Photographers Bret Culp, Joshua Harrower and John Long explore landscapes outside the city limits. From Bret Culp’s stark images of nature, Joshua Harrower’s exotic scenes from India to John Long’s exploration of Canada’s vast landscapes, this exhibition gives us a panoramic view of… Read More

Strength and Beauty

Women of good spirit, allowing their strength and beauty to be known. Black and white traditional and digital photography. Artist present Saturday 6th. from 6pm. Read More

Devouring the Earth

Roncesvalles | The Local 396 Roncesvalles Ave M6R 2M9 Opening May 5, 8 p.m.- 2 a.m. Tel: 416 535 6225 In our quest for globalization man develops and grows devouring earth’s plentiful bounty with blatant disregard for the natural balance that exits. We cannot… Read More

Children of Light

An exciting exhibition of young photographers from the grade eight class at Forest Hill Public School. In conjunction with Lonsdale Annex Galleries Children of Light will help to promote the visibility of young photographers, and serve as a connective link between… Read More

Discovered Realities

Exploring their world with film and digital cameras, students in The Bishop Strachan School’s photography program connect with hidden and elusive forces that reveal the truth in their lives. D. ARONOVITCH, O. BILYK, R. D’ELIA, E. FREEDMAN, M. HARBINSON, J. LEE, J. MCCURDY,… Read More

Doggie Doggie, Buffalo Buffalo

Drawing upon memories of summer days spent at the Canadian National Exhibiition. Mokrynski constructs dreamscapes of exaggerated realities by using a pinhole camera erasing and smearing motion during long exposures. The effect is both dizzying and jubilant and forms a lush… Read More

A Fragile Landscape

Zeifman has been working with a 35mm Leica camera and natural light to produce a series of black and white nude photographs. He has created a series of images that are neither ironic or self referential instead he has made the body a stolid,… Read More


AND OPENING MAY 7, 12 – 5PM MRFA’s emerging and senior Canadian photographers work in a unique way to view, regard or make judgments depending on their perception. This exhibition is a mixture of portraiture, action, still life and abstract photography. Read More

The Human Cost of Terror

The real victims of terrorism in Israel are ordinary people, from every religious and cultural background. “The Human Cost of Terror” features recent work by Jason Schwartz documenting the intimate stories and haunting images of those most affected by the last five years of… Read More

Reg Foster’s Black and White Memories

Reg Foster, a resident of Etobicoke, was a prolific photographer. His black and white images are profoundly beautiful and have never before been on public exhibition. Please join us in the Community Room to witness Toronto and area through the eyes of Reg in… Read More

Ronald Boaks Still Life Photographs

In these Still Life Photographs, objects from my home/garden/studio are composed on a board that has been gaining character in my studio for years. This board, the only common element to all of the photographs crosses in front of one of my… Read More

Mount Hope: Lecture & Projection

Globe and Mail photojournalist Kevin Van Paassen was given unparalleled access at Mount Sinai Hospital for two months in the fall of 2005. His dramatic photographs are a memorable photo essay, Mount Hope, documenting the world of an urban academic hospital. Kevin… Read More

Time In Space

City living magnifies the stress of the fast pace and technological interconnectedness of life. We are limited and constrained by time, often controlled by it. M-One-11 offers escapism and the freedom to experiment, create, associate with, and explore our vast cultural diversity. We… Read More


This exhibit caps off several years of these artists working alongside each other, and sharing ideas about their place in contemporary photography. Each artist reacts to distinct themes of interest ranging from re-enacted scenes of momentary encounters, the shift from focus to unfocus, pop… Read More

Impressions on the Land

The photographs are a selection from Eric Klemm’s B.C Project – which is ongoing and various in its photographic valences – represents an epic engagement by the artist with the varieties of rural British Columbia experience. In every one of these photos – these… Read More

Cosmic Visions

Visions of the night sky displayed as a digital slideshow on a 9 ft x 12 ft screen reveal the humbling power and majestic beauty of the cosmos. Amateur and professional astrophotographers present us with images that capture the eternal dance of celestial bodies and… Read More

Remnants of Industry

The effects of urban development are explored through photography and printmaking. Steven Dixon’s photogravures document abandoned industrial sites, signifying technology’s precedence over the need for natural resources. In Steven White’s lithographs, he juxtaposes both current and obsolete technology, examining society’s “thirst for the new”. Read More

The Other Side

Explore the urban and rural areas of the developing world. The images portray the daily strife and struggles of people living in the city or farmers in and around Dhaka, Bangladesh. Read More

Wheels on Waves: California Skate Parks

Arthur Tress is a renowned American photographer whose career has spanned almost five decades. The inspiration for his images from California skate parks came after returning from the vast religious complex of Teotihuacán in Mexico City. Upon seeing the challenging ramps… Read More

Unnatural History

The work of Joshua Jensen-Nagle speaks in a codified language of contrast and change. While the current collection of work remains true to his photographic past, it breaks away from the curious desolation of the urban landscape. It is within this world that Jensen-Nagle develops… Read More

Toronto Squared

Toronto is a city of a million stories, some told, many hidden. Over the years, Rannie Turingan has captured this by seeking out inspiration in the unlikeliest of places. Through his lens he uncovers a patchwork of scenes from the everyday, often dismissed by… Read More

China Today

CCPI is a club of photo fans, both professionals and amateurs.  They are immigrants from China.  Many of them are still members of China Photographers Association. CCPI has all kinds of activities for the members, such as photo shows, workshops, group… Read More

Rough Beauty

Photographed predominantly in the rural town of Vidor, Texas, “Rough Beauty” explores the character and burden of a community branded by its history. Vidor is reviled for its history of Klan activities, but behind this stereotype lingers a town filled with bootstrappers… Read More


Eritrean-Canadian photographer Dawit Petros is rapidly building a solid reputation for his dramatic portraits of families in their domestic environments. His work combines diverse elements drawn from hip-hop culture, cinema and advertising to examine issues of representation in a post- colonial… Read More

Artifacts & Evidence

Toronto’s newest photo/print studio gallery in the Historic Distillery District showcases the photographs of Sheila Jonah and John Drajewicz. Their images invite the viewer to contemplate human objects and architecture in contrast with distilled evidence of the natural environment. These visual… Read More

Vegas Snapshots / Las Longshots

Like Hammurabi, Erwin Rommel and Georgia O’Keefe, Dan Dodds sought inspiration in the desert. This was no small undertaking, considering that Dodds travels infrequently, given the strictures of his all-Angolan diet (to which he occasionally adds an olive). In Las Vegas, a thimbleful of… Read More

Mi Mirada

Grounded in photojournalism, six Latin American photographers created this exhibition. Walter Astrada: Exploring the daily life of transvestites in Paraguay. Tomas Munita: Capturing the shadows of Kandahar after the fall of Taliban. Fernando Morales: Following the path of immigrants trying to cross into the United… Read More


In some ways my life has been very ugly; alcoholism, drug addiction, depression. I have trouble seeing the beauty around me, however I have learned to do so. This is part of my therapy. Pause for just a moment and see the beauty… Read More


Four canadian photographers of Russian origin present their vision of Canada through the traditional process black and white candid photography. The venue also features live jazz and other musics six nights a week. Read More


Janet Bellotto takes from fairytales and storytelling, and at times documented events, to create a new narrative – which is ultimately derived from the erosion, the almost everyday disappearance of private space: in-between states and places that are fluid and aqueous. Read More

Sure Sign

Set in the flooded remains of Roman baths, Sure Sign is a large format B/W photo-based installation which explores the fragile yet steadfast nature of human beings living in a new and dangerous world. Responding to threats in primitive and makeshift ways, their actions… Read More


This photography exhibit depicts basketball courts from various international locations. Basketball is truly one of only a handful of sports embraced globally, probably because of the little requirements needed to partake in the activity, a hoop and a ball is all… Read More


Much like the layers of the atmosphere that surround our planet we live within layers of human culture that range from our neighborhood to the world around us. ArtWorks Oakville presents a juried group exhibition at Ristorante Julia from May 1 to… Read More

A Visual Legacy : Selected Books and Photographs from the Donald Dickinson Gift

This student-curated exhibition celebrates Professor Donald Dickinson’s generous donations to Ryerson University’s Mira Godard Study Centre. These comprise rare and first-edition publications and photographs from the late 1950s through the 1970s. Books by Walker Evans, Robert Frank, and Eikoh Hosoe, among others, are… Read More

Carl Chiarenza: Work from New Books: Peace Warriors (2003) and Solitudes (2004)

Recognized as one of North America’s pre-eminent abstract photographers as well as an educator and writer, Carl Chiarenza is exhibiting work from his two most recent book projects: Peace Warriors of 2003, and Solitudes, which was photographed the following year. The images represent a personal… Read More

The Bell-Ringer

Like the leaden circles that punctuate Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway, images, too, permeate and help forge our collective global culture. The Bell-Ringer features a variety of photo-based artwork, including art-boxes as well as images of the circular staircase that once served to access… Read More

Greetings from Thailand 2005

A pre-planned journey coincided with one of the largest natural disasters in recent history. An unplanned detour led two women into a geographical region in transformation. Juxtaposing images of Thailand’s serene beauty with the eerie stillness of empty beaches, Greetings from Thailand… Read More

Value Revealed

Photography confronts people’s worldview and strategic thinking to move beyond themselves and into the lives of those captured by injustice. Within tribal mindsets, everyone is affected through one. So it is as a global community. Tasha M G Hakeem spent five months (2005/06)… Read More

Director’s Design Competition, Endangered Species

The theme of this year’s School of Design Director’s Design Competition, “ Endangered Species” represents a photographic exploration of post-war modernist architecture, listed to be demolished in Toronto, The Greater Toronto area and beyond. The Director’s Design Competition was launched in… Read More

A Springtime Ghost Town

In the spring of 2005, Toronto photographer Stephanie Beaudoin brought a fresh exploratory outlook when photographing Venice and Tokyo. Without featuring people, the innate curiosity of these images provides a unique look at these two cities and their daily flow. Through animated… Read More


Come feed your starving eyes – Tasty: The Exhibit will be a visual feast. Featuring lovely new works by adequately fed artists – Tracy Gorman, Sean Ryan, Stephanie Schranz and Gary Tamkei. B&W, still life, figurative; Tasty is a veritable buffet of goodness. Feel free to… Read More


Natalie Schoenfeld-Howard draws the viewer into the circle of family life, where she explores the relationship of her children with themselves, one another and the environment they live in. Viktor Mitic investigates Toronto after dark. Shozo Ushiroguchi revisits his old neighbourhood… Read More

Welcome Home

While many of today’s condominiums have names, they’re more often used as marketing tools than as permanent signs on display. Moe Laverty has roamed the city shooting apartment buildings. Perhaps in some small way, knowing where you live brings a sense of belonging. Read More

Same Same, But Different!

‘Same Same, But Different’ is a saying in Southeast Asia, that I came to understand and love. Walking through the streets of Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand provided an opportunity to interact with the people. The connection with each situation created the photographs; the noise,… Read More

Fire Fighter

I am looking at the suspension of time when something goes wrong, adrenalin starts and time seems to stand still. Every action and inaction means so much, and carries so much weight. The images I am submitting represent 41 minutes of nameless… Read More

The Pin-up, Inspired by the Glamour masters

Elvgren, Armstrong, Ward, Petty and Vargas defined the Glamour Girls through illustration in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s This exhibit is an exploration of these masters through photography. Glenn Specht, of grsphoto is a photographer who specializes in the human form. Read More

Forgotten: The Art of Decay

Beauty in decay and abandonment… in rust, peeling paint, in neglect. This permeates and informs the work of D K Photo Group. Though similar subject matter there is a distinct and individual perspective to each body of work. All six artists bring a sensibility of… Read More


Caux : A word of Norman dialect meaning the chalky soil which makes up the geological content of this area. Carrière continues his exploration of Dieppe, the area in Normandy where 913 Canadian allied soldiers lost their lives in August 1942. The images… Read More

The Twin Lens Reflex

Through the twin lens, the members of the TLR club explore the visual language of Toronto. They document the façade of developers that try to maintain Toronto’s history, the frenzied urbanization of abandoned buildings and vacant lots, the failure to preserve public space and the… Read More


“Glance” is an exhibit of fleeting moments. You catch the world out of the corner of your eye. When you look again, everything has changed. Two photographers turn their cameras on these glancing moments. Linda Hossie looks at Toronto’s changing urban… Read More

Some very interesting photos?

Featuring Toronto Fine Art Photographer Harry Joy’s “Memorable Moments”. A collection of Archival Gelatin Silver prints and Digital black and white images in the style of Henri Cartier-Bresson photographed during the 50s and 60s depicting moments never to be seen again. Plus Godfrey… Read More

The Italian Stallions

The Italian Stallions is a celebration of another time in the history of North American society, and, by extension, of North American sport. It is also a tribute to the classic rags-to-riches tale of the new immigrant, told through vivid images of a handful of… Read More

Tibet in Nepal

The Tibetan diaspora has shown a remarkable ability to adapt to new homes in exile while maintaining the traditions of a wise and ancient culture. Tibet in Nepal is a series of photographs of sacred Tibetan sites and symbols ever-present in a new homeland. Read More


True hope for a socially and ecologically harmonious global culture must be based on imagination rather than current realities. The positive spin imagination bestoys might actually enable us to create such a world. Photographers have always given life to imagination as… Read More

Imaging a Global Culture

Tracing her past, “to make sense of the present,” Torontonian Virginia Mak returns to Hong Kong. Lila Bujold’s subjects place ads in the newspaper in an attempt to pursue chance encounters. With the right makeup and setting, Ken Woroner’s “Extras” become whatever Hollywood… Read More

Global Horizon

John Hryniuk – Photography – 416-737-1143 Images – Cambodia and Thailand – Smoking Monks, A Cambodian Prison and a Thai Wedding were some of the photographs taken in this exhibiton of work by Toronto based photographer John Hryniuk. This selection of black and… Read More

Stephen Forsyth – Accordion Motion

KEYWORDS: abstract beneficial breathless buoyant chromatic colourful commoving compelling consequence of passion cool devil-may-care dissonant effervescent evanescent explosive extemporaneous eye-catching flash pursuit fluid futuristic go-go hic et nunc high noon hypnotic iconoclastic illusion impressionistic intoxicating jazzy kinetic light-gathering mercurial muscular oscillating out… Read More

John Massey: The House That Jack Built

Public Talk by the Artist, 25 May 7 pm at the UofT Art Centre. This large exhibition will comprise twelve multiple-print installations. It looks back at the last two decades of photographic production by this internationally known conceptual artist. In his works from the… Read More

Surfeits of Space

From their series-In-progress. Viktor Mitic and Shozo Ushiroguchi present traditional black and white photographs: Views of Toronto and surroundings from unlikely angles. Read More

The World in a Folly Garden: Dancing ‘Round the Ruins

Le Désert de Retz, an 18th-century folly garden located near Paris, was built to resemble a collection of ruins, with each structure referencing an ancient civilization. Pairing evocative views of the site with historic dance notations, McCormick presents the Romantic garden as… Read More

site specific_LAS VEGAS 05

The world as a temporary site-specific installation, structures and infrastructures, the foundation of our sense of belonging and our identity, seen from afar, as a great scale model: the city as an avatar of itself. Site Specific is a work in progress… Read More

Works in Progress

This selection of work is from three on-going projects: The first project is Traditions; the Things We Do, Part 1. Since 2000, I have been attending various annual gatherings. The second project is about road memorials for traffic fatalities. The third project… Read More

Terra Brasilis

“Terra Brasilis: Contemporary Photography Questioning Contemporary Brazilian Land & Culture” juxtaposes the work of two Brazilian photographers who take different approaches to the medium in order to represent similar issues around post and neo colonial effects over the land and society. Read More

F-Stop and Check it Out

OCAD Photography Thesis Show. Read More

Collective Unconscious

Perception is the process through which people take raw sensations from their environment and give them meaning, using knowledge, experience and understanding of the world. Understanding that all is relative, and perceiving that everything is a smaller part of a greater whole,… Read More


This fashion-themed photo exhibition showcases the original works of student photographers from across the GTA in Yorkdale’s second annual photo competition. Yorkdale shoppers can vote at the centre or online at, and the photograph with the greatest number of votes cast wins a grand… Read More

Alcheminement: How One Becomes What One Is

‘Alcheminement’ refers to the path of an alchemical transmutation. Here, the steps of classical Indian Bharatanatya lead the dancer from self-overcoming to self-realisation, from one pole to the other, each step photographed and transferred from a third or photographic pole (the Polaroid)… Read More

Urban Simulation

Urban Simulation is an outdoor installation in the 952 Queen Street West courtyard. In this installation, colour photographs of grates, manhole covers and interlocking stones are face mounted to plexi and adhered to the courtyard ground. Through the appropriation of common… Read More

Green Room

Graduates of Humber College’s Advanced Photography post diploma program are employed in studios across Canada. These highly skilled grads find work in fashion, commercial advertising, portrait, editorial and digital imaging. This show reflects the creative spirit of self expression rendered through advanced imaging… Read More


Three different continents – ten different countries – WHERE IN THE WORLD? presents digital, colour, and B&W images of people, places, and abstract landscapes. Allin’s photographs are used for fundraising purposes by MEDICO, World Wildlife Fund (Canada), and Medecins sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders)… Read More

The Power of Passion

Seeking to pay tribute to Canadians who make a difference to our lives, photographer V. Tony Hauser has photographed over sixty personalities that are icons of inspiration for him. From a wide selection of artists, social activists, scientists and altruistic citizens he invited individuals… Read More

A Testament of Freudian Slips

WHAT THE F*** WERE YOU NOT THERE WHEN IT HAPPENED? GUESS WHAT? IT’S BACK Come Flip Us the Bird on Our Interacitve Opening Night, Sponsored by Allusion Pictures… Read More


Tomasz Gudzowaty reveals a piece of a mystery. In the collective imagination the Shaolin Temple is a magic place. Monks chose a kind of compromise between history and the contemporary; while cultivating their traditions they profit from the Westerner’s fascination with the Orient. We… Read More

Land and Vision: Selected Images from Nature

The Mississauga Camera Club is celebrating their 50th anniversary by presenting a juried exhibition in co-operation with the Art Gallery of Mississauga. The theme is Portraits of Nature. The images capture fleeting moments and tell intimate stories of nature, while revealing the photographer’s vision. Read More

Archiving Change

Archiving Change. Photographs by Kiatlim Chew, Viktor Mitic, and Shozo Ushiroguchi . Formal compositions of urban and rural scenes, preserved as traditional black and white photographs, document a shifting perception of the conventional landscape, as interpreted by three artists. Read More

Polaroid Works 04

Polaroid Works 04 is a series of Polaroid manipulations mostly done during 2004. The ability of scanning 4×5 size and then printing on glicee paper added a whole new dimension to my Polaroid pictures. After the scanning I color correct in Adobe Photoshop and… Read More


Inner City Visions Photography is an exceptional and innovative program in the Lakeshore area focused on bringing together youth with professional artists. For its third consecutive year, I.C. Visions works together with inner city youth to explore and solve personal struggles, and reflect… Read More

My Window, My World

“My Window, My World” is an exhibition, sponsored by Toronto Community Housing, of photographs taken by young people living in social housing. Equipped with disposable cameras and a photography lesson, youth, from social housing communities across Toronto, open a window on their world and… Read More


5 Skies 4 Monochromes (Rcptn, Apr 28), Craig Rodmore’s large-scale photographs conflate representation and abstraction, evoking modernist painting to explore conditions of absence, desire and disenchantment. Laneway Series (Rcptn, May 13), Chris Routley’s photographs employ intersection as a compositional device and explores… Read More


Growing up in a family very much involved in the arts, Edward Szegvary comes by his talents quite naturally. First introduced to the camera at the age of six, Edward’s photography has become a somewhat minimal expression of his individual perspective. Infused with his… Read More

Road Signs

Road signs is a photographic journey from Toronto to Vancouver Island, through Canada and the United States. It is part return to my childhood memories, and a test of my road tripping abilities with my partner. The images are segments of random stops,… Read More

Havana on the Verge

Cuba is poised to move ahead and shake off its enduring isolation. The society, silhouetted by a darkened interior, glances out with an idle, expectant look. An unfettered sense of this place and its people waits for the cool of early evening to cross the… Read More

Urban Abstracts

Peter’s photographs attempt to go beyond what we can see, allowing one to explore the beauty that is found in seemingly mundane things that surround us. Strong graphic interpretations, vivid colour, reflections and vignettes all add up to unique compositions that are not only memorable,… Read More

Beautiful Ruins

Mankind has long been fascinated with ruins. They’re the backdrop of classical painting and the destination of travel literature. In Western culture, if progress doesn’t claim them as heritage sites, good citizens proclaim them as harbingers of civilization’s end. Often romantic, occasionally dark, but always… Read More

Industrious Sites

INDUSTRIOUS SITES A series of social landscapes documenting industrial changes in Southern Ontario. Read More

The Study Of Blooms

Claudia’s exhibition work involves still life of flowers. She individualizes her work with black and white print’s which are pleasing to the eye. And her experiment’s with creative and moody essence of emulsion transfers. Read More

Cowboy Country

Cowboy Country: The only thing Texas cowboys love more than their horses is dancing the two-step. This new work chronicles the heritage of a rich dance culture and spirited expression of rural living, deeply rooted in the American southwest. Inspired by the magnetism of dance, this… Read More

Out of Place

‘Out of Place’ is an open juried photography exhibition featuring a dynamic group of artists from diverse backgrounds and photographic practices. Together they explore the theme ‘Out of Place’. Juried by photographer Volker Seding… Read More

The Children of Border Street

Pamela Waddle, international photographer and photojournalist, presents the series The Children of Border Street. These images capture the faces, expressions, and feelings of young Mexican immigrants who confront a daily process of adaptation; a labyrinthine search for personal and social identity amidst two separate… Read More

james storie – build up

all things are constucted from others, each added to the last, combining to build a new whole. it is not the whole that is always of greatest interest, but rather the small fragments that combine to create it. Read More

Valeu. Beautiful Brazil!

In 2004, Marc took a leave of absence for an 8 month journey through Brazil. During that time, he photographed many of the local colors, culture and people. From the untamed Amazon to the beaches of Rio, Marc sought out to capture unique and… Read More

Johnnie Eisen

While co-editing the book Subtitles, Atom Egoyan reviewed publicity shots from his film, The Sweet Hereafter. He found images – shot by Johnnie Eisen, who has worked on most of Egoyan’s films – which ultimately could not be used due to the subject’s direct eye contact. The series forms a group of intimate portraits. Russell Banks,… Read More

First Truth: First Light Photographers Variations:Miki Toma

First Truth from First Light offers imagery with a personal and creative perspective on truth from some of Canada’s most talented photographers. This exhibition redefines the look of stock photography in an editorially creative direction. All of these photographers are represented by First Light. Read More

The Mechanics Of Affection

Man. Woman. Machine. Trickster. The travails of modern love. Will the contestants survive or will they be drawn headlong into the gears? Large-scale, floor to ceiling photographs will be exhibited on vertically hung rolls of vellum. Curated by Annette Hanson. Read More

The Pin-Up Goes Public

David Findlay presents a collection of new works situating pin-up imagery in shared space. Public indecency never looked so good. Read More

The Trilogy of Truth

This mother-daughter team has created a unique portrayal of the question of truth through a series of trilogies that are lyrically enhanced by artistic poetry. Inspired by philosophy, interpersonal views, and modern conventions, Virginia & Margie Mastrangelo present both the aspects and ideals… Read More

Corporealism: The Belief in the Sexual Body as a Site of Liberation

Carol Camper continues the passionate exploration of sexuality she depicted so ravishingly in her Voluptuaries series. Corporealism features intimately explicit portraiture of women and men. Carol acknowledges the importance of sex as a source of power and self-knowledge. Sex as a belief, as a… Read More


With a change in perspective, possibility becomes infinite. To gaze at the eternally shape-shifting celestial forms that we call clouds, reminds us that a higher awareness exists. In searching outside our selves, we discover a deep connection with a universal truth, to which we… Read More

Moments of light

Visions from all walks of life are showcased in Photoclub Focus’ latest exhibition. Since 1997, Focus has been providing a creative outlet for members of the Korean Community in Toronto, both new and established. 25 Focus members present us the wonders of our… Read More

Natural Truth

Is anything really more natural than Nature? A silly question? Perhaps. But the truth of the matter is that the raw beauty of nature (as well as the way nature affects human creations) is truly awesome. This series reflects nature as I see it. Read More

The Toronto Guild for Photographic Art Presents

We invite you to explore the beauty and joy of the everyday world as revealed by TGPA photographers. Varied passions and photographic styles provide an opportunity to view the world from a variety of perspectives. Re-discover the wonders that surround us. Read More

Geoffrey James and Volker Seding

CRUSH hosts an exhibition by senior artists Geoffrey James and Volker Seding, whose contrasting projects explore Toronto’s natural and architectural heritage. Read More

Fabulous Photographic Fakes: Truth/ Falsehood

Inspired by the results of a York University course in historic painting taught by Barbara Dodge and Srebrenka Zeskowski, Jeff Nolte has for years assigned students a project to recreate a classic a photograph through careful study. By copying the “way of seeing” of… Read More

Cupboards & Other Intimate Spaces

Marilyn Westlake’s recent work investigates cupboards and cabinets as architectural artifact and as personal portrait. Shelves act as structure, both physical and graphic. The content and arrangements on the other hand, present evidence – oblique portraits of the (unseen) owners. A two part… Read More


“Many people take pictures, but few of them are photographers.” Bergeron examines the definition of what it means to be a photographer by shooting concealed portraits of 12 shutterbugs, ranging from professionals to hobbyists. The aim is to make the viewer question their… Read More

Keep Arm In

The video phone has been used by major broadcast news agencies to cover events like the Iraqi war. Is the mobile phone an accepted medium for photojournalism and contemporary art? Bernard Tigno presents the artistic documentary of a streetcar commute using the cell phone camera. Read More

Moments in Time

Moments caught in time speak of relationships: a lady sipping coffee in Paris; a group of Keralan fishermen looking for their catch; two zebras resting on the veldt. Diverse geographies are portrayed from an Antarctic iceberg at dawn to a Sri Lankan tea plantation at… Read More

Accidental Tourist

Kiyooka’s photographic works are diaristic in nature – capturing his friends, his community, his environment and as he moves through it we are invited along for the ride – guided by the artist who is both connected and disconnected, inside and yet outside of… Read More


The Grid is a visual constant that informs and defines our visual environment. In an era of superstar architecture celebrating deconstructivism (read Gehry and Libeskind), the coherent Grid of modernist architecture remains a critical counterpoint against which other styles are viewed. Its visual language… Read More

An Expert Shot

Swarmings, gang violence and killings by youth dominate the daily news and television programming. Qualified “experts” offer solutions for this pressing social issue. However the real experts are the youth themselves. An Expert Shot displays work by LOVE youth aged 10 – 20 who… Read More

Love Sexy at the Drake

P. Elaine Sharpe recently spent a month as artist-in-residence at the Drake Hotel and created two bodies of work. For ‘lovesexyhotel’ she outfitted her room with surveillance equipment and rented it out to exhibitionists of all stripes, photographing them both before and after… Read More


People are in part defined by the place they live and by the rythme of their lives. Tired of seeing the stereotypical viewpoints of cities and destinations, Dattu explores the back streets of various cities to better understand the commanality of… Read More

Ascension: Ritualistic Acts of Pain and Salvation

Ascension, Ritualistic Acts of Pain and Salvation: A photographic study of psychological discipline and physical impossibility. Witness an average man, the flesh penetrated and skewered deeply with shark fishing hooks! Behold a mere mortal transformed and fueled only by his own free will… Ferociously… Read More

Queen Street Framed

Can someone be a tourist in their “own” city? Exploring the concept of truth versus photographic subjectivity, the ten artists in Framed – a collection of Toronto-based photographers – try to answer this question. Each photographer engages Queen Street, one of the city’s most famed… Read More

Beyond PhotoSensitive II

PhotoSensitive member photographers Peter Bregg, Craig Chivers, Barbara Davidson, Yuri Dojc, Patti Gower, V Tony Hauser, Benjamin Rondel, Steve Simon, Andrew Stawicki and Bernard Weil present representative work and a projection showcase. Photographers will be in attendance on various dates… Read More


What do you see in a photograph? The interpretations or emotions generated from any one image can represent something different for each viewer. Toronto photographer explores people’s emotions and feelings in an exhibition of still life images focusing on pears. The viewer will have… Read More


CONSEQUENCES is a photographic exhibition that compiles the work of twenty-two members of Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography, in an independent two- part show at Gallery 1313. These photographers and photo-based artists use a wide range of styles, materials and… Read More


Marshall Sokoloff’s photography chronicles the unseen and unnoticed in the world of heavy industry and hard manual labour. Abstract painterly compositions are captured in the hulls of fresh and saltwater freighters visiting the Great Lakes. The ravages of time, climate… Read More


With her masters in architecture, Titka’s black and white photographs of Paris express the dignity of the architectural elements there. Her approach defines light and the tranquility of the moment. Sam’s acclaimed photoblog “Daily Dose of Imagery” expresses his visual experience in Toronto. This… Read More

Greg Hennessy – Modis Operandi

Photographs, engaging with reality to communicate a message. Connecting with people to motivate action… Read More

Flora McSpring

Flora McSpring – A Photographic Celebration of Entrancing Flowers and Venerable Trees by Toronto photographer Greg Stott. The playful title springs from the pure giddy joy engendered by the sight of flowers of all kinds, from those found wild on forest floors to fresh-cut… Read More

ERRANCE … off the path

Spring run off at the “end of the world”, ducks landing at dawn on the chimney of a medieval village in southern France, a ferry from Quebec to Levis on large digital prints along with black and white images of the abandoned palace of a… Read More


“Merge” is a group exhibition jointly presented by Gallery One and The Lennox Contemporary Art Gallery. The show features selected work from The Ontario College of Art and Design’s graduating Photography Thesis class. It showcases the emerging talent from this group of 33. Read More

You Are Here

Where were you then, where are you now and where are you going? You Are Here is a group show featuring images of past, present and future. Read More


As a famous magazine put it, wallpaper is the stuff that surrounds us. We come into contact with a dizzying number of photographic images daily. This presents a particular challenge to artists working with photography. How can art compete?… Read More

Altered Egos

Featuring performers from Toronto’s burlesque and cabaret scene, Greg Kelemen’s Altered Egos depicts the blurring distinction between the private and public persona. Using life size prints hung in space, the photographs show each performer in civillian and character dress. Read More

LIVE ON STAGE: 12 Years of Hip-Hop with R.E.M.G.

Since its birth in 1993, R.E.M.G. has been an instrumental part of developing hip-hop culture in Toronto. We have worked with some of the brightest stars in the industry. Alex Vonbun (ALX) has been there capturing these events, front & centre, on stage and backstage… Read More


In his latest series this Toronto photographer explores modern shamanistic visions amidst the chaos of the urban commuter. These alternate perspectives reveal a world of cosmic beauty, just beyond the everyday experience of this method of travel. Using black and white to parallel the… Read More

EAT ME: Fruits & Veggies at The Bun

Lunch is served at the Gourmet Bun as Toronto photographer, Simon Bell, dishes up a series of fruits and vegetables, digitally captured and printed for this venue. The vibrant colours and rich textures of his visual feast are isolated on a stark white background, raising… Read More

The Tater Series: Investigating the Ostensible

The Tater Series questions appearances and our perceptions of reality. It takes a whimsical look at our notions of death, decay, and renewal. While the potatoes may be at the end of their life cycle, from their decay sprouts new life – The Tater Fish… Read More


Work by Luna Simic, Sab Politowicz, Sara Herron and Michael Clark. Read More

Artefact Garden

Human culture is a veneer that is simultaneously fragile, vicious, shallow, and exquisitely beautiful. We may be trying to turn Nature into an artefact, but we must recognize that that desire drives most of human thought and endeavour. Where our efforts at the objectification of… Read More

Emerging Visions

There is no one truth, no one perspective, no one world view. What we see in everyday life, passing on the streets is a perception that we bring to the scene. Each photographer sees their world with their truths, be it shared or individual, by… Read More

Magnum Photos Evening Projection

The Brigantine Room will be set-up in a Cafe setting for a free evening of projection showcasing photography from the prestigious Magnum Photos agency. The hour long projection will include the work of Ian Berry, Carl De Keyzer, Chien-Chi Chang plus others. The cafe… Read More

The Narrow Landscape

16 landscapes from North America and Ireland. “An image presented so straightforward as these is a slight affront to our culture of obfuscation. We see the earth unfolded and think we are not master: we are small: we are trifles on the land.” – Bruce MacNeil,… Read More

Same Shit, Different Pile/Illumnixated

Same Shit, Different Pile (Thrope/Bartlett) – These surreal self-portraits highlight the idiosyncrasies of portraiture, particularly as it pertains to identity. Employing scale and multiple figures this work also illustrates personal and interpersonal estrangement. Illumnixated (Ferris) – A collection of images that challenges the… Read More


A selection of photos by Luigi Primoli. Born in Paris in 1858, son of Carlotta Bonaparte, a great-granddaughter of Napoleon, Count Luigi Primoli grew and studied in Paris. In 1870, he and his family moved to Rome. At the end of the 80’s he developed… Read More

IDENTITY: Capturing a Vision, Finding a Voice

Working with traditional black-and-white photography, a diverse group of young women explore their emerging identity and envision future possibilities. Glimpse the wide ranging interests and aspirations of girls in The Bishop Strachan School’s photography class of 04/05. Revealing images suggest… Read More

Shadows of Doubt

These black and white images explore loss and nostalgia- a setting where the lonliness of the figure in the rural landscape is harshly contrasted by disjointed figurative shapes of the urban setting. Drawing from childhood memories, run down beach motels and cluttered city scenes… Read More


AngelA Del Buono’s new images catch a precious period of transition: belongings are moved around and piled up, rooms are emptied, and garbage bags are filled. Memories are held within the spaces in which they are created. Once people move on, the past can… Read More

Outdoor Projection in The Junction

A 15×20′ screen w/audio will close part of Pacific Ave for an evening projection featuring some of Canada’s finest documentary photographers. *CBC Television commissioned Nance Ackerman, Benoit Aquin and David Trattles to document the struggles and triumphs of three Canadian communities… Read More

Truth and Memory

Through the sands of time memory is textured, coloured by life experiences. Fifteen works inspired by the ninee muses and their mother. Read More

Cupboards and Other Intimate Spaces

Marilyn Westlake explores cupboards and cabinets as architectural artifacts: recesses that conceal the private personality and character of their owners. These black and white images, structurally divided by an architectural element, provide surprising glimpses of domestic life. This two-part exhibition continues at… Read More

A Look Between the Cracks/Men at Work

A Look Between The Cracks(Mersereau): A photographic essay depicting the stark, urban face of Toronto’s homeless population. Marginalized but not forgotten, these individuals covet an identity placed scornfully upon them. In the alleys and on the streets of the sprawling urban metropolis growing around… Read More

Reality Check

Reality Check does the job that our media once did before the corporations took over; it questions and provokes. Reality check forces us to question our ethics and renegotiate our moral standards. Reality check will either anger you or move you but you will not… Read More


NXT.Message brings together works by four artists from New York and Toronto issuing from the notion of the palimpsest. Collectively, the images and objects of Cohen, Devereaux, McCarney and Sourkes can be seen to offer contemporary expressions of traditional Jewish themes, reworked as they… Read More


The Labo, a francophone artist work and research centre, is dedicated to experimental and process multimedia work. Dominique Banoun presents, FF- RWD, and Joseph Muscat, Chimera, multimedia installations subverting the photographic process. Also two exhibitions at the Galerie Céline-Allard: Cheryl Rondeau presents Anatomy of… Read More

16 Days Wondering About Europe in Spring 2004

16 days and 80 rolls of film…Spain, France, England and Ireland…countless miles of country roads… stopping to shoot…to sleep…get up start all over… Along the Mediterranean border of Spain and France…thru little villages in the Pyrenees Mountains…spanish doors and windows…all images displayed… Read More

Disparate Perspectives

Brian Anderson – Brave Tree, Dark Forest, old culture, new culture – two series of silver prints. John Emrys – voyeur collection of new works of female nudes on traditional media. First showing following two decades of commercial studio career. P. Marco Veltri – A small… Read More

Look !

Do I love Him? I do, still, in the depths of my heart, but I know how poor and inadequate it is./ Does He love me? Look! / Look – the empty wealthy night…the pilgrim moon./ Look – the blue expansive sky…the floating clouds./Look –… Read More


“Merge” is a group exhibition jointly presented by Gallery One and The Lennox Contemporary Art Gallery. The show features selected work from The Ontario College of Art and Design’s graduating Photography Thesis class. It showcases the emerging talent from this group of 33. Lennox… Read More

The Last Ontario Drive-Ins & In The In

The Last Ontario Drive-Ins. Photographs taken from 1990 -1999 & In The In A portrait of audience and open-air theatre. The drive-in has taken on the aura of a cherished heroic icon. The automobile establishes each presence in the gathering in an… Read More

In Her Element

An exhibition of traditional black and white prints. Women, active or in repose; doing their thing, or just being themselves. Artist present from 7pm., 2nd.May. Read More


Ronda Parkes presents intimate photographs of a male figure dressed in a thread-bare T shirt. A glimpse of skin and tresses of the artist’s own hair within the frames suggest they are taken from a lover’s eye view. In contrast an unsettling eye of surveillance… Read More

Pinhole Incubator

Pinhole photography is an ancient but simple method to capture an image. Without benefit of lenses or a formal camera, Tom Baril, Mabel Oddessey, Ilan Wolff and others show us how beautiful organic, physical and atmospheric images are using only light, shadow,… Read More

Daniel Ehrenworth: Holocaust Dream

It has been 60 years since the liberation of Auschwitz and, even still, the truth of what happened there is hard to comprehend. Artist Daniel Ehrenworth uses a combination of photography and digital imaging to create a surreal vision that haunts our collective memory. “This… Read More


Graham Seaton’s photographs document cultural icons found in the junk stores and flea markets of Berlin, London and Toronto. Here once revered objects are tossed about, heaped up and cast aside. Seaton’s photographs document the juxtaposition of these objects – and humorous yet… Read More


VIEWPOINT: the position or place from which one looks at something. This year, each of MRFA’s emerging and senior Canadian photographers work in a unique way to view, regard or make judgements depending on their point of view. This exhibition is a… Read More

Painted Lens

Barbara Allan’s exhibition, The Painted Lens, is one of pure, unenhanced photographic images. In her words, “My passion for painting has always influenced my photography. The subjects which attract me are the ones I would also like to paint.” Indeed, her works have been described… Read More

Etobicoke Camera Club

Since 1957 the Etobicoke Camera Club has offered its members a stimulating mix of competitions, workshops, outings and educational presentations in all aspects of photography. Come on out! We meet Monday nights during the school year at Humber Valley United Church in Islington… Read More

John Gittins: Photographs, 1995-2005

Three groups of B&W photographs from the last ten years. Subjects range from people walking, to garden landscapes, to closeups of household objects. The style is rooted in head-on realism as well as surrealism. The artist was primarily a painter until the late 1990’s, and… Read More

Origins of Lomography

The Lomographic Society Canada ( ) presents The St. Petersburg LomoWall – a lomographic glimpse into Russian life. In 1991 the original Viennese gallery didn’t have enough space to present the over-sized lomographs for the first exhibition. Exhibitors were asked to bring smaller… Read More

Ritualized Identity

What is absolute truth, if truth is a matter of perception? Kadija de Paula, Gaya Ganeshan, Lauren Lyons, and Hyun-Sook I. Yoon explore this question in the exhibit, Ritualized Identity. These four young women have created artworks influenced by their diverse cultural backgrounds… Read More

Suzanne: The Original Portfolio

Suzanne Verdal inspired Leonard Cohen’s best known song. These modern prints were made from negatives exposed from 1966 to 1979. Suzanne was a dancer, a solo performer who made her own costumes and designed and applied her own makeup. For the camera,… Read More

Vision Quest

The recent growth spurt skyward has challenged and shaped Toronto’s iconic skyscape. It’s burgeoning activity has brought with it sleak towers of balance and contour. However, progress waits for no-one. Using multiple layers and a true panoramic profile of a city in motion. Read More

Avenues to Stillness

Karen Curry’s large, panoramic photographs continue her explorations into elements of remote landscapes. This Toronto-based artist with her long association with Open Studio as a printmaker addresses the same artistic concerns in these photographic prints. Working within monochromatic palettes, and utilizing… Read More

Combat (Organics)

This series called Combat (Organics) represents how one envisions an unseen disease whether it be mental or physical. The pieces represent ones feelings metaphorically. The search for the truth of what ails our minds, and bodies… Read More

Landscapes and Metaphors

This exhibition explores the power of light to transform unremarkablke structures that we often encounter but tend to ignore. When brought to light, these objects become metaphors for a spirit that shines, however briefly within the abandoned, the hidden and the unrecognized in many of… Read More

Pura Vida: Impressions of Costa Rica…

Truth connects perspective and reality, much as a camera etches random moments into timeless expression. This series from a recent journey to Costa Rica explores a search for truth in the purity of new experience. To see the world with the objectivity… Read More

Neil Folberg: Celestial Nights

Perhaps this is the metaphor of these photographs: the horizon between knowledge and imagination, between the present and eternity, between substance and spirit, certainty and doubt. No one can draw that line with precision, for we exist in all of these worlds at once. Read More

Damage Done

Damage Done explores the many ways that artists engage with the fragility and vulnerability of photographic materials, from facilitating the breakdown of photographic emulsion for creative expression to deliberately damaging original negatives to assert authorship and control. The exhibition includes the… Read More


“I am bewitched with the rogue’s company.” So said William Shakespeare, and his words go a long way to explain Nigel Dickson’s success. Throughout an extremely successful career that started in England and has continued in Canada, Nigel’s pictures constantly reveal his fascination for the… Read More


This exhibition, curated by April Hickox, presents works by seven photographers whose images are focused on a singular or primary object. The object may be an element in a hybrid construction, a prop used to make a photogram, or embedded in a narrative sequence. Read More

The Lightkeepers

In their inaugural exhibit, the four talented and accomplished photographers of The Lightkeepers collective showcase their diverse and eclectic range of subject matter, styles and processes. For them the practice of photography is a conduit to the soul, a quest for personal truth, a way… Read More

Perros: Dogs of Central Havana

Canine costume reception with reading by J. Rosenblatt & Catherine Owen May 7th, 2- 5pm. Photographer Karen Moe & G.G. Award- winning poet/painter Joe Rosenblatt offer a provocative, punctuated peep into the socio- political conditions & contrasts of first and third world realities through… Read More


A collection of winning entries from the Director’s Design Competition from the students in School of Design at George Brown College. Read More


Presenting an exhibition of 72 colour photographs pertaining to Greek Mythology by artist/photographer Nicole Dextras, accompanied by an edition of 8 artist’s books containing Dextras’ photos, with text by Gary Michael Dault. Read More

Ephemeral Permanence

Photographs have long been accused of capturing the moment. What then of landscape photographs? Are they timeless eve-candy or can they present an ephemeral tableau? Is there a visual influence upon the Canadian shield of the lifeforms that inhabit it? Can we see evidence… Read More


Toronto Photographer Mark Furman celebrates the urban skies with a series of prints called ‘Skytography’. A mixture of vivid cloudscapes and city silhouettes will be displayed amongst his latest photographic creations. Having recently made the move from traditional film cameras to a digital… Read More

Breaking The Rules

In recent years, many travelers to Iran insist that the country’s most important issue is the women’s situation. The traditional male-dominated view on women is changing most rapidly. Never have Iranian men had such a clear guilt of conscience for the benefits and… Read More

Projected Histories: Saints

Projected Histories: Saints is a performance piece in which the human body serves as a canvas for images from the phenomenal world.Classical paintings of monks holdind books are projected as color transparencies onto a human figure,transforming the body into a piece of living… Read More

Chasing Demons: Portraits of Sin & Sadism

Perhaps the most famous splatter/horror photographer of his time, L.A.-based Ward Boult is often referred to as “America’s Most Notorious Photographer.” Wielding his camera like a weapon, Ward has been chasing demons for the past fifteen years, immortalizing them in his optical slaughterhouse. A… Read More

Contemporary Ambrotypes

Maayan Kasimov and Rob Norton are two contemporary photographers who work with ambrotypes, a photographic process used commercially between 1852 and the early 1880s that converts an under-exposed, wet-collodion glass-plate negative into a positive by backing it with a dark-coloured material. Kasimov captures the… Read More

Image/Word/Symbol: Projections of Truth

This exhibition, including photographs by Aubie Golombek, Wieslaw Michalak, and Don Snyder, will explore questions about the truth of images, the truth of words, and the ways symbols and projections can clarify, represent or obscure attempts at truthfulness. Words have seeming accuracy, images… Read More

Rajasthan Through A Window

RajasthanThrough a Window is a series of photographs taken in Rajasthan, India. When being in a cultue that is new to my experience, I see without visual intent and the photograph is the tool to document this novelty. Hence, the visual surface is… Read More

Beautiful People

Portraits of people who volunteer their time and/or money for charitable purposes. Beauty is judged as an action as opposed to how we look. Read More

Light Source presents the

Light Source is a not-for-profit organization providing community access to the photo-based arts. Throughout the month of May, they will be sponsoring a workshop for Grade 8 students from Nelson Mandela Park Public School in Regent Park. Activities will include a visit to… Read More


Three photographers present disparate yet complementary perspectives : Renzo Cattoni’s Beach Drawings capture ephemeral impressions cast by nature, in contrast to indelible marks left by man. Viktor Mitic’s Views from the Top are vertical street compositions that emphasize the intimacy and high degree… Read More

Images of Peru and Saudades de Portugal

The reality that is constructed by the census is seldom expressed in the reality of modern daily life. Jorge Chaves discreetly and unassumingly captures daily situations such as boys immersed in a game of marbles, presenting a life which does not reflect Peru’s 54%… Read More

Landscape Photographs

A collection of B&W landscape photographs from Newfoundland, Ontario, Québec and Alberta. Mark McCarvill is a Toronto-based photographer who finds inspiration in the Canadian landscape, the photography of Ansel Adams and the paintings of the Group of Seven. Read More

Tree Planting

Planting trees in Manitoba is a rite of passage for many young adults. Johnson who has taken part in this activity for a number of summers has made it the subject of her recent project. She combines the photographs that she shot during the course of… Read More

The Celestial Abattoir

“Pain and pleasure, sex and procreation, dissolution and death all appear in the Arena photographs — not as opposites, but as a continuum…. the Arena images obscure reality and force viewers to confront what they think they know and to reimagine the world…. While one… Read More


The exhibit “Devolution” is a psychological study in Humanity. A series of striking images explore the relationships between what we innately perceive as being human and the diversity of the human animal. At what point does a person lose their perceived humanity? Can the body… Read More

Flat Out

In “Flat Out” the scanner was used as a camera. This detached mechanical technique of reproduction distances art from craft and eliminates creative decision making. The system-operator scans, colour corrects, proofs and prints. The use of impoverished and decontextualized subject matter… Read More

Middle Distance

Pete Doherty continues in his efforts to document the world of boxing. As a former boxer, he is aware of both the truths and the myths involved in the fight game. Through his photographs, he constantly seeks to dispel any myths of cold brutality,… Read More

2 Willow Road

2 Willow Road is an engaging visual exploration of the private library of modernist architect Ernö Goldfinger and artist Ursula Blackwell. Bailey’s images portray the magnified foredges of a series of anonymous texts, allowing only the title of the work to suggest and restrain the… Read More

Homage to The Brown Sisters

The inspiration for these photographs intially came from caring for my own child while being a full time student. The difficulty in balancing a family and having meaniful work has always been a struggle for me. These photographs attempt to capture the… Read More

Water Illusions

Blessed with nature’s creativity, the everyday subject of water is distilled through intensified views of reality into hypnotic, surreal and transcendent contemporary images that do not necessarily reflect the truth, but act as a playground of new emotional possibilities which allow personal re-interpretations… Read More


The Toronto Camera Club celebrating 116 years of outstanding photography is proud to be part of Contact 2005. Enter our spacious venue at 587 Mount Pleasant Road to expereince and, if desired, purchase the offerings of PLEASANT TRUTH. Ultimately, the truth is… Read More

Contact 2005 Secondary School Photography Show

Catch up with the next generation of emerging photographic artists. Work by secondary students from the Toronto District School Board will be exhibited at 5050 Yonge Street. Traditional and digital works will explore approaches to photographic truth and a variety of other issues using… Read More


OPEN CALL for submissions TBA Exhibition in memory of Galen Kuellmer May 13, 1974 – May 12, 2004… Read More

Toronto Streets

We strangers in these city streets, eyes to ourselves and not each other, sharing through space the lie that we are not vulnerable. Adam Krawesky has photographed people in Toronto’s streets every day for the past three years. These photos, at Public in Toronto, show what… Read More


To some, the world exists in static shades of grey. No one looks you in the eye. The edges are blurry and often dreamlike. So many drift through life not noticing what is within or around them. Zaiden captures the world with the intention of… Read More

Italy 1997 – 2000

Award–winning photographer Michael Magill returns to Toronto from his home in Greenwich Village with an exhibit of classic work from his travels in Italy. Through his documentary-style approach, the photographer captures scenes that are timeless in their poignancy and wit. Magill is the… Read More

Global f-stops

A selection of travel photos exhibited in my favourite neighbourhood café. A chance to share the faces and places that have inspired me to stop during my travels in Cuba, Morocco, China and South America. Read More

Shades of Gray

“ this the real life, is this just fantasy…Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see.” (Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen) —–Is our truth absolute, clearly defined in black or white, or more mercurial in nature, dependent upon the moment in which we attempt… Read More

Full Exposure

For the first time, Toronto based Karen Curry is exhbiting her photograps in conjunction with her paintings. Although the subject matter of the two medias differ, there is a resonance beween them. Curry’s large panoramic photographs from her recent series “Points of View” and “Avenues to… Read More

Everything in My Father’s Wallet/in My Wallet

In examining the 100 photographs, the viewer will be able to take clues from each object and explore various themes which emerge from the contents of the two wallets. The objects guide one in building two individual portraits…In comparing the contents more closely notions of… Read More

‘Flaunt It’

Experience Flaunt It at the newly expanded Yorkdale Shopping Centre between April 13 and May 30, 2005. This fashion-themed photo exhibition showcasing the original works of student photographers enrolled in college or university arts programs across the GTA will be on view in… Read More


An exploration of neighbourhood as life grows sharper and more specific. Comprising photos taken at home or within a few blocks, HyperLocal seeks joy in the banal and takes pleasure in daily ritual, expressing tenderness for the Dufferin-Dundas-Dovercourt universe. Beginning as a deep dive into local streets long before lockdown,… Read More

Esoteric Wanderings

This exhibition comprises images taken during Franklin’s wanderings in natural and constructed surroundings. Reflections of tree trunks and buildings evoke magical environments. The laws of physics are put into question. Nature’s mysterious evolution presents optical illusions, and photographic images bear witness to the esoteric qualities that natural surroundings provide. This… Read More


Skeir’s exhibition Facets of Self presents a playful confluence of elements that collectively create one whole, mirroring the way each aspect of one’s personality has a voice. Skeir is an abstract painter and graphic designer whose vibrant paintings and murals can be seen in private and public collections throughout Canada… Read More


Constructions is a collaborative effort between multidisciplinary artists Heidi Conrod and Geneviève Thauvette, presented online by EYE BUY ART. Self-portraits taken by Thauvette are layered with hand-collaged imagery by Conrod. While invoking a sense of nostalgia and a reassuring-yet-eerie familiarity, the works explore notions of self-identity, self-construction, and body objectification. Read More

Arnold Zageris: The Dominion of Ice and Time

Following expeditions to two of the more remote geographies of the globe, Zageris captured the rugged, unforgiving, yet fragile landscapes of Antarctica and Iceland in entirely unretouched photographs. Informed by oft-unseen subjects that evidence the dominion of ice, time, and their geological processes, Zageris’s photographs juxtapose the awe-inspiring grandeur of… Read More

Coffee Confession

Gdyczynski’s digital-composite method borrows from the film-based process of double exposure, with the unpredictable effects that it produces. The method relates to the way the human mind composes memories—often layering new details onto unrelated events. Gdyczynski creates photographic composites by layering images to form a single impression. She is fascinated… Read More

Post Tenebras Lux

Post Tenebras Lux – “light after darkness.” In this fusion of two series, Brasch explores a common theme: the transformative power of light displacing the darkness. Light embodies wisdom, healing, and growth in humanity’s passage from the dark to light ages. In the series… Read More

Elegy for the Souls On Hold

A multimedia installation of photographs, mapping projections, sound, and augmented reality, Elegy for the Souls on Hold celebrates the lives of the many who have died during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the onsite installation, virtual programming includes an artist’s talk and a panel discussion on loss and grieving… Read More


Part collaboration, part studio portrait, Davis’ photos lie at the intersection of the formal and the familial, the public and the private realm. Through these funny, poignant photos, Davis empowers senior citizens to fulfill their long held fantasies, virtually! Her photos express the deep longing of seniors:  either to accomplish… Read More

A Subjective Survey of Humber Bay Park

This series is a product of geographical isolation. Seeing the same scenery again and again, one looks for new ways to see it. Humber Bay Park is represented not as it is, but as it might be perceived. Read More

Growing Pains

Grade 10 Media Arts students at Havergal College use photography to explore the complexities of teenage life in the present day. Faced with uncertainty and change as they navigate the world around them, their visual narratives investigate, question, and present personal expressions. Read More

Spectra Two – Visible or Invisible Cities

Spectra Two – Visible or Invisible Cities is a group exhibition by members of the Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography. Curated by Jessica Thalmann, the work meditates on the ways one sees, embodies, and remembers place, often making visible what cannot literally be seen in the urban and natural… Read More

Spectra One

Spectra One brings together new work by innovative members of the Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography, in an exhibition presenting a wide variety of photographic concepts. As the name suggests, the work demonstrates the many possibilities open to contemporary photographers and celebrates the diversity of artistic practices, revealing the… Read More

Look Back to Move Forward (Regarder en arrière, pour aller de l’avant)

Look Back to Move Forward is a retrospective celebration of the first 15 years of Le Labo. The year 2020 provided the organization’s staff with an opportunity to look back over all that they have accomplished, to appreciate how far they’ve come, and to dream of the next chapter. The… Read More

ANTHEM: Expressions of Canadian Identity

ANTHEM: Expressions of Canadian Identity showcases works by 15 established printmakers from across Canada, many of whom feature photography prominently in their work. The artists were asked to respond to the words of Canada’s anthem, focusing on the concepts of “home” and “land.” Curator Derek Besant writes: “This exhibition invites… Read More

Altered Images at Hand

Propeller Art Gallery is pleased to present Altered Images at Hand, an exhibition exploring physical manipulation in photographic works. Photography being used as a manipulated element within a greater work has significant historical precedents, and continues to be enthusiastically embraced by artists for the virtually unlimited possibilities. Propeller presents artists’… Read More

An Underwater Escape

An Underwater Escape is a joyful exhibition of underwater photographs of bubbles made by jellyfish. With vivid colours and an exquisite metallic finish, these images inspire and delight. This exhibition is presented in storefront windows and can be safely viewed from the sidewalk. Read More

Community Life

Humans derive a sense of community from people but also from place. The photographic lens allows one to reflect on such moments, of finding oneself engaged within a community. In the context of the current pandemic, the photographers in this exhibition were reminded of the importance of these communities. The… Read More

Raptors Fever

Raptors Fever is a group exhibition that reveals several perspectives on the way the viewing public processes sports victories en masse. Canadians in Toronto responded to the unlikely win of the Toronto Raptors in the 2019 NBA championship with a show of appreciation and civic pride rarely seen in the… Read More

Flower Carpets/Tapetes Floridos

Each year on the island of São Miguel in the Azores, citizens line the streets with carpets made of flowers, which are walked on during religious festival processions. Photographing his own flower carpets for this exhibition, Custodio brings the traditions shared by grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins into a contemporary… Read More

Endless Summer

“Attong’s photography captures the cinematic qualities of the summer—golden hour light, leisurely floating atop grass or water, the melancholy of a lost popsicle. The viewer is centred in these photographs, creating the sense that they’re the main character, looking at their surroundings from a slight remove, observing life and people… Read More


In the form of a photographic triptych, globanomics explores the issue of consumption versus sustainability, in regard to global resources. While natural and human resources are plundered, time’s erosion of natural elements ultimately has the final word on progress. It is here, amid this dissolution, that one finds beauty, resilience,… Read More

Bonjour mon amour

Tue–Sat 2–6pm, or by appointment Navigating romantic relationships in the current day takes a very different shape than it has for previous generations. Cornell explores how women maintain control of their experience by engaging memory and intrigue, from a woman’s perspective. This ambitious assemblage of work showcases… Read More

Everything Else in the Universe: A Father-Son Road Trip

Everything Else in the Universe is a photographic exhibition and book culminating from a father-son road trip through Utah and California. Being with family sweetened the journey for the two artists, and the journey refreshed their relationship. Like the redwoods’ roots, the father-son team’s photographs intertwine, support, and complement each… Read More

First Look First

Within daily life are real people who experience injustices regarding their human rights. Unless one makes an effort to pay close attention, one may never notice what the person right in front of them is living through. Featuring 18 photographs, each with its own unique subject, First Look First encourages… Read More


Like the modern world, water can be a relentless and powerful force. When one slows down and pays very close attention, one is reminded of the natural beauty within. Water is a calming antidote that can cure an unsettled or worried mind. Thompson’s abstract images of water straddle a range… Read More

Camera Solo

A camera solo, one with no other purpose, involves a silent pact between human and machine to stop time and to encase a moment “for keeps.” This pact is one of hubris in intent and humility in practice. Shot over years of opportunity, misadventure, and luck, Hartman’s images offer a… Read More

Altered Realities

Observations on the changing nature of connection/disconnection are created by three artists using process-based approaches to investigate aspects of imposed isolation on the psyche, landscapes, and interactions. Claudette Abrams contemplates the cessation of air travel using digitally-extracted negative space. Anthea Baxter-Page mirrors lockdown with vintage Holga images of unpopulated tourist… Read More

Folded Earth

Folded Earth engages and questions humanity’s relationships to nature and technology. McMenemy bridges her studio practice with field work, responding artistically in situ to photographs she makes of her natural surroundings. The photographic source is morphed through spontaneous gesture—is a tree still a tree after details are transformed and placed… Read More


Sando’s work responds to visual artifacts discovered while she photographs storefronts and window displays. Specifically, she looks for representations of change in cultural attitudes around gender, tourism, and the natural sciences. In Nightshades, Sando references the solanacea family of ornamental and medicinal plants, and the shades of hosiery. Working from… Read More

Quiet Overture

The series presented in this exhibition is an overture: a reflection on growth, motherhood, and the unfolding of life through the divine, whole, and innocent offering of the artist’s child-as-mirror. Memories and emotions are stilled in time and layered in experience and nostalgia. Occasionally blurry and often dreamlike, each moment… Read More

Hiding in Plain Sight

In October 2020, the Embassy Cultural House (ECH) presented its inaugural virtual exhibition Hiding in Plain Sight, organized by Ron Benner, inspired by the 2020 book of the same name by St. Louis-based journalist Sarah Kendzior. In her book, Kendzior describes the former US President Donald Trump’s administration as “a… Read More

Limping Forward, Looking Back – Part 2

With Kabelik turning 70 years old in May 2021, this retrospective exhibition offers glimpses into his motion-picture past and his still-photography present. In his films, Kabelik often captured the life and work of well-known photographers. His documentaries Generation ’70, Boris, So Far From Home, and Beautifully Broken are presented in… Read More

Looking Down – Looking In

Lurch’s lens-based images reveal the detailed handwork of her sculpted-wire forms, and register the nuanced bends and twists otherwise difficult to see. Further, her photographs re-frame and create tangible interpretations of the abstract ideas of interaction, visibility/invisibility, space, and place. Johns’ Road Art Collection captures the colour, shape, and texture… Read More

Quilted Landscape

Posen is an established photographer constantly searching for new ways to interpret the natural and human-made world. He describes the camera as a fascinated, motionless observer, though recently, the artist has challenged this assumption and experimented with the “camera in motion.” The images that have come from this process are… Read More

The Light You Deserve

The Light You Deserve is a series of colour 35mm photographs taken while passing through Toronto & New York. Hirons frames the illuminated details & pieces that form city landscapes. The familiar subjects seen in the images can be found throughout both city metropolises making the locations appear interchangeable. The outcome brings… Read More

KÉLÉMA – Visions of Brazza / KÉLÉMA – Souvenirs de Brazza

KÉLÉMA – Visions of Brazza / KÉLÉMA – Souvenirs de Brazza is a photo-series presenting themes of identity, connection, and relationship with home. The artist conveys the experience of her 2015 trip back to Congo – Brazzaville. She reveals social reflections on the narrow standards of society and discusses themes… Read More

A Tale of Two Cities

In A Tale of Two Cities, Shaleen Ladha (a.k.a. “SL Snaps”) presents candid street photography in 14 sections that highlight the similarities and differences between the cities of New York and Tokyo. Starting with the artist’s work in Times Square and Shibuya Crossing, the exhibition expands to explore the energy… Read More

Meandering Mood

“es·cap·ism (/əˈskāpˌizəm/) noun : the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.” How does one deal with all the chaos in the world? Following the innate human desire to explore and seeking rejuvenation, Ubalde found himself drawn deeper into the… Read More


pandemic explores the unprecedented impact of COVID-19 on society around the world. With the virus lurking in unexpected places, its long-term effects will define our generation—fear, paranoia, isolation, economic collapse, and an overwhelming awareness of human vulnerability will resonate for years to come. Read More

Expression II

Fine art photographic works. Read More

Embrace the Self: A Portrait Series

The creative intention behind this series of portraits is self-acceptance. Each image has a textual “tag” that conveys a positive thought on how one can embrace their true self. Humans are the purest form of their selves at birth but as they are influenced by life, they change into socially… Read More

Minimalist Architecture

Minimalist Architecture is an exhibition of minimalist black-and-white fine-art photographs of architectural spaces, illustrating the relationship between the built environment and humanity. Read More

North of Long Tail

This exhibition can be seen outdoors at Artscape Wychwood Barns and online here. North of Long Tail is a documentary series that explores deep, intrinsic, human connections to Lake Erie. During the summer of 2020, Boyd Shafer (in collaboration with the Canadian environmental advocacy organization Environmental Defence)… Read More

Looking at You

When brought face-to-face with a camera, many people ask, “Who is taking my picture, and why?” Children often smile, but many people will look into the lens dispassionately, as if surrendering to the inevitable violation of their privacy. All are asking: “Who are you? This is my life, what is… Read More

FTW – Forever Two Wheels

Deeply immersed in the biker scene, Helm has documented North American motorcycle culture for over 20 years. FTW—Forever Two Wheels showcases these images, highlighting the unique characters, beautiful motorcycles, stunt riders, racers, and celebrity bike-builders that Helm has encountered while riding his Harley across the country to bike rallies and… Read More


The core truth and nature of one’s identity can be represented by the various “selves” one chooses to express, whether consciously or not. The construction of this identity implies the ability to distinguish between self and not-self. In Alterity, Meadows transforms a set of common portraits into a fully integrated… Read More

Regarding Roots

Regarding Roots takes the lush language of plants and sets it against the creative landscapes of three visual artists, resulting in a psychologically provocative and varied discourse about the relationship between plant and person. From Hakim’s personal bond with the bougainvillea plant, to Johnston’s wistful and nostalgic relationship with tulips,… Read More

The Liquid Land

Malaysia was once the largest producer of tin in the world. This exhibition demonstrates how remnants of the tin industry continue to shape the physicality of the country’s urban environments while perpetuating historical patterns in the national psyche. Hoffmann’s and Morris’s images of immense, reclaimed mining landscapes and sacred pewter… Read More

Old World Shoes

When a small business closes after decades in operation, who celebrates what they brought to their community over the years? Moved by this question, Toronto photographer VanderSpek documented some twenty independent shoe and shoe repair stores in Toronto, several of which have closed since he began in late 2017. Images… Read More

RE-TRACE: Post-war Sarajevo 1996 & 2019

McCready photographed post-war Sarajevo in April and May 1996. Amidst the spring blossoms, the ruins, and the newly reopened cafés, people walked everywhere, safely, in what felt like a suspended state of being. They had stopped dying, but they hadn’t started living again. Returning 23 years later, McCready captured a… Read More

Watson Art + Photography

Watson Art + Photography is an ongoing series of digital photographs focused on abstract composition. The images depict urban and industrial sites throughout the Greater Toronto Area, manipulated to resemble paintings through generative art techniques applied with digital post-production tools. Investigating forgotten sites and surfaces often considered to be blemishes… Read More

The 2020/21 Chang School Photography Exhibition

The twentieth annual Chang School Photography Exhibition, organized by Joël Bénard, is a juried show representing a selection of outstanding work by students in Ryerson University’s Continuing Education visual studies courses – including Photography Studies, Film Studies, Image Arts, and Digital… Read More


It is the year 2021 and two decades have passed since the turn of the new millennium and the horrific happenings of 9/11. The world is different from what was once known. Segers is in possession of more than enough photographs to print, repeat, and build new imagery. The accumulation… Read More

Love and Lovers in the Garden

Love and Lovers in the Garden is a photo essay depicting flowers that have been used to express various forms of love. The ephemeral quality of flowers is inspirational. Algieri-Goldgrub creates images that tell a story, trigger emotions, and allow viewers to explore their own interpretations. Her goal is for… Read More

For All The “I Love You’s”, We Forgot To Say

Shot in Abruzzo, Italy in the abandoned village of Frattura Vecchia devastated by an earthquake in 1915, this series documents how the histories of migration to escape the poverty and hardships of central and southern Italian towns are deeply felt to this day. Focusing on the resilience of remote rural… Read More

City Spirits

There is magic in the streets. Within the images in this exhibition, people are transformed into spirits and take centre stage in scenes from another world. Faces are altered, transforming people into mythical creatures, silhouettes are mutated into strange shapes and forms, and shadows provoke fear and awe. Subjects in… Read More

Montrose Ave (South)

There is a charm to the residential streets tucked off of the main streets of Toronto’s neighbourhoods. Running northward from the north end of Trinity Bellwoods Park in Little Portugal to College Street in Little Italy is Montrose Avenue (south), the street where Dorjé lives, and the heart of his… Read More

Time Lost

Time Lost pulls back the curtain on some of the more private scenes and experiences of the current moment, in the context of a global pandemic. Where people once had no time, they now get lost in their internal worlds, indulging in certain things while being deprived of others. Featuring… Read More

Maximum Exposure 2021

Maximum Exposure is the annual capstone exhibition for Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts, home to the country largest and oldest photography program. The online exhibition features innovative work by 200+ emerging artists working in photography, video, and digital media. In addition to the online exhibition, this year’s Max Ex… Read More


As viewed through the lens of the graduating class, GRADWORK highlights diverse perceptions of the conceptual, technical, and aesthetic possibilities of photography as a professional medium. Alongside a virtual showcase, the work of the 2021 graduates can be seen on 10 outdoor street-level billboards in the Bloor Street W, Dundas… Read More


Jamii has partnered with the Journal Collective to present LOOKS LIKE US, a 27-photo exhibition displayed in three locations along David Crombie Park in April and May 2021, and curated by 13 young women of The Esplanade community, under the artistic leadership of Gillian Mapp and Isorine Marc. “The way… Read More

12 Seasons

Comber’s photo-based practice is informed by her prolonged exposure and personal intimacy with the wild environment around her home. Through a refined process of photo deconstruction and manipulation, her most recent series, 12 Seasons, furthers her focused interest to study, witness, and articulate the profound intricacies of the wilderness. The… Read More

Footprints Erased: Sudbury’s Story of Environmental Hope

At times the environmental devastation humankind has wrought on the planet seems overwhelming. Fifty years ago, the people, governments and mining companies in Sudbury recognized that, no matter how afflicted their environment was, it was not beyond repair. Sudbury is a beacon of hope, an example to the world that… Read More

Text Me

On view Wed–Sat, 11am–6pm, or by appointment by contacting 416 931 0299 or This body of work comes from Orenstein’s interest in the symbiotic relationship between words and photography. He observes that when text and photographic image are joined or juxtaposed they form a different message than… Read More


Before COVID-19 shut the world down, Reece travelled to Jamaica in January 2020 to discover the parts of the island that her father knew best. During their week-long road trip, she witnessed rapid development before her very eyes: A highway obliterating livelihoods; foot-trodden paths replaced by new… Read More

Lucha Libre: Fate or Destiny

In this documentary photography project, Figueroa captures the many masked faces of lucha libre wrestlers inside and outside of the ring in Mexico City.  Like the subjects he captures, Figueroa sometimes needs to jump into the ring, pushing himself over his own physical limits to obtain… Read More

On The Fence

The past year has been a long and difficult time for everyone in the city. With this year’s exhibition from the West Toronto Photography Group (WTPG), four very talented photographers delve into many facets of Toronto’s communities, sharing perspectives, stories, and love in their images. WTPG’s curatorial aim is to… Read More

The Shoebox Collection

Steven Fistell’s father Irving eagerly recorded his new and growing family with the giddy optimism of a young man and all the world before him. Yet, they are not simply typical family snapshots, but rather fully realized works of art that could pass for a master class on aesthetic and… Read More


For CONTACT 2021, Photographers Without Borders asked their members to “reimagine”—to reimagine the past, present and future, and to imagine new destinations and horizons. Reimagine a new future for the world. For each other. As storytellers, we are not simply passive actors; we have a hand in shaping the future. Read More