh

Antonijevic’s experience as a dancer has shown him the effects of physical movement on our senses, the power of spatial awareness, and the hidden magic of minute details. Through photography, Antonijevic explores the essence of shape and form. He uses the dominating contours of the human body to generate… Read More


For centuries, humans from across cultures have been intrigued by the spinning top’s elegance. We have studied it, modelled it, and perfected its shape in order to elongate its fleeting life. This exhibit explores the top’s beauty, which is apparent not only through its almost perfect geometry, but also… Read More


This exhibition shows a selection from Childs’ series on public telephones. These ubiquitous objects are generally invisible in this age of cellphones. She uses photography to document the interplay between the built environment, cultural artifacts, and intentional interventions on public spaces. In her photographs, telephones take on distinct personalities… Read More

Horizontal View

The camera can be restrictive—limiting vision by using a particular lens, viewfinder, or screen. Snyder is interested in these limitations, pushing his images towards the “end of representation,” towards an abstraction inclusive of nature, not in place of it. Snyder’s images focus on colours and shapes within a natural… Read More

The Human Form in Landscape

The black-and-white photographs of Forrester and Davidson explore the human form in the context of natural and man-made environments. Rather than intensively “pre-visualizing” his images, Davidson captures moments as the figure moves and blends with the outdoor landscape. Forrester’s images are digitally constructed from multiple photographs and comment on… Read More

Coming Out Crazy

Coming Out Crazy is a series of self-representations that examine the intersections of the artist’s identity: mental health, queer sexuality, and gender. These images are a performance of the anxieties within the mind of the artist, expressing the silenced identities of being queer and “crazy.” In these images, the… Read More

Jazz in Time

Davidson is pleased to present Jazz in Time, a series of images capturing jazz music and some of the extraordinary people who create it. In this solo exhibition, he combines two passions— photography and jazz music. The Rex has provided great music for years and much of Davidson’s subject… Read More


Barrer presents a visual feast of contradictions and photographic epigrams through the surreal juxtaposition of developed and untouched nature. He invites you to explore his images in which he presents alternative perceptions of reality. Read More

Ice Villages

Like a haphazard cluster of geometric shapes, these communities had no planning authority, street grid, or property boundaries. Over time, an ad hoc infrastructure was established. Roads were plowed, bait shops set up, and ice rinks created. What is important to Johnson is how the human need for social… Read More

Día de los Muertos

Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a Mexican ritual dating back 3,000 years. Today, Mexicans spend the night in cemeteries, decorating their loved ones’ graves with marigolds and candles in preparation for the return of spirits. Read More

Bhutan Land of the Thunder Dragon

The annual Thangi Mani festival in Bumthang, Bhutan, celebrates the traditions of an ancient culture through its folklore, which is told in dance, music and song. These photographs document a festival that few will see in their lifetime. Read More


Keeping, McIntyre, and Portelli revisit and photograph interiors from their past. In making photographic impressions of these ordinary and everyday places, they deconstruct the spatial relationships and examine the details and objects present. The process of documenting interiors gives these photographers the opportunity to try and understand their relationship… Read More

An East Wind

An East Wind is a collection of Szulc’s landscape photographs shot between 2005 and 2010. Although the locations vary from Galway, Ireland, to Death Valley, California, to Newfoundland, Canada, the theme in these photographs remains a consistent exploration of the relationship between humanity and nature. A common thread that… Read More

From The Ground Up

Hello Foto presents a group exhibition by photographers from all over the world. These artists examine their personal relationships with the photographic image as they offer insight into issues pertaining to the medium; ultimately presenting a global perspective of photography. Read More

African Image Revolution

Oji, affectionately called Brother Oji, is a “modern nomad” and a self-proclaimed photo-historian who roams between Canada, Jamaica, Ghana, and West Africa taking photographs. These images depict daily life in Africa and exude joy, laughter, sadness, hope, and triumph of the spirit. His simple yet profound images are testimony… Read More

In Broad Terms

In Broad Terms presents the work of ten young photographers who examine human representation. In a world saturated with commercial, scientific, political, journalistic, and other undefinable images, the act of photographic representation is not a task the artists take lightly. This diverse group of emerging artists addresses many tangents… Read More

Contact Digital Photo Exhibition

Using the festival theme as inspiration, students from kindergarten to grade eight exhibit their photographs in 21 schools located in the South West 1 division of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). These exciting exhibitions of student photography are generously supported by Scotiabank. For the list of schools and… Read More

Every Mile is Two

Spring, flaunting the promise of summer, is a time to reflect back on the long winter months. Winter exposes the bones of landscape, confesses the hidden structure, while abstracting its natural forms. Our national identity is tied to this land. That relationship contracts and swells with the seasons, a… Read More


The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) has a vast resource of archival images dating back to the mid-19th century. Convergence brings together new interpretations of selected images from the archives. These images have been re-imagined, re-staged, and re-photographed by students through their own contemporary lenses. Tying in with the… Read More

Beauty in Form

In Beauty in Form, Zsolt creates compositions within natural landscapes and settings that have been altered or augmented by man-made objects, markings, figures, and forms. The figures can be people, trees, cars, cranes, or boats, among others. These figures are a fundamental part of the narrative, which often reflects… Read More

Urban Exploration

In a remote region in Iceland lies a valley untouched by modern development. It is here that Schuster photographs nature’s influence on a society that modernism left behind. Djúpavík is a small fishing town, home to a 1930s herring factory that was once the largest concrete building in Iceland… Read More

Celebrating Life

Sponsored by Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI), the project from which this selection comes, Love, Loss and Laughter melds uplifting photographs with inspirational text by international care partners, researchers, medical experts, social care providers, activists and people with dementia themselves. Photographer Greenblat, Ph.D., brings expertise as a sociologist to this… Read More

And Once We Were

In a remote region in Iceland lies a valley untouched by modern development. It is here that Schuster photographs nature’s influence on a society that modernism left behind. Djúpavík is a small fishing town, home to a 1930s herring factory that was once the largest concrete building in Iceland… Read More

Photography by Secondary Students

Work by secondary students from across the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) is exhibited at the board’s head office. View students’ diverse responses to the festival theme using analogue, digital, and experimental forms of photography. See the world through the eyes of the next generation of photographic artists. Read More

Figure and Ground: Metamorphosis by VRA

Sponsored by Scotiabank, students of Vaughan Road Academy (VRA)—a designated “Model High School”—explore and experiment with the Gestalt theory of the festival theme and Marshall McLuhan’s notion of a global village, as interpreted within their neighbourhoods and streets. Read More

Middle Ground

In Middle Ground, Natalie Castellino, Melissa General, Martie Giefert, Isabel M. Martínez and Bradley Olson present new works that allude to the role of the photographer as an agent who observes, orchestrates and frames the subject; thus defining the figure from the foreground and guiding the observer's reading of… Read More

Artistic Canada

"You don't have to take your camera to exotic places to take great photos," says Ontario native Barry Hodgert. And his daily captures of the world around him – whether they happen during a leisurely bike ride or even on his way to work – prove that, repeatedly. Read More

Iceland on the Ring Road

Waterloo-based Brian St. Denis' first book of photography, Iceland on the Ring Road, was self-published in 2010 – and this exhibit is just a taste of the imagery to be found within. Visit to see more of his work, including a portfolio of his landscape, travel, wedding, and… Read More

Colors of the World – Photo Album

Jacques’ exhibition features photographs taken during his visits to Asia, Europe, and the Americas since 1997. His compositions capture the essence of various people, different places, and interesting atmospheric qualities. Jacques’ photo album—despite the contrasts—eatures his interest in the simplicity of escape through travel. Read More

Concentrated Geographies

Concentrated Geographies is an exposition of urban structures, city life, and other phenomena that are too large to fit within one’s visual field. These photographic, video, and new-media works compress large-scale environments and processes into representations that can be witnessed in their entirety—exposing underlying, and often invisible, patterns, archetypes,… Read More

Motherstone Exhibition

The never before photographed central volcanic plateau of British Columbia is the subject of this exhibition. This awe-inspiring landscape, both brutal and beautiful, has not been interrupted by human activity. Harris, photographer and author, makes his eastern Canada debut with digital images created solely using in-camera techniques. Visit White… Read More

The Ground Less Travelled

Shuna Heeney‘s photo-based work is a combination of photographs and acrylic paint on wood. The festival theme, Figure & Ground, is explored in Shuna's art. The ground’s texture tells us where the figure is and what it is doing while capturing the mood of the moment. Read More

501: Glimpses of Place

This exhibition is a study of a social and physical urban environment as defined by Route 501, the 25km Queen streetcar line in Toronto. The work, shot over a ten-month period in 2018/19 in places immediately around the 501 route, is a series of present glimpses of the place this… Read More


Note: This exhibition is window-display only. Hewak is a Toronto-based photographer and digital image artist. She has a two-pronged practice in photography, focused on the Modernist built environment and photo-collages which utilize her own photographs to explore themes of creation/destruction, luxury/excess, and current patterns of commodification and politicization in the… Read More

A Canadian Paradox

For over a year, Menendez traveled from the boreal forests of western Ontario to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and experienced the midlands of Canada as a luxury of space and wide horizons. The photographs that resulted from this ongoing project stress the horizontal and intend to convey to… Read More

Parts of the Whole

Visit the Beaux Arts Brampton Gallery for the spectacular exhibition Parts of the Whole that showcases images by various photographers. Each photographer will be displaying approximately three pieces on a similar theme, all of these pieces combine to create a whole. Read More

We’re so Much Alike, We Must be Brothers

We’re so Much Alike, We Must be Brothers is a solo exhibition by Canadian photographer Rennie. A Bachelor of Fine Arts recipient from the Massachusetts College of Art, Rennie currently lives in Toronto. Read More

Minus 45 – Through the land of Ice and Snow: Arctic Expedition on a dog sled

A documentary of the life North of the Arctic Circle. Through ice, snow and crisp cold air – a dog sled and heroic Inuit were the only guides in an exploration of Canada’s purest lands. In -45C weather, through the vast terrain of Baffin Island, coast to coast,… Read More

Nocturna Artificialia

Osheen Harruthoonyan’s sumptuous photographic prints evoke the uncertain flashes encountered at the threshold of a dream. Combining traditional large-format photography with a variety of analog photo manipulation techniques, Harruthoonyan skillfully renders his subjects within ethereally illusive environments. The fastidious striations and cracks of his transformed film negatives become esoteric… Read More

The Sarah Maple Exhibit

An exhibit of new and unseen work by young British artist Sarah Maple on her second Toronto exhibit. Closed for filming, May 3rd. Open to the public, free of charge, from May 4th. Read More

Contact Digital Photo Exhibition at SW1 Schools in TDSB

Students from kindergarten to grade eight exhibit their environmentally themed photographs in various schools located in the South West 1 division of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) throughout May. Three top photographs are selected from each school to be included in the culminating exhibition at the AGO Community… Read More

A World Abandoned

The AGO Art Rental + Sales Gallery presents A World Abandoned, the DK Photo Group’s (DKPG) photographic exploration of European architectural decay and abandonment. Photographed during the filming of a television series for Bravo! Canada titled photoXplorers, DKPG’s images provide a haunting look at forgotten industrial mega-structures, castles, institutions… Read More

The Poetry of Chance

In a democratic visual culture anyone can be a photographer. These eight photographers explore how their work is being transformed by the ubiquity of digital images. With the decline of film and analogue processes, how do we restore the element of chance to produce new technical legacies? The images… Read More

The World is Not Flat

The World is Not Flat presents seven photographers who, following in the footsteps of others, document the everyday lives of diverse individuals in their day to day chores. Pierre-Jean Jouve once said that, “The photograph allows the advantage of having two experiences at virtually the same time; the experience… Read More

To Be Determined

This exhibition presents a selection of works by recent graduates from the Applied Photography program at Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, one of Canada’s largest and most prestigious art schools. Curated by the graduates, the exhibition showcases their diversity, imagination, skill and talent. The show will present… Read More

Made You Look! Eight Young Photographers Document Their Neighbourhood.

Artists: Taylor Adams, Syeda Hassan, Jennifer Meza, Archie Pal, Nayef Sayed, Lina Shbaita, Emma Smyth, Megan Sumners   Arts Etobicoke is pleased to present Made You Look! showcasing the visions of eight young artists aged 13-21. All eight participated in a photography workshop presented by Arts Etobicoke… Read More

CAPIC Xpose 2010

Xpose, now in its third year, is a juried exhibition of work from members of the Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators in Communications (CAPIC). The images on display are created by talented artists at the forefront of commercial photography and illustration in Canada. Read More

Canadian Girls Say…

Canadian Girls Say… is a groundbreaking project that empowers Canadian girls to use photography to explore and speak out on what they care about in their communities. Through the project, Girl Guide Members aged 5 to 17 from coast to coast used their ‘photovoices’ to express what matters to… Read More

Drunk On Aspiration

Around us is a life imagined more than lived, watched but not experienced. These images explore the loss and sadness of modern life; fast, active but also empty. Wonders hard to imagine are commonplace, magic is everywhere and yet, the truth does not exist, only fantasy. Is this the… Read More

Simple Things

This is an exhibition of simple things often overlooked. Photography provides a stage that can eliminate distraction allowing the dignity, presence and power of the ordinary to be seen. Read More

Having left the Southlands

BeneCorpo presents Having Left the Southlands, a series of 20 photographs describing the transformation of society after climate change destroys industrial culture. The project tells a visual story of survivors coming to terms with the shock of this new landscape. Hope has not manifested itself; but change is a… Read More


Bau-Xi Gallery is pleased to present work by Bootsma, Nederveen, Petterson, and Tarling, four artists who utilize photographic imagery in different ways to create original pieces. These artists use paint, drawing or photo-transfers and collage to alter their paintings and photographs. The result is an interesting mixture of mediums… Read More

At This Moment

In a culture where we are oversaturated by imagery, we’ve become almost unable to enjoy or view subtle images. The simplicity of the everyday and quiet spaces is almost entirely overlooked. At this Moment uses themes of boredom and transience as a catalyst for depicting melancholia and desire. The… Read More

Pervasive Influence

Belianina’s images of passers-by shot on Queen St E in front of an impromptu backdrop; Campos’s discovery of human differences; Coxon’s study of Ontario plants; Goslin’s investigation of body language; McColgan’s campaign “support your community, shop local”; Lam’s passion for travel; and Montgomery’s illustration of true realistic beauty; –… Read More

Pervasive Influence

Moudrak and Lundy depict surreal places that induce calmness and serenity. Morainslie collaborates with a radiologist to create portraits that explore an individual’s interior truth. Smith creates abstract urban inspired images. Wilson’s images reveal his passion for photography and people. These photographers draw from many sources of inspiration and… Read More

I Am Bendale

This student-run exhibition presents a glimpse into the life of a business and technical school in Scarborough. As the school faces closure, the students create a picture of who they are by telling the unique individual stories that make up their community. This exhibition celebrates the spirit of Bendale… Read More


Gapic’s images of India were photographed over a three-year period from 2005 to 2008. The show portrays an intimate view of the country and its people through the artists' selected works. Read More

Deep in Malawi; Mwandama Village Uncovered

Deep in Malawi; Mwandama Village Uncovered, features a series of images photographed in 2007 as part of a mission with Millennium Promise (MP), an organization set out to eradicate extreme poverty in Africa. Captured was year one of a five year plan to bring infrastructure, food, schools and clean… Read More


Ten small objects made large float against backgrounds, both real and imagined. For Berman these trinkets have a deeply personal significance. Each one is a touchstone, a memory, a link to the past. He combines the beautiful objects with a sense of nostalgia to create compelling images. To quote… Read More

My Shot in the Dark / Musical Muse

Buck has been following great musical talent with his camera, pushing it to its “darkest” limit. The images, shot in the dark, are inspired by song lyrics and capture the mood of specific moments. Szigeti creates images of local female musicians through his exploration of black and white portraiture. Read More

From Kelowna to Kandahar

The CBC has a unique connection to Canada and the world–a connection enhanced by the activities of its staff members. The images in this exhibit connect CBC staff to citizens and communities–at home and internationally–producing new perspectives, and shaping Canadian public broadcasting. Read More

Before and After After

This exhibition will explore the ephemeral and intrinsic beauty of the snapshot. The work of McIntyre and Portelli examines the built environment, both urban and rural. Each photograph depicts experiences that stand as personal documents of particular places and times;  in this case, as seen through American landscapes. Read More

Pampas Crawl & Other Stories

Sprachman’s large scale images, drawn from details of nature, are arranged so as to examine the complexity of the natural world and the dynamics of our relationship with it. Read More


perception INFLUENCE Reflection EMPATHY Greed dUALITY irony STIGMA access SIN pRIVILEGE alienation inclusivity EXCLUSIVITY judgement cONTRADICTION isolation Stagnation HATE Label lust Appropriate INAPPROPRIATE love PASSION compassion deference iDENTITY calm PERVASIVENESS pOWER CONdescend dependence SEXUALITY independence codependence cRISIS MISDIAGNOSIS morality fEAR happiness hurt PAIN Loneliness togetherness dELUSION REALITY altruism DEFERENCE. Read More

Tidal Remnants

Somerset is interested in the intimate and often abstract images that emerge from rural and urban landscapes and marking the impact of time on context, surface and identity. Tidal Remnants captures a brief inter-tidal moment on seashores of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The textural quality of the sand… Read More


Flowerography is an exploration and celebration of flowers: their bold and vibrant colours, lines and patterns. Cornwell interprets flowers close-up and in detail, finding lush colours, intricate patterns and lines that flow, swirl, and curl. Each image is a portrayal of what lies at the source of a flower’s… Read More

Bird’s Minute

Idios’ simultaneously sexy and disturbing portraits, of people who might be mistaken as feminine, mirror his respect and desire for them. He gives the viewer a glimpse of the performance and put-on involved in presenting femininity. In moments of lust, exclusion or rebellion, the dividing line between pride and… Read More


Witek’s first CONTACT exhibition features images from Germany, including works from his 2001 – 2004 residence. Deutschland features black and white fibre-based photographs from negatives by master printer Antonio Jose Costa from Lisbon. Witek had the good fortune to travel widely and discover unique “studios” for his work. Deutschland… Read More

Unnatural Clarity

Under the auspices of the Camões Institute of the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Almada Negreiros Art Gallery of the Consulate General of Portugal in Toronto is dedicated to the promotion of Portuguese language and culture within the cultural mosaic of Ontario. Its diverse programming includes the presentation… Read More


All the images or “Lomographs” in Olomo are shot with a Lomo LC-A, a fully manual film camera with a fixed 32mm lens originally developed in the 70s for the KGB as a spy camera. Nurock introduces chance by shooting from-the-hip or at arm’s distance, rarely looking through the… Read More

Snowglobe City

Why so square, daddy-o? We’re used to photographs that are bound by straight lines, but what happens when we bend the rules and widen the angle? Snowglobe City is a collection of photographs shot with the Lomo Fisheye – a toy camera that uses a plastic wide-angle lens to… Read More

Point and Shoot / Points of View

This group of artists use digital photography to explore their surroundings, refine their visual literacy and share their unique stories with others. For them, the camera becomes a tool for expressing their perspectives and experiences, communicating ideas, creating beauty and taking ownership of the way they are represented in… Read More

Thru the Roots

OCAD alumni unite for the group exhibition, Thru the Roots. Cymbaly explores childhood innocence and fragility using dolls that come to life in her series, Come Play With Me. Marigold studies the preservation of age and beauty through textured portraits heavily influenced by Renaissance painting. Sutton documents the act… Read More

Do You Get the Message

Since the heydays of Marshall McLuhan, the number of mediums available to communicate messages has increased exponentially. The accessibility of communication channels through the internet and other wireless networks increases because of dramatically decreasing costs and, in fact, some are free. This has created opportunities but also challenges. While… Read More

Personal Space

Personal Space documents the lives and home interiors of artists living in Regent Park. Read More

Laissez La Porte Ouverte

The influence of photography results in the end of privacy. Images of anonymous individuals captured in private moments are extremely engaging. As photography becomes more pervasive, we become aware of the lens, making unposed moments impossible. Laissez La Porte Ouverte presents staged images as private moments, complicating the viewer’s… Read More

Canadian Women Revealed

What defines the Canadian woman? Without the trappings that mark her station in life, can you tell the lawyer from the artist? Is ethnicity skin deep? This exhibition presents portraits of women without their clothes on. The viewer is invited to guess the profession and ethnic background of the… Read More

OCAD 2010 Photo Thesis Show

This student-driven exhibition introduces an exciting group of talented emerging artists from the prestigious photography program of the Ontario College of Art & Design. This exhibition showcases a variety of photographic perspectives from the thesis work of these promising recent graduates. Including work by: Heather… Read More

Genesis and the Mapping of Memory

Hill’s new show of photographs and paintings illuminates the process of growth through memory and synchronicity. For the last seven years he has been making paintings that entail a specific process. One step consists of mixing colours, media and water to produce a swamp of activity and reactions. In… Read More

Photographers You Should Know About

For the month of May, this group exhibition of commercial photographers explores the evolution of the language and technology of photography through the fine art photograph. With these photographs, technology and artistic interpretation have moved forward resulting in photographs that win the distinction of being displayed as contemporary fine… Read More

The Elephant In The Room

The Elephant In The Room is a series of photographs by Lewin revealing the plight of the elephant in Thailand. As revered symbols of Thailand’s glorified past, elephants today are represented as cultural icons and used in the commercial branding of countless products. But for all the representations of… Read More


Working in the Hamilton area, Boles presents an extension of his Crude Landscape series with new large-scale photographs depicting 21st Century interior landscapes of industrial spaces. The innovative pinhole photography by Bos: “challenges the view of photography as a way to capture an instant in time.” Using pinhole cameras… Read More


Working in the Hamilton area, Boles presents an extension of his Crude Landscape series with new large-scale photographs depicting 21st Century interior landscapes of industrial spaces. The innovative pinhole photography by Bos: “challenges the view of photography as a way to capture an instant in time.” Using pinhole cameras… Read More

Visceral Landscapes

Featuring photographs by Arcuri and Kapodistria, Visceral Landscapes explores intuitive connections between man and nature. Both artists engage in playful performances with their environments, reflecting on the rhythmic structures created through the interaction between figure and landscape. The figures’ implied presence blurs the distinctions between what is natural and… Read More

2011 Toronto Tree Calendar

This exhibition is a collection of landscape-based images, some of which will become the 2011 Tree Calendar for Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation. Moreno’s giclée prints depict a variety of species of trees, as they change throughout the four seasons, within the boundaries of the City of Toronto. Read More

Visible Vestiges

“I wouldn’t have seen it if I hadn’t believed it” – Marshall McLuhan. A world filled with images affects how we perceive that world, and how we perceive photographs. Visible Vestiges, a two-part exhibition by members of Gallery 44 Centre of Contemporary Photography, explores the world using a variety… Read More


Hoffert spends time gazing at people’s shoes and presents her fascination with the variety of footwear and walking styles she sees. Framed by the camera, legs and feet suggest scenarios and stories about the wearers and their activities. These photographs, snapped spontaneously, capture mundane activities but by eliminating the… Read More

Thrown Away

Images of desire are both backdrop and stage direction in our consumer society. Pervasive yet virtually unnoticed, these images demonstrate what to consume and what to value. Possessions indicate our status and place of privilege in society, but when they fail to meet new desires and expectations, we abandon… Read More


Relinquished aims to illustrate the folly of demolition by neglect. The photographers of the DK Photo Group (DKPG) aim for their images to change human behaviour and to instill an appreciation for what has come before. Without the information the photographs provide, viewers will not even know what they… Read More

Toronto’s Diver-city

Around the world, we are aware of places where human rights are not respected, or where people’s daily lives are shaped by injustice, oppression, and inequity. This exhibition looks at the diversity and culture of our city interpreted through images taken by Toronto photographer Fortier and George Brown College… Read More

Maximum Exposure

Maximum Exposure is the annual year-end show for Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts, exhibiting up to two hundred works by a selection of Film, Photography, and New Media students. Now in its 15th year, the exhibition highlights the great talent and potential coming out of the Image Arts… Read More

Exposed: Pervasive Infuence

Exposed: Pervasive Influence seeks to examine the tyranny of the photograph. How does an image colonize perception? How are false realities created through different photo genres? This group show illuminates layers of perception by unmasking cultural appropriation, interrupting the fashion photographer’s narrative, decoding the anthropomorphization of animals through fantasy… Read More


Hank Young, better known as The Gladstone Cowboy, worked at the Gladstone Hotel as the elevatoroperator. More than just a hotel storyteller, Hank was a symbol of days gone past. He kept an eye on everyone in the neighborhood and was a gentleman with old fashioned ways. His recent passing… Read More

Persuasion Of Men

Persuasion of Men examines society’s view of male nudity and the uncomfortable fit between masculinity and beauty. Bogdanovic‘s intimate portraits depict men without focusing on sexual orientation. The images draw the viewer into a game of voyeur and exhibitionist filled with erotic charge and sexual tension, guaranteed to arouse. Read More


“We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.” – Marshall McLuhan. This group exhibition showcases the work of senior students at Rosedale Heights School of the Arts. These works created by those dubbed the “media generation”, examine the ideas of McLuhan from a different vantage point. By… Read More

LENS – Looking Everywhere, No Secrets

McLuhan said “the photograph reverses the purpose of travel, which [is] to encounter the strange and unfamiliar”. The digital lens makes it easier for us to capture the unguarded moments of strangers, making them seem familiar, but can also make us that stranger as we are tracked, in the… Read More

Urban Urban

With photographs that capture people in motion and at rest, and an imaginary landscape conjured by unusual arrangements and visual manipulations, this husband-and-wife photography team shares their vision of the urban environment, using traditional and digital techniques. Read More

IV – Intravenous

In this shocking photographic documentary that is ultimately a story of hope and a tribute to strength and love, Canadian photographer Michael Willems shows a world most of us will never see: the tough world of a Toronto drug den: a world of addiction, where… Read More


Today’s economic climate is affecting factories and causing closures and a multitude of bankruptcy threats. Hometown is a collection of images that focuses on the lives of blue-collar families who are experiencing dramatic financial changes. Read More

Many Faces One People

Many Faces One People is an Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services program that gives cameras to immigrant and refugee youth as a method of storytelling and engagement. This group exhibition illustrates stories about migration and settlement in Canada that include… Read More

This Is How We Made Love

This is How we Made Love is an exhibition about two men growing apart before they grow together. This collection of Polaroids, camera-phone images, digital and film photographs reflect a summer of shared yet separate explorations into personal progress and social change. The… Read More

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say…About HIV and AIDS

AC-AF’s cross-cultural dialogue and image exchange between youth in Canada and Tanzania focuses on the next generation in the face of the AIDS epidemic. Through experimental digital photography, the youths in this project express who they are through their feelings—their fears and admirations. Read More

Here and Now

Here and Now brings together several of Canada’s established and emerging photographic artists. Exploring their diverse uses of the medium and subject matter, the exhibition examines the current state of contemporary photography and reveals the wide scope of this art form. Read More

Photo Chaud

AKIN Collective will be exhibiting unpublished photographic works by futurist architects Pauk and Slootsky. Inspired by their research into unique evolutions of the scientific realm, the architects have envisioned a futuristic lightscape that reflects urban fragility on the precipice of technological revolution… Read More

Toronto Nights

With the fall of night, the city seems to change in its proportions and forms. Darkness frames the interiors of apartments and highlights the individual element within the urban web. The personal, warm nest of the citizen is like a single pixel in the… Read More

Still Revolting

Still Revolting is an exhibition of photographs of friends, self-portraits and inspiring moments. Documenting Toronto and Jamaica, this exhibit looks into the lives of people who are creating positive change. kalmplex—a DJ, MC and visual artist—uses digital photography to capture private moments… Read More

Landscape as Power

This exhibition features landscape sites in a postmodern context as imagined and visible worlds: palimpsests in time and space. The images engage our understanding of our environments, both natural and constructed, daily rhythms and experiences. The artists in this exhibition work with a… Read More


Johnston probes his environment for motifs that reveal the rapid redevelopment of urban space, and documents contemporary existence in the city. In his photographic quest, Johnston reveals the complex interplay between people’s relationships to their surroundings. He photographically isolates urban space, creating… Read More


This exhibition features the work of Canadian photographers informed by their personal background. From captured movement to pastoral stillness, from staged scenarios to unembellished glimpses of reality, these works reveal the individual’s approach to image making and the scope of the medium… Read More


Inhabited / Uninhabited inspires contemplation on the contradictions between wild landscapes and constructed environments as places to dwell. Both of these environments can seem empty and lonely, and conversely, soothing and inviting. Set against one another, these sites reveal differences in individuals’… Read More


The Arts Etobicoke Gallery is pleased to present Lemonade, chronicling in full colour the perils of an excited but inept community of children and artists attempting to make and enjoy their own lemonade. The event depicted in these photographs took place at last summer’s… Read More

CAPIC xpose 09

Xpose, now in its second year, is an exhibition of work from across Canada juried by members of the Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators in Communications (CAPIC). The images on display range from the technical to the experimental to the personal, created… Read More

Revolution: Our Time

Young eyes showcase passion, chaos and tranquility in the images by youth from LAMP Community Health Centre and students from Lakeshore Collegiate Institute and Father John Redmond Secondary School. The revolution continues— evolution, revolution, it’s our time!… Read More

50 Artists, 50 Photos

50 Artists, 50 Photos showcases 50 photos of 50 Toronto-based emerging artists. The exhibit is an extension of the Artist Gallery unveiled recently at Curated by award-winning photobloggers Sam Javanrouh, Rannie Turingan and Istoica and presented by Opening night is May 7th (7pm-midnight)… Read More

Stand Still

Basia Home is pleased to present Stand Still. This exhibition of ten large-scale images by Quebec artist Bourque represents the photographer’s desire to produce dramatized imagery from everyday scenarios. He uses mise-enscène to create images that exploit the possibilities of the photographic image. Read More

Still Revolution

Coxon’s landscape and botanical images demonstrate his unique technique. Helbig’s aerial photos blur the distinction between documentation and abstraction, prompting questions surrounding the balance of depicting truth and beauty. Hoffert utilizes chance to capture a series of unique poetic moments and unexpected… Read More

Still Revolution

This group show examines and reveals the beauty and secrets of nature. From the simplicity of fields of flowers and snowy scenes to the serenity and calm of arctic icebergs, these images explore the diversity of nature photography, from realism to abstraction. Read More

Still Revolution

Showcasing distinct taste and the utmost creativity, this group exhibition explores each of the photographers’ diverse opinions and views on life. Read More

Italian Photographs

This exhibition presents formalistic colour explorations from Milan and the South of Italy. Read More

Urban Escape

Armed with his camera, Hoasjoe searches out natural gems in the urban environment. He searches, not only in the obvious locations of our majestic parks, but in the more obscure places found between roads, in culverts and cracks in concrete. Hoasjoe sees a simple… Read More


THIS : HAS : BEEN is a new collection of romantic images in which time shifts between fast and slow, blending the boundaries between places. Somewhere between movement and stillness arises a curious quality that hovers in the evening air like sound or… Read More

Longing and Belonging

Longing and Belonging examines the challenges facing a First Nations person who lives “off-reserve” while maintaining a strong attachment to their heritage and “home.” Raised on Six Nations Reserve, General focuses on identity in relation to understanding her place as a First Nations… Read More

Waiting For My Children

Waiting for My Children poses poignant questions affecting refugees: Shall I bring my children with me when I go to Canada to make my refugee claim? Is it possible that my children will be denied? How will a long separation affect my family? Why… Read More

Mind | Place | Spirit

For more than 20 years, landscape has inspired and grounded Moldenhauer’s photographic work. She uses a long exposure and captures the synchronistic, transformative moments when earth, sky, wind and human presence are one in the landscape. The images are captured on colour film,… Read More

The Last Children Of The Kalahari

The Last Children of the Kalahari is an emotionally charged, undeniable look at the depths of humanity through Topolniski’s journalistic portraits of the children of the Kalahari bushmen. Born into a traditional, environmentally sustainable hunter-gatherer society, Kalahari bushmen children of today are… Read More

Resurrecting Chile: A Canadian Perspective

1973 in Chile was exciting, and revolutionary. Democratically elected socialist Salvador Allende was President. Murray, a 25-year-old Canadian—equipped with a Leica, a Canada Council grant and curiosity—captured powerful and touching black-and-white images of this historical time. The images, now 35 years old,… Read More


Amersey is interested in exploring the function of digital imagery to communicate, make a statement or convey a message, and evoke an emotional response. Serene Reflections triggers memories of peace and calm. Read More

The More Things Change

Hall’s premiere exhibition is of images made during an extended stay in her adopted second home of Costa Rica, Central America. Hall’s photographs, set in a region teeming with life, reflect on the comedic, contradictory and complex nature of human beings. “Photography allows… Read More

Beyond The Broadcast

Broadcasting for Canadians, by Canadians for almost 75 years, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has entertained and helped define a nation through its popular and awardwinning programming. Beyond the Broadcast puts on view candid, behindthe- scenes photographs of CBC personalities and employees… Read More

BREAKING; Still Revolution!

This photography exhibition captures the vibrant and dynamic energy, colour, rapture and flow of the art form and culture of breakdancing.“Breaking” started in the 1970s, in the Bronx and other boroughs of New York, revolutionizing dance and pop culture. Breaking has since garnered… Read More

Women And Wine, Sacred Plants-Fall Winter

In the autumn of 2008, twelve female wine professionals gathered for a photo shoot to create a fundraiser calendar for the Grapes for Humanity. This resulting exhibition is an homage to their enthusiasm and cooperation, and a tribute to a worthy charity. Special thanks… Read More


This group of photographers, also known as the Shadow Collective, presents images of forsaken locations throughout the Southern Ontario and Western New York region. The collective presents a visual documentation of places barely noticed—locations surrounding us that poetically illustrate where yesterday went… Read More


Inspired by a photography instructor who gave an assignment to capture “essence,” Goldberg goes after the grit and guts of his subject matter. This exhibition of eclectic images is grounded in landscape photography. Essence’s opening at Cobalt Gallery is open to all. Read More


Akin is a study into the inherited physical likeness and expression of a parent and their child. Read More

Diamonds In The Rough

Surrounded by water, awash with light, at time dancing with diamonds, at others, looking as if black ice glittered near its surface, I spent a summer enthralled with the constancy-and constant change. Diamonds pinpricked patterns of light, like moving abstracts, caught in ripples of sun… Read More


The gaze has long defined the depiction of physical disabilities, from Vaudeville to the medical text. Stereotypes exist as flattened notions molded by the viewer. Alleviate is a series of images— some playful, some provocative—that form an unapologetic narrative told from the viewpoint… Read More

ArtHeart Community Art Centre Exhibition

The ArtHeart Community Art Centre exhibition combines various media to challenge and confront historical photographic portraiture. Photo transparencies coupled with encaustic techniques many millennia old illustrate the power, texture and ambivalence of cultural background versus photographic backdrop. The power of the… Read More

Portuguese Group Exhibit

The Almada Negreiros Art Gallery presents works by emerging and established Portuguese and Portuguese- Canadian artists, under the guidance of the Consul General of Portugal and the sponsorship of the Camoes Institute. Through exhibitions and educational programming, the gallery is dedicated to the… Read More


In the 1994 genocide that ravaged Rwanda, 500,000 women were raped. Fifteen years later, The Men Who Killed Me features 17 survivors. While many still struggle to cope with enduring trauma, these survivors were empowered by communicating their experiences—a testament to the transformative potential… Read More

Children In Conflict, Israel And Palestine

This exhibition documents Israeli and Palestinian children who have grown up entangled in war. Read More

Moments In France

The robust colours of rooftops in Bourges, an art exhibition in a small village in the Dordogne and an awaiting chair in Reims Cathedral reveal the country of France depicted in quiet moments and simple discoveries. Jeffrey Hohener discovers these intimate scenes often… Read More

The New Age Of Diversity?

Drawing upon his work in human rights and diversity activism, Aguayo’s exhibit questions the progress of society in the later half of the 20th century to become truly inclusive. Aguayo also explores whether the globalized acceleration of diversity in Canada has lead to… Read More

Urban Timelines By The Hang Man Seven

The Hang Man Seven, members of the Artists’ Network/Hang Man Gallery, present an exhibition of contemporary photography exploring issues of urbanization. They seek to find beauty amidst the destruction of our cities— in streetscapes and alleyways, old forgotten places and new spaces. They… Read More

People’s Desire

People’s Desire is a photographic compilation of Berlin’s recent journey through Burma—an ancient land of contrast and conflict where the collective spirit of a people is evident as culture and history clash with a ruthless military regime. Dignity overcomes deprivation and spirituality and… Read More

Still Wild

Freedman’s provocative images highlight the relationships between creatures and their habitats—relationships so precarious and intimate that subtle disturbances can significantly upset their equilibrium. The photographer’s goal is to promote environmental awareness by sharing scenes of what we risk losing forever. An emergency… Read More

House Calls With My Camera

Nowaczynski has been working on his House Calls With My Camera project since 1998. Advocating for positive change on behalf of housebound seniors, he photographs and provides care to this vulnerable population. He works towards making the invisible visible and creating a face… Read More

Dancing Walls,Silent Souls

Von Tiedemann’s photographs portray scenes of dramatic change in Havana, Cuba, and the resilience of the city’s inhabitants. She captures the movement of the people and the architecture, focusing on how individuals adapt within their environment. These constructed digital images explore how… Read More

Life in the In-between City

The German planner, Tom Sieverts, coined the term “in-between city” to describe a new urban form that is neither downtown core nor conventional suburb. This mish-mash of forms and functions now dominates urban expansion across Canada and around the world. These photographs form part… Read More

The Making of A Photograph[er]

The Making of a Photograph[er] is a series of black-and-white images rich in metaphor and symbol that chronicles Manners’ journey to becoming a maker of photographs. From a lone bud on the verge of blossoming, to a powerful cityscape, Manners’ photojournalistic portraits beautifully… Read More

Still Revolution

Ryk creates images that reflect solitude. The images create curiousity about the subjects in the images, and the reason for these subjects’ being in that moment, in that space. This exhibition revolves around the notion that when all is said and done, we are… Read More


Faction8 reflects the vision of Etched Moment, a group of eight photographers in Toronto who share a love for creating images through photography. By definition, a faction is a small group within a larger community. Faction is also a play on the words fact… Read More


In this collection, the artist represents water as a combination of colour, vividness, and fluidity. A dance into the journey where the unknown of lines, gravity and perception will challenge the viewer’s perspective, as if in a surreal, magical world. Read More

Silent Seditions

Silent Seditions is a two-part exhibition featuring members of Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography. The Gallery 44 members’ shows have become a CONTACT tradition, and this year’s show includes 20 photographers whose approaches range from traditional to radical, concrete to abstract. Read More


Connections is an exhibition of images captured spontaneously with a Holga toy camera. Hands uses spontaneity in his attempt to connect with others. Read More

Retour De Rome

In 2002, Gutsche and Miller photographed Rome over a period of six months. Retour de Rome is focused on a complex history marked by pervasive change. The work, though grounded in architecture, is chiefly about human relationships to man-made spaces and buildings. The… Read More


Royal Canadian Legions play an integral part in communities across Canada. Functioning as community centre and social hall, legions exist as a connection to the past, and have helped to form the character we often associate with being Canadian. Legion halls are changing… Read More


Benyes captures timelessness with classic subjects and formal composition, light and colour. Caplan ruminates on art in the streets with new portrayals of hackneyed ideas of tourism. Holzberg photographs the awe-inspiring starkness of West Africa at 1,500 feet from the open door of… Read More

Aerial Photographs

Aerial Photographs examines how we arrive at our beliefs, and how we find the truth. Williamson’s photographs— the implied authority controlling the viewing environment of this exhibition— incite viewers to consider the difference between received ideas and the formation of true knowledge. Read More

Street Theatre

While photographing a Montreal laneway, Hoffert was struck by the scene’s resemblance to a theatrical set. Inspired by Shakespeare’s words “All the world’s a stage,” the laneway became the backdrop for her digitally created vignettes. Each of these scenes illustrates a distinct visual… Read More

A PLAY OF LIGHT (In Three Parts)

Posen’s images explore the character of light: how it transforms what we see as it reveals and disguises. A Play of Light focuses on clarity, plentitude and mystery. Read More


Sister is an autobiographical series created in an attempt to make amends between two sisters after a thirty-year estrangement. Bejmowicz-Szemplinska makes some painful discoveries about the hardships her sister has endured making beds, mattresses and furniture at home, but is also delighted by… Read More


Change is a process involving the discarding of old ideas and methods. Revolution propels the new and innovative, leaving beliefs in its wake. Nothing is immune to change; even the firmest institutions are susceptible to transfiguration as part of their evolution. The work… Read More


England steeps in a living history. Tearle presents images of a past still with us today. Deer still graze in the bracken of ancient parks, by streams beneath sentinel hills. The seas batter rocks shaped over eons, and these dangerous rocks still claim ships. Read More

China Hot – China Cold

This exhibition features a series of photographs by Toronto travel writer and photographer John Fitzgerald of Beijing, Xian and Shanghai taken in 2007-2008. The exhibition also features works from photographer and professor Annette Hemerik of photos taken during the early 1990s. Rich in color… Read More


Beyond the Surface gives a glimpse into the lives and shifting perspectives of members of the African diaspora. As many similarities as differences are observable in the idiosyncratic cultural mores and cultural events pictured in this image-based examination of African heritage and dispersion. Read More

Hidden In Plain Sight: Living Homeless In York Region

Presenting two back-to-back photography exhibits in May: Until May 17, the 9th Annual Juried Photo Exhibition (all photographers welcome!), and from May 23, Hidden in Plain Sight: Living Homeless in York Region. The latter exhibit is from the Photovoice project, which put cameras… Read More

EXPOSED: Innovation, Transformation, Revolution

In keeping with CONTACT 2009’s thematic focus, Exposed showcases photographic works ranging from reportage to abstraction, documented fact to constructed fiction, and highlights both established and emerging contemporary photographers. The exhibition is co-produced by the Gladstone Hotel and SpeakEasy. Read More


Emerging artists Crockett and Segers explore the ideas of evolution, reproduction and revolution within society. Crockett addresses transitional stages within the life of a woman. Segers investigates the transformation of the male body through evolution, technology and robotics by romanticizing the industrial… Read More

Death And Venice

Death in Venice poetically explores Venice as a metaphor for death. The city, drenched in history, resembles a giant mausoleum. New buildings, bicycles, the absence of cars and the low, throbbing tones of boat engines add to the eeriness. The tides flowing in and… Read More

A Moment’s Look

Lee showcases his documentary photographs taken in New York City, Beijing, Mauritius, Shanghai, New Orleans and Hong Kong. A Moment’s Look captures individuals living in varied cultures and explores the impact of environmental conditions on them. Each character’s essence is revealed as a… Read More

Our Kingdoms, Our Barrios

SKETCH is a community arts development initiative based in Toronto that works to engage youth at risk through the celebration of unique stories and perspectives. SKETCH recognizes these individuals and their stories as key contributors to overall culture. Our Kingdoms, Our Barrios is… Read More

Digital Darkroom Revolution

Terrafotografia is an ensemble of three award-winning photographers: H. Singh, Eros, and K. Singh. Digital Darkroom Revolution fuses photography with innovative processing techniques to create surreal and evocative imagery. This paradigm change in the photographic medium allows for unique creative interpretation leading… Read More


In the incandescent vitality of our modern world, the new and the old, beginnings and endings are meshed; time is no longer linear. Constant flux, profusion of information, social evolution, inevitable rebellion and unending change all breed chaos. And yet, humans are living… Read More

Tiny Town

Tiny Town is an ongoing photographic project that embodies everyday surroundings giving images miniature realism through the exploration of perspective and creative visual manipulation. Kevin Charlie enjoys being creative with personal projects such as Tiny Town, when he is not photographing wedding, lifestyle or… Read More


This exhibit is a study of the theoretical opposites that exist within all orders of life, with specific attention directed towards the binary system inherent within digital processes. Read More

In the Name of Victoria

From late April to early June, INDEX G presents the solo exhibitions Lan Wei (Abortive Buildings) and In the Name of Victoria. The Hong Kong-born and -based photographers anothermountainman and Leung Chi-Wo are among the best contemporary artists in the region and… Read More

Lan Wei (Abortive Buildings)

From late April to early June, INDEX G presents the solo exhibitions Lan Wei (Abortive Buildings) and In the Name of Victoria. The Hong Kong-born and -based photographers anothermountainman and Leung Chi-Wo are among the best contemporary artists in the region and represented… Read More

Still Mine

Still Mine examines the life that continues after the closure of a granite quarry. Man has scorched the Earth and left behind something naked and revealing. Merrett exposes what remains within the industrial landscape through his photography and love for abandoned industrial sites. Read More

The Future In The Past

Photography blurs the boundaries between art and mechanical reproduction. In the medium’s beginnings, photography was not accepted as an art form in its own right—it was viewed as a tool with which to record, and its use was confined to documentation. The Future… Read More

The Golden Triangle – Moments In Time

The Golden Triangle—Moments in Time captures people’s faces and actions and reveals cultural diversity and traces of nature in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burma and Thailand. From young monks of the village to the children living on Garbage Mountain, to rickshaw drivers, life on… Read More

A View Through The Lens

A View Through the Lens is an exhibition prepared by students from St. Jean de Brebeuf school. The exhibition asks the question of how our particular perspectives shape how we see the world. With their cameras, these students create eye-opening photos that illustrate… Read More

Still Revolution

Artworks Oakville is proud to participate in CONTACT for a third year. The organization supports emerging photographers and artists by providing exhibition opportunities and venues such as this one. Read More

Developing Relationships: Photography In Community Arts

This exhibition presents photographers involved in Jumblies Theatre’s community arts projects: from external documentation, to placing themselves within a theatrical context, to involving community members in creating the subject, to handing over the camera to them. The theme of “revolution” surfaces both in… Read More

Art And Photography

Foder’s project began with her fascination with the variations and interpretations of tarot cards. Using photography, she created a contemporary deck emphasizing female archetypes. For example, Foder has recreated the Hanged Man with a dominant/submissive motif and depicted the the Moon as a… Read More

An Un(Common) Family

An Un(Common) Family is a collection of ten candid portraits of a Southeast Asian family taken during Baron’s journey across remote parts of rural Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines and Indonesia from 2007 to 2008 to discover his heritage. This photo essay… Read More

Kye Marshall and Der Wei Chan

Marshall brings her experience and discipline as a professional composer and experimental cellist to her photography. The musical elements of colour, rhythm, line and form influence her photographs. Striving to express the ineffable, the non-verbal and the unconscious in images that bridge our inner and outer worlds, Marshall explores the music of photography. Her images are derived from nature and act… Read More


For this series, subjects were photographed while shaking their heads as fast as they could. Printed on the business pages of the newspaper, these unexpected images of captured motion were laid over articles filled with the changing values of commodities. Columns of numbers mingle with an… Read More

Havana Streets ’04

In Havana, and for that matter most of Cuba, a certain resilience pervades through years of crumbling structures. Theses photos are observations of the life, spirit and colour of Cuba’s architecture and people. Read More

Perception Is Reality, Reality Is Perception

Barrer presents us with a visual feast of contradictions and photographic epigrams through the surreal juxtaposition of modernized nature and nature untouched. He invites you to explore his images where he presents reality as perception and perception as reality. Curated by Sue McClelland. Read More

Terra Australis

Terra Australis is a vivid collection of images of Australia’s natural vistas. The Australian landscape, having succumbed to the forces of erosion over hundreds of millions of years, is now essentially flat. In the past, its mountain ranges stood taller than the Himalayas… Read More

Town For Sale

Town for Sale compares the relationship between digital and film photography to the Interstate 40 and Route 66. Wheaton laments the digital transformation of photography that has made black-and-white infrared film obsolete. This is a nostalgic look at an era when memories were… Read More


Edgar suspends viewers in the surreal mode between wakefulness and sleep with his vibrant collection of transitory landscapes. He situates the viewer in the passenger seat and parades the moments past him. While the artist’s intentions are to prolong this liminal state, he… Read More

The Window

Mansour crafts something that is beyond reality: these whimsical images, created to stimulate the imagination and challenge the usual associations with fantasy and actuality, evoke emotion, playfulness and reflection. They suggest a playful view on the endless possibilities of kitsch and the… Read More

City Of Heroes

City of Heroes features photographs taken in Santiago and the nearby town of San Luis, Cuba. The warmth, generosity and dignity of the people there both moved and inspired Myers, for whom wandering the streets and taking photographs was an intoxicating pleasure. This show… Read More

Ideal Landscapes

Ideal Landscapes addresses the sentimental idea of the untouched landscape—a landscape more resembling a stage than the real world. In these photographs, scenes are carefully composed and lit to remove them from their natural surroundings, offering a new perspective on the natural… Read More

A Ghost Story

A Ghost Story creates a discourse around the existence of spirits, ghosts and angels, to which reference has been made throughout history, in religion, folklore, art, literature and popular culture. Rees expresses her beliefs in the supernatural with her photographs and leaves you… Read More

Still Evolution

Huba’s images of Costa Rica reflect the harmony within chaos found in a crumbling colonial metropolis striving to merge with modernity. In her images of an abandoned Soviet schoolhouse in rural Mongolia, Lightstone depicts how ideologies come and go while people persist. McClelland’s… Read More

Obama 08

Obama 08 documents the conclusion to one of the most radical presidential races in history. Shooting in Chicago from November 2 to 5, 2009, MacInnis captured the raw anticipation and dedication of a city desperately seeking the change that would ultimately redefine American… Read More

Bits of Places

Grut uses the camera as a way of seeing his surroundings from a new perspective. With camera in hand, he looks at his neighborhood differently, looking up when he normally looks down, walking down an alley when he would normally take the street. When… Read More

Mary Farmilant

The examination of objects and the spaces they occupy is a predominant theme in the work of Farmilant. She studies objects and their surroundings in order to reconstruct a picture of life in the past. These images explore perception, memory and narrative, and articulate the idea that human presence is part of the history of now uninhabited or forgotten… Read More

Three Generations Of Urban Portraiture

Three Generations of Urban Portraiture at Smash Salvage Depot, Jerome Jenner Fine Art presents three distinguished artists that have documented 30 years of life in urban centres. Shabazz, Carty and Kothari document the city vibe across generations. Together, these three artists reflect on… Read More

Definition Series – 2009

This series of eight photo-based works explores the relationship between context and abstraction. Suggestive of contemporary automobile advertisements, the imposed text reveals the appeal of the bright and shiny by referencing the natural and the geopolitical. These close-up images evoke the fluidity and… Read More


The image of the father as economic provider, companion and male role model has evolved over the past decades into one of a loving and nurturing parental figure. Fathercraft examines the intimacy found in the reconfigured modern definition of fatherhood. Read More

Ode To Julia Margaret Cameron

The series Ode to Julia Margaret Cameron is based on a contemporary interpretation of an 1866 photograph by Cameron that renders concrete the practice of photography as an evolving medium. Briskin takes artistic pleasure in photographing the work of another photographer and creating… Read More

From Rock And Ages Past

Societies are forged from the interplay between environment and history. A harmonious oasis has emerged on the Greek island of Sifnos despite the realities of limited space, a hilly, rocky terrain, a harsh climate and an oftenturbulent 5,000-year history. Blomfield provides the viewer… Read More

Road Trip

While most vacationers gravitate towards Disney World, the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, or Las Vegas, Laverty prefers the backroads. She believes every road has a story to tell, and that its story is more compelling than that of any tourist destination. Read More

And The Circus Leaves Town

And the Circus Leaves Town conveys the exaggerated emotions and the alternative personalities expressed by someone under the influence of alcohol and detached socialization. The protagonist is a beat-up clown, confused, down on his luck, exasperated and drunk on his own fallibility. Marigold… Read More

New York

These images were made on two separate visits to New York City in the 1980s. Featuring the city’s unique skyline, the works are a testament to great architecture and beauty. Shot on film and scanned and printed digitally, these photographs celebrate the tradition… Read More

Russia: Beyond Utopia

The Canadian debut of vibrant images of post- Communist Russia by acclaimed New York-based photographer, Andrew Moore. Modern Russia is a land of myriad selves. The vestiges of decadent Imperial Russia contrast with the remnants of the Socialist dream to form a complex backdrop for… Read More

Icarus ReVisioned

Icarus ReVisioned is a modern revision of the Greek mythological character Icarus who tried to escape Crete by flight, came too close to the sun and melted his wings. This collection of stills positions Icarus as central in a love story whereby his mate… Read More

Beautiful Destruction – Alberta Tar Sands Aerials

Helbig has created aerial photos of a revolution occurring in the political economy, psyche and the environment of Canada’s largest watershed. Helbig’s vertiginous viewpoint blurs the distinction between straight documentary and abstract imagery. Presenting familiar locations from a different perspective, the images… Read More

All Those Things That Don’t Change, Come What May: A Portrait of the Church

Through a series of portraits, Belvedere examines the sometimes paradoxical idea of living at the convergence of the spiritual, metaphysical reality described in the Bible and the more linear, political one we confront in our daily lives. Read More

Still Waters Run Cold And Deep

Nine separate photographers from the members of the Lakeshore Village Artists’ Co-operative, each with a monstrous ego, barely unite while trying to appear modest. The narcissists plot and scheme for more wall space, infighting reigns and alliances form only to be betrayed. Read More


After buying a vintage Cadillac in California and driving it home to Toronto in 2006, Shax fell in love with the urban and rural landscapes of America. After his first exhibition entitled NYC in CONTACT 2008, Shax decided to take on Chicago in his… Read More

Usonia Road: Frank Lloyd Wright In The Post-Fordist City

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian projects were designed in response to the needs of a burgeoning middle class that emerged during the Fordist economy of the mid-20th century. Both Ford and Wright had totalizing visions for society that persist today in fragmented forms. By… Read More


This small group exhibition including work by Carmel Brennan, John Krasinski, and Rick Vincil provides a thoughtprovoking glimpse into these artists’ wanderings. HERE conveys an intimate sense of the artists’ experiences and why different spaces resonate with them, from an eroded structure… Read More

You Say You Want A Revolution

You Say You Want a Revolution (a phrase first expressed by John Lennon in reaction to the Vietnam war), explores the nature of revolutions. Spinning the 2009 CONTACT theme at a pivotal time technologically, politically and environmentally, this group exhibition examines responses to… Read More


Pride contains 25 intimate street portraits photographed between June 2006 and June 2007. All images were photographed using available light and a 4×5 view camera. All subjects appear before you in their PRIDE!… Read More

POV: Different Perspectives

Le Clair’s photography combines elements of biography, personal expression and social commentary. These images are informed and framed by the material world and by the body. They challenge the conventional artistic gaze of the non-disabled. Views from the floor-mat, bench and ground… Read More

Realities Retouched

Long and Zdjelar use technical innovation in photography to push the boundaries of reality and simulacrum. Long uses large-format panoramic photography to create overwhelmingly detailed manifestations of reality. Zdjelar’s works are products of flux: heavily altered by a flesh flood caused by a heavy… Read More


À partir des concepts de simulacre, décor et travestissement, Paquette réfléchit sur la position précaire qu’occupe la culture aux valeurs marchandes. L’installation comprend de larges photos commerciales ainsi que faux murs, outils et gallons de peinture pour simuler la transformation du Labo en… Read More

360 Degree Revolution: Recapturing The Timelessness Of Spaces Through The Digital Eye

360-Degree Revolution recaptures the timeless quality of specific spaces captured by 19th and early 20th century photographers, through the use of 21st-century technology. Read More


Akrey and Miedzik are members of the Ministry of Walking Artists’ Collective. From Montreal and Toronto respectively, they share a penchant for ambling. For the past year, they have exchanged images from their practices, cataloging activities and ideas. This process has lead to… Read More

Principles & Elements

Grade-eight students from Forest Hill Public School deploy the elements and principles of design through the malleable medium of photography. The visual catalysts and filters for the students’ explorations are balance, unity, variety, pattern, proportion, emphasis and rhythm. A big thank you goes… Read More

Illusion, Transformation, Creating The Impossible

These artists use photography to illustrate the fantastic and the bizarre. They alter their subjects through photo manipulation and digital processes to invent new realities. See below listings for student exhibitions at Lonsdale Gallery. See website for off-site schedule of projections and interactive… Read More


In our rapidly changing world, new discoveries are made at the click of a mouse, yet teenagers are still uncovering meaning undiminished. For this exhibition, teens have wrangled two different media, photography and text, each with its own syntax, resulting in many different… Read More

The Mountain In Our Living Room / The North York Project (Child Is Father Of The Man)

Brotman’s paintings are based on photographs of her upbringing in Winnipeg. Featuring a mountain in the family living room, the works reference Guy Maddin’s film My Winnipeg and connect portraiture, memory and constructed narrative. Fish documents places that possess psychic weight associated… Read More

Jennifer Morden and Graham Dalik

Dalik and Morden explore aspects of everyday life around the globe and also concern themselves with the changing role and position of the photographic medium. While conscious of the opportunities and potential offered by digital technology, both photographers are aware of the danger that wholesale revolution and replacement presents to previous photographic supplies. Their work explores connections and dialogue between the… Read More

Evolutionary Revolution

November 9, 2009, represents the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. This collection of photographs pictures graffiti from dismantled segments of the wall that are scattered all over the world. The photos themselves are digital images stylized to transcend the… Read More

Foreign and Familiar

Foreign and Familiar reveals the tension when secular meets sacred, new world challenges old, steel meets stone. Captured is the sense that someone has just left the frame…and in that moment, the chemistry between Popescu’s eye, the space and the subject’s soul is… Read More


Nothing stays the same forever; the only thing constant is change. Seasons change, water alters its course, mountains erode into flat plains and wind builds towering dunes from tiny grains of sand. Nature and mankind adapts as priorities shift, ideas evolve and beliefs… Read More

Streets of Havana: The Day Fidel Stepped Down: 02/19/2008

While the stepping-down of Fidel Castro on February 19, 2008, was a huge event on the world stage, the streets and people of Havana, Cuba, remain virtually the same as on that historic New Year’s Day in 1959 when Batista fled Cuba and Castro… Read More

Group Exhibit

Norman Felix Art Gallery and Management have gathered ten of their represented artists in a group show of eclectic style and whim. Read More

Sensory Traffic

The OCAD Student Gallery presents an exhibit with a twist: digitally-based paintings, prints, electronic sculpture and video. Held in conjunction with OCAD’s 94th Annual Graduate Exhibition May 8 – 10, 2009. Read More

Mandrake Root

The Mandrake Root has since biblical times held a mythical quality. Shakespeare wrote of the powers of these insane roots. Anthropomorphic in shape, they have the ability to poison those who eat them, delude those who find them and aid in fertility. They are said… Read More

Global Citizenships

Global Citizenships is an online exhibition posing the question: What does global citizenship mean to you? This participatory project showcases diverse personal perspectives and shifting interpretations. Global Citizenships aspires to connect with all levels of society about the ways we are and hope… Read More

Cosmic Revolutions

Since prehistoric times, the night sky has been a source of wonder and inspiration. Works from amateur and professional astronomers, photographers and artists from across Canada explore themes ranging from the latest breakthroughs in astronomical research to individual experiences of the night… Read More

Restoring the Ledge_

Bovey’s large-scale, archival inkjet prints examine history from the industrial age to the present while questioning the state of Western capitalism. A production-age ledger/scrapbook acts as a metaphor for society in decay. Using digital and analog images, Bovey combines photography with drawing… Read More

Antiquity Re"view"ed

Queer Portraits

Queer Portraits is a series of vibrant colour photographs by Montreal artist Levine. This ongoing project addresses issues surrounding gender, sexuality and queer space. Each studio-lit intimate portrait is taken in a different queer domestic environment. Queer Portraits explores the relationship between… Read More

Reverence of Food

Using digital and film, color and black-and-white, Rek presents the disparate food worlds of professional kitchens, rural farmers and Asian food markets, and the shared reverence for food in each. Rek’s images focus on nourishment and remark that when food is prepared in… Read More


Patrick Mikhail Gallery presents a series of public interventions by Krawesky, who creates images of anonymous figures engaging with the city. Viewers are inspired to reflect upon the ways that people interact with their urban environment. Maps of the intervention sites can be obtained… Read More


“Experiencing Reim’s work is like travelling through a mysterious world of hidden messages; inscriptions that are to be decoded like sacred archaeological finds whereby we would discover true meanings to our very existence. Reim encourages us to slow down, think and deconstruct what… Read More


For Stories, a group of photographers were invited to create a series of immersive photo-based narratives using the experimental application Photosynth as a creative tool. In Photosynth, every click of the mouse changes the image, uncovering new emotions and perspectives, creating new… Read More


Reflections & Illuminations brings together the works of local and international artists who represent environments from man-made and urban constructs to natural and exotic landscapes. This series presents fleeting, reflective and playful impressions of time, place and light. Reclaimed urban spaces resonate… Read More

Thailand : From Mythology To Reality

Thailand is a country rich in culture, tradition and mythology rooted in the ancient Indian and Nepalese beliefs. During the artist’s first visit to Thailand, he fell in love with the beauty of the goddess Kinari—half human, half swan. This exhibition is a glimpse of how… Read More

Liminal Time

Liminal Time examines archaic processes from two very different approaches. Ruttan explores her roots through structures and landscape in a captivating manner that reveals the fluidity of time. Working with old Kodak disc film, White attempts to investigate the fragmented memory of… Read More

Every Building In The City Of Toronto

Emerging Canadian artist duo Giroux and Young filmed every building site in the city of Toronto for which a building permit had been issued in 2006. The resulting work—a monumental 35mm film installation—serves as an archive of similarity and difference in Toronto’s urban… Read More

Worlds Of Perception, Fragments Of Time

A fragment of time too brief for human reflexes, the still photograph is unlike any other narrative expression. Video artists control sight and sound, leading the viewer through their constructed reality while controlling the pace and level of detail. Still photos, visually self-contained,… Read More

Much Ado About Nothing

Kelk’s collaged pieces depict Argentinean graffiti characters carrying the image of an unknown, pre- Columbian god. Spectators watching the procession of comics are captivated by the invented images, which actually have no meaning based in reality. Read More

Crossing Toronto By Canoe, Non Sequitur, Trip The Light Fantastic, Chronometrical Landscapes

Brown looks at Toronto from a canoe; Dodds scours the urban environment to find the magical in the mundane; Muscat captures light through window cracks; Patella watches fire burn in High Park. Artist talk Saturday May 23, 2 – 3pm. Read More

St. Pertersburg / Marrakesh

St. Petersburg / Marrakesh presents beautiful and thought-provoking social documentary images taken while on an art and cultural tour of Morocco and Russia in 2008. Wing works with black-and-white and colour 35mm and 120mm film. Read More

Faces Of The New Economy

In a time of both economic recession and bleak environmental forecast, Faces of the New Economy represents people determined to lead the way to a more local, ecologically sustainable and socially- just future. These are entrepreneurs representing a diversity of businesses, backgrounds and… Read More

Illusions And Desires Of Light

In May 2008, Wolff discovered the Canon Powershot G9 with macro lens—the catalyst for change she was seeking. This piece of equipment has led her to an ecstatic exploration of close-up shots of layered objects, silks and glass, and their related distortions, reflections… Read More

Urban Nature

“One person’s natural beauty is another’s urban landscape.” Urban Nature demonstrates contrasting perspectives. Faulknor uses a Holga to capture the everchanging graffiti in local back alleys. Richardson uses pinhole, analogue and digital imaging techniques against the backdrop of natural beauty. Read More

India: Life and Lens

For her third exhibition for CONTACT Photography Festival in Toronto, Anthea Baxter-Page seizes unique and meaningful moments from the flux of chaotic Indian life. Photojournalistic in style and nostalgic in feel, the resulting portraits and still life photographs seek to subvert any preconceived notions… Read More


“Suspended” is a photo/video installation of constructed fiction. Using would-be circus performers as subjects, “Suspended” explores the boundaries between illusion and reality capturing private scenes of performance in which desire for the impossible prevails. Caught in desperate and absurd situations, solitary acts of magic… Read More

Havergal College: Photographs

The Visual Arts department of Havergal College presents an exhibition of photographic images by Grade 10 students in the photography program. They share their interpretation of the 2009 CONTACT theme with images created by film cameras hand-made pinhole cameras and digital processes. This… Read More

Comfort and Joy – Comedian Retrospective

This exhibition is a nostalgic tribute to over 80 comedians who performed between 1993 and 1997 at the events of Comfort & Joy, founded by Mollie Jakes and the late Andrea Kelly to raise money for AIDS home hospices. Fleischmann volunteered as the entertainment photographer for these infectiously fun events, many of which took place at the Rivoli. Enjoy… Read More

Iconic Beauty II

Iconic Beauty was founded by Rosemarie Umetsu in 2008 as an ongoing project to celebrate the individual style and art of the Canadian female artist through fashion photography. Each year, 24 leading female artists are chosen from across Canada and styled and dressed… Read More

Far and Wide

Royal LePage Real Estate Services Limited Brokerage presents a group exhibition by professional artists, real estate agents and photo enthusiasts. Read More

The Revolution of Photography 1839-2009

For one evening only, the ROM presents a lecture and exhibition that explores the revolutionary evolution of photography, from the first photographs in 1839 to the latest digital techniques. What do photographs depict and what is photography’s impact on social and political change?… Read More

The Ephemeral Face: Selected Portraits from the Mira Godard Study Centre, Ryerson University

This student-curated exhibition of historically diverse photographs explores the nature and meaning of photographic portraiture. Featuring the work of more than 20 artists including Berenice Abbott, Mathew Brady, Edwin Gailits, Mary Ellen Mark, Wendy Snyder MacNeil and Gabor Szilasi, the exhibition reveals… Read More

Focal Point

The Focal Point photography program is a youth-led initiative run out of the Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre in Scarborough. This digital photography project is designed to build community between young people, increase leadership skills and foster entrepreneurial spirit in participants. Focal Point’s… Read More

Scotiabank Scholarship Winners

Scotiabank is proud to partner with two esteemed agencies, the CONTACT Toronto Photography Festival and Magnum Photos, supporting the advancement of photography. For the second year, Scotiabank, in partnership with Magnum Photos, has sponsored five Scotiabank Scholarships to attend the… Read More


4Sight is a project composed of four photographers presenting images from six continents. Various techniques and themes are explored: digital and film, black-and-white and color, street photography, nature and images of people and cultures from around the world. Read More

How We Made Out

Challenging common stereotypes, How We Made Out is a rebellion against the thirst for the fountain of youth, and confirms that sex doesn’t end at thirty. Peek into the automobile as playground: awkward fumbling in the dark, the smell of sweat on vinyl, the… Read More

Concrete Dismissal

Concrete Dismissal exposes the lives of people in the Dominican Republic displaced by their government to a barrio known as Hainamosa to make room for an oversized concrete shrine. This exhibit reveals the continued consequence of colonialism and appalling urban planning. This memorial… Read More

The Power of a Smile

It is instantly recognizable from across the table or across the room. It doesn’t matter if you’re elderly or newborn, rich or poor. It transcends language, race and distance. It is confidence, pleasure and joy. It is contagious and inviting; it is the power… Read More


At its most elementary level, photography is merely a series of light rays reflecting off surfaces, finding their way through a camera lens and burning an organized image onto a lightsensitive surface. D’onofrio creates abstract photographs of the diffraction artifacts that happen within… Read More

OCAD 3rd Year Juried Show

Grouped together based on artistic merit rather than overriding themes, these up-and-coming young artists offer unique insights into issues pertaining to the reinvention of the document, the exploration of identity and historical versus contemporary processes. Read More

Canadian Astronomy Images

This collection of images by amateur and professional astronomers, photographers and artists from across Canada celebrates the International Year of Astronomy, 2009. While some images were made using large ground-based and satellite-based telescopes, others were made using no more than a consumer-… Read More

Off World

Guez eloquently captures the lives of children who live, work and play in Smoky Mountain, one of the world’s worst slums, where entire families scavenge to survive. Smoky Mountain is a mound of refuse outside of Manila, in the central Philippines, named after… Read More

House Of Krump

House of Krump centres around a small apartment in a low-income area of Queen Street East and the lives of the people that inhabit it. This residence fosters a community; people from all over the GTA gather here to krump dance regularly. Born in… Read More


Captured over several years using various analog and digital cameras, these images reflect the development of MAdCast-Fuji’s photographic expression in the midst of photography’s technological transformation. Dreadlocks pays tribute to reggae music and the spiritual, cultural, social and political revolution symbolized by… Read More

Heavy Water & Industrial Symphony

Presented in the space above the first-floor shops of the repurposed Case Goods Warehouse and adjacent to Studio 211, Hyslop’s Heavy Water is a mixed media exploration of the dynamics of architecture that combines abstract watercolour techniques and digital photography. Tsirbas’ Industrial… Read More


Toole presents a collection of photos taken of reflections. The images appear moody and have a painterly quality. Read More


Betwixt is an exciting exhibition of emerging photo-based artists from the 2009 graduating class of the Ontario College of Art & Design’s photography program. This year’s group has created work dealing with a broad spectrum of contemporary issues that challenge and critique our… Read More

Heart & Soul

These revealing portraits were originally published in the award-winning 1987 book Heart & Soul. In the mid-1980s, Steve Evans knocked on doors in small communities in the Ottawa Valley, offering to photograph the people he met. Similarly composed, the photos suggest a series of… Read More

Pregnant Portraiture

Pregnant Portraiture is a beautiful photographic tribute for Mothers’ Day. What started as one portrait of a friend blossomed into this exquisite series of photographs taken over the last 15 years. “Authors have book launches. Fashion designers have runway shows. The idea is… Read More

Touching Rust

Touching Rust gives the viewer the chance to experience hidden beauty in our discarded past through the textures of places that are abandoned, forgotten and weathered. Some images are presented in high-contrast, brooding black-and-white style. In others, emotional and sensory impact is heightened… Read More


Three photographers, Dawson, Dunlop and Leduc collaboratively explore and present a compilation of Muzika / Musica drawn from of musical events including the Art of Jazz celebrations. They exhibit their personal interpretations of jazz music’s ethereal moments in a series of images from… Read More

All Present And Accounted For

Posing, posturing, a playful sense of presence and gravitas appear inherent to group photography. Owens’ contemporary photo/encaustic twist brings doubt to our understanding of group identity. Binary tensions between gender, sexuality and race melt and we ask ourselves: Can we really know our… Read More