Heather Rigg

Curator Heather Rigg presents selected readings related to Alone in the House (Still Life with Clarice Lispector), the exhibition of Elisabeth Belliveau’s work that will be presented at Gallery 44 in the fall.  Spending time with the work that makes up… Read More

Zoë Chan

Curator Zoë Chan shares some of the rich resources she drew on when developing  Performing Lives at Trinity Square Video (now an online exhibition), which presents video works by artists Bertille Bak, Lisa Jackson, Yoshua Okón, Helen Reed, and May Truong. Performing Lives showcases documentary-inspired works… Read More

Hannah Darabi
Engelhab Street

1While its 2020 Festival iteration is currently postponed, we are pleased to share a selection of titles in this virtual version of the Photobook Lab, a program comprised of a curated reading room focused on long-term projects and investigative journalism. It features classic and contemporary titles by Canadian and… Read More

Tara Smith

Tara Smith, curator of Lassen (This Is an Emergency), the (postponed) public installation of artist Małgorzata Stankiewicz’s work to be presented on billboards in Toronto, shares some texts that illuminate the themes explored in the work, and Smith’s thinking around them. I first learned of Małgorzata… Read More

Benjamin Freedman

Artist and CONTACT Artistic Project Coordinator Benjamin Freedman reflects on the work of artist Kim Hoeckele, providing topics for consideration regarding her new video Nike or Nike and her upcoming public installation, epoch, stage, shell. In a single image, Kim Hoeckele visually… Read More